Sky Watch #4

I just really loved this picture taken by the Contrarian. He really got a great shot and I love the raying out at the bottom. The red was vibrant. This next one was taken a bit later after the sun had departed over the horizon.

I hope you enjoy these, and I’m off to visit some more of yours too! If you would like to see more great photos,¬† please visit Sky Watch ¬†today!

Sky Watch #3

I took this facing East down the lane, kneeling and tilting up a bit through some newly flowering goldenrod, harbinger of late summer. I really liked the raying of the sun and the distortion in light to the right. I’m sure a professional would think it quite a lousy picture, but I have the joy of being a total amateur and can find beautiful what I wish!

This was taken almost exactly twelve hours later facing West. I love the colors, especially the deep purpling of the higher sky. Hope you enjoyed them.

If you would like to see a lot more great pics, many from people who are really professional in their abilities, please go to SkyWatch.

Sky Watch #2

Well, yesterday the sun was mostly absent in the sky, and toward evening, the sky darkened quite badly and a thunder boomer sounded now and again and at least one sharp lightening stab arced through the sky.

This first photo was taken facing southeast across the fields, part way down our lane to the road. I found it odd that the pink would be present here where there was no light at all to the north and west.

Going north back up to the top of the hill, I faced to the west and a bit south and captured these lovely storm clouds.

Your looking a the skies over East Central Iowa a bit after 8 pm. If you would like to see more pictures of the sky worldwide, please drop by: SkyWatch.