Huckabee: It’s All Greek to Me!

MHuckMike Huckabee makes me scratch my head. Which is saying something good frankly, since many Republicans make me want to scratch their heads for them.

I remember back when Mikey was trying to be a serious candidate. He was the quintessential compassionate conservative. He was fun, told self-deprecating stories and seemed for all the world like a compromise-willing  gentleman. Heck even Jon Stewart liked him.

Somewhere along the line Mikey traded whatever passes for integrity in his world for filthy lucre. Or perhaps I’m being generous. Plenty would argue that he never had any integrity to begin with and was only playing along in order to get along. The GOP is really good at saying one thing and planning to do something quite different if given the chance.

However you wish to cast it, Huckster decided that running for office wasn’t his cup of milk, so he went the way of most of his kind, and drifted into a job at Foxy Noise where he could be the “expert” opinion” on whatever moved his rather pedestrian mind.

I’m not sure Mikey is all that enamored in his heart of hearts with the right-wing teabagging evangelicals that he now “speaks” for. But he has chosen to harness his cart to them. He apparently has no desire to be part of the “Old Guard” which is the tattered and rundown house that encompasses the John McCains, John Boehners, Lindsey Grahams, and the ever poppin’ Karl Rove, along with turtlish McConnell. They are otherwise known now as RINOS.

The tea-sippin’ group is getting mightily teed off these days. While the Old Guard is trying desperately to make itself relevant, the Waterlogged bibbers are screeching that anybody who deviates from the wagon train of bizarre, will be drawn and quartered and left for dead in the desert of political outliers.

They are having no part of this new “immigration” talk. Ship those brownies back to MEXICO or wherever they come from. (Tea Baggers mostly are unaware of any other country than Mexico, all else being “down there”). They are having no part of this new “compassion for gays”, such being an abomination in the eyes of the self-serving God they have created out of a collection of writings by people who died two millennia ago, and were last seen trying to make sense of stumbling around in a desert for forty years when the walk to “Israel” was at most a six weeks jaunt.

They are having no part of any of that fuzzy liberal crap in other words, and any Republican who does? They are dead to them. Dead, dead, dead and anathema to boot. May there be a pox on all their house and, and may fire and brimstone fall upon their backyard pools.

Chuckerbee has shown his true colors. I guess we should have realized it full-blown when he shlepped the anti-Obamacare as legislation cooked up in “back rooms and shoved down the throats of the American people.” Actually it was passed as are all normal pieces of legislation–by garnering the required number of yeas by senators and representatives and then being signed by a President into law.

Today he warns that should the GOP take that awful walk to the dark side and endorse marriage equality, the evangelicals in this country are going to desert them. Woohoo, now that’s a threat. The Old Guard pretty much wants that to happen. Barry Goldwater warned that trouble would ensue if the GOP made a pact with the right-wing religious, and boy was he right. They have pushed the party to the brink of annihilation. I read a little ditty the other day that is actually quite true:

The tea party came along to destroy a president. They ended up destroying a party–the GOP.

Nothing could be truer, and Huckster is free to lead that band of misbegots all he wants. Speaking with self-avowed tea Party “patriots” (for they all claim that moniker), is like entering the hall of mirrors at the circus. Random bits of flotsam, float as sound bites from their latest “deep” think watching Fox. Nay, this is no longer enough and they are boycotting that station for not being flamingly whacked enough. Tea suckers have no coherent ideology, often hold views on separate subjects that are in conflict philosophically and logically, and spout a different “issue” as you progress from one to the other. And the joy for them is that they are so ignorant as to not realize how truly stupid they sound.

Huck of course is no stranger to idiocy himself, having claimed that the tragedy at Newtown was the result of “taking God from the classroom”. First that belies the fact that God is everywhere, and does not take direction from silly humans. Secondly, it trivializes the real tragedy there, and of course makes the Huckster another in a long line of Christianists who create some gun-happy imprimatur in the good book itself.

So I take Mikey’s warning for all the value it deserves. Exactly none. I fervently hope that the GOP disinfects itself from the scourge it has encountered. When you teach people that it’s all about number one, don’t be surprised if they come up with some fine examples of their own of looking out for themselves. Since there is nothing Christian nor human about that kind of standard, don’t be surprised if a majority of citizens cast a dark eye on your selfish betrayal of both God and the rest of America.


