And Where is Democracy?

Democracy has left Wisconsin.

In the dead of night, nefarious Rethugs did the deed, manipulating a rule to effect their goal, the end of unions in Wisconsin.

Claiming that a quorum was not necessary for a non-budgetary item, Rethug leaders stripped the cancellation of collective bargaining from the general budget bill, and then voted on it as a single item.

There can be no further claim by Walker and his henchfolk that this was a necessary measure to stave off economic crisis. This is simple union busting, and they now admit that through their clandestine actions.

We now know what tyranny by a minority is all about. Lying to the public in order to obtain election power, and then turning on the real agenda, this is what we are witnessing in Wisconsin today.

The lesson is clear. When your message appeals only to a strident and fanatic minority, then develop ways of destroying the other party, so that you remain the only party left. This is what Rethugs and their cohort of multinational corporate masters are trying to do in America. It is nothing less than the total destruction of the Democratic Party. Once accomplished, they will grind all but the top 1% under their heels. Slavery will return to America.

Are you awake yet America?

We here at AfeatherAdrift stand in solidarity with the workers of Wisconsin and those throughout the US who protect the rights of all workers by their courage to be UNION.

If that doesn’t do us in, then racial and religious wars are likely to. In their fanaticism, the ultra crazy right-wing pursues policies of racial and ethnic division within the US, all policies that encourage the solidarity of those groups they despise, around the world.

Peter King opened his hate mongering hearings today in the face of even opposition within his own party, albeit, from those still rational enough to think. King’s witch hunt will be used around the world to rally anti-American sentiments by radical Muslims. But King prefers to live in his own dream world where he can define what is dangerous and what is not.

It should be noted that King himself supported the IRA rather openly in years past, times when they were defined by this country as a terrorist group. King of course, is wise enough, by his own estimation to not be bound by the rules he now attempts to impose upon others.

King, the new McCarthy of our time, will continue to hurl innuendo and invective upon a Muslim community that has done nothing whatever to bring this upon themselves, other than in King’s fuzzy thinking, not prove to his satisfaction that they are doing enough to stop radical Muslims in the US.

We stand, here at AFeatherAdrift, in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters as they weather this unfair and vicious attack by the bigot Peter King and those who follow him.

UPDATE: We now understand that the Wisconsin union-killer “bill” also gives the power to fire anyone who is suspected of being absent from work with the purpose to support a “strike”. In other words, if workers across Wisconsin walk out in protest against the Legislature’s probable illegal act, they will be fired. Did I say something about tyranny? Walker is a demagogue.

NPR got caught in the latest “video sting” done by right-wing wacko James O’Keefe. What did they catch? A NRP having lunch with some “fake” Muslims, and remarking that the GOP Teabuggers were racists, fundamentalists, and “scary.” All true you say? So say I, but apparently it frightened higher-ups in NPR and caused the typical resignations. I’m not sure what is wrong with speaking the truth. It’s not as if those “offended” by the remarks listen in anyway. They despise the NPR as the “libtard lamestream media.” Who cares? I’m puzzled by NPR’s lay down on this one.

What twists my knickers on this is, that O’Keefe’s lying tactics are of course applauded by the righteous-wingnuts all the why they are just as appalled at the trickster who punked Gov. Walker in Wisconsin pretending to be David Koch. O’Keefe is lauded as a warrior, while the other engenders Republican bills to make such tricking “illegal.” Ain’t having no brain grand?

We look upon events in Libya with sorrow as the forces of freedom seem to be losing to the superior fire power of the madman Qaddafi. I have no clue what is the right solution here, in terms of the international community, but the slaughter of so many is deeply sad. We continue to pray that the rebels will prevail. Qaddafi seems unconcerned about the opinions of the world.

Last Person Found Who Can Still be Shocked

I do believe that 2011 will go down as the year when we, the human life contingent lost its ability to be shocked by anything happening in the world.

I mean, who would have thunk that the Middle East would have erupted into all this?

Who would have believed that the insipid Sarah Palin would still be uttering inanities?

Who would believe that Alan Keyes would write in WND that the end of DOMA is akin to reintroducing slavery into America? Don’t worry. You have to be as insane as Keyes is in order to even follow his argument.

