So Many Targets, I Need a Revolving Head

Truth is, I sit here at the keyboard browsing through my reader, looking for something to resonate. And the choices are gargantuan. Shall I talk about the GOP talking head, Noelle Nikpour who was “interviewed” by Aasif Mondvi?

 She was a hoot, blathering on about how science was suspect because only  other scientists could judge another scientists work.  “How convenient!” she screeched. Why The American People can tell in their “guts” what science is real and which isn’t.

As Mondvi ridiculed her with ideas about “yeah, how dare another neurosurgeon decide whether your neurosurgeon did a good job on your head”, she nodded vacantly, not getting that she was being made a fool of.

Or, take Mark Rubio. I think he may be poison to whoever turns out to be the GOP nominee. His parents were exiles, who were forced out by Castro, and they family expected to return home to Cuba. What a nice bio that made. Except it wasn’t true. His parents were immigrants (big difference) and left years before Castro took over, and never made any attempt to return. Perfectly acceptable bio, but not one that gets the sympathy juices flowing.

But, today’s winner is Paul Ryan. (What is in the drinking water in Wisconsin?) I picked up on Ryan when the Orange Slush started touting him as the Republican economic genius, who was going to blow the Democrats out of the water with his new plan.

Except it didn’t. Everybody, very quickly realized that Ryan was a shill for big business and that high on his list of targeted programs was medicare and Medicaid and social security. Republicans, individually and then in droves began distancing themselves as little old ladies with blue hair and little old men with belts under their armpits descended upon local Republican congressional offices with canes and walkers waving semi-threateningly about.

And then I learned that Paul Ryan’s hero was Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand of Atlas Shrugged.

So, me, being the curious type, and needing a good excuse to read a bit of fiction, picked up the tomb (over 1,000 pages) and began. Then I skipped to the bio of Rand, and then I realized why she was writing this stupid stuff. Then I read, and read, and read, and, heck I even read the 79 page “speech” given by John Galt.

It’s a silly book. No one could conceivably take it seriously. Except Paul did. In fact, we understand that Ryan required all his staff to read it. It’ is his Maoist version of the  “little red book” .

This is nothing new to regular readers of this blog. I’ve written about my long journey through Atlas Shrugged (use the search engine here) and my thoughts about it. Rand was an émigré from Russia, after the Revolution. Her family fared badly at the hands of communism. Her books MUST be read in light of her hatred.

But Paulie thinks that her theories about economics are actually accurate. So he referred in a recent stop at the Heritage Foundation that:

“We’re coming close to a tipping point in America where we might have a net majority of takers versus makers in society and that could become very dangerous if it sets in as a permanent condition.

As anyone who has read Rand knows, these are purely her words. Charles P. Pierce, in his, dare I say, scathing article in Esquire, literally guts Ryan and his thinking. Like Rand herself, Ryan had no philosophical qualms about taking  government money, much as he rails against the very programs themselves.

Greg Sargent at the Washington Post, takes apart the entire speech, showing that as usual, the GOP and Ryan in particular deal in falsehood, and the usual politics of convenience.  While it plays to the extreme right-wing to claim that Obama and the Democrats are engaging in “class warfare”, quite clearly the American people do not buy it.

I guess what I come away with from Ryan’s speech is that it is but another example of  TeaNutz® pandering. Tell the lie, tell it often, and don’t worry. You’re talking to people who are either unable or unwilling to check out the facts. How this is done before a room full of people, albeit fellow-travelers, without bursting into guffaws of giggles is always beyond me. To suggest that Obama is engaging in class warfare and engendering envy, fear, and resentment is to simply restate the manifesto that is the TeaParty.  I mean one always figures that back stage there are some winks, smirks, and light rib jabs, at how wonderfully  “this will play to our ‘grass-roots’  minions.”

What becomes frightening, is the very thought that Ryan actually believes the stuff he spouts. If he does, then it shows a man who indeed has no common cause with Americans in general, but only with those who have proven themselves worthy of concern–the  “Creators” of wealth, the rich. All others, are in Rand’s words, mere fodder to fuel the engine, in other words, the takers.

** Many of these links originate from Constant Comments, written by Constant Weader. If you haven’t been there yet, please do go. He does what I do but in much greater breadth.

***What’s on the stove? A new creation. I call it Fusion Chicken and Corn Chowder. Check it out. Up no later than tomorrow.

