Okay, Just One Too Many STOOPID People Today

Where to begin! It’s another freakin’ frackin’ Friday, and the world has gone mad. Well, not much more so than usual. But you know, some days, one’s patience simply has limits. Or as they say, “dang gum it, they went on stepped on my last nerve.”

Leading off the lunacy challenge is none other than perennial tin-hat man, Glenny Beckster. Now Glenn, safely put aside by the newsless entity ironically called Fox News, is ‘splainin’ himself real clear.

Why Glenn really never wanted that old job at Fox in the first place. He never expected to stay for goodness sake. He is like Paul Revere, who had to get off his horse and actually go fight the revolution, not just warn people atop his horse for-ev-a.

And get this, Apocalypse man says that us liberals are gonna be “crappin’ our pants soon and turning to Jesus and spending our time on our knees alternately calling for Jesus to save us and begging Foxy to re-instate the Beckster who will have been proven cor-rect across the board. He predicts that this will happen in a year, to this date. That is April 8, 2012.

Meanwhile, his cult followers will be hanging on every word, ready to champion his view of the world at 210° from level. Don’t expect Becky to go quietly into the night. Naw, he’s gonna do the pied-piper kinda thing. And when his cult goes over the cliff, well it won’t be such a big loss will it? After all, there are One too many STOOPID people today.

Can’t say if it’s true, but we hear John cry-me-a-river Boehner is doing some of the tears again. He has decided to do the right thing by himself and tie himself to the wagon train known as the TeaParty Train of STOOPID. It now all comes down to the fact that the Democrats have agreed to the amount of the budget cuts, but Pense and the lunatics have a rider than one of the cuts has to be PPH.

Now, Boehner wants none of this, but as I said, he decided his own salvation at the temple of Tea is more important than the WHOLE DAMNED COUNTRY, so a shutdown is a comin’ they say. As we reported yesterday, PPH funding is almost exclusively for health screenings. And of course, this has nothing to do with budget cuts, and nothing to do with JOBS, oh did you forget John that that is what you were gonna do if given the House? Whew, well I guess when you spend half your day in the tanning booth, somethin’s gotta give. Instead of creating jobs, Boehner orchestrates a huge loss of employment for a million or more government employees. Way to go John!

So, I say, that the Beckian cult should move over on the cliff, cuz the TeaWagons are comin’ on over too. That’s won’t be too much of a loss will it? After all, there is just one too many STOOPID people today.

Yesterday, in Wisconsin, the challenger for Justice Prosser’s seat was ahead with all votes counted, by over 200 votes, which would make a recount automatic.  Foxy Noise was busily grousing about “reports of voter fraud” in the way they always do with when “wrong” candidate wins. Suddenly, this just in, a miraculous number of votes were “found” and gave the victory for Prosser with a more than 7,000 lead.

County clerk Kathy Nickolaus claims it was her mistake. But things are indeed fishy. Ms. Nickolaus, who previously worked for Prosser, had been heavily criticized for her failure to update to new equipment used throughout the state,and for keeping results on her own private computer. This same woman was, years ago, granted immunity from prosecution in electioneering irregularities in which a number of people were ultimately indicted.

And then, to top it off, she has been guilty of election mistakes in like about three previous elections where she made mistakes, sometimes giving the victory to the “wrong” person.

FOX is not talking about voter fraud any more. Gosh, I’m surprised. Aren’t you?

No doubt we haven’t seen the last of this one. Make room at the cliff! This woman may soon be running full tilt for the edge. And couldn’t we take the loss? After all, there is just one too many STOOPID people today.

And to finish things off. Today is a day that will go down in the annals of recorded time, as the day of birth of my beloved, the Contrarian. Today said husband is 61 years old. He spent yesterday in his barca lounger lamenting his loss of youth, and today he sits and contemplates, as he says, his sudden wisdom.

He is definitely not part of this post title. He is not heading over any cliff; he is one fo the good guys.

Happy Birthday Parker! Many. Many, Many more, my love.

Who Popped All My Balloons?

It was a yawner, a dud, it was Much Ado About Nothing. Close your eyes, and miss nothing. You might have confused it for a high school state championship game.

About the best you can say, is that UConn played good defense. Butler? Where they even there?

Two jokes I came across. One is a WordPress blog post entitled:

“They should have shown Hawaii-5-0. There was better shooting.”

or this one:

‘If you compared Butler’s shooting percentage against the sobriety meter, you could have legally driven.”

