And They Don’t Even Know They are Crazy

Imagine what THAT must be like? Being crazy as the proverbial loon, and having nary a clue.

I feel, in the name of good consciousness, I should have to tell ’em. I really do. It’s a moral thing. A person has a right to know they are not playing with a full deck.

Case in point.

Bryan Fischer, that homophobic/Islamophobic, all around provider of hate. He’s crazy. Batshit, Wonka, nutzo, drooling and showing us his nasty privates kinda crazy.

You don’t believe me?

Well, okay, I’ll prove it to ya.

In his radio broadcast of only yesterday, picklebrain Bryan talked about a Pew poll that said that half of all Muslims think of themselves as Muslim first and Americans second. Being no dummy in his empty skull, he fully admitted that Christians pretty much do the same thing, think of themselves as Christian first and Americans second.


But when you are crazy as a 42-year-old male in Louisiana claiming that he is Napoleon Bonaparte returned from the dead, well then that gets interpreted this way:

 It’s not a problem when a Christian says that. For the Christian to say “I am a Christian first and an American second,” that’s what we all ought to say. Our ultimate allegiance is not to country, not to the Constitution, it’s to God and the Scripture. If you have to make a choice between the two, we must obey God rather than man.

But when a Christian says “I’m a Christian first and an American second,” the fact that he is a Christian first, he’s got devotion and allegiance to Jesus Christ means he’s going to be a better American. He’s going to be an asset to his country, he’s going to love his country, he’s going to become more fervent in his patriotism. His love for his country and for its traditions are going to deepen because those traditions are rooted in the soil of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Now if you have a Muslim, on the other hand, that says that – “I am a Muslim first and an American second” – look out! Because that indicates his ultimate devotion is to the Quran, it’s to Allah, it’s to Muhammad. It’s not to Jesus Christ, it’s not to the Judeo-Christian tradition, it is not to American values and American tradition and American history and American heroes – it is to Allah and Allah tells him to slay the idolaters wherever you find them.

So the more devout a Muslim gets, the more of a threat he becomes to America’s national security.

 And that dear friends, qualifies Mr. Fischer as being crazier than 95% of the patients in Bellevue.

Case in point 2:

In 2004, Eric Cantor asked for federal funds to help his hurricane ravaged state. Some time after than, Eric (I am more important than John) Cantor, forget what little he ever knew. Sharing the common TeaNutz® drool cup, Eric the crazy CANNOT sing that tune in 2011. So it comes out, we want aid, if we can offset it with cutting something somewhere.

Cantor you can’t become Speaker that way. I think your constituency is already lookin’ about for a new representative. You’re not playing with even half a deck there Eric the Cant.

Case in point 3:

Michele Bachmann. Oh hell, why bother. She’s too obvious, and let it not be said that I have no compassion for the crazy among us. It was God. . .No it was only a joke. . .No it was God. I’m lying, or I’m not.

Case in point 4:

The TeaNutz®. They are most all of ’em crazy as seals at a polar bear party. I mean it. And if you don’t believe me on that one, than please go read wearerespectablenegroes interview with “Whiteness.”

It will all sound so eerily familiar to ya. And you will whisper for the men in white jackets with the funny jacket that has the strings attached to the sleeves, and the refrain, “they’re coming to take me away haha, heehee, ho-ho. . .”

Case in point 5:

There is a squirrelly fellow by the name of Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, and he runs a “Christian environmental think tank”. Read anti-global warming. He claims that the folks protesting at the White House against the Canadian pipeline are “violating scripture” and are just publicity seekers.

How so you ask?

Why, scripture is quite clear:

“They profess to believe the Bible,” he points out. “Well, the Bible tells them that they’re supposed to obey the governing authorities unless those governing authorities either require them to do what God forbids or forbids them to do what God requires — and that has not happened. So they are actually disobeying scripture by doing this.”

Sumpin’ tells me that old Cal wouldn’t be singing that tune when it comes to go old “American” teabagger protestin’ now would he?

