It’s a Bit Like Me and Fennel

You know what I mean. Say you’re like me.

You really don’t like fennel.

You know tons of people who do.

And it looks like a pretty and quite interesting veggie.

You try it.

You take a bite.

“Oh, no” your mouth says.

You take another to be fair.

“No, no this will never do,” you wince.

But you keep finding all kinds of recipes for fennel, and you see all kinds of others eating it and lauding its virtues.

So, you know, you try a new recipe. And you start to chew, and you tell yourself, “yeah, this is better,” and you chew, and you chew, and then you sigh, swallowing in one wrenching gulp. And you put down your fork. “I just don’t like it.”

Well folks this is  Mittens in a nutshell.

After New Hampshire, Mittens seems all but assured.

And so, the strange beast that is a Republican, tried again. To like him, that is. They tried to rally ’round the flag boys.

But in the end, they just wanna spit him out. “I just don’t like it,” they moan.

And we have the first of the season, *RESURGE*.

Meanwhile we continue to learn more about the “average Republican voter.”

Let’s recap:

So far we have learned that Redumblicans don’t like gays (knew that), don’t like immigrants of the undocumented variety (knew that), like the death penalty (knew that), are pretty much okay with people dying in the streets before they will spend a tax dollar on universal health care (knew that), are 100% pro-life unless it has to do with the death penalty, dirty Muslims, or anyone else in the world who won’t give us what we want when we want it. (yeah, pretty much knew that too)

What we learned last night is that they are really in favor of all those “family values” except when it interfere with their desire to go with a candidate that solves their “anybody but Mitt” problem.

After all, “every man wants an open marriage” *har har* and wasn’t he just being a gentleman by asking, after all?

And then there is Newt’s reply which blames the “elitist” media for dredging up his *past*, which wasn’t really true anyway, cuz his friends say it wasn’t true, because they were present when he didn’t ask Marianne about letting Calista climb into their bed for some three-way action.

All of this was just gloriously cheered and clapped upon. And Mittens just stood there and looked sad since three-ways are much forbidden, even in polygamy circles, and Ricky S just plain was sick at heart cuz he has forsworn all his fantasies of three-ways figuring such would never be sanctioned by the AmerOKAY he knew. All in all, it was most enlightening, and led to many many a late night bedside chat in bedrooms across Merika, or at least the south where such things are outwardly frowned upon though practiced with great glee.

I am forced to conclude that there is something Mr. Mittens really really doesn’t want us to know about when it comes to the tax thing. Of course the 2011 returns, (which are still being compiled we are told) will be dressed up as best as can be, to bring Mittens up to at least 15%.

The reason that he doesn’t want to produce others is, because of course, he was way way below 15% regularly.

More interesting, or at least as interesting, will be his explanation of why having his money in “off shore” accounts has zero to do with avoiding taxes and everything to do with letting his money breathe in the nice ocean breezes.

The reason that there is really really something to find there, is his statement this morning to Gretchen Carlson of Fox Noise. Mittens, put foot to mouth once again and said that multiple releases would not be forthcoming because he didn’t want to give the Democrats a “big present” . Which of course means that there are lots of surprises in that box. Good luck with the stonewall there Mittens.

You thought, in your generous mind, that well, to be fair, most Republicans were only slightly crazy. I mean, you couldn’t just tell one by lookin’ at them. They belonged to the PTA, and bought Coke instead of Pepsi, and watched football on Sunday. They just were a little bit shriveled up when it came to compassion. Not a lot, just a little. And their brains were otherwise intact.

But, this is the kind of silly stuff that makes the GOP e-mail circuit. So, you know, they ARE CRAZY AS BATSHIT:

Thanks to Juanita Jean’s for this one.

And if you really want to hear what Denise thinks at Pass the Doucheys, and you really DO want to here, then go here and read her analysis rant about the Newster and his “morals”.

Looking for something a bit tamer but still riotously funny? Helen and Margaret serve up views on the current political climate.