After all the great games leading up to the final, this just didn’t deliver. UConn “won” mostly because they were there, occasionally putting the ball into the hoop. It won’t be one people “talk about” in future decades.

Wonder what’s happening in hockey? Are my Redwings doing anything?

It comes as no surprise that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Vanity Fair puts it in some perspective with a nice piece. Our lopsided rich/middle/working/poor scale is akin to that of Russia and Iran, while Western Europe is much healthier. Yeah, lets keep gutting programs for the poor, and keep reducing taxes on the rich. That’s the ticket.

Today is a biggie in Wisconsin. They are voting on judges. Self-defined conservative David Prosser is trying to keep his seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where he can “maintain the conservative” control and be a “complement to Governor Walker and the GOP controlled legislature”. Prosser called the Chief Judge a “bitch” and explains why that was not really his fault to Fox, you know, the place all the GOP comes to pitch their “fairness.” A left-leaning assistant attorney general is running against him. Apparently as of now, the numbers voting are extremely high. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed.

It always seems to me that the Uber Right hate just about everyone. Everyone that is except whites and the right kind of Christians. Super hater, Bryan Fischer is at it again. Now he wants the entire welfare system ended. In him pea brain, the increase in poverty is because we have welfare. And get this, it just encourages those people to “rut like rabbits.” Yeah, he actually said that. Read the full remarks at Right Wing Watch.

Here’s an interesting question. If you  could  “be” someone else for a day or so, who are some folks you’d like to see from the inside out? Angry Black Lady Chronicles has some interesting choices. For me, Cleopatra, Hypatia, Mary Magdalene, Katherine Hepburn, Socrates, Einstein come to mind.

I’ve said it a dozen times here at least. The extremist right-wing Christians are no different from radical Islam. Both want to force their religious views on everyone else. Br. Dan at Dating God, makes precisely this argument about Terry Jones, the moron who burned a Qur’an and undid a whole lot of progress in Afghanistan in one moment of madness. When hate is your mantra, you simply have turned your back on God.

Chauncey DeVega poses a very interesting question about black pride and white prejudice. In a new world where Fox and tea parties turn racism on its head accusing blacks of being racist and portraying whites as the new black, how do we judge these terms. What do they mean? Are they different for blacks and whites? It has been the contention of most African-Americans I know, and something deeply instilled in my from years of working for African-Americans, that only white people can be racist. As DeVega says, blacks can be mean and awful in every prejudiced way, but never racist. Read and see what you think.

Carry on!

Thinking is Against the Law

I was one of those who believed that the imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya was needed. I was and am all too aware of the dangers involved.

As predicted, those of the Right are not satisfied regardless. No matter what President Obama chose to do, it would be wrong and they would shout it out to their base.

Obama said American involvement in any leadership vein, would be short, a matter of days rather than weeks.

It seems he was truthful. Rebels have been able to retake the town of Ajdabiya. Given air support and the taking out of large artillery, they can fight Qaddafi forces and prevail. What is of even more significance is that Qatar and the UAE are both flying jets in the no-fly zone.

It may come to be that once again we have underestimated Barack Obama. I can but imagine that the naysayers those who are GOP presidential hopefuls and others are chewing their hats about now. They pray for failure to enhance their power. That’s the GOP way.

You may have missed this: Maine’s ReCorpricans are at it. The Guv, has declared that murals which depict Maine’s labor history will be taken down from the State Department of Labor. Additionally, conference rooms long named for labor leaders like Caesar Chavez are being changed, to reflect “pro business” goals. [h/t to Infidel753]

If you listen to Foxy Noise, or any of the typically wingnut GOP leadership, the power and prestige of the US is at an all time low, due to the “bungling foreign policy” of one Barack H. Obama. Oddly enough, that doesn’t seem to be the way the WORLD thinks of us. A Gallup poll suggests that we have rebounded quite nicely from the abysmal low Chimpy left us in to a respectable level once again. Read it and weep teabuggers. [h/t to Infidel753]

Guv Walker in Wisconsin has decided to defy a restraining order issued by a Madison judge, and has published the union killing bill anyway, giving rise to the question of whether it goes lawfully into effect or not. Under the Lobsterscope has the story with plenty of links.