Who would believe that some Georgia legislator (read escapee from a state hospital) would propose a bill that required any woman who suffered a miscarriage, prove by a preponderance of the evidence that she had not voluntarily aborted, or face prosecution?

You’re not shocked are you? No, we’ve realized that the extremists among us are capable of virtually anything, no matter how utterly Machiavellian or down right down home stupid it might be.

As we expected, the forces of right-wing intolerance are jumping up and down, waving their arms, drooling with spittle, slathering away in unison. They DEMAND that the GOP take up the flag of homophobic hatred known as DOMA and defend her ugly precepts. Strangely, the rank and file “GOP establishment” has remained fairly silent. They know what a sticky wicket they’ve been thrust in.

Ahab has more links to reactions as well.

Meanwhile rational human beings in Hawaii and Maryland move closer to respecting the rights of our LGBTQ friends.

Fun to watch doncha think?


That abortion billboard we reported on earlier this week in Soho? It’s been taken down. Thanks to Al Sharpton. The mother of the girl pictured was incensed as well that her child’s stock photo was used in this way.


One of the fascinating things that the uber right-wing does, is to put off on the left what it does itself. Namely, highly dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric. Perhaps the peaches in Georgia are rotten, but another infected individual there inquired of his Georgia lawmaker in an open forum:

“When will someone shoot Obama?”

The lawmaker, Paul Broun, didn’t do what we would expect. He was not horrified. He did not sputter and dress down such a sick suggestion. No. Rather, he commiserated with the “frustration” of the speaker. Need I say, that Broun is a Republican?  To be fair, this is not new to Broun, who called the President’s state of the union speech, filled with venom?, compared him to Hitler, said that  people would die from clean energy spending, and that the elderly would die from death panels. In other words, Broun is simply an ignorant hate monger.

Andrew Sullivan calls for his resignation. Witnesses claim that Broun laughed at the call for assassination of the President. By all accounts Broun is a bigoted sicko who has no place as a representative of any state.


People are gathering in all 50 states to show their support for Wisconsin’s fight against union busters. If you want to find out where your rally is being held, follow the link.


Don’t know as you heard how the Wisconsin Assembly managed to get the vote through on busting the union. During the midst of the filibuster, with no explanation, the Rethuglian speaker pro tempore simply cut off debate, called for the vote, the GOPer’s (all in on the ruse) hurriedly voted, and a few seconds later, the window to vote was closed. They declared victory and marched from the chamber. This literally occurred in a few seconds. Cheaters never win in the end. Sad and pathetic. Of course, in years past, the duplicitous governor has decried these late night sessions and called for their end. But of course when you are duplicitous, anything goes. Senate Democrats remain out of the state, continuing to block further movement of the bill.


Remember that bill in South Dakota, that would make killing an abortion doctor justifiable homicide? It was tabled due to “public outcry”. Well apparently the deaf Rethuglians in Iowa didn’t hear. They have introduced their own law, co-signed by 29 other GOPer sickos. As we have said, this is all just a waste of time, since the Senate is in control of Democrats. And Kraig Paulsen continues to waste taxpayer money on bills that are doomed to failure.


And the killing goes on in Libya. How do you deal with a madman? Qaddafi is insane, of that almost everyone agrees. Still I can’t come to wish him dead. Only out of power. I am enraged at his use of mercenaries willing to kill for pay. I know of no solution to end this. I pray for the people of Libya and hope that their misery soon ends. Sigh……


Iowa’s Elmer Fudd Moment

The buffoonish Iowa legislature, in the guise of the House Republican majority, continues to waste the taxpayers money on crap that can never become law. Led by my very own representative, House Majority Leader Kraig Paulsen, the dipchits introduce bill after bill, pandering to the extreme right-wing nuttery that unfortunately infect this state as all others.

The latest? Why the noodlebrains in Des Moines, feeling most left out of all the fun, have introduced their own, “kill the unions” legislation, along with the usual public workers make way too much money compared to everyone else. Of course, as a U of I economics professor pointed out, it’s the same flawed kind of report, not controlling for educational level or job status. In other words, it compares public workers, most of whom hold degrees and comparable salaries with McDonald’s burger flippers.