Anybody for RotoRootering a Few Butts?

Bill O’Reilly, Fox Noise mouth, may be one of the more rational (at least he wants to be) voices at the propaganda machine, but heck that isn’t really saying anything much. He’s a mush head of the first order.

His “opines” are so often nothing but third-rank right-wing babble, and recently he took to sucking his toes once again.

If you hadn’t heard, the Institute of Medicine recently recommended that contraception should be available to women without co-pay requirements. If one is serious about cutting abortions, one would think that making sure that pregnancy avoidance would have top priority.

Not so to Billo. He theorized thusly:

 “Many women who get pregnant are blasted out of their minds when they have sex. They’re not going to use birth control anyway.”

Yes, women are just drunken sluts who get taken advantage of by sex hunting men. I suspect he didn’t think that through to the last part very well. Or as Keith Obermann suggested, maybe Billo was talking about his own relationships.

It’s what I like about Fox. They offend everyone, always. And make that a good hard steel bristle brush, thanks!

Rushy Limpbaugh says the August 2 date on the debt ceiling was picked because it needed to be before the start of Ramadan. Louis Gohmert said it was picked because it was the day before the President’s birthday and he wanted it done to raise campaign funds. Steve King says there is no crisis because the President can order anything paid whenever he wants to. Michele said it all gave her a migraine.

If aliens ever landed and met these four empty vessels, they would mark this planet down as having: most intelligent life? whales. Make that an extra LONG steel bristle brush will ya? And with 4 ends? I wanna give it to them all at once.

What I was hoping President Obama would say in his press conference yesterday:

“It seems that Speaker Boehner is not in control of his caucus. I ask them to send me Grover Norquist. Apparently he is in charge and I need to negotiate directly with him.”

Alas the President is too civil for that.

Best line I’ve seen so far:

 “House Speaker John Boehner took his balls and went back to the House, presumably to give them back to Eric Cantor.” (Mustang Bobby at The Reaction )

John Bolton, we have been lead to understand was “sure” that what happened in Oslo was an Al Qaeda operation. Course it wasn’t, since Bolton is an idiot. It was a homegrown terrorist, and self-identified “Christian conservative.” And so when somebody tells your that it is horrible to accuse fundamentalists of being dangerous. . . And would you dip that roto-rooter brush in hot sauce first?

Meanwhile, folks on the extreme social right-wing are sure that this marriage equality in New York is one more step to the debauchery of Old Rome. This fine piece comes from “the sky is always falling” National Review. You’d think they would be embarrassed to print such sludge.

Just a few points:

  • Brian S. Brown: Go look up the definition of racism. And when you are done, go talk to the small businesses that cater to weddings. They are ecstatic. And don’t get me started about divorce lawyers.
  • William C. Duncan: Two points. It’s been pretty much debunked that marriage is for the purpose of procreation. As to “slippery slope” oh please can’t you be more creative?
  • Chuck Donovan: What? I derive some comfort about ancestors? Are you nuts? Read what you wrote. I bet you can’t explain that drivel.
  • Matthew J. Franck: No court mandated marriage equality, no legislative mandated equality. Oh yeah, we usually submit EVERY decision to a referendum. How long have you been in this country bucko?

Well there is a good deal more, but you get the drift. Make sure the roto rooters are all of the same-sex for this band of merry bigots.

It is quite clear to me now that humans are a resilient species. How so? Why it progresses, fitfully I admit, even when only about 10% of its total numbers are certifiably sane. I bet no other species can claim that.You disagree? Well read AlterNet’s list of  “The 10 Craziest State Legislatures in America.”

Read it? Now tell me I’m wrong.

We now need so many roto-rooters that I can justifiably call myself a “job creator.” Lower my taxes you dolt!




If Wishes Were . . .Pineapples

Politicians are a strange breed, you have to admit. I mean, they live in a rare reality known only to themselves. They, or at least many of them, dream of power and riches. They awaken with visions of being the ruler of the world.

In fairness, I guess we all do this to a degree. We daydream of whatever we think would make our lives perfect. The difference is, we know the difference between dreams and reality, a lot of politicians don’t.

Case in point: Ricky (don’t Google me) Santorum. Ricky has got it in his head that he would like to be president. So he has announced that he is running. He did this this morning on GMA, afraid I guess, that if he set up a press conference on the steps of the Pennsylvania State House, that (a) nobody might show up, or (b) Sarah’s bus would show up and suck all the air up.

