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AlterNet‘s Penny Coleman, offers a sobering analysis of the state of our military and its response to our burgeoning suicide rates. This is one of those dirty little secrets we don’t talk much about. Yet our veterans are killing themselves in increasingly large numbers. When will we do something about it? More than 6,000 die every year.

It seems that Filipino veterans who fought for the US in WWII were promised full benefits as veterans of the US. That promise was revoked in 1946 by Congress. There are still Filipino veterans who are waiting. Read about this in American Street.

If you didn’t see Keith Olbermann last night, you missed one hell of a commentary on Proposition 8. I would deeply recommend that you drop by the link and download the video. It was superb in every way. Part of it is transcribed for those who want the short version. Thanks to Crooks & Liars for the link.

No doubt you have read of Barack and Michelle’s visit to the White House yesterday. You have never, (I promise you) got a description of it the way the indomitable DistributorCap DC can do it. Don’t miss the laugh fest.

This picture is all over the Internet. But the caption is directly from Hullabaloo. Stop by and read a great blog on all things political.

Obama meets with dangerous world leader without preconditions

Obama meets with dangerous world leader without preconditions

Just on a side note, please note that the person in charge of the cleaning and such is very very anal retentive. See how all the chair legs and table legs all line up in perfection. Whoa, seriously anal dude.

If you are interested in how Bill Ayres viewed all the swirling controversy about him, you can bop on over to In These Times and read his thoughts. The man was seriously threatened as you might assume by the usual flaky folks.
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