And Then There Was Just Willard

With Ragin’ Ricks departure, that would seem to be the end of it. Don’t tell our intrepid Newtsie though, because he thinks that all that Ricky love will now be coming his way and make that long-ago uttered statement, “I think it’s clear that I’m going to be the nominee” a prescient truth.

Meanwhile, all the courageous Refreakricans are coming out of the woodwork to through their imprimatur upon the oily anointed one. Even our own Terry Branstad leapt to indorse the candidate Willard as his new BFF.

Not to be outdone, that moral champion NOM, offered its heartfelt support. Finally Willard got the tit-for-tat that he bargained for. After all, a check for $10,000 and a pledge to fight the gay agenda until death was not too much to ask of the etch-a-sketch presidential wannabe.


At Foxy, a mole is turning out some interesting video. It seems that our Willard was about to be interviewed by fav idiot boy Sean the Hannity, and the two were chatting it up before the cameras rolled. Willard was talking about his wife’s “warmbloods” which are the best horses of course for dressage (pronounced dra-saj for your unFrench types), while he himself preferred the smoother gait of his Missouri Foxtrotter. They both then chortled about how such a discussion would not be helpful on camera. And then, so we are told, Willard made some gay-type giggle about a pink tie. Since I can’t watch video, please tell me if the video doesn’t support my statements.

Herman Cain has been talkative as of late. First he encouraged Willard to hire on the great disgraced Alan West as his running mate. West dutifully said that he would serve is called up, and then dutifully said that all those pesky social issues he’s been rabid about, aren’t important at the moment.

But Herm didn’t stop there. No, he decided to help Willard out with his woman issue. Herm, being the great woman’s advocate, had this to say about why women are flocking to President Obama:

CAIN: Yes, President Obama is very likable to most people, if you just look at him and his family. But if you look at his policies, which is what most people disagree with, it’s a different story. And I think many men are much more familiar with the failed policies than a lot of other people, as well as the general public.

You see, women are “other people” and they aren’t informed on important issues like the economy, so they are swayed to support the President because he is likeable and has a nice family. I’m both dumb and other in three sentences!

Thank you Herm. Keep on sending in your checks to NOW.

Which has nothing to do with the poor sap legislator in Wisconsin who said that scrapping the employment equality enforcement was okay since, men care more about money than women do.

Meanwhile, Chris Christie says America is turning into a paternalistic entitlement society, “with a bunch of people sitting on their couch waiting for their government check.” Well, first I might ask how he knows so much about couch potatoes? And then I might ask how he thinks that giving the rich more money to squander on pretty things at Tiffany’s helps put food on the table for those folks who have had their checks removed. Are they to become clerks at Tiffany’s?

Just a laugh. Mikey Huck started his new radio show and his first call-in question was full of praise for the Huck and his refreshing new point of view. Turns out however that the caller was staged and a fake listener and was actually one of the executives of his own show. Oh Huck, that’s mighty unChristian doncha think? Lies are sinful Mike.

I don’t know if you heard all the kerfuffle yesterday about George Zimmerman. He called Sean the Hannity and had a nice chat. But his lawyers were unaware, and when they called Sean, he was mum. And then they (the lawyers) said they had never actually met their client, only talked to him on the phone. And then they quit. Sort of. And George is not supposed to be in Florida, but maybe in Cuba. It’s all confusing, and well Willard was pissed at being pushed off the top story. Field Negro has an interesting take on it all. Ain’t it nice to know that in America if you are accused of racism, your naturally go for safety to Fox Noise? Yeah.

We don’t, as individuals, spend a lot of time imagining what it’s like to walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes. We should. It’s called empathy. Feministing alerted me to this fine article at The American Prospect. This is deep and important look at the awful practice of trying to “undue the gay.” Anyone who suggests that gayness can be therapeutically “fixed” is both wrong and dangerous.


We Shoulda Lost The Civil War

Take Alabama and Mississippi.

No seriously, take them.

Okay, that was a cheap shot. Henny Youngman of me.

But seriously, really seriously.