The NYTimes editorial points out the problems that come up when you make “morality” a part of your platform. It almost invariably comes back to bite ya.

Okay, so I make a lot of funnies, but if you really want to learn something, head to Woodgate’s Views. Today he is going to educate you on Clean Energy. So get your notebook ready to take notes. Quiz tomorrow.

What’s on the Stove? Ya have your choice between leftover favorites: Brandy’s Best Ribs and Brokeback Tacos Gringa Style. Leave a tip, the cook appreciates it.

Oh, So What?

I could have passed the entire day without even knowing, but the MSM in its infinite infantile judgment, of course made sure I did.

It’s Friday the 13th. *yawn*

So, okay, I looked it up, frankly having no real idea what was behind it, other than it was a day of “spectacular” bad luck.


The explanation, which you are free to read here, was both stupid and boring.

I awoke with a mission. Which isn’t any big deal, it just means I had plans. So I scurried to get a load of wash in and running, and got to my routine stuff. Then I made spring rolls. The crab Rangoon turned out so great that I was emboldened to try my hand at the spring rolls. They are chillin’ in the freezer as we speak. We are having Chinese in a couple of weeks, and I’ll give you my opinion of how they turned out. And perhaps a recipe, but they are fairly standard–meaning you can put in about anything you wish. More on that later, as I said.

There are times in this world when God blesses us with a perfect identifier.

Rep. Louis Gohmert, (R-TX), looks like an idiot. His name is idiotic. He is an idiot.  Thanks God, for the perfect storm.

John Ensign (R-NV) couldn’t resign quick enough to avoid a public airing of the House Ethics investigation. And now we learn that his chief of staff has been granted immunity from prosecution.

Whatcha wanna bet that John will be wearing some striped clothing sometime soon?

Rand Paul (R-KY) says that universal healthcare is akin to slavery. It forces him (the doctor) to be enslaved to caring for people even if he doesn’t want to. As was pointed out to the man of small brain, um…lawyers are provided free of charge to the indigent (and yes, the court can assign an attorney without their agreement to do a pro-bono case.

Did you know that Rand changed his name to Rand in honor of Ayn Rand? Ya know, the woman who had no use for the working class and poor because they are just parasites? Yeah, you go RAND. [h/t Under the Lobsterscope]

Actually Randy, slavery is not being able to live your life in a meaningful way because every damn dime you have must be devoted to paying bastards like you who want to charge whatever the richest can bear. Just sayin’.

Did you hear about the mock horror expressed at Fox over the rapper Common? Turns out he had some lyrics that Foxy Duh “interpreted” as anti-cop and violent. Course most of that is sheer nonsense. What was best was Jon  Stewart’s smack down of Sean Hannity. Go to the Daily Show and look up the video from I think Wednesday.  Hannity had decried Common, and of course implied that his invite to the White House to read his poetry is really cuz the President and the First Ladies, are violent gangsters themselves. Which is what Hannity wants you to believe about all black folk.

Stewart showed with video that Hannity would defend the president against vicious attacks, should there be any. Turns out there was. Ted Nugent made some pretty nasty remarks of violence against the President and Hannity publicly said that Nugent was his friend and he would not condemn his violent remarks.

Yeah Sean, you pathetic excuse for a human being.

By the by, if you didn’t see Stewart’s rap smack down, you really should. He simply skewers Foxy. It’s classic.

For those of you in need of a Sarah fix, I understand that there is a fun hash tag on Twitter called: #palinrapfacts. Have fun with that.

One of the funniest little asides I read over at the Blaze the other day was this, and I do paraphrase:

“What’s all this crap about the beautification of Pope John Paul II I keep hearing about? Could somebody explain why he needs prettying up? “

Um that would be beatification dear, not beautification. And try a dictionary. I suspect you haven’t spent time with one of those in many a year.

