We left Iowa at 6:45 am on Tuesday morning and started this odyssey to a new life in a new land. Dramatic enough for ya?

Well so far it’s gone swimmingly well with only a couple of minor blimps. We passed the night in a place called Pratt, Kansas. More of that later.

Tonight we are laying our weary heads in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. We will reach Las Cruces tomorrow fairly early I suspect.

We have managed, quite obviously to learn how to use this WiFi stuff, and the lightning fast speed we are getting. It’s literally inhuman.

As I said, we left our meadow on Tuesday, proceeding to I380 and going south until we hit I80 west to Des Moines. From there we scooted off to I35 and soon we were in Missouri. From there we zigged around and found ourselves heading for Kansas. We skirted Topeka and headed to Wichita. From there we headed southwest on 54 and across the panhandle of Oklahoma and cutting across the top corner of Texas, and then into New Mexico high on the northeast border. From there we decided to stop at Santa Rosa.

I have learned a lot so far on this trip, and hope to tell you all about it tomorrow when I have a bit more time. There are definitely a number of things you should know before you venture out to try this interesting trail. I’ll explain all the places you should race too and all those you should avoid like the plague.

So, stay tuned. Hope you are all having a good week.