In any event, he’s running. Of course, he is dependent upon his faithful, such as they are, sending him dollars to finance his dream quest.

Now, let me draw an analogy for you.

I want to be the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. I want this, even though I am (a) a woman, (b) have never had on boxing gloves in my life, and (c) and 61 years old. So send me money to hire a coach, join a gym, and throw in a housekeeper to take care of my house and cook meals, since I’m going into this full-tilt.

Get the idea? A Rick Santorum rally is staged at the corner of any major downtown street, but is only active when the “don’t walk” sign is on, because that is the only time there is a crowd.

In other words, Rick Santorum stands as much chance of being president as I do of being the heavyweight champ of the world. Anyone who sends him money (other than a relative hoping that his campaign might keep him from the family reunion this year) should be placed on a list of “too dumb to vote”.

What in God’s heaven get’s into the minds of these idiots?

I have come to see John Edwards as a vile excuse for a human being. He exhibited perhaps the most unfeeling, cold, and awful behavior in having a silly affair while his wife was battling a life-ending cancer. (Videos of him flirting on a bus with his new lady remain nauseatingly silly). He later denied his own child in an attempt to salvage his political career.

There is not much I can think of to defend, but I have to say, in the end, that the charges lodged against Mr. Edwards are far-fetched in my opinion. This smacks of hoping that the public finds Mr. Edwards to be so immoral, that they will stretch a law to an absurd extreme just to seek revenge. This is not justice, no matter how little you think of the man. Just my opinion of course.

One of the things that continues to gripe my soul is that the GOP continues to block every effort on the part of the Obama Administration to assist the economic recovery, all the while cheering silently from the sidelines for continuing stagnation. Their recipe is complain about the economy, do everything to block anything that might help, and then argue that voters need to give them a chance, since the Administration has failed miserably.

Case in point, the blocking of Peter Diamond, Nobel Laureat in economics from the Federal Reserve Board. GOP Richard Shelby continue to argue that he is “unqualified” for no reason other than, gee, he might actually help the economy, and that wouldn’t be good for us.

Similarly, John Boehner once laughed at the idea that the Administration could cure the ills of Detroit’s auto industry. Now that they have, he claims it was in reality, “no big deal.”

Is there a Republican in Congress who actually gives a damn about the country? Please alert me as to whom that might be. I’d like to meet this rare creature.

Ya probably heard this, but sista Sarah ain;t none to happy about being dissed on her lack of historical truthiness regarding one Paul Revere–who as WE ALL KNOW warned AMERICANS that the British were coming. He did this without benefit of bells, Liberty ones or otherwise.

Ms. Moosey cannot take criticism so she has enlisted those who really really read, and they found in some obscure dusty history book, that Mr. Revere was momentarily detained at a roadblock and wildly inflated the size of the American arsenal.

Ms. Idiot’s loyal drooling fans are trying to rewrite Wikipedia pages regarding Mr. Revere to reflect their girl’s superior understanding of events.

Our most favorite up on the news of the day maven, Moe, from Whatever Works has all the gossip.

Meanwhile, OKJimm keeps us apprised of Guv Walker’s attempts to hold onto his office by generally screwing everybody whose last name doesn’t end in INC. Jim lets us in on the fight to stop abortions where they don’t exist, and turning over road work from the state to private companies.

I also understand that the GOP is trying to set up dummy Democratic candidates to “run” against the GOPer’s who are being recalled, in some attempt I guess, to so split the vote that GOP incumbent can retain his office.

What’s on the stove? Pizza–a bad choice on a day when it’s humid and going into the damn 90’s…


Well, Now that That’s Over With!

If you woke up similar to this on New Year’s Day, then presumably you’re pretty glad it’s over with too!

So it’s on to the January blahs, or as it’s commonly known in Iowa, freakin’ cold, freakin’ snow, and freakin’ bleak. It’s something you learn to live through, other options being less enticing.

So, we made it to the big city and done our shopping. We operate like a finely tuned team. We hit the first store where we buy our meat. No packaged stuff, just a long case with meat and a slew of butchers behind the counter to cut and wrap.