Official Vatican teaching is one thing. American Catholics are quite another. Recent polling by PPPI shows what has been consistent in other polls (Pew for instance) for some time. Namely that Catholics in the US support LGBTQ rights including marriage at a higher rate than any Christian group.

The Progressive Catholic Voice reports that Catholics retain an “underlying social justice” position that prevails over the official teaching of the Church. I of course, applaud this fact. Basically most Catholics I think agree that Magisterial teaching is basic to formation of conscious, but as the writer states here, is not absolutely controlling. Primacy of conscience, long upheld by the Church itself, causes Catholics to weigh the circumstances alongside of doctrine and decide moral issues in light of many factors.

What’s on the stove? scallops with linguine in a lemon butter sauce, with foccacia and salad.

Whatever He said. . . .I Say the Opposite

This is the GOP mantra, and has been since the day after the 2008 election. Whatever the President says or does or doesn’t do, they immediately say the opposite. It’s the last part that keeps getting them in trouble.

Latest case in point:

Newty (the garden slug) Gingrich just can’t make up his mind on what to do about Libya. When we were doing nothing, he was for the US to step in. When we did, he was against it.

He said we could take care of the whole problem with air-power. Until we used air-power then he said it was a typical politician’s error to think that air power solves all problems.

In the end, Newt admits that his answers to these questions are simply “responses to what the President does.”

Ya see Newt, when the president doesn’t do something, and you say he should, it’s really bad form to then say he shouldn’t have. And then before he has done something, don’t tell him how he should do it, because when he does it, and does it that way, you end up saying he should know better not to do it that way.

Is this an Alzheimer’s moment Newt? Or are you just the hateful vindictive, wannabe that we really think you are?

Help! Infection alert!

Decontamination areas are being set up all over Iowa in anticipation of the likely bacterial infection set to enter the state.

Tomorrow gadzillions (make that a few dozen) really creepy and crazy people are set to have a day-long conference in Des Moines about who should be the GOP candidate. All manner of sleaze is attending, including M. Bachmann (crazy eyes), H. Barbour (racism is behind me), H. Cain (uncle Tom’s cousin), N. Gingrich (garden slug), R. Santorum (wontcha love me again?), J. Bolton (the stash is my cash), and well others.

All rational humans are urged to get a shower and take the recommended dosage of Tylenol to forestall bouts of insanity. Symptoms include itchy skin, double vision and the uncanny feeling that you’ve been hijacked by aliens. See a veterinarian immediately if you have any of the above.

I just love ‘strict constructionists. You know who I mean, those folks that want our country returned to its Founding Father principles, the C O N S T I T U T I O N. Now what they actually mean by this is something you might not quite get, if you ain’t one of them.

Cases in point:

Bryan Fischer, AFA leader and all around hater of everything not white and fundamentalist, claims that the 1st Amendment right to freedom of religion, does not include any rights for Muslims, since the FF could not have had them in mind. Why we don’t know, but he says that we give them rights as a “courtesy” only.

David Barton, pseudo-historian and all around wacko nutjob who shleps for the GOP and it’s business elites, has explained that the Declaration of Independence is “nothing more than a list of sermons” which might surprise Thomas Jefferson. Further the Constitution was written directly out of the Bible, and that all leads up to the fact that Jesus was and IS against the minimum wage and well anything that corporate America doesn’t find conducive to racking up profits.

Sadly, people actually get in their cars, travel to auditoriums, sit their skinny butts in chairs, and listen to this drivel, rather than say, pop popcorn and watch Monty Python’s Holy Grail. I kid you not.

Texas has been in the business of late in revising the history of the US of A, to reflect whatever it wants to be the truth. This is not news. Bill Zedler, Texas Rethuglian legislator, introduces a bill to make it “illegal to discriminate against creationists.” Yes, and next he plans to introduce one that makes it illegal to discriminate against stupid people. In both cases that would be him.  [h/t to Crooks and Liars]

Discover Magazine has an interesting article, entitled “Does the Universe Need God?” This is an excerpt from a larger article, and there is a link to that. This is a thoughtful reasoned argument, not the usual atheistic meanness that we’ve come to see from to many. I don’t agree with the argument, but I find it cogent and worth considering.

Ever heard of William Cronon? I hadn’t. No reason I should. He’s a university professor at Wisconsin, and well-respected by his peers in his area of expertise, that being history. He recently did an op-ed piece in the NYTimes on the recent union issues in Wisconsin, and was critical of the Governor and Republicans who would try to take away long-standing collective bargaining rights of Wisconsin citizens.