The problem with Iowa’s sad Rethuglican “look at us” tactics? The Senate in Iowa is still controlled by Democrats, who simply table the bills in the wastebasket, and plea once again, “can we now get on to working on job creation and increasing the well-being of our citizenry?”


Everyone continues to watch events in the Middle East. No one knows where it will all end. I suspect it will be uneven. Each country is unique in makeup, political orientation, religious zealotry and so forth. Of particular concern  at this point is Libya, where crazy man (given the nuts in America these days, he looks strangely saner than usual) Muammar el-Qaddafi, a man intent at this point in hiring every mercenary in the world to destroy the people of his country rather than leave with his stolen billions.

I never understand these demagogues. They hang on to the bitter end when they can sit on the seashore with margaritas the rest of their live long days, with all manner of bimbos to fawn over them. Why do they do this? Is power that seductive?


I don’t know if you are aware, but one of the most offensive arguments the wacko right levels against Planned Parenthood is that it has as its real aim the annihilation of African-Americans through the abortion of their babies. It is an ugly, racist, condescending argument, couched of course in “concern” for African-American women.

A large and awful billboard has been erected in Soho in NYC, “warning” that the most dangerous place for an African-American “is in the womb.” People in NYC are suitably enraged.

A way to define hidden racism here is the fact that the ad uses the term “African-American” a term that the far right detests as “pandering”  and “playing the race card.” They universally always refer to African-Americans as “black, and yes, small “b”.


Most in Wisconsin are now aware, if they weren’t already, that Koch Industries was a major player in the election of Walker. They poured thousands directly to him, and through front groups, ran millions of dollars worth of ads. They are reportedly again coming to his aid, since this union busting was a joint effort on their parts. They are running up ads against the unions, through “American’s for Prosperity” their front Teabugger party.

Part of the new bill that Walker is trying to shove through, allows the “state” to sell off its utilities. Guess who is in line to buy? Guess who is already advertising to hire plant managers?

This just in. Governor Walker admits he was duped into a 20-minute phone conversation with a man he thought was David Koch. Follow the link to hear the conversation.  Snippets suggest that well, what we thought, is probably true.


Fox continues to blatantly LIE to it’s mostly senile viewers. They reported that a majority of those polled want unions to be ended. In fact, the very poll they cite says exactly the opposite. Sixty-one percent were against the Wisconsin attempt. Yet, Fox reported it as being 61% in favor of ending the unions. Ezra Klein reports the same figures, and wonders whether this is causing Governors like Scott in Fla. and Daniels in Ind. to back off.


Part of attacking the budget deficit seems to include screwing women, according to House Rethuglians and Teabuggers. I don’t mean that literally, although the act certainly sets up the issues that these creeps are trying to address in rather draconian fashion. And of course, wannabe Rethug players in the states, also chime in.

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to call the Republican budgeting tactics, a “war on women.” See if you agree:


Oh, blastedly funny. You heard no doubt that Sarah Palin created a faux Facebook persona just so “it” could leave loverly comments on her real Facebook page? “ohhhh, Sarah, you are so brilliant, please run for President. You’re the kind of commonsense person we need….ooooh..”  Methinks Ms. Sarah won’t be livin’ this one down any time soon. The other stuff coming out in the new book about her, is amusing, and well, so Sarah. The woman reeks paranoia and narcissism.


Make sure you read OkJimm’s Eggroll Emporium to keep up on what’s happening up to the minute in Wisconsin.

What’s on the stove? Pot roast, roasted onions, carrots and rutabaga, mashed taters and gravy.

Drawing a Line in the Sand

Well, I guess they have nobody to blame but themselves. They elected him after all. I’m talking about Wisconsin’s Governor Walker.

It was well known, or should have been that he had tried a similar thing on a smaller scale before. He has this crazy idea that he has unlimited power to redesign things as he would like them. And like a good GOPer, he doesn’t want unions interfering with his corporate state.