Ya gotta watch the slime balls at all times, cuz they will slip by when no one is looking. Maybe you heard that the Koch bro’s have endowed a couple of chairs at Florida State University. Yeah, well wealthy people do that all the time. Except this time there are strings, which amount to the Koch’s buying a way into teaching a type of economics that favors the rich and their way of doing business. Read it and weep, and send your kids elsewhere.

Now get out there and make a day of it.


Who’s Thinking for You?

I’m forced to believe that we live in a mostly schizophrenic world. We are assaulted day and night by “news” however one wishes to interpret that. Mostly it’s not news at all, but one form or another of someone’s truth, deception, or best guess.

Add to that the never-ending drumming of product, product, product, and it’s no wonder we drown ourselves in food, drugs, alcohol, and any of a number of addictions, all intended to shut out the cacophony.

It’s simply too much. We try to make sense of it all, and we fairly cannot.

I’ve been reading Thomas Merton lately. A book called Seeds, containing paragraphs from his many writings grouped around common themes. Merton’s take on society is scathing, and frankly works today as it did in the 50’s and 60’s when he did much of his writing amid the “Cold War.” Supplant “terrorism” for Cold War, and nothing much has changed.

He suggests that one of our greatest illusions is that we think. We don’t he argues, we simply think that we could think if we needed to. But we don’t have to. We simply wait until someone says something that “makes sense” given our history, and then attach ourselves to it. Their thoughts become ours, their ideology ours. All the better if it is a group.

Our lives are now composed of slogans, formulas, ideologies, and declarations. We know the jingles to every advertising product. We want “things” because we have been carefully taught to want them. News passes by like a ticker tape, we have only a few hours, at most days, to digest, before another “event” captures our attention and must be fit into the drama of our lives.

Merton argues that we give up our responsibility to think because we want to. We believe the propaganda because it’s easy, it gives us the illusion that we are thinking while we devote our time and energy to living up to the “lives” we’ve been taught make us successful.

An example is the Iraq war. Now I didn’t buy the propaganda at all, I was pretty darn sure this was the wrong war for the wrong reasons. Yet, I was hopeful that all the claims about why it was necessary would be true. Why? Because like all Americans (or most I should say), I was deeply pained by 9/11. I wanted an “answer”, an enemy that could be grasped and throttled.

We may have an unease about a lot of the propaganda we hear and read, but we tell ourselves that “our” side is by and large better than the other side.

I’m about Bin Laden’d out. First I had to work through the issue of America’s jubilant response. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. Since then we have had to confront the “deathers”, those insidious and nearly legally insane folks who truly believe this is all a fake to deter us from the real issue–that Barack Obama is an illegitimate usurper in the White House.

These deathers are easily dismissed of course, since even Al Q!aeda has declared their leader is in fact dead.

Fox Noise, caught in a no-win situation, praised the action for about thirty-six hours. Then came their twisting of the facts to cast doubts about the whole affair. The White House handled the information “poorly”, even though “facts” were clamoured for well before any debriefing had occurred. As natural discrepancies on details emerged, Fox got more and more suspicious of the competence of “this President” The Blaze headlined: “Obama can’t make up his mind; Panetta gives order for mission.” The suggestion is obvious although it cannot be more of a lie.

Soon we were back into the issue of “enhanced interrogation” techniques, the propaganda euphemism, the polite way of saying torture. The right was bringing out its guns to “show” that Obama’s moment in the sun would not have been possible without the waterboarding that the Bushites were condemned for.

Suddenly, we are back to debating the relative “value” of torture. If torture lead to finding Osama, them of course, moral issues no longer matter. Really?

Just as quickly come the complaints that the American people should not give so much credit to Obama. Rather the great George W deserved the “real” credit. It was he of course who announced our “goal” of finding Bin Laden. No mention of course that he fairly laid that aside in his quest to take down Iraq for the neo-cons. No mention that we lost our opportunity to stay on the track while fresh.

The debate still goes on over the “pictures”. The right finds this a great argument–its cathartically necessary they claim. We must “prove” beyond any shadow of doubt. All the while of course, they know he is dead, but that is no reason not to *wink wink nod nod* to their deather base for whom the lack of pictures is just more evidence that it is all a lie.