Well, that pissed off the GOP, and it, the state GOP that is, has launched a legal action to get to his e-mails to uncover whether they can prove that he’s been active in protests. This all aimed to of course intimidate and discredit him. This is what I guess the GOP calls democracy. We call it Joe McCarthyism. How low can you limbo Wisconsin GOP? [h/t to Daily Dish]

I know you all read Moe at Whatever Works, and I’m stealing this “entire” post, but she posts usually several a day, so please don’t miss her stuff. She does a great job of keeping us all aware of all the nefarious goings on, everywhere. But this is precious and so true:

“Other than telling us how to live, think, marry, pray, vote, invest, educate our children and, now, die, Republicans have done a fine job of getting government out of our personal lives.”
                                                         – Editorial Page, Portland Oregonian 


It’s leftovers today!

Crystal Ball Gazing

Well, a no-fly zone has been instituted over Libya. It may be too little, too late. I guess there is no way to know at this point.

I don’t know if it was the right thing to do or not, but I do know that doing nothing was unacceptable. Somehow we have to make it clear to petty dictators that murdering your massive opposition is not acceptable, no matter how many paid henchmen you can pay.

There is nothing clear about whether it will succeed or not–the no-fly zone I mean. Andrew Sullivan directs us to Marc Lynch and his views which I think are well worth reading. All depends, in his view, as to whether or not we can succeed and do so quickly. The stakes are high. Bahrain and Yemen are both now engaged in severe crackdowns against rebels in their nations. A quick success in Libya could give them pause. Otherwise, the cries for freedom may be muffled once again.

Some good news in Wisconsin. A judge there has placed a temporary restraining order against the Govenator’s new union busting bill. A full hearing will be held, to determine the legality of the sleazy trick the GOP attempted by violating the “open records” law. There is some reason apparently to think that the judge might be inclined to the union side of the equation.

Lest we forget, the GOP of course is claiming that union benefit packages, including pensions are grossly unfair and bloated. All the while they claim this, not a one of them refuses their own pension plans gifted to them by taxpayers. Steven King (R-IA), oinker from Iowa, claims his is “slim pickins”, while the FACTS seem to suggest just the opposite. Like health care, which they are also again, and which they also receive from the taxpayers. Me thinks King, et.al. speak with forked tongues.

Did you know that in the three areas of the US that carry the english version of Al-Jazeera, it gets quite high ratings? Did you know that every time cable networks start to talk about putting them on the regular cable news lineup, the conservatives go bat shit crazy? Political Irony suggests, I guess we don’t have freedom of speech here unless it agrees with what corporate-owned media likes.

As many of you know, the Dalai Lama has been the political and spiritual leader of the Tibetan people for many years. He has been in exile since 1959. Recently he signaled his intent to step down as political leader, feeling that the Tibetan people should be able to rule themselves. They don’t like the idea, and apparently do not intend to amend their constitution to make that possible. I guess it means that the Dalai Lama is doing something right. It’s hard to think of any leader that the people wish to remain in office in this world today. Maybe we should take a look.

A book you might want to take a look at, called the Sufi’s Garden.

The Sufi’s Garland
by Manav Sachdeva Maasoom
Published by: ROMAN Books
Publication date: 25th March 2011
Price: $24.95 (Hardcover)
104 pp, 6-1/8 x 9-1/4″
ISBN: 978-93-80040-02-8

A small excerpt:

I went outside to see
if God’s voice
was disturbing anybody

I think I’m going to inquire about getting it for review. It looks simply divine. [h/t 3quarksdaily]

I bet you forgot, that you used to memorize things. If you are old as me anyway, which is older than most trees, but not quite as old as the Jurassic. See, we used to memorize things like phone numbers and addresses. And we don’t have to do that any more, so we are beginning to lose our abilities to remember stuff. I can tell you that is true because I dare not send the Contrarian to the store to pick up five things without writing them down. Actually, make that three things.

Anyway, there is a new book out that helps you remember what you never knew, or something like that. How to remember stuff. Moonwalking with Einstein: the Art and Science of Remembering Everything. Read a review of it here.

Okay, you got enough information to make you  the hit of the party tonight. Have at it.

It’s a Day in Pictures!

There have been some great political humor around these days. So I thought I’d share it with ya. The one to my right, is from 2008, but heck it’s current. It’s pretty much the same silliness.