Then it’s drop me off at the mega supermarket, while the Contrarian heads off to Wal-Mart for dog and cat food, as sundry clothing items and so forth. Then he returns to locate me. As it turned out today, I had just checked out with a teeming cart load when he arrived, so we were in total synch.

The lane is partly blown in so we travel via the field. Can you say washboard? The Contrarian went out Friday when it was still slushy and created a trail that has since iced down. Now it’s like getting the tires in groove and lettin’ her rip, no steering required. It’s a hair-raising event.


The most exciting news so far is that the GOPers are apparently about to unseat Mr. Steele as chairman of their party. Figuring they have “proved we are down with Negroes” one almost expects them to shout Arriba! and search for a token Latino or LINO, as they are called, to shore up that ethnic flavor. But as far as we know, no brown Beemers are in the running. No Cabin GOPers either.  Muslims are still too hot to handle, and women have been done (Sarah should suffice for a good twenty years). The Good Old P*ckers can be expected to stay fully in control.


Hey, don’t blame me. I swore off meanness for nearly two weeks. I’m raring to go!


It’s being reported that 5000 birds dropped out the skies of Arkansas, dead as doornails. Unlike doornails, they had once presumably been alive. Now we hear that 100,000 fish (did they really count them all?) have died in some waterway there. Reports of a Moses like figure and a guy with a lots of eye makeup named Pharoah, arguing on the Capital steps, are wildly exaggerated. We got the dead stuff report from Mock, Paper, Scissors, the rest  we dreamed up.


We are a nation of noodles. The news is full of instances in which teabugger candidates who were elected have fired lobbyists as their chiefs-of-staff. Some wacko state elected as their representative a dude who was illegally placed in the Justice department by Rove and was fired. He is now scheduled to sit on the Judiciary committee. West, the blowheart from Florida who claimed he had a higher security clearance than Obama, but was forced to resign his commission in the armed services, now claims that Obama is no leader because he sneaks into Afghanistan under dark of night in secrecy. This is no “leadership” as Wacko West sees it.

We are getting what we voted for aren’t we?


I’d like more than anything than to link up to great stories about the insanity of all these wingnuts, and do it without becoming angry, and despondent, and without hope, and resigned, and pissed off. I’d like that. I always say I’m going to remain above it all, just looking down and reporting the landscape, from up here in the trees, or clouds. But I don’t. Tell me how if you know. My blood pressure will sure thank you.


I hear the GOPers in the House plan to start the festivities off with reading the Constitution from front to back. This is a good beginning. It will undoubtedly be their first experience with the document. They might find that it is printed in one continuous piece of paper, and that the amendments are not “optional”.


I wonder who the GOP will put down once they have exhausted all the minorities on the planet. I mean after the Mauri and the Magyars. When they have hated and vilified and blamed all their woes on everyone else, who will they turn to them?


I’m wondering if parents who have kids about to enter college and suggesting they learn Chinese or major in Asian studies. It seems prudent to me. I think American “exceptionalism” has reached it nadir, nobody overseas buys it much, and China seems poised to take the helm, with India not far behind. Both have invested in the future. We are still romanticizing the past and wanting a return to the “good old days” when everybody was happy (meaning white men felt a lot more secure and in charge).


Hurrah, Cindy McCain Has Ovaries!

At the rate that time is speeding up, I figure to be dead within a month. Seriously, each week is now only about eight hours long.

So, when the first article in my reader today was about Cindy McCain I nearly flipped out.

I have a long-held  secret sympathy for Cindy, wife of one of the uglier humans on the planet. If you believe a number of writers, he is guilty of some forms of emotional abuse, and not in private either.

Looking at Cindy on the campaign trail, one couldn’t help see the resemblance with another long-suffering woman, Pat Nixon. Remember that pinched unhappy face? All the misery of being married to the dark force Richard was etched horribly across her sad face.

Cindy took on that look. I have little doubt that she breathed a sigh of relief when John lost. Imagine living with a man who has such a poor opinion of women that he thought Sarah would fly?

Well, Cindy seems to have shaken off any need to be the ever-suffering wife. She has come our four-square for the repeal of DADT. She has done a video, featuring other celebrities laying out the case for fair treatment for our LGBT community. John, on the other hand, has done an about-face, now essentially against it. He once said the generals should decide, and when they did, he blatantly changed his position, ignoring their opinions.

It seems that the women in John’s life have got backbone and ovaries. He, on the other hand, is embarrassingly without any cahones at all.