Truth is, states all over the union can say about the same. They were too inattentive, too single-minded, too something to notice the danger that a number of these people posed. And now we are faced with the blatant attempt on the part of Republicans across the country to use their positions of power to destroy the Democratic Party in a variety of ways.

The most poignant, the most inspiring is occurring in Wisconsin. There Walker has unilaterally declared that public workers will no longer have unions, at least ones that can collectively bargain. This comes along with strong cuts in pay and in benefits.

The ironic thing is that the union members have agreed to the cuts, just not the destruction of their collective bargaining rights. But Walker says that he will not negotiate, although he and others are utterly unable to define why, if their only issue is the deficit, the union itself  must die.

This is purely a political move on Walker’s part and I suspect part of a larger, national move by the Republican party to destroy unions so that their corporate buddies can rape and pillage the slave workers at will. Yes, it is just that dire. And, along the way, destroy the Democratic Party.

Walker, so I have  learned has already CUT corporate taxes since his inauguration. Many would argue  even whether there is a legitimate deficit, but in any case, we understand that Walker has awarded substantial sums to special interests, depleting the reserves. He in effect has created the deficit, and determined that the only people who will pay the price are the working class.

Claims that the public employees of Wisconsin make huge salaries in comparison to private sector workers is a simple lie. Fox has run this garbage using a “median” income level of private sector workers. Of course there is a large discrepancy when done this way. A median is determined by including all workers, the hamburger flipper along with the private nurse. The government is not generally in the business of running burger joints, thus employing people at minimum wage jobs.

Further, Ezra Klein, a couple of days ago, offered an actual study done on Wisconsin wages, and adjusted for hours worked, and comparable jobs, public workers made 5% less.

Further, Walker specifically exempted fire and police unions from his draconian measure. Why? Because both had supported him in his election bid. The teachers and prison guards did not, and they were targeted. Still thinking this has anything to do with a deficit?

No, this is simply Walker acting as the mouth piece for corporate America, demanding that they be left unfettered in their pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Ten years and counting and we are still waiting for the trickle down money promised to the working and middle class if only the rich could keep more of their money. Do we need more evidence that there is and never will be anything benevolent about corporate robber barons?

Do we have such short memories that we forget what was the norm only a few short decades ago?

Sweatshops, company towns, twelve-hour shifts, six days a week, no benefits, no raises, unsafe working conditions. That was the world my parents inherited. It is the world my father and others like him changed as they stood up to hired goons with baseball bats, come to break up the strikes in Flint, Michigan against the auto empires.

If non-union workers have minimum wages today, it is because of unions. If they have health care it is because of the unions. If they have pensions, it is because of the unions. If they have overtime compensation and paid vacations, it is because of the unions. If they have safe working environments, it’s because of the unions. It is all because of the unions.

And if the unions are broken in this country, why corporate America will begin to whimper about high costs of materials, higher transportation costs. And they will whine that they don’t want to pass the cost to consumers who might reject their product rather than pay the extra costs. And so they will take it out of your paycheck, and reduce your benefits.  And they will do it again and again, and until you are reduced to slavery again.

While, they? They will sit in their homes arguing whether the next additional home should be in Maui or in Vale. They will argue about whether the next trip shall be to Tuscany or to Venice. They will argue about whether the next car be a Bentley or a Rolls. Does the Missus need another  fur to go with the new pink diamond brooch?

And you? You will spend the weekend trying to keep the second-hand car running. And your kids will look at trade schools rather than universities. And you will eat hamburger instead of steak, and have a picnic in the backyard on the 4th. You will not have an iPhone, an iPad, or iTunes. You will not have laptops or wall sized flat screens. You will subsist. And you will be damned happy for that as the foreman reminds you regularly. For you can be replaced like (SNAP)!

Fox is calling the protestors a “mob” and “thugs” and “Commies” and “socialist agitators.” All the while teabagger protestors are “patriotic Americans.”

Egyptian unions have offered solidarity. People from across the nation and world have sent money to feed the protestors at the Capital. The eyes of the world focus on Wisconsin.

Support the workers in Wisconsin. We call upon the Teamsters, the AFL-CIO, UAW, AFSCME, and all the rest, to stand in solidarity with Wisconsin in this fight. Shut down this country if need be. Everything is on the line. Everything.