Some have suggested that the GOP is in reality so pessimistic about 2012, that they are satisfied to put forth one of the laughables. And believe me there is no shortage of those.

We got your Mikey, who told us all about the President’s living in Kenya during his formative years and thus assimilating Mau Mau thinking. Not sure what Mau Mau thinking is, but it predisposes him against the British, and that somehow informs his American foreign policy decisions. It’s his “world view.”

This was before Mikey took off on Natalie Portman. ‘Course Mikey walked back the Mau Mau thing, saying he “misspoke” and meant Indonesia. Which of course is impossible to accept with anything resembling a straight face, since Indonesia is not famous for it’s Mau Mau population.

Like Tim Pawlenty and his relentless courting of the most disgusting of the homophobic right-wing religious, Mikey seems to feel it essential to play to the insane right-wing gaggle who are desperate to believe the Prez ain’t a real human American.

Then there is Newt and his claim that love of country so distorted his sense of right and wrong, that he did all manner of disgusting things, such as having affairs while pompously chastising Bill Clinton  for such things, and asking two of his ex wives for divorce when they were in the hospital following cancer surgery and just receiving news they had MS. Yes, Newt wants us to believe that his serial monogamy is no reason to deny him the high office.

And it isn’t, but for the fact that he’s a disgusting human being in, and also got into that “Obama  has a Kenyan worldview.”

But I couldn’t miss this great little cartoon:

And then we got your Michele, my belle. Well, not mine, and mostly not anybody’s but she lives in the delusion that “they really love me. And Michele is making her way toward that announcement that she is running for President.

Those on the far left, just shudder with pure joy. Michele, has had another of her famous faux pas. While speaking to some kids in New Hampshire, she told them how proud they must be, because they were the state in which “the shot heard round the world” was heard. Home she said to Lexington and Concord.

The crazy lady, who talks about the Founding Fathers all the time, just “made a slip of the tongue” so she says. Either forgetting where she was, or inexplicably telling New Hampshirites that they should be proud of Massachusetts. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, that brought forth this lovely cartoon:

Yes, truer words were never spoken.

We understand that more than 100,000 showed up at the rally in Madison on Saturday. Recall efforts are underway as well against all those who voted to deny working people their right to bargain for their own livelihood.

Such efforts are underway all across the nation as we are seeing in all clarity that this is a massive effort made by the GOP to attempt the destruction of its opposition, and being willing to destroy most of the American public as well in the process.

It’s hard to know what to do, other than to fight these battles in our own states. In Iowa, it’s all a waste of time, since the Senate is controlled by the Democrats and all such legislation is simply dumped. However, Madison is leading the way in showing us how we all can help.

Walker’s backers in his bid for Governor have been collected, and we can all start boycotting these businesses. Firefighters in Wisconsin have begun withdrawing funds and closing their accounts at a Madison bank complicit in backing Walker for instance.

The rest of us can help out too. So far, I’ve seen listed the following companies:

  1. Wal-Mart
  2. Johnsonville Brats
  3. Sargento Cheese
  4. Johnson and Johnson
  5. AT &T
  6. John Deere
  7. Koch Industries

Perhaps our good friend OKJimm can supply us with others. We need to not only forgo the use of these companies products and services, but we should each write to them and tell them that we are, and why.

What the GOP is attempting here is nothing less than a full-scale assault on working men and women and an attempt to return to the times when wages were hideously low, working conditions dangerous,  hours long, and benefits non-existent. We all have to step up. All hail the Corporate Master.

PoliticusUSA has a list of proposed GOP legislation, Federal and State that is designed to destroy much of what we hold dear in this country. It is an onslaught of fear-mongering hate inspired laws that would return us to the Middle Ages. Most of it is offered in the hopes of gratifying the extreme right, while of course, the rest is designed to honor the orders of their Corporate Masters. While Nero fiddled . . . .The extreme right will get their religiously motivated theocracy, at least in name, but in fact, will find themselves slaves of the oligarchical one percent.

It’s Hardly News Anymore

It occurred to me today. Well, it occurs to me often, but today I decided to mention it. Given the speed of information whirling around the globe as fast as light, it’s no wonder.

Given our attention spans being shorter than the nose on a gnat, it’s no wonder.

Today’s news is piled upon the trash pile, often to be utterly forgotten except by a very few.