In Alabama, 45% of polled citizens says that the President is a Muslim. An additional 41% are “unsure. In Mississippi, it’s 52% and 36%. In other words nearly 90% of these folks are either unsure or are sure he ain’t no Christian.

In both states, something like only 25% or less believe in evolution as a true theory of how they came to be standing where they are.

Is it the water? Or does dullness naturally sink to the bottom of the continent? I mean, you could find a smarter bunch of people in the Amazon rain forest making poisonous arrows to kill monkeys for stew. Seriously.

They are the national poster states for dumb and dumber. This is down right embarrassing. A Parisian could do a better job of taking a civics test than the average Alabama/Mississippi resident.


Does that make a chill run down your back? They are allowed to vote! Talk about your voter fraud. They are walking cases for people pretending to be citizens. My dog could make a more salient choice.

I do believe that both states require mandatory chip identification just so when they get lost, as they often must, they can be sent back to the right home. “Where do you live son?” “I dunno sir, but I think it has a lot of a’s or i’s in it.”

I mean seriously.

It appears that Mikey the Huck is gonna go up against the Rushmore on the radio waves. Good news? Only marginally so. The Huckster has long ago given up any claim to be a nice Christian pastor with soothing sweet uplifting warbles of pleasantry. The Huckster, if you been a watching is urging everyone to sign on the “kill Obamacare” an ad fraught with lies and evil innuendo. In addition, he not all that long ago called the President a Kenyan, returned us to “death panels”, used the  now de rigueur Nazi allusions to all things Obama, and claims Ted Kennedy would have “committed suicide” had he lived to see the Health Care Law. Greed, greed, greed, what it does to people.

The stupid brigade (i.e., GOP House) is gearing up with a new budget. More of the same according to Politico. More money for rich folks and more gutting of medicare. Meanwhile, Willard continues to lie about the President’s record, and then turn around and lie about his own. He’s the one who would destroy Medicare as we know it, and we know he knows it. Trouble is nobody is calling him on it. Except that he doesn’t make himself available to the press, ala Ms Palin. Too many gaffes ya know.

Like this one. Willard need to button up the lip, zip the old zipper when the issue of sports comes along. Unless they are talking about “sport” that is, you know, horses and polo. Then pontificate o’ wealthy one. Otherwise, as I said, mum’s the word.

But Willard, it seems is a stubborn, and apparently rather arrogant asshat who figures, if I made all that money, I must know what I’m doing. So Mr. Bumbles calls a sports radio show in Al-err-bammy yesterday and engages in what he figures is safe territory–spoits!

Now iff’n you recalls, Mr. Bumbles talked about NASCAR just a few days ago, in which he got all perky about knowin’ the NASCAR stuff seein’ as he knew a bunch of NASCAR “team owners”. Those folks can of course be found  tailgating in the infield at the race, guzzlin’ the BUD. Right?  

And surely he was advised that such richy rich stuff was bad, and don’t do it again.

So. . . .

He’s asked about Peyton Manning, newly released Colts QB. And he says:

“I’ve got a lot of good friends, the owner of the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets, both owners are friends of mine,” he added. “But let’s keep him away from New England.”

Yup. He said that. Yup he did.

What is it with the GOP and their hatred of public lands? The party of Teddy Roosevelt, conservationist extraordinaire, is being infested with all sorts who want to give our parks to private interests. The wealthy apparently are not wealthy enough. Willard inexplicably says that he doesn’t “know the purpose of public lands.” You don’t? I guess that is because you don’t understand things that don’t render a profit margin for your friends, Willard?

Gas prices are pissin’ off everyone. And the GOP is out to make as much of it as it can. They blame it on the President. We knew they would. Except that economists and oil experts tell you the President can’t do diddly squat about gas prices for the most part. Read Ezra Klein’s report and get the low down, when your Republican friends (should you have any) start spouting about how Obama’s policies are driving up my pain at the pump. Ain’t so. Remember, Foxy Noise said that Bush couldn’t be blamed for high pump prices a few years ago. Course, they forgot that.  

Go On, Read About it!