And Case in Point, 6 and last but never the least of the crazies:

The US Congress, except for a few Dems here and there:

From Joe.My.God.

We’re Still Here?

Photo credit: Adam Baron

Well, thankfully, we took lawn chairs. I mean Saturday for the Rapture. We were up on the hill, standing, and then sitting. Checking the watch. We clasped hands at :30 seconds and counting. And then. . . N O T H I N G.

At first, utter terror grabbed my heart. Oh no, was there some bureaucratic snafu? Had our names been left off by some angelic error? I commenced to clacking my ruby-red shoes again and again. To no avail.

We wondered, should we run back to the house and get in the basement? But all was eerily quiet and well, you might even say serene. No shaking, no erupting cacophony of earth-splitting horrors.

Finally, dejectedly, we wandered back to the house, flipped on the TV and found everything pretty much the same.

“Damn it!” the Contrarian exclaimed.


“We missed the Preakness. Wonder who won?” he muttered.

“I can top that,” I intoned.

“How’s that?”

“On Monday, I’m back to what is increasingly as boring as paint drying–the GOP field of candidates!” I sighed.

No doubt the poor people of Joplin, MO thought the Rapture might have been just delayed as they saw their town torn apart by a killer tornado yesterday. These monster storms are taking a toll across the country, and one has to go back to pre-1950 times to find these kind of death tolls. That means the storms are more ferocious, since warning systems and structures are certainly much better today. But there ain’t no global warming of course. No that is not possible.

Does anyone care that Mitch Daniels is out and Tim Pawlenty is in? It’s really hard to. Theories abound as to why the “better?” candidates are opting out and the idiots are taking center stage. The most likely scenario is that they figure that Obama is nearly a sure bet. Re-focus on 2016. Maybe. If so, it promises to be a yawner except for the humor factor if Bachmann and Palin, join the other loonies Cain, Santorum, and Gingrich. Even then, it’s hard to get enthused. Or maybe I’m just off my game today. **shrug**


Proof that I am sane and the world is crazy? One need go no further than a few weeks ago when I named the hat worn by Princess Beatrice at the William and Kate wedding as the “Bullwinkle Hat.”

Said “hat” sold on Ebay for $130,000 big ones. Need I say more?  

Truly, the more I look, the easier it is to find evidence that I am one of the few remaining sane humans on this planet.

Newt Gingrich. Need I say more?

I can go on like this all day. I deserve some kind of recognition for my ability to retain my mind in good working order when faced with this kind of insanity provoking nuttery. I do.


I confess to not understanding all the intricacies of the Middle East peace process. But over the years, my sympathies have shifted more to the Palestinian side of things. I certainly don’t like Hamas’s tactics, but I think the Palestinians have a better claim on the land than do the Israelis. Fair reading of the Bible must leave a person with a certain amount of “well that’s a convenient way to tell the story and justify war and genocide isn’t it” feeling in the end.

Looking back, it was probably a very bad idea to create the state of Israel. And given history, Jerusalem, seems to me, to be fairly an “international” city of three religions. Saying all that, realities are what they are.

I suspect that those who really are in the know, know that Obama’s  speech on the peace process were carefully crafted and struck just the right note. They are entirely in line with European allies conclusions on the matter.

How do you feel about the situation?

What’s on the stove? Liver and Onions, carrots, salad



Nothing to See, Move Along

You could call it a three-ringed circus, but they may need an extra ring or two. We are advised that the Newty is joining in the entertainment division of “Republicans who are in the race for President.” He joins a fine panoply of jokesters–The Hair, The Palinator, and CrazyEyes, and Step-‘n-fetchit.

I’m sure that Hollywood is in this too, for this quintrangle (wrap your head around what that might look like) of queerness deserves what any good nut job gets in the good old USA–their own reality show.

Years ago, they had a wonderful if short-lived show on PBS wherein Steve Allen, and his wife were joined by a couple of others, each impersonating famous figures from history. Imagine Newton meets Einstein, meets Socrates, meets Cleopatra. They would sit around and chat on selected topics of the day.