And far in the background, barely mentioned, are those, like Michael Moore, and certain religious personages who remind us that we have not even begun to discuss the morality of this “assassination.” Everyone admits there was no real effort or desire to “take him alive”. That opened up a whole can of worms that few wished to take on.

How do we live with ideals when we so conveniently flout them for expediency’s sake? Is it any wonder than the world shakes its head in dismay at our wagging the moral finger at anyone else while we take the path of least resistance.

Yet, we make, at best passing offers of argument on all these issues. We don’t have time, we can already see a new event looming on the horizon. Clear the decks, make ready for our next round of “thinking” and don’t forget to pick up milk on your way home.

Hey, While You Were Sleeping, Another Month Went By

In case you aren’t keeping track, we went a shoppin’ in See the Rabbits. Inside joke. When the Contrarian was a wee lad, his tender ears translated Cedar Rapids as “See the Rabbits.”

Anyway, we went and did all that stuff. God my hair cut too. That’s always a bit of a crap shoot. I got my shortest cut this time from a beautician who was obviously in a hurry. The Contrarian suggested that when he first saw he was glad I had no tattoos, otherwise I might have been mistaken for a biker Biotch. A couple of weeks, and it will look okay.

Sarah, bless her insignificant and fairly now passe` heart, has gone and done it again. This isn’t worth a link. Just take it from me that at the party following the Correspondent’s Dinner, she was asked who she thought was the most influential journalist.

In true Palinesque-caught-in-the-headlights style, she replied: “Oh good question. I’ll have to think about that and get back with ya. So many of course.” As she turned to walk away, she ran smack dab into gal pal Greta Van Susteran, and turned back “Greta here is the most influential!”

A pig was seen to fly by over her head at that point.

Anybody at all surprised that the wacka-doodle exTREEEEme right has twisted the entire Bin Laden affair around? The head nut at Tea Party Nation, not only says they entire thing was staged to help Obama’s re-election bid, but (AND I KID YOU NOT) his announcement was precisely timed to interrupt The Donald’s Celebrity Apprentice! Wrap your sane head around that one.

An interesting little piece of work here. A college class and their professor analyzed a number of “pundits” on some 400+ predictions they made  over a sixteen month period. The standard, was some measure of accuracy. The results are amusing, and enlightening. Paul Krugman scored highest in accuracy along with Maureen Dowd, Ed Rendell, Nancy Pelosi and some others. Fairing the worst? Cal Thomas, Thomas Friedman, George Will, and politicos such as Lindsay Graham and Johnny McCain. Read it all, and then remember who to listen to in the future.

Well, that settles it. Don’t release the pictures. One can always know one is on the “right” side simply by saying the opposite of what the Grifter says. Besides, no photo will be acceptable to the uber wackos anyway, and it just makes sense to let them babble and turn off even more of the electorate. Rational people don’t need convincing.

Breaking News: The President has decided against releasing pictures.

What’s on the stove? Steak salad with honey mustard dressing and garlic toast.


Iowa’s Elmer Fudd Moment

The buffoonish Iowa legislature, in the guise of the House Republican majority, continues to waste the taxpayers money on crap that can never become law. Led by my very own representative, House Majority Leader Kraig Paulsen, the dipchits introduce bill after bill, pandering to the extreme right-wing nuttery that unfortunately infect this state as all others.

The latest? Why the noodlebrains in Des Moines, feeling most left out of all the fun, have introduced their own, “kill the unions” legislation, along with the usual public workers make way too much money compared to everyone else. Of course, as a U of I economics professor pointed out, it’s the same flawed kind of report, not controlling for educational level or job status. In other words, it compares public workers, most of whom hold degrees and comparable salaries with McDonald’s burger flippers.

The problem with Iowa’s sad Rethuglican “look at us” tactics? The Senate in Iowa is still controlled by Democrats, who simply table the bills in the wastebasket, and plea once again, “can we now get on to working on job creation and increasing the well-being of our citizenry?”