Or don’t. As it turns out you really can’t teach a love of reading. It seems something that you either do or don’t. And it has little to do with opportunity either. Over time, the number of “readers” hasn’t changed a great deal. And readers lament the same problem (so much to read, so little time) over the centuries. A great little read over at The Chronicle, called “We can’t teach students to love reading.” Go see where you fall.


All roads seem to lead to the financial crisis these days. With Standard & Poors lowering the rating of the US, everybody is wondering what ensue.

Whatever you position (and plenty of folks don’t credit S&P with much savvy), their report was pretty clear in laying the blame. Although they spoke about the gridlock in Washington in general, their greatest finger-pointing went to the GOP’s delinquency-prone child–the TeaNutz®. While the National Journal report didn’t explicitly say Republicans, there was little doubt that they felt that the political brinksmanship of holding the country hostage and failure to consider revenue increases as “possible” were largely to blame. This link has a link to the full S&P report as well as some other good links.

Meanwhile Michele (I make it up as I go along) Bachmann was at it again. She just days ago, was a no vote on the debt ceiling bill. She of course went much further, claiming that the threats of the credit agencies to downgrade the US’s  rating were nonsense and of no consequence. Now that that has happened, she spins on the proverbial GOP plug nickel and screams that Obama is responsible, and he must return to Washington “immediately” and address the American people with a plan to pay down our debt by “trillions”, and this too immediately. Oh if wishes could come true, Ms. Idiothead will be the candidate and as Governor Rendell suggested, the “no slaughter” rule would be invoked at the Obama-Bachmann debate ten minutes in.

Speakin’ of the Palin replacement, there is a great article at the New Yorker Magazine written by Ryan Lizza called Leap of Faith. Lizza traveled with Bachmann for some time as she moved between Iowa and New Hampshire and has done a good job of peeling off the whitewash that masks a lot of uncomfortable truths. Bachmann’s background is just chock full of extremists whom she has embraced and taken as her personal gurus. Her dominionist beliefs cause her to take extremist views on subjects such as gay, abortion, and even slavery. She’s going to have a very difficult time distancing herself from all this now. And it’s full of more of her twisting and contorting facts and outright lying to present herself as something she very much is not. Do read it.

Drew Weston has written an important opinion piece in the NYTimes. It blasts Obama pretty badly frankly. I tend to feel like a pinball when it comes to the President. I am constantly disappointed and hopeful, careening between those two points. He’s more conservative in reality that I want, and less a master of the message that I expected. Weston points out how he failed miserably in this debt ceiling crisis, and frankly, I can’t disagree. “What Happened to Obama?”

Weston calls it ” his deep-seated aversion to conflict and his profound failure to understand bully dynamics — in which conciliation is always the wrong course of action, because bullies perceive it as weakness and just punch harder the next time. . . .” It’s hard to not agree.

Don’t forget your late night humor from Political Irony. Always a lovely way to relax and enjoy some political truths tongue-in-cheek. And if you humor runs religious, here’s a mighty cute little story that we found from our new friend, LOLgod.

When will it get through the American psyche that the debt is only a symptom of the problem and not the problem itself as the ignorant TeaNutz® erroneously believe? Robert Reich once again tries in very plain English to straighten out the issues. Reich always is clear. We are heading toward another recession. Will we act in time? Bets are definitely divided.

Oh and did ya hear this one? Mikey (I like money more than my country) Huckabee has called for the appointment of Donald Trump as a new Secretary of the Treasury. I guess this should come as no surprise. If you’ve seen Huck’s shameless lying and misleading innuendo commercial about “Obamacare” then you know this dude is simply another huckster ala Newt “how long will you support me” Gingrich. Just another grifter. Huck has pretty much given up any pretense of being a “Christian” leader. Any idea Mikey how many times the Trumpster has declared bankruptcy?  . . .I thought not.

Herman Cain is getting more lessons on how to be a good house Negro. The teaNutz® have made it clear that Cain will be back to being “part of the problem” along with all other darker than lily-white citizens, if he keeps going around apologizing to Muslims for his racist remarks about them. After posting his apology on Facebook, he got some really unfriendly responses from his “peeps”: (H/T to The Grio for the link)

“it’s all or nothing with the muslim religion…no means no…please stand firm Mr Cain please or run on the democrat ticket”

“what in heaven’s name are you doing? Don’t you know you can’t trust ONE WORD that comes from their mouth? they’re lying to get on your good side, Mr. Cain! :/”

So, listen up Mr. Cain. Ain’t it nice being owned, Sir?