So, I’m thinking, our fivesome (do not let you mind even alight for a moment on sex or your brain will burn up–think eating sauerkraut, caramels and raw rhubarb at the same time to counteract the thought) could just debate things like how to secure the future for our posterity in a post-post modernist Adam Smith world. You see the possibilities? I mean they could seriously put SNL out of business.

Newty’s announcement, scheduled today, comes at just the right moment. Obama’s polls are now up to 60% saying he’s doing a good job, his highest in a very long time, and 53% say he deserves another term.

Have at it Relaughlicans, have at it.

There is a thing called the “best illusion of the year” and you can go and see it! As I understand it (since I can’t do the video) there is a central dot that you star at. A surrounding circle of interwoven dots of different colors surround it. The dots change colors and you can see that, but as the surrounding circle begins to rotate, the colors can no longer be seen changing. For some reason the brain can’t recognize the color changes when the circle rotates. There are others to see as well. Have fun!

While the crackdown continues in Syria, things seem to be looking up again in Libya where rebels are once again on the move. NATO forces have upped their air attacks which no doubt has helped. Qaddafi has been “absent” for several days now.


We just got through the mother of all winters in many parts of the country. Then killer tornadoes struck the Southeast. Now the Mighty Miss is inundating the flood planes along its sojourn to the Gulf in a way not seen in most of history. And the naysayers of course say this has nada to do with global warming.

Well, scientists say otherwise. The crazies who buy the rhetoric of Corpacracy, giggle as the snows fell. “Global warming? Ya gotta be kidding.” But of course those who have bothered to actually READ something not written by those who don’t want to pay for their pollution, know that extremes in ALL weather is an expected effect of global warming.

The Democrats are re-introducing the Dream Act we understand. This is just exactly the right thing to do on every level. First, IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Second, IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Third, its politically the perfect thing to do. The GOP seems caught in its “find ’em, arrest ’em, send ’em back strategy. And in states with burgeoning Latino populations, that is a recipe for disaster as they say.

It used to be that the Democrats were noted for taking a good thing and screwing it up. Well, move over, there is a new bungler in town. The GOP, who promised after 2010, nothing but work on jobs, jobs, jobs, has gotten itself bogged down in the usual anti-Obama rhetoric regarding the Bin Laden business.

Instead of just saying, “good job” and keeping their eye on the economic message, the good old boys just couldn’t help it. They fell for the uber right-wing “that black guy can’t be given credit for anything” frenzy and have been, for the last several days whining about how it’s all due to them that the usurper in the White House was able to put the very last nail into the house. And it has of course backfired as Obama’s numbers just continue to rise.

In other words, the GOP would have you believe, that they built the car, filled it with gas, and put the key in the ignition. Obama just turned it. Yeah, go with that Redicklians.

Ya know, I’ve lived most of my adult life with the “Three Laws of Robotics”. It gave me comfort on days when I fought with machines, when no amount of cajoling would get them to do their duty–operate as required. I have never feared them, because I trusted they were in the end my friend, albeit a frustrating and someone chaotic one.

Well, now it seems that I can’t rely on this safety net at all. I kinda think I’ll keep a hammer by the computer from now on. Same goes for anything else that is remotely robotically connected. I may never trust again.  [h/t to Exploring our Matrix]

We have spoken here a lot of the nut cases on the right who fracture, torture, and otherwise twist actual facts to favor their theory of choice. This can be evolution, climate change, health care reform, you name it. Because they cater to a basically ill-educated, ill-read, and ill-minded group, they can get away with this.

This piece also comes via Exploring our Matrix and explains the tools used by the pseudo-science of the extreme right. It’s a decent piece that might enlighten you as you swim through the muck of todays internet world.

There: Now You Went and Did It

I know. I said yesterday that I had no opinion on Wikileaks. I still don’t. But I’m starting to lean. Like the Tower of Pisa, if I tip too far, it is inevitable that I will topple over.

Why am I leaning?