Well If That Don’t Beat All

It’s not like I go out searching for this stuff. It just pops up before my ears with INCREASING REGULARITY.

It is my considered opinion, MY CONSIDERED OPINION, that the Tea Party will be defunct by 2012. The insanity emanating from these mostly uneducated, most STOOPID people is mind-boggling.

Normal folks are already beginning to see what hath teapartyism wroth. And it ain’t good.

We made mention of a few days ago, that Wisconsin’s Governor has re-introduced the concept of political cronyism by unilaterally dismantling the state’s collective bargaining rights of all state workers. Marches are occurring everywhere as we speak. The Governor has promised a swift response by the National Guard. Cuts have to be made he suggests, and it surely isn’t coming from the rich folk like himself. Similar measures are being looked at in Ohio and Tennessee, also run by Rethuglican governors.


In Montana, farmer/volunteer fireman, and teapartier Joe Read, House Rep, introduces legislation to declare that global warming is not man-made AND is beneficial to the state. By fiat, all Montana’s troubling problems are solved. Read, who apparently doesn’t, consulted no scientists, but relied instead on his “experience.” He said “global science is an ideal, not a true science.” Whatever the hell that means. Like so many of his brainless brethren, he suggests we “follow the money”.  Apparently he misses the fact that the anti-climate change “money” comes directly from big oil and gas interests and all the other major polluters.


Sen Ronald Gould (R-AZ) introduced a bill in his wacky legislature that would allow the carrying of firearms on college campuses and in all public buildings. Further, existing laws that make it a crime to not  respond “accurately” to a question about having a concealed weapon, would be changed to be “truthfully” allowing for “oops I forgot I had that!” Further, it would no longer to a crime to discharge a firearm in the city, but only if only if it could be proven that the person knew that the discharge could cause death or injury. (guns can kill? you lie!) And if you feel you’ve been unfairly harassed about your gun? You can sue, and if you win, you get a “municipal” vehicle as your prize.  


Rick Scott, governor of Florida, teabagger and fraud expert, refused 2.4 billion in Federal funds for high speed rail development. This action, left the work in progress and will put hundreds at least out of work. Rep. John Mica (R) and Sen Bill Nelson (D) are scrambling to undo the damage caused by Scott’s dull thinking. Meanwhile, California and New York, both living in the 21st century, are hoping the funds might come their way.


Chauncey De Vega has a scathing look at the darling of the crazy right-wing, Herman Cain. These, as I call them, house Negroes make a point of feeding the racism inherent in the uber right-wing, all the while providing them with their defense: themselves. Anyone with half a brain can see through the veil of course, but not the non-thinking Beckian hordes. No, Cain is perfect cover, allowing them to vilify all other African-Americans, especially the President, all the while claiming, “moi racist? surely you jest.” You are and we aren’t jesting.


If you hadn’t noticed, all GOPers use the same mantra in response to the question “do you believe the President is a citizen/Christian?” In unison, they report in robot-like fashion. “I take the President at his word.” If pressed, they say things like John Boehner, “It’s not my job to tell the American people what to think,” or like Michele Bachmann, “I think we have more important issues to address, like the budget.”

The reason why they leave this opened ended, which implies that the “jury is still out” on the President’s status, is simply this: polls suggest that the likely GOP primary voter tends to think the President is not either a citizen or a Christian. So, rather than come from a place of integrity, the GOP comes from a place, of protecting my personal ambitions and interests in higher office or re-election. That’s some kind of  leadership wouldn’t you say?


Oh, and on a note of civility and pertaining to the arts, Google has a new site up that promises to allow the viewing of masterpieces from great museums all over the world, in beautiful up close levels. Do take a look: at the Art Project.

Blithering Idiots All

Is it just my imagination or has the Middle East uproar opened the gates to another round of severe idiocy? And I’m not meaning just about the Middle East.

The danger of that bottle getting uncorked is that it’s blown hither and yon and where it lands, no one can know.

A few examples. Some of them linked, but a few I’ve come across in the past few days.