As I reported a bit earlier, rumors are getting louder that Obama will back down on letting the tax cuts for the rich die. We’re now talking about “compromise” in some effort to appear bipartisan to the electorate. This seems odd to me, when every poll I’ve seen, suggests that there are clear majorities in the public arena favoring this position.

I was told on NBC news last night, that Democrats fear being labeled as “tax raisers” if they pursue asking the damned wealthy to pay a fair share for a change. I exploded, “So, we do the wrong thing, because the GOP might  accuse the Democrats of being tax raisers? How ’bout telling the public they are liars!”

The President authorized an appeal from the DADT ruling and has yet to explain how this agrees with his stated position that DADT was wrong. If there is an explanation, the great explainer has failed to tell us.

That is exactly what I don’t get. I’m more than willing to believe that Obama has some grand plan that will be impervious to GOP meddling, but Jeeeeebus, will you let us in on it? That in my opinion is exactly why so many of us on the left are so deeply disheartened. Eugene Robinson speaks directly to the issue in a nice post at Truthout.

As I recall, President Truman, with a stroke of a Presidential pen, integrated the armed forces. How did that stand up? He did it because it was right. When oh when, will we get states men and women back? You might vaguely remember that they once existed. You know, people who did what was right without conducting five internal polling tests to make sure it wouldn’t hurt re-election chances?


When I read this, I just swore, “well that tears it!” There are not a lot of things I wish to see before I join that choir of angels singing finally in perfect pitch,”Hallelujah”. One of them was certainly that I could peaceably to my Maker knowing that the universe was finally a unified place.

I mean I believed with the same soul-felt fervor that as God is in heaven, all four forces would one day be united in a singular glorious and elegant equation that had the unmistakable imprimatur of God’s finger upon it. I had no doubts. This was not a case of “I believe, God help my unbelief!”

I now understand there are voices in theoretical physics that may be saying no. No, no unification, that which has been sought with eagerness for some 35+ years. Perhaps this is it, perhaps we are un-unified, imperfect, and inelegant.

I mean it causes me to think of having the vapors and taking to my fainting couch. Next they will be telling me that Lassie is not still romping in heaven.

(actually the book may be well worth your buying. Hell of a read they say.)


I’m enjoying the dance. You know the one I mean.

“I’m against earmarks!”

“Well, perhaps not the ones having to do with getting my state’s fair share!”

“I’m against all earmarks, seriously!”

“Cut those deficits! How? Well, wait for the commission.”

“Cut those deficits! How? Line by line through that budget, lookin’ for places to cut!”

“Where? That’s a typical political question. We have to sit down and look through all the departments,  cut out the excesses!”

“Where? Hey leave me alone–I was elected to cut deficits, that’s it!”

Yeah, still waiting GOP and teabuggers. Still waiting on jobs too Boehner. Still waiting.


This last is just here to remind you that you are superbly sane. Alan Keyes, you remember that douche right? Ran for president in the GOP, nobody paid any attention? He writes for the WorldNewsDaily now, that so-called “Christian” hate internet source. Yes, I knew you would remember.

It seems Keyes suggests that the GOP will have no credibility until they get on the bandwagon and address the “real” issue that is burning in the minds of all real Merikans–that Barack Obama is no real Merikan at all, just a filthy usurper from the country of Hawaii, that land of pagan Polynesians–you know what I mean.

Actually what is even more proof that you are sane, is that there are a number of GOPers who actively support this crazyhead thinking. Vitter, and Blunt, to name a couple.

Give ’em Hell, In Simple Words

We sit at the precipice. Tuesday looms ahead of us, fraught with thunder and lightning and darkening clouds. We are afraid, but mostly we are angry.

Frankly, being sixty years old gives one perspective. I’m not sure it hasn’t been this bad before. I certainly thought  it so during the Johnson years when war, ugly war, oozed from every pore, and we fought so vainly it felt, to end the madness.

It was marginally worse under Nixon. He assisted in that by being a president who was dark and foreboding himself.

But there seemed people of integrity, and oh, I guess we blamed ourselves for not working hard enough. By Nixon, most of us had finished college and were about the business of making a way for our own projected lives.