Because more and more this is starting to resemble the aftermath of 9/11. Remember when Congress was declaring  for “Freedom Fries” and everybody was stumbling over each other to be more patriotic than the next gal?

Remember the upshot of that: the Patriot Act?  Where we pretty much handed over our rights to the government to ignore them any time it chose in the name of “national security” and protecting the “homeland.” The name alone was reason enough to vote against it. But I think one person did. Everybody was afraid to be on the “wrong” side and not be a patriot.

Today, people are starting to fall all over each other to be on the right side of the Wikileaks affair. We are hearing calls for assassination of Julian Assange, new laws to make him a terrorist, and of course the usual chorus from the right–censor the news and if necessary prosecute! Meanwhile corporate entities who provide financial mechanisms to support Wikileaks are closing their doors. No doubt corporate America may have concerns itself over what may come out about them and government shenanigans.

” . . . I think that we also should be censoring the American news agencies which enabled him to do this and also supported him and applauding him [Julian Assenge] for the efforts. So that’s kind of aiding and abetting of a serious crime.” (quoted from Allen West, newly elected Rep. from Fl.)

Once one of these snowballs starts, they usually end up in a bad result. And then we all feel “safe” and everyone moves on to the next “crisis”. Except the laws remain and are ready to be used by exactly the sort of people we don’t want messing with our rights–the extreme right. With one foot now in the door, and salivating at the prospects of 2012, this is no meaningless concern.

Imagine (if you can stomach it) the power to censor the press in the hands of one Sarah, who is already on record as declaring that all media are lame, except for her Foxy supporters. Imagine. That’s an Imagine not the likes that John Lennon had in mind.

So, as I said, I’m leaning.


I’m thinking that Time, in making its decisions about who they will name “person of the year” is now rending it a contest sent out to high schools across America. Recall the “mirror” one? Well, in their INFINITE wisdom, infinitely small that is, they have chosen Mark Zuckerberg, the kid who started Facebook.

While no biggie, it seems that this is the best they could come up with? It just seems a lazy choice. Zuckerberg and his creation are of no serious import in the world it seems to me. While I laud his offering of much of his wealth to cure societal ills, well, what is new about that?

Who would you have liked to see get the nod?


Here are some things I read late yesterday without linkage:

  • Rush Limpaugh has taken to calling the First Lady, Michelle the Butt. Each time, he corrects himself to Michelle La Belle, but he’s don’t it in excess of six times and it’s clear it is deliberate. Rush has a thing for demeaning women, once claiming that Hillary Clinton couldn’t join the armed services because they didn’t have combat boots large enough to get over her thick ankles.  Rush is a piece of crap.
  • Somebody somewhere found a new planet and it’s very carbon rich, raising the possibility that it is full of diamonds. That should make Kays and Zales and all the rest giddy with anticipation!
  • Romney is against the parts of the tax bill that give aid to the unemployed and so forth because their raise the deficit by a few billion. But he is inexplicably for the parts that give tax cuts to the rich, when that deficit, over 10 years, figures to be in the trillions. Another case of assuming your base is too stupid to understand.
  • The House is re-introducing  a new DADT bill, alone. That allows the Senate to try again. We may just make it! That is, if we can explain to Sen. Manchin that his concerns were addressed by the Joint Chiefs and the report that emanated from the Pentagon. He’s new, he didn’t know any better.


You know when the GOP claimed it wouldn’t do a thing unless they got their precious rich people their tax break? Well, on the verge of getting it, they are (didn’t we know they would) still balking at doing a thing. And some of so darn angry at giving the Dems even a tiny benefit, they are willing to screw everyone.

Kyl, the other dingbat from Arizona, is claiming that Reid is “disrespecting” the Holiest of celebrations for Christians by threatening to keep the Senate in session over the holidays. DeMint is threatening to have the entire START Treaty read aloud, wasting a good day, in order to screw that up. And Colburn is threatening to do the same with appropriations bill.