Everyone continues to watch events in the Middle East. No one knows where it will all end. I suspect it will be uneven. Each country is unique in makeup, political orientation, religious zealotry and so forth. Of particular concern  at this point is Libya, where crazy man (given the nuts in America these days, he looks strangely saner than usual) Muammar el-Qaddafi, a man intent at this point in hiring every mercenary in the world to destroy the people of his country rather than leave with his stolen billions.

I never understand these demagogues. They hang on to the bitter end when they can sit on the seashore with margaritas the rest of their live long days, with all manner of bimbos to fawn over them. Why do they do this? Is power that seductive?


I don’t know if you are aware, but one of the most offensive arguments the wacko right levels against Planned Parenthood is that it has as its real aim the annihilation of African-Americans through the abortion of their babies. It is an ugly, racist, condescending argument, couched of course in “concern” for African-American women.

A large and awful billboard has been erected in Soho in NYC, “warning” that the most dangerous place for an African-American “is in the womb.” People in NYC are suitably enraged.

A way to define hidden racism here is the fact that the ad uses the term “African-American” a term that the far right detests as “pandering”  and “playing the race card.” They universally always refer to African-Americans as “black, and yes, small “b”.


Most in Wisconsin are now aware, if they weren’t already, that Koch Industries was a major player in the election of Walker. They poured thousands directly to him, and through front groups, ran millions of dollars worth of ads. They are reportedly again coming to his aid, since this union busting was a joint effort on their parts. They are running up ads against the unions, through “American’s for Prosperity” their front Teabugger party.

Part of the new bill that Walker is trying to shove through, allows the “state” to sell off its utilities. Guess who is in line to buy? Guess who is already advertising to hire plant managers?

This just in. Governor Walker admits he was duped into a 20-minute phone conversation with a man he thought was David Koch. Follow the link to hear the conversation.  Snippets suggest that well, what we thought, is probably true.


Fox continues to blatantly LIE to it’s mostly senile viewers. They reported that a majority of those polled want unions to be ended. In fact, the very poll they cite says exactly the opposite. Sixty-one percent were against the Wisconsin attempt. Yet, Fox reported it as being 61% in favor of ending the unions. Ezra Klein reports the same figures, and wonders whether this is causing Governors like Scott in Fla. and Daniels in Ind. to back off.


Part of attacking the budget deficit seems to include screwing women, according to House Rethuglians and Teabuggers. I don’t mean that literally, although the act certainly sets up the issues that these creeps are trying to address in rather draconian fashion. And of course, wannabe Rethug players in the states, also chime in.

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to call the Republican budgeting tactics, a “war on women.” See if you agree:


Oh, blastedly funny. You heard no doubt that Sarah Palin created a faux Facebook persona just so “it” could leave loverly comments on her real Facebook page? “ohhhh, Sarah, you are so brilliant, please run for President. You’re the kind of commonsense person we need….ooooh..”  Methinks Ms. Sarah won’t be livin’ this one down any time soon. The other stuff coming out in the new book about her, is amusing, and well, so Sarah. The woman reeks paranoia and narcissism.


Make sure you read OkJimm’s Eggroll Emporium to keep up on what’s happening up to the minute in Wisconsin.

What’s on the stove? Pot roast, roasted onions, carrots and rutabaga, mashed taters and gravy.

The Wacko Right Has Lost it’s Giblets

The first couple  six times I read posts about this, I ignored it as the work of some nut case in Hoboken or Alabama. But then I started seeing more, and I realized that this issue has legs!

The wacko religious right is at it again. You see, when you decide what the bible means, then you cram, twist, turn-inside-out, turn-upside-down, and otherwise thoroughly alter reality to fit your notions. Then the world is okay. See? History agrees with ME.

Not content to trying to believe that our Founding Fathers (FFs) set up a Christian Nation upon a high hill in Plymouth Massachusetts, they are now trying to involve the poor Pilgrims in their revisionist ideas of what really happened.