Can I Have an Extra Day Please, with Sugar?

Everybody has those kinda days. When you get up already behind. This is usually the result of “sleeping in”. I’m a 7 am kinda person. I find that a humane time to arise. Some days, I don’t quite make it. Thus, I’m behind.

Tomorrow, I’m shopping, so I’m not sure I’ll get to blogging.

The Contrarian, however, puts his time to good use. He’s a thinker. Remember his desire to hold a thinkathon? Much easier than having a walkathon he thought.

When he thinks too much, well, I usually get concerned. His latest “breakthrough” is a humdinger.

The Contrarian has long pondered the existence of the soul. That has led him to toil in the backyard of the differences between humans and other animals. That place, he contends is where one might locate the seat of our divine connection. With me so far?

The places tred by medical men and women, philosophers, and theologians. What of the soul?

And, as I said, he thinks he has had a breakthrough.

He asks this question:

Is there any other animal but humans who react with distaste to the fart?

I know, its blasphemous. It’s crazy. It’s absurd, illogical, and downright unpretty. It is the Contrarian. Don’t blame me. I’m just reporting the news.

If’n you didn’t know, the right-wing religious are, as you know, against abortions. And they are very against Planned Parenthood, and they devise all manner of nasty things to “prove” that PPH should be shut down. One of their more ingenious methods is to claim that PPH is about the business of genocide of the African-American population. This because statistically more black women obtain abortions than white or Latino.

Now the fact that this has to do with poverty and lack of access to medical information and contraception at the same level as their more wealthy white counterparts is ignored. No, it’s so much easier to suggest that PPH has as an unstated goal, the destruction of an entire people.

I imagine that the NAACP and other African-American groups are so grateful to the white folk for being so concerned for them. Yes, I guess we can all be grateful to those benevolent white people.

Roger Ebert talks about what he understands as the Universe and evolution. It’s a lovely piece. Makes ya feel all warm inside for reasons I cannot explain. Least it do for me.

See, now we know that serendipity is real. I mean, after writing about the Contrarian and his “breakthrough” I come across this article: Natural History of the Soul. Nicholas Humphrey argues that spirituality is essential to consciousness. Read it in The New Humanist. Humphrey is an evolutionary psychologist, and he’s written a book called Soul Dust: The Magic of Consciousness. Looks like a very interesting read.

If there were any question about the agenda of Mikey Huckster, read on. It seems Mikey attended one of those uber right-wing  conferences, one that featured pseudo-historian David Barton and his revisionist history of the founding of this country. Why Mikey was just adoring of said Barton and said the following:

 “I almost wish that there would be, like, a simultaneous telecast, and all Americans would be forced–forced at gunpoint no less–to listen to every David Barton message, and I think our country would be better for it.”

Of course, in the “official” video of the event, the “joke” was scrubbed. And of course, Mikey meant every word, until he realized it wouldn’t play well outside his crazy base.

Good news to report. I don’t have a link, but I’ve heard or read it in so many places that it is obviously true. The teabagger phenom is beginning to wane. Their unfavorables are now above their favorables. Which is all the more amusing since the Prez wannabes are all still dancing like marionettes to the teabagger tune, afraid to pirouette too far from the dark force. 

This is causing all sorts of problems with the budget. Word is that Boehner wants desperately to make a deal rather than shut down the government, but he dare not piss off the wonkettes, who are picketing in Washington, even as we speak. Well, we all knew this would happen didn’t we?

And who might you ask is riding to the rescue? None other than boy wonder Eric Cantor. Cantor has introduced a bill that will be voted on in the House on Friday, entitled, “Government Shutdown Prevention Act.” What it does it tell the Senate to act on the budget bill before the deadline and if it doesn’t the House passed bill will become the law of the land.

Yes, you heard that right. Cantor is simply tearing the Constitution up and making up his own new one. Yes, that’s some pretty strict construction there Mr. Cantor. Uh…do you dance too?

What’s on the Stove? Fajitahs!