What part of compromise don’t these people get? They will destroy America before they will stop this petulant game of politics first. Never in my life have I seem a group who has less concern with the public good than this bunch of asshats.


Foxy lies continue to be unearthed. Just last week or so, memos came to light that Fox had directed it’s reporters and commentators to use the term “government option” rather than public option in regards the health care bill because the former didn’t poll well. Now we see that Fox employees were ordered to not report anything about this being the “warmest decade” on record without “immediately” citing that there is data claiming this is untrue.

…we should refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed (or cooled) in any given period without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question. It is not our place as journalists to assert such notions as facts, especially as this debate intensifies.

The directive, sent by Fox News Washington managing editor Bill Sammon, was issued less than 15 minutes after Fox correspondent Wendell Goler accurately reported on-air that the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization announced that 2000-2009 was “on track to be the warmest [decade] on record.”

What’s on the stove: homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Stay Warm!

Lights, Camera, and Heerrreeee’s Sarah!

Sarah primps before cameras turn on, after her arrival only nearly one year after Haiti was devastated by an earthquake. I mean, she’s there to establish her foreign policy creds, touring the areas where as she puts it:

“. . .we are responsible for helping those less fortunate.”

Yeah, right Sarah. Nobody is allowed to ask questions except for Foxy Noise via Greta “can I be Sect’y of State in your administration?” Van Susteren. All others are kept at bay because of “security” concerns. Yeah, right.

All of Caribou Killer’s events are tightly orchestrated. On her recent book tour in Iowa, journalists were again kept far away, allowed to use only video, not audio, and ordered to ask no questions.

We understand the Great Dumb Brunette is off to England next to visit Margaret Thatcher. Yes, I can imagine the “policy” discussions she will have with the former Prime Minister who suffers from Alzheimer’s/dementia and barely knows who she is. But to her loyal empty-heads, it will “look” presidential won’t it?

Is there no limit beyond which Sarah won’t go to exploit others for her own personal aggrandizement? It would appear not. The more interesting question is whether the British press will bow to her orders as the American press is so willing to do.

This is a serious issue. Recently Time magazine did a cover story on the Mooselli, and inexplicably agreed to do so via an e-mail “interview.” What kind of nonsense is this? This is no assurance that Ms. Palin, answered any of the questions herself. How lazy and unjournalistic can you get here folks? Read the “interview” here.


I thought I made it most clear the other day about Alabama. Apparently I did not, so let me say it again. People there are mostly STUUUUPPPIDDDD. Don’t believe me? Well, take the about to be chairman of the Financial Services Committee, Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL). Take him please!

Bachus is going to do his damnest to gut the regulations imposed on the banks to stop them from doing the crap that nearly bankrupted us just a couple of years ago. Why you ask? Because Bachus sees the federal government’s job as not to regulate the banking industry and thus protect the people, but rather:

 “In Washington, the view is that the banks are to be regulated, and my view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks.”

I’m not sure Bachus shouldn’t be tested to see if he has an IQ sufficiently high to be allowed solid food.


Do you sit up in the wee hours of the night contemplating cosmology? No? I’m shocked, truly I am. I do. Apparently I’m not alone, here or possibly elsewhere. Anyway, if you would like to take a look at the current theories of why we are here, then take a look at Big Questions Online’s, The Biggest Question of All. It will give you a nice little over view of current possibilities. What else have you got to do on a frigid, don’t dare go outside kinda day?


One of the fun things of this time of year, are end of the year top 10 lists. Here’s the top ten quotable quotes brought to you via Joe.My.God. They are priceless!


It’s a well-know coincidence that the fundamentalist interpretation of the bible, often coincides quite well with retaining their money in their own wallets. In other words, they can see little further than their own bank account. Thus they don’t bother to extrapolate on the scenarios that might play out ecologically should their flimsy and non-existent proof that the Earth will never be in serious ecological danger, not play out as correct.

Forget the fact that their children and grandchildren will damn them to hell for the polluted angry planet that will ensue. It might be worse, we might well be orchestrating our species demise. Read 3quarksdaily for Human Extinction: Not the Worst Case Scenario.