It should come as no surprise that Rush-me-some-Oxycoton-Limbaugh is onboard. Ditto, Glenn-bend-you-mind-around-me-Beck. Singing the praises is nutjob-wannabe, John Stossel. Soon to be climbing upon the Silly Express will no doubt be Michele-which-way-to-Bellview-Bachmann and Sarah-worshipin-my-bank-account-Palin.

It goes, (the NEW and improved history) sumpin’ like this:

For reasons unknown, the pilgrims upon landing decided to engage in socialism. So they pooled all their stuff and lived in a big old commune, takin’ from each, and givin’ to each as was their due. This, bein’ unGodly, and most unbiblical, brought the wrath of the One Truest God down upon their heads, and they was a close to starvin’ come winter time. The dear Indians came to their rescue and saved ’em.

Well, that was enough of that. The Pilgrims stopped that socialism stuff, and discovered capitalism and free market economies and they became fat, rich and sassy and lived happily ever after, until that Muslim black man came along and tried to undue all their Godly work.

That’s it in a nutshell, though why you would want it in a nutshell is not before us today and seems slightly weird. Perhaps so it could be hid away and protected from destruction from Godless socialists.

Well, none of it is true of course. In fact Stossel just changes the dates of the first Thanksgiving in an attempt to make it appear more in line with his bilge. Rush has been runnin’ this crap for some time it seems, but now it’s caught on, which just goes to show you that lies, damnable lies, have a viral impact and are catchin’.

Crooks and Liars has a fine refudiation of the urban myth and some actual facts about the earliest of our settlers, coming from actual and real historians and not the fake ones Foxy and it’s brigands unearth.


It is reported that the Dems will be making another attempt to pass the Dream Act during this lame duck session. Border Explorer has an excellent piece on the truth of what the Act is and is not. Please read and familiarize yourself with the facts so that you can explain it to your more limited friends and neighbors. 


I read a book review of Nobel Laureate Günter Grass’s latest book, The Box.  After reading what Adam Kirsch from Slate has to say, I think you might take a look. A serious book, but perhaps a very good one. You decide as usual. I seriously need to read more fiction!


A topic of conversation for some time now, has been the unhealthy and unfortunate state of our media. While I don’t in the least subscribe to the right-wing blather than the MSM is liberal, I do subscribe to the belief that it has become mostly awful. Newspapers and serious magazines are on the wane. Can we trust our democracy to untrained folks like me to keep people somewhat informed?

Moe over at Whatever Works has a good piece that is an eye-opener for sure. The US ranks something like 21st in having a free press. Yes, 21st. It turns out that those countries that rank highest, subsidize their free press, something we don’t. It’s worth the time to look at this and perhaps follow a few links.


I’ve found a new poet that is really special. I invite you to see the works of FadedRomantic.


I don’t know about you, but I’m watching carefully the goings on in the Korean Peninsula. It is mildly chilling to watch the cold-dead eyes of Kim Jong Il, and the even colder eyes of his chosen successor, child-man Kim Jong Un. This IS a time for Sarah to shut her damn mouth, as well as all the politics-first GOP. The situation is just too tense. So please, for once in your sorry lives put the country first.


Since food has been the focus of the week, I thought you might be interested in this new book, Empires of Food. You can read a review of it at History Today Magazine.

Speaking of which, oh the leftovers yesterday were sublime. Just like the original meal, and sometimes even better. Today it’s work on the sides, but we are having turkey sandwiches with (for me at least) swiss cheese, lettuce, slices of green pepper, paper-thin onion slices and mayo.

One of the best items was a new recipe for shredded Brussel sprouts. It was a surprise hit. I’ll probably write out the recipe in the next day or two. I do love to try at least one new thing every year, and this will definitely be a repeat!

Off to nosh.

What’s Up? 07/20/10

Here I come to save the day. . .That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way! Oh, ‘scuse me, I get carried away with childhood memories sometimes. You gotta be OLD to remember that cartoon.