It’s a Day in Pictures!

There have been some great political humor around these days. So I thought I’d share it with ya. The one to my right, is from 2008, but heck it’s current. It’s pretty much the same silliness.

Some have suggested that the GOP is in reality so pessimistic about 2012, that they are satisfied to put forth one of the laughables. And believe me there is no shortage of those.

We got your Mikey, who told us all about the President’s living in Kenya during his formative years and thus assimilating Mau Mau thinking. Not sure what Mau Mau thinking is, but it predisposes him against the British, and that somehow informs his American foreign policy decisions. It’s his “world view.”

This was before Mikey took off on Natalie Portman. ‘Course Mikey walked back the Mau Mau thing, saying he “misspoke” and meant Indonesia. Which of course is impossible to accept with anything resembling a straight face, since Indonesia is not famous for it’s Mau Mau population.

Like Tim Pawlenty and his relentless courting of the most disgusting of the homophobic right-wing religious, Mikey seems to feel it essential to play to the insane right-wing gaggle who are desperate to believe the Prez ain’t a real human American.

Then there is Newt and his claim that love of country so distorted his sense of right and wrong, that he did all manner of disgusting things, such as having affairs while pompously chastising Bill Clinton  for such things, and asking two of his ex wives for divorce when they were in the hospital following cancer surgery and just receiving news they had MS. Yes, Newt wants us to believe that his serial monogamy is no reason to deny him the high office.

And it isn’t, but for the fact that he’s a disgusting human being in, and also got into that “Obama  has a Kenyan worldview.”

But I couldn’t miss this great little cartoon:

And then we got your Michele, my belle. Well, not mine, and mostly not anybody’s but she lives in the delusion that “they really love me. And Michele is making her way toward that announcement that she is running for President.

Those on the far left, just shudder with pure joy. Michele, has had another of her famous faux pas. While speaking to some kids in New Hampshire, she told them how proud they must be, because they were the state in which “the shot heard round the world” was heard. Home she said to Lexington and Concord.

The crazy lady, who talks about the Founding Fathers all the time, just “made a slip of the tongue” so she says. Either forgetting where she was, or inexplicably telling New Hampshirites that they should be proud of Massachusetts. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, that brought forth this lovely cartoon:

Yes, truer words were never spoken.

We understand that more than 100,000 showed up at the rally in Madison on Saturday. Recall efforts are underway as well against all those who voted to deny working people their right to bargain for their own livelihood.

Such efforts are underway all across the nation as we are seeing in all clarity that this is a massive effort made by the GOP to attempt the destruction of its opposition, and being willing to destroy most of the American public as well in the process.

It’s hard to know what to do, other than to fight these battles in our own states. In Iowa, it’s all a waste of time, since the Senate is controlled by the Democrats and all such legislation is simply dumped. However, Madison is leading the way in showing us how we all can help.

Walker’s backers in his bid for Governor have been collected, and we can all start boycotting these businesses. Firefighters in Wisconsin have begun withdrawing funds and closing their accounts at a Madison bank complicit in backing Walker for instance.

The rest of us can help out too. So far, I’ve seen listed the following companies:

  1. Wal-Mart
  2. Johnsonville Brats
  3. Sargento Cheese
  4. Johnson and Johnson
  5. AT &T
  6. John Deere
  7. Koch Industries

Perhaps our good friend OKJimm can supply us with others. We need to not only forgo the use of these companies products and services, but we should each write to them and tell them that we are, and why.

What the GOP is attempting here is nothing less than a full-scale assault on working men and women and an attempt to return to the times when wages were hideously low, working conditions dangerous,  hours long, and benefits non-existent. We all have to step up. All hail the Corporate Master.

PoliticusUSA has a list of proposed GOP legislation, Federal and State that is designed to destroy much of what we hold dear in this country. It is an onslaught of fear-mongering hate inspired laws that would return us to the Middle Ages. Most of it is offered in the hopes of gratifying the extreme right, while of course, the rest is designed to honor the orders of their Corporate Masters. While Nero fiddled . . . .The extreme right will get their religiously motivated theocracy, at least in name, but in fact, will find themselves slaves of the oligarchical one percent.