It almost sears the mind to contemplate: Sarah Palin had Kate Gosselin as her “camping” buddy on her latest installment of Sarah’s Laska. Can you imagine the one brain cell zipping around that tent? Ms. Gosselin was heard to relate her opinion on camping:

“Why would you pretend to be homeless?”

Being in the same room with these two would be my personal vision of hell. What’s yours?


In the face of all evidence to the contrary, Foxy noise jumped on the wacko bandwagon the minute the Metronome collapsed. The snow, they claimed was proof positive that there is no global warming. Please Foxy, just sit quietly and play with your toes. You are way in over your head once again.


Hope you day is going well. It’s about 3° outside, but sunny. We are warm. We are, shockingly, not snowed in. The rain/slush/snow apparently all stuck together and the wind couldn’t move it.

On the Stove: pot roast with roasted carrots and onions, mashed potatoes and gravy.

What’s Up? 08/02/10

Oh yeah, *bounce* *bounce* doin’ the happy dance. Not a pretty sight, so don’t watch. The MAN is doing another Pirates movie! Scheduled for release next summer.

Filming in Maui. Oh to walk the sacred sands upon which his royal feet have tred.

I do get a bit worked up heh? Fair’s fair. The Contrarian gets just as giddy over Halle, what’s her name. I could name others. The Contrarian is fickle. I’m of course loyal to Depp.

Okay, back to some semblance of decorum. Um, I put up 21 packages of corn from the garden this morning. Making a grand total of 39. Should hold us well for the year.

The Contrarian went into town and got the back window ordered and a new fan belt installed. Oh such fun times. I’d like to go shopping tomorrow, but I doubt the weather is going to allow that. Raining tonight. We’ve had a few light showers today, nothing to talk about.

If you met somebody famous, (like Johnny Depp!), what is the first thoughtful question you would ask them? Would it depend on who they were? Politician versus actor, versus athlete, versus theologian? I think I would most want to know what is the last book they read. What were they currently reading. That would be mine.

I guess it’s good? to know that we are not alone. Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to deport migrant workers (mostly children) in Israel who have lived their entire lives there and speak Hebrew as their native tongue. Can’t have resources devoted to non-Israelis he claims. I’m sure the teabaggers around the old US of Racism will be holding up this banner in defense of their bigotry.

In Character has a rather thought provoking piece on Obama, entitled Does He Feel Our Pain? What does the empathic president mean in the face of all the woes that beset the nation. A long read, but an absorbing one.

Dingbats Kyl of Arizona and Lindsay Graham of South Carolina are reputedly in favor of starting the process in Congress to repeal the 14th Amendment. I believe the collective IQ of the GOP now stands at a -5. More on this tomorrow after I’ve had time to research this a bit. If they mean the entire 1st section, than much more is at stake than their bigoted (I’m so scared of losing my election that I’m peeing my pants) desire to screw the new it’s okay to beat up on group: immigrants. Twas only three years ago that Graham was in favor of enacting a pathway to citizenship for those here without legal status. Now he wants to strip their American born children of the same and ship them off to what to the kids are but foreign countries. So much for the usual guts to stand on principle, but hell, principle has never stood in any Republicans way it seems.

A good one at Grumpy Lion, a new site I just came across. It’s entitled Why Humans Won’t Get Global Warming. Go read it.

Enufs kiddos. See ya tomarra.

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Sweeping Out the Flotsom

Trying to talk to a climate change denier, is about as effective as talking to a evolutionary biology denier. Both have too much invested in their world view to take a change on actual thinking.

This country has endured its worst winter ever in many places. Dallas is scheduled for nearly a foot of snow, while northern Florida and Atlanta are both hit with inches.

The wackos at Faux Nauseous spout how “Al is afraid to come out and be seen, since the winter snows clearly  destroy his claim of global warming.” Duh, what could be clearer? Most snow, coldest temperatures, ipso facto and all that jazz.