Anyways, here I am to give you the scoop on what ya oughta be readin’ today. How’s that for chutzpah? I KNOW what you NEED to read!

I suffer from delusions of grandeur once in a while. Actually I’m very humble. You know that. I want you to believe that–it’s my blog persona. Humility. Yep.

I have others. I’m sybileen in that respect. I can call out the “others.” But don’t make me. I can be not so pretty. A very nice lady at our church said I was a “sweet person.” God love her, but she ain’t talked to the Contrarian–who would give her a different take. I am sweet, but well, let’s not go there okay?

If the wacko right doesn’t like being called racist, they oughta pay more attention to what they are critical of. I mean, Obama was in office a minute and one half when they started making it sound positively EVIL that he used a teleprompter. Like that was something new in politics. I mean they had nothing more but they HAD to criticize. When you criticize EVERYTHING down to the whether he’s a boxer versus briefs kinda guy, it’s pretty obvious you got something else  going on  in your pea brain see?

And just go and refudiate that Ms. Sarah (that woman is an Idiot!) Palin. And Pluleeeeez don’t refer to yourself and the Bard in the same breath. If you have actually read or attended a Shakespearean play, well I’ll eat my left ear.  Steve Benen has some choice words to drop on the Grizzly Mama. It’s delicious!

And don’t miss Sarah Posner’s great lament at the lunatic boy, Glenny Beck who would not, I swear, know the truth if it arrived at his front porch in letters twelve feet high and identified itself as God Almighty come to give revelation directly to the Becky one. David Barton, lap dog, who is usually on his leash when he appears with the padded cell bound Glenn, is also treated for his usual maladjustments of history.

More moaning from Andrea Lafferty of Traditional Values Coalition. She claims that Elena Kagan got a pass where similarly situated Harriet Miers got crucified. She claims the left is unfair. Except of course the truth is available and the main thrust of anti-Mier ranting is documented as coming from the right itself who thought her not conservative enough. It’s just the usual say it and it will be so to the drooling NASCAR/WWF/TRAILER TRASH who read? have it read to them.

Similarly, Family Research Council finds something sinister in Obama’s use of the term freedom to worship on a couple of occasions. It’s the beginning of the end of religion in Merika they squeak. Yeah, except that Obama has used the term freedom of religion 124 versus 9 times for freedom to worship and  Dubya numbers on the two are 124 and  33 respectively. As I said, lying comes as second nature to these RELIGIOUS  claimers.

Okay, I know that music and math are related. How, I don’t know, but some really smarty guy says that he has cracked Plato’s “codes” and well, there was, like a whole lot of new information called symbolic messages. It explains why Aristotle called Plato a student of Pythagoras when scholars can find no reason to agree. And it seems he forecast that the universe would be found to be governed by mathematical principles and not Zeus. Interesting little article.

Someone is suggesting that Darwin did not gather by happenstance a lot of material and then see a pattern which he deduced or inducted into natural selection. Rather, he may have had the hypothesis all along and gathered material in view of that belief. Hey a doctoral thesis has to come from somewhere, here you go.  Heavy reading here.

Just leaving a comment over at Blisterinas. Have you seen here photography? You really should. I was telling her I collect animal skulls. Ones from animals our dogs murder and bring home and deposit. I really like my raccoon skull. The jaw works and everything. I would collect mouse skulls but Spencer the Impaler Cat loves the heads, he leaves the rest of the body for me. I warn them about wrinkles and toss them out.

Speaking of which, why the hell are some people not making their full feeds available? I have a tough time downloading sites as it is. It would surprise you no doubt to know that I READ most of you guys blogs pretty thoroughly, though I don’t comment as much, but I read most of all you write since it’s in my READER. I thought the point of writing was to be read? Yet some folks only give titles and I have to go there just to see if it’s something I wanna read. So I don’t go as often sad to say. Some sites take me a good five minutes to download. Can’t do too many at that rate. Rant complete.

Well I’m pooped. See ya tomorrow.

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