All Snugged UP

Okay, it wasn’t actually THAT bad. To be honest, we don’t really know how much snow we got. All the places where we measure were clean of snow. It blew THAT hard. There are places where there are a couple of inches, and then drifts that are two feet high. I’m guessing we got about 4-5 inches.

Still, we are most assuredly snowed in. Which is okay sort of. I mean we got food, and wood. We don’t have any special treats for Superbowl Sunday.

I can’t go shopping til whenever, because when we get out we have to get a new alternator first. And there is plenty of snow in the forecast, though amounts are still up in the air–“up in the air”– get it? And after about four days in the twenties, it’s going back to single digits and subzero at night.

February can go suck an egg.


I don’t like much I’m reading in the news so far. Just a few snippets minus the links. Rand Paul is trying to suck money from his supporters with a baseless fear about the US signing a treaty that will strip all private gun ownership. This with the UN. It’s all nonsense as even the NRA admits, yet Paul will scare a lot of folks into sending him money.  What a jerk.

A woman tried to mail a puppy in a two-day priority mail box. Puppy discovered and saved. Woman crazy and should be locked up.

Anderson Cooper assaulted in Cairo as pro-Mubarak forces are sent out to engage violently with the anti-government forces. Meanwhile of course the wackos continue to claim that the “pro-al Qaeda Muslim Brotherhood” has as its first priority to attack Israel.

Within hours of the faked up anti-planned parenthood video, websites and marches are set up and ready to go. Does anyone smell a rat here? All the usual right-wing groups are signed up.

I’m not sure I want to read any more news.


Steven Benen does a good analysis of Glenn Beck’s latest insanity. Turkey, a republic since 1928, is in fact a dictatorship according to Beckian land. He posits that China will take New Zealand and all kinds of other squirrelly nonsense. Beck has lost some 1/3 of his followers and seems desperate. Thus the claims get even more insane. Read the analysis and link to the embedded video to see the wacko in action. Followers are being told to “store up food.” Oh and PS: read the comments which are hilarious: “It’s like taking Jack Benny seriously as Hamlet.” Too funny.


El Baradei, thought by many to be a likely head of an interim government in Egypt, is well thought of by most of the moderates and liberals. Of course that means he is an enemy of the far right. Both Gingrich (who cares), and John McCain (who cares even less) have warned on Fox Crap that El Baradei is a secret radical and an enemy of the US. What a crock. El Baradei, you will remember, raised the ire of the neo-cons back in the day when he told the truth about Iraq and made their “dangerous” Iraq proofs all the harder.

It seems the media is more fun than ever these days. Billo the Clown, touter of “fair and balanced” made it quite clear, that when one “knows” fair and balanced, one knows “not fair and balanced.” And Al-Jazeera is not fair and balanced, and if Alan Colmes suggests they are, well Billo just screams him down. I think that Billo just felt a jab of guilt, don’t you?


Reagan’s Solicitor General, and now Harvard professor, Charles Fried says that the new Health Care Law is surely constitutional. This pissed off Orin Hatch to no end, but I’m guessing Fried is a bit more knowledgeable than Hatch. A video of his testimony at Truthout.


The call it “Fox Geezer syndrome” and more and more people are complaining about it. It seems that our elderly, left with nothing to do, are turning to Fox and Beck and well, becoming conspiracy fanatics. When they kids call or visit, they are met with endless diatribes about Obama, and the left, to the point that such conversations must be avoided. Funny, but sad it in a way too, because many reporting this are conservatives themselves, and find their parents descent into Fox madness quite disconcerting.

Also, Beck’s numbers have fallen by 1.5 million, and Fox’s median age is, get this: 65! Retirees with nothing to do, sit and watch this crap show all day and night and are the elderly zombie generation. Unreal isn’t it?


But another reason why fundamentalist beliefs and rational politics don’t mix. Mikey Huckabee is against the Palestinians having a homeland of their own. Forget of course that it was their homeland long before “God gave it to Israel.” No, Huck believes in the biblical history that suggests that Israel gets all of the promised land. It begs the question that if Huck runs for president, he’s gonna have to explain if he is a biblical apocalyptic believer. If so, I’m thinking he has disqualified himself from the job. Scary crap.