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Ya see that kitty? That would be me. I’m hanging by a thread. My nerves have been stepped on, put through a meat grinder, and distilled, then baked in a 1500° oven until dried out and shriveled to something akin to beef jerky.

It started out innocently enough. I had not heard from POD since a Wednesday of last week, and they assured me that no news was good news. But I figured it was time to call. Except the phone was dead–our cell phone that is.

So I get on the 800 number on the room phone and find out:

  1. That our electronic check did not clear from a WEEK AGO–due to their transmitting the banking codes incorrectly. So we submitted the correct tracking numbers again, and sent that off. It takes up to 10 days to clear which makes it really a good question what the point is of electronic checking. So our account had been locked for non=payment.
  2. The POD remains at our meadow, apparently the weather still not permitting them to back down the driveway 25 feet to get it. Since we are now in their eyes–deadbeats–you would think they would want the POD in their possession lest we sneak back and unload our stuff.
  3. We are now to call back on Wednesday to see if it’s been moved yet, and a week to find out if our check cleared, which it must since we put the requisite amount from our savings into checking for that express purpose.

So then we went to the post office. Did you know you cannot get a post office box without an address? No you can’t. Which begs the question why anyone would want a post office box if they had an address. But no matter, we now are to get our mail from “general delivery” in 7-10 days when our change of address goes through and our mail gets sent from Walker Iowa.

So then we went to the Verizon store to get a smart phone and find out what was wrong with the one we had. I’m too embarrassed to tell ya what that was about–hint: hold the power button down a longer time. Duh. God are we techno-stupid.

So then we went to the bank to have them order our money from Walker where it sits. So they say they don’t do that, but they give us the routing numbers and set up our checking and savings account, and we call our Walker bank and they tell us that we need to have signed an authorization for them to do that. Except that I talked with them a few days before we left, and told them exactly what we were going to be doing, and they didn’t bother to tell us about that.

But they, the bank that is, remember me being there, and “gee Parker we are so sorry we screwed up, so go back to your new bank and have them call us and we will fax them the authorization and you sign it there and refax it back and we will send the money, and then you send us an original back by snail mail, and all will be hunky dorey.”

And that was our day.

And we didn’t get to go house hunting but we are going tomorrow. And we have already picked two houses for sure that we really like, so unless we see something a lot better, it will be one of those two.

And in spite of all the crap, we love Las Cruces, and we are finding our way around nicely with our Tom Tom although I guess somehow when I become Houdini, I can download Google maps and accomplish the same thing for nearly free, so that was probably a waste of time.

And we are going to hire a tech kid and have him figure out all our stuff eventually and hopefully I can remember how to operate this stuff someday.

And I’m very darn tired of all this difficulty since I worked so hard to do everything right and thought it was all set up, and if people would just do their damn jobs, maybe I wouldn’t have to do everything twice.

And that’s that.