But today? Today America seems old and lumbering, drunkenly staggering ever closer to the abyss. Jill, at Brilliant at Breakfast, has a great piece today, contemplating the Rally for Sanity. She terms it, America, that is, as “a nation of willfully ignorant people ruled by their prejudices.” She is right.

A few moments later, I read this at Psychology Today: those with the greatest intelligence drink more alcohol. I mean, isn’t that obvious? Can you blame us? The truth is not that hard to ferret out, yet millions work as hard as beavers to remain purely childlike in their knowledge of current affairs, knowing not  much beyond the box scores or how many paid sick days they have left to use this year. Again, I ask? Can you blame us?

Take a look at these stats and weep away: In a Public Policy Poll, 39%  thought that the government should stay out of Medicare! Yes, you read that correctly. Another 15% were “unsure.” That was in mid-August. A majority of these empty-heads believe that their taxes have gone up, and not down, as they actually have. People who have no better knowledge of their own finances, can’t be expected to know  much.

What is the point of these sad numbers? Simply this. These folks are empty vats. They are only socially on the lower rung of things and feel left out and powerless. People like this used to go into law enforcement as a means to gain personal feelings of power. They probably still do, but most just plod along in their interchangeable jobs and feel that life dictates to them, and they don’t like it.

So they are susceptible to ANYBODY who spouts ANYTHING that tells them they are smart, savvy, and otherwise the bedrock of America. Anybody who makes them FEEL smart. Did you hear that? That’s why Sarah (there are corpses smarter than that woman) Palin gains leverage with “common sense” conservative  principles.  Time and again people when asked why they like her refer to her “down-to-earth-just-like-us” appearance.

What we as liberals have failed at miserably is the capture and control of the dialogue. We have allowed the GOPers and their message of screwy hate and fear to set the agenda. The 4th estate has been the willing dupe, sticking a microphone in the loudest  angry voice.

And where is our leader?

I’m not usually of a mind to tell those I consider my intellectual superior what they are doing wrong. But one thing glares out at me here.

Our golden-tongued orator, our Cicero, has failed to not only not claim the dialogue, he has failed to respond effectively. I recognize the moral and intellectual superiority of keeping to the high ground–of reaching out in sincere bipartisanship. That appeals to, well intellectuals–to people who are educated in the finer arts of discussion, debate and compromise as the “way things work” in civil society.

It doesn’t appeal to folks whose pass times include NASCAR-crashing races, and World Federation Wrestling. It does not appeal to those who love “action” films for the pretence of violence. They see compromise and civility as weak and sissy behavior. They are but a hairy knuckle away from being arrested for assault themselves. They watch violence as a way to “let off steam” for all the affronteries that life throws at them.

These people are not dullards, they are lazy! You appeal to them by hitting them over the head day in and day out with truth. A president is perfectly poised to speak as often as he wishes. He commands the airways at will. And Mr. Obama you have failed to take advantage of that.

You cannot go from the “Fireside Chat” to the Internet Chat. The weekender working stiff is not using the Internet for news. He uses it for games and porn. You use the TELEVISION as much as you can.

Screw the laughable GOP talking points. Do the same! It works! Yes, it’s beneath people like ourselves to act like marionettes, but good God, look at what is at stake!

The Rally begins. I see sanity everywhere expressing. There is a crowd that is amazing, far far above the pathetic old white people’s picnic hosted by Glenn (if it’s a proven lie, I’ll utter it) Beck. And yet, Foxy will spin this, and every Rethuglian from DeMint to Michele Bachmann will claim it to be something it is not. And we will wonder why, since it is so obvious to anyone who bothered to watch. They believe that 2,000,000 attended Beck’s thing. They “heard” it.

But they are NOT watching. They need to be TOLD. Speak truth to power. Speak truth to lies. Speak, speak, speak. God help us all if we don’t.

Cicero the great Orator didn’t survive Caesar, even with his beautiful logic and words. We cannot depend on logic and truth. We must remember we are a nation of sound bites. We do not go and sit at the feet of the great speakers, we barely hear as we rush through the parking lot on our way to Wal-Mart.

Speak, speak, speak. As if your life depended upon it. It well may. And then go have a few drinks. It’s what we do.

Weird, But no I before E Except After C

Ya know, Ole Mikey (the pudge) Huckabee has always struck me as a kinda nice guy. Not the bright light mind you, but a guy whose misguided heart is at least in the right place.

I guess I’m not thinkin’ that so much any more.