Glenn Beck is of course the KING of idiocy. His nutzy caliphate conspiracy theories are leading the charge of loopiness. Even the feminist uprising in Italy is joined, as well as Google (there must be  a reason why Google is having difficulties in Beijing for instance–can’t you see the connection?). The Left in all its glorious rainbow of elements is in bed with the commies and the Islamic extremists, all bent on taking down civilization.

I hurried to look at my “progressive” ID and sure ‘nuf, there it was: My goal is the destruction of civilization and I pledge allegiance to an Islamic caliphate. My only question is, do I have to dress for dinner?

Now, you may never have heart of a dude named Herman Cain. No reason you should. He used to own a fast food joint, a chain of them–Godfather’s Pizza. He has a math degree. He’s running for president. He’s the darling of the “extreme extreme white right-wing” because he is a good House Negro. He said at CPAC that liberals  have as their goal “the destruction of America.”

Well, Mr. Cain (have a brother named Abel by any chance?). I think you could reasonable say, “the liberal agenda will in my opinion result in the destruction of America. But what you said? That makes you a blithering idiot.

Some amoeba in Iowa introduced a bill in the House that would give business owners the right to refuse service to anyone whose “lifestyle” they did not agree with. Aimed at gay marriage couples, it could be used to discriminate against anyone, interracial marriage, non-Christians, you name it. One wonders where this blithering idiot got his high school diploma. Mail-order?

The Guvnor of Wisconsin has unilaterally ended the right of public employees to bargain collectively. And he says the National Guard is ready to keep the peace should there be any “unrest.” A blithering idiot? You betcha.  I bet if there are any marches, Glenn will hook it up with the caliphate.

Kansas delights us with Connie O’Brien, GOPer in her House, got all snooty and such when her “Kansas” born son was denied financial aid for school. In the line in front of them was a woman, who “we could tell by looking at her was not originally from this country. . .” Ms. O’Brien explained that she was not black, not Asian, and had an olive complexion– thus she was assuredly an illegal.

Of course a number of folks demanded she apologize. Ms. O’Brien said, well, no, not until she had had “time to think.” Yesssss. Thinking an underused art ma’am. You are a blithering idiot.

Most of the commenters on The Blaze are blithering idiots. After reading it for a couple of weeks, I’ve realized that there are only about 30 people who do all the commenting. But that’s thirty blithering idiots lurking around the US of A. One of them may be your neighbor. Beware.

No doubt you are aware that “community organizer” is a very very bad thing. The wacko right says it, so it must be true. But yesterday, I was half-listening (one should never do more) to Glenny talk about his caliphate notions, when he urged everyone to hook up on his website to become a network of “knowledgeable” folks. He said the website would be functioning as a “community organizer.” I’m sure that the Blaze commenters will be vilifying Beck today. Wanna bet? I got this lovely bridge to sell ya.

Numerous blithering idiots are claiming that everything from McDonald’s to the Vatican are “infiltrated by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Even CPAC is not immune. Frank Gaffney and Pam Geller say so. But both are notorious blithering idiots. It’s a wash.

Puzzle of the day: What did she say?  Palin is always a blithering idiot candidate. Palin in her recent interview with CBN:

“But when it comes to, and David, perhaps what it is that you’re suggesting in the question is should the GOP, should conservatives not reach out to others, not participate in events or forums that perhaps are rising within those forums are issues that maybe we don’t personally agree with?”—on the inclusion of pro-gay groups in the CPAC conference, in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Feb. 4, 2011

In South Dakota, a bill has been introduced that would make it justifiable homicide to kill an abortion doctor. Yep, and this one has passed out of committee by a nine-to-three vote. You guessed it. It is the GOP who are doing this one too. Does this get your vote as the biggest blithering idiot? Or as they say, if you can’t stop ’em one way, well, try another way.

Everyone at The Blaze and at National Review are by definition blithering idiots.

Notice the common theme here? If you didn’t it’s quite simply this: All of these clowns are Republicans. It really makes me want to have a law that makes political identification by means of a forehead tatoo mandatory. I want to know the enemy, immediately, before he/she opens the maw of insanity and frizzles my brain.