Except that their conclusion is laughable, and bespeaks an utter lack of intellectual prowess or, worse, as we often suspect, downright intentional misleading. It’s often hard to tell which. I mean is Senator Inhofe really nuts ( we hear he whistles “If I only had a brain” down the corridors of Congress), or is he the willing shill of the energy companies who pour thousands into his campaign coffers?

We do know that the majority of the tea bagging, evangelical Jesus spouting deniers do not know better. Their brains have long atrophied. The have been victimized by Faux Noise and K Street to the extent that they magically do their bidding, completely unaware that they vote against their own interests.

Inhofe claims that the “books are cooked” as regards climate change. This naively or not, claims that scientists twist the evidence to an outcome other than where it naturally would go for some ulterior reasons, the likes of which Mr. Inhofe has yet to explain. Science is peer-reviewed and scientists gain their celebrity precisely for bringing forth replicable findings which their colleagues across the globe can review, retest and agree or disagree with.

After bemoaning the fact that only the likes of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Keith Olbermann, and a few of the left were countering the lies perpetrated by the Limbaugh/Fox/Inhofe conspiracy forces, finally the mainstream media addressed the claims.

Diane Sawyer brought on an actual scientist to address these claims. She calmly reminded everyone that scientists don’t have sides but pursue the evidence. They she pointed out that in reports issued years ago, reference was made that one of the consequences of this intense uptick in warming was that “storms would increase in intensity.” In other words, whether it be snow storms, thunderstorms, tornado activity, hurricanes, there is likely to be a greater range and ferocity, caused by shifts in the temperatures of oceans and the movements of deep sea “streams.”

Course, we know, that this will change no mind, for the already questionably brain dead will not bother to even read an independent source. After all, intellectuals are dangerous–they know things that the NASCAR bible thumpers don’t, and that’s too scary.


Speaking of intellectuals (I lied, my bad), Sarah just can’t keep her doncha/cantcha/wanna self out of the news these days. We of course were not surprised that she writes her “values” on her hand in an attempt to recall exactly what they are when being interviewed by sympathizing followers. The jokes are too numerous to set down.

But really girl, this is a tad much doncha think? At her next couple of “speaking” engagements she seeks to bar the press from coverage. No doubt to prevent them from getting more food for the mill. According the Think Progress, the Wasilla Wonder wants the media barred. This comes on the heels of her and her handlers barring phones, cameras and political questions from those  who line up ( why on earth they would is another matter–line up that is) to get her to sign her silly book.

Alaska bloggers are on a black list, and apparently non-English speaking press is especially turned back. This from a woman who wants to remove Obama because we are “losing our freedoms.” I guess she isn’t referring to any of those mentioned in the first ten amendments to the US Constitution. The total insanity of this woman and her reams of illogical drivel is enough to make one well, demand a recount of her brain cells. There can’t be more than 12, and I’m being generous.

And don’t miss this piece on David Broder’s love affair with the mooselady. A new word is coined for Sarah, the media that adores her, and the bowel movements that endorse her: Idiocracy


And speaking of well, demented women of a Republican persuasion, we must tell you that both women have fared poorly in recent polls. No doubt you are aware that Sarah has reached new heights when it comes to voter disapproval. More than 70% claim she is unqualified to be president, and the number is about 56% when referring to Republicans only.

Similarly, the crazy woman from Minnesota (that’s Minna SO ta to you) is an “embarrassment to 56% of the electorate.”  Only in her district does she poll a slight majority of favorables. This no doubt is similar to Steven King our own resident crazy, who I suspect only polls well in his northwestern district in Iowa.

This suggests that the crazies of any state are pushed/pulled to remote isolated little districts where they can be ignored by the sane working population of a state. We are heartened by the fact that the majority in these states can add 2 + 2  and = 4, and we will not continue with our packing to move to the Greater Antilles as we had planned (we pooh poohed moving to the Lesser Antilles, well, because they are lesser and they don’t have Diet Coke Caffeine  free, I learned).

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