Mikey, it seems feels that he was badly treated by GOP “elites.” I’m not sure exactly who he would stick in that category, but I imagine some of the old guard–the McConnells, the Boehners and the McCains. Sad little men who try valiantly to jump on the Tea Party bandwagon, but for all the world can’t keep the smirking “don’t touch me you goats!” kinda look off their faces as they glad hand the “folks.”

I shouldn’t wonder that Mikey was sort of looked upon as a country parson come a courtin’ the town beauty. After all, the man does refudiate :) evolution and all. That does tend to tell the intellectual elite of any party or group that they are dealing with a personage of the tenth level of IDIOCY.

That may be why Mikey decided to be critical of those GOPer elites who have been snickering about Christine O’Donnell and her creationist/no masturbatory policy/where is that separation of church and state in the Constitution, candidacy in Delaware. And while snickering, being fairly pissed since it probably cost them any real chance at taking the Senate.

Mikey identifies with Christine I guess. Though truth is he has probably got about 40 IQ points on her.

Then Mikey went and jumped on the old white men’s bandwagon of support for the new “liberal” Juan Williams, so rudely treated by NPR. I mean, it took them no time to get out the talking points did it? All in lockstep. How dare you raise a leg on our resident “boy?”

Apparently Mikey is still of the opinion that his chances in 2012 exist. And thus we have all this tighty-whitey “I’m one of y’all,” simpatico crap with teabuggery.

Sarah Posner has a nice piece on The Pudge, and it turns out he’s not your usual “I’ll be anything you need me to be” kinda candidate. He may actually believe the bilge he utters.  He’s  in bed and has been with American Family Association, one of the most rabid anti-gay hate groups around. Read it! (This organization is behind robo calls in Michigan against gay candidates, and also the recall of judges movement in Iowa) Don’t look now Mikey, but your homophobia is showing!


AlterNet has a really comprehensive article (reprint) on the entire Tea Party phenomenon. Tracking the money and the players and how they co-opt the real anger of the average joe and turn it not only to their own advantage, but to the disadvantage ultimately of that same unsuspecting average joe.


There is an interesting article at the NY Magazine that you should probably take a look at. It’s written by John Heilemann and he was talking about it last night I believe on Chris Matthew’s Hardball. I don’t buy his premise mind you–it involves how not only could Sarah run, but how she might win. It involves an unlikely scenario involving Bloomberg. While Bloomberg is an interesting thought, I think he is wildly too smart to get caught up in this can of worms. But read it and make your own assessment. Sarah it seems is destined to be with us in 2012 in some form or another. It’s best we think through all the possibilities. A breathtakingly unqualified person such as this is dangerous and we best remember that.


Resident wacko-nut Steven King (R-IA) is on the hate tour bus run by NOM, touring Iowa to stir up the voters to vote out our three justices up for re-election. They mustered  the humongous number of 42 who came to hear King vomit his homophobic sludge. So reports Joe.My.God.


Sven and Olga lived in Mina-SOOO-TA. It was winter and exceedingly cold, the wood stove burned low in the long night, and the two cuddled in the bed. The phone rang. Sven got up and answered. Olga heard presently a shouted remark by Sven: HOO THE HELL WOULD I KNOW?

Sven returned to bed and Olga asked him who it was. Sven mumbled something incoherent and snuggled back in. A few moments later, the phone rang again. Dutifully Sven got up and answered. Olga heard this even louder refrain: HOO THE HELL WOULD I KNOW? IT’S TWO THOUSAND MILES AWAY!

Sven again returned to bed. Olga again prodded him. “Who was that?” she asked. “Some damn fool  that wanted to know if the coast was clear,” Sven grouched.


Julie Gunlock (I swear it’s her name) writing for NRO, moans about how the media attacks Michelle Obama’s cheeseburger lunch, and then goes about the business of attacking Michelle Obama for her choice of a cheeseburger lunch. The wiggy right-wing is like that–illogical and inconsistent. She finds it just wrong and well wrong for big mama Obama to be telling the Merkican public how to eat. They are adults and can decide for themselves.  Guess she forgot about the Nancy Reagan “Just say no” campaign. I’m sure Julie would find some point of difference. Oh yeah, one is a Democrat and the other a GOPer. Yeah that’s it. Um….do you think there MIGHT be an important issue to waste your ink on there lady?