We Have Seen Strange Things Today

Hello? Are you there? It’s white outside, and hard to tell. I knew it would come. I just wanted it to wait, until 2012. Of course, it did not. Keep up your chin. This too shall pass, and as Dorothy says, some fresh hell will assault us.

It is frigid, and it’s not even zero. That means I am going to be a pool of frozen snot when it gets really cold. I’m a baby, a whimpering limp poop. I admit it.

On the home front: There are new posts at Walking in the Shadows and 1000 Shitty Things. Do visit and prop up my failing ego. :/ (TEASER: Johnny DEPP!)

We have been having girlie dog problems that have got us nearly coocoo. Brandy has been unwilling to come up the steps. We thought it was arthritis, but eventually concluded that she must have slipped on the steps and now is afraid to come up. She weighs nearly a 100 pounds so it’s not like you can pick her up.

No amount of food enticement, cajoling, or yelling helps. But we got an idea. The Contrarian found a piece of carpet, cut it up into pieces, and nailed them to the steps. Zoom! up she came! Problem solved. She is most glad that we humans finally figured out what she has been trying to tell us with eyes and wagging tail.

Cold? Yes, and so on the stove there is a new pot of chili simmering away, thickening and melding it’s rich blend of spices and peppers. Oh my. And jalapeno-cheddar cornbread. With sides of raw onions, more cheddar and crackers, oh my soul rejoices. I’ll check and see if I’ve posted my chili recipe online as of yet, and if not, I’ll post it this week. It’s world-class, and has received a number of awards. I can show ’em to you, otherwise trust me. ;D


The new GOP talking point on the tax cuts, is that the reason that business is glutted with cash, but still ain’t hiring anyone, is that they are “worried about their taxes going up.” The continuing yak is that we gotta continue the tax cuts for the rich so they will feel safe to increase their labor forces. Crooks and Liars, has the actual numbers (imagine! real evidence?) which belies all that crap.  While I submit that business has deliberately stopped hiring it’s because they are trying to coerce Obama to do just that–extend the Bush tax cuts to them. Why do I suspect that the rich and the GOP (oh they are the same!) figured that out together and are playing the same tune deliberately?


Mad Priest has a cartoon that speaks so well to our times. Go see.


Holy  baby Jesus, now we understand why OKJimm lives in Wisconsin. And if he moves, it will surely be to either Illinois or North Dakota. Why? Well take a gander at this map and you will surely have your answer. It’s dumbfoundingly unreal.


Do take a look at PeNolan’s, post, Sex as Civil Disobedience over at BlackMagpieTheory. And when finished, do follow the link to Power and Tiny Acts of Rebellion by Chris Hedges. The gist of it, is that we are never going to dismantle the corporate behemoth that runs this country by the electoral process, where nearly all who are elected are part of the problem.


Our resident nut-job Steven King (R-IA) is opening his BIG DISGUSTING MOUTH again, and proving just how racist, homophobic and otherwise intolerant one human being can be. Seems that King is of the opinion that a McCarthy-style resurrection of the House “un-American Activities” Committee is in order, because, as we all know, once you get your “cultural house in order, the economic will follow.” (that straight out of Econ 101 no doubt).

I recall a scene from Full Metal Jacket, in which the drill Sgt. , eyes a prospective recruit and asks him his height. “Five foot ten, sir,” the youngster manages to spit out. “Amazing,” the Sgt. replies, “I didn’t know that could stack shit that high.” King you are a douche.


Well, live is impinging on my blogging. Answer me this: why cannot any UPS or FED-EX or freakin’ post office understand that a blue-box attached to my 911 address at the edge of our lane, directly across from the mail box is meant to LEAVE SHIT TOO LARGE FOR THE MAILBOX? I get, instead, “we tried to deliver, but were too freakin’ stupid to understand the box, so we took it back with us and you can contact us and ‘splain to us what you want us to do with your freakin’ package!”

Instead of pulling out my hair, which is rather too glorious, I’ll go pull a few of the Contrarian’s which are becoming as sparse as an oasis in the Mohave desert.

Have a day, of some kind, and tell me if you see any strange things.