Today, the news is dominated by the tragedy in Japan. Well it should be, for what has happened there is truly devastating to all of us. We sympathize with the pain and wreckage that consumes a nation.

We are slowly forgetting about Libya and the utterly inhuman slaughter than is beginning there as Qaddafi looses his mercenary forces with appalling determination to exterminate those who had the temerity to ask him to stop using them as his private empire of greed.

We are still sympathetic to Wisconsin, but after all, it’s got to take second place to the deaths of thousands, whether through natural disaster or human evil.

We have pretty much forgotten Haiti, except to nod in sadness when some celebrity needs to shore up their public persona by making a trip there to “help out.”

To say nothing less than other notables for a day or a few. Who remembers the name of the latest Medal of Honor recipient from Iowa? Or the wrestler from Iowa who forfeited his match rather than wrestle a girl?

We know that parts of the East Coast are facing or living with flooding, but really, isn’t that just part of life in America every year some place?

We don’t know what is going on in Egypt today, even though a couple of weeks ago, we knew in a nuanced way, all the players.

Who knows what is happening in Iraq? We’ve officially ended that war, even though we are still there, doing something or other. Marches occurred there. Is there a government in place? I can’t remember. We crossed it off our list.

I wonder what it feels like to be the center of attention nationally or world-wide? And then, suddenly the phone no longer rings, there are no reporters at the door. No Hollywood promoter interested in doing a movie, no publicist interested in “talking about a book.”

I wonder what it feels like to return to obscurity. I know what it’s like to be obscure. Most of us do. Most of us have always been so, except to a few friends, coworkers, and family. But to be “somebody” for a minute, and then poof, back to obscure? That must be a tough thing to get through.

What’s it like to be recognized wherever you go? To the supermarket, “hey aren’t you the _________?” Until one day, someone says, “hey. . .” and you turn in expectation, smile ready, “yes I’m. . .” and then you hear “hey bud, you dropped your glove.” No sign on his face that he knows you from Adam.

Just wondering what that feels like.

It appears that sentiments are growing for the institution of a “no fly zone” over Libya. The Arab League has voted in favor of it. I think perhaps all agree that Qaddafi is so insane that he will kill all the rebels. The atrocities are starting to mount up. Something must be done, but what? I surely have no answers.

I’ve been hearing in various places that the union busting efforts in Wisconsin, may have unintended consequences for the extreme right-wing exemplified by Gov. Walker and his troupe of big business supporters. Unions may in fact have a resurgence across the land as people stand up in solidarity in favor of collective bargaining as the champion of workers rights and protector of Americans in labor.

A huge rally is scheduled for Madison today. We hope that it numbers in the hundreds of thousands. This will be rectified.Of that one can be quite certain.

Lest there be any doubt that the move in Wisconsin was solely to hurt the Democratic Party, here’s the Repuklican Senate Majority Leader in his own words:

If we win this battle, and the money is not there under the auspices of the unions, certainly what you’re going to find is President Obama is going to have a much more difficult time getting elected and winning the state of Wisconsin.

We hope with all our being that these bastards are voted out, recalled, or impeached as the case may be. To use the law to effect political advantage and to do it so openly, callously, and against the welfare of the people of your state is stunningly reprehensible.

Our good bloggy friend, Distributor Cap has a good post on nuclear energy in the wake of the Japanese earthquake. While they insist that there is no real danger, one reactor has blown up, and fears are that the Japanese may be downplaying the danger. This is to be expected of course, but gives every one of us pause. While nuclear power is seemingly necessary, its dangers cannot be lightly dismissed either.


The wacko right who are not politicians, and thus not sucking off the teat of big business, has been well taught to mouth the mantra of “free market” economics and “trickle down” theories. They are taught to recite ad nauseam that if only business is happy then all of working stiffs will get our fair share. Shall we just mark this up as another example of corporate largess then?

KV Pharmaceuticals of St. Louis has been given FDA exclusive rights to sell a drug called Makena, a drug that prevents premature childbirth. The drug is cheap to manufacture and has been priced at $10 a shot. KV has raised the price to $1500 per dose. Their explanation? Women will be willing to pay the increased amount to avoid complications to their newborns, such as mental and physical disabilities.

Yes, that is their explanation. Because the results of not taking it could be catastrophic, women will pay the extra monies. No word yet as to what poor women are supposed to do.

Are you sick to your stomach now? Can’t wait to hear the spin the “kill Obamacare” crowd will put on this.