It’s Not Time to Cry Wolf

ap_tornado_search_victims_nt_130520_wblogIt’s so very tempting to cry out in anger and frustration. If you are one of those self-serving climate change deniers, best cast a wide berth around me today. That is what I am tempted to say.

My heart aches for the people in Oklahoma who have suffered the loss of all their material lives but in addition, many have lost loved ones, many of those children, huddled in an elementary school for safety. Unfortunately, the twister cut a death road right through it.

After all the natural disasters we have suffered in the past fifteen years, it is tempting to believe that we are reaping the consequences of our refusal to seriously address the damage we are doing to our planet. It is so very tempting. And a lot of people are saying just that.

I was tempted. My first reactions were probably much like yours. “Now tell me again that there is no such thing as man-made climate change.” Of course there is, and we know it to be a fact. We know it because of studies done again and again. The science is clear, and the scientific community is also clear, remaining at the level of 97%. When independent studies are conducted, looking at nearly 14,000 peer-reviewed articles on climate change, only 24 were skeptical. That’s a powerful number.

Yet a fair look at the data regarding tornadoes does not suggest that we should make the assumption that climate change is the culprit in what seemingly are more severe and fatal tornadoes. You can look at the actual listing of tornadoes in America since the earliest recorded one in 1671 to the present. A number of things should be remembered:

  1. Reporting in terms of damage and severity of twisters changes over time. We use a new system for instance starting in 2007, the Enhanced Fujita Scale. We have better equipment for measuring intensity and damage.
  2. We are much more populated. Areas that were virtually uninhabited are no longer so, and fatalities may reflect that to some degree.
  3. We have better warning systems that no doubt save lives.

The facts are that scientists generally do agree that climate change is driving a lot of weather phenomenon such as heat waves, drought, flooding, hurricanes and snowstorms. But tornadoes are something else again. The science is not there. There is still much that remains unknown about tornadoes and the main causes–energy in the form of warm, wet air meeting colder air, and wind shear, cut in opposite directions as far as climate change is concerned. This doesn’t mean that climate change is not driving tornadic activity today, but no one can say that with certainty at this point. 

Numbers suggest that 2011 was one of the worst years for tornadoes, but so far 2013 seems relatively sedate. However it is also noted as of the last few years, there seem to be tornadoes of higher intensity and with greater loss of life than we have seen in most of our lifetimes. That is merely anecdotal evidence at this point, and points to no clear trend as far as the science is concerned.

While we generally approve of Democratic Senator, Sheldon Whitehouse and his positions on any number of issues before the American public, he spoke to quickly in my humble opinion in assigning a causative claim to the Oklahoma twister in Moore to “climate change”. Since the science simply doesn’t support the allegation, Senator Whitehouse only serves the reactionary right when he offers up an opinion that can be so easily taken apart.

This is distressing for the reason that as we all know (all of those who are rational, read the actual scientific papers and listen to their testimony) that man-made climate change is real and it is taking and will continue to take a serious toll on this planet, making life uncomfortable for many, and perhaps unlivable for many others. I read just yesterday of,  if memory serves me, a small island in Fiji where the inhabitants recently moved a seaside settlement inland by a mile to get away from rising ocean levels that were washing into their crop lands and destroying them with salt water. That is reality.

It simply doesn’t help to cry wolf at indefensible tragedies no matter how tempting. There is more than enough reality to use as examples.

Oh, the Sadness of It

It’s useless to ask how many must die before the NRA stops this charade that any limit on guns is some monstrous threat to our freedom.

They will continue always to argue that to even discuss the issue is “taking advantage of the tragedy”. Of course it is not. As  E. J. Dionne pointed out, no such thing was said when FEMA was attacked after Katrina.

Our gun policy is insane. The Democrats are scared silly to even mention it. The NRA continues to scream that Obama must be defeated because they are sure that once elected to a second term, he will let loose the dogs of gun control and in cahoots with the UN, eviscerate the Second Amendment. It’s all insane.

There is no shortage of insane people in this country. Pursuant to the religious policies of the Mormon and Catholic churches (now that’s some strange bedfellowing), the higher-ups in the boy scouting world have voted to continue preventing gay men and women to serve as scout masters.

Way to continue false stereotypes you miserable excuses for Jesus followers. (If you detected some personal opinion here, be assured it was not intended.) :P

And let’s not forget our girl, Michele “wild eyes” Bachmann. Much like the much forgotten Sarah, Michele misses the limelight and doesn’t really care who she harms in her quest to get some press.

Her attacks on Huma Abedin are outrageous, causing members of her own idiotic party to condemn her. With her on this McCarthyite-type attack is the ever crazy Louis Gohmert, that fine upstanding horse’s ass from Texas. He lost the fight with Rick Perry over the one brain cell they were supposed to share. Nothing but cobwebs in his upstairs. Shame on ’em both.

And then there is Paterno, now dead and unable to face what he should have to face.

How can you work with young people virtually all of your life, yet turn your back and cover up a man who is molesting children?

How can you?

Rip down that statute, Penn State. He deserves nothing but our condemnation.

Meanwhile drought continues over vast areas of the US. What looked to be a bumper crop in the Midwest is being plowed under as a total loss or near it. The West is on fire. The East is sweltering.

But the righty-tightys continue to point out that their version of the bible suggests (if you choose to read it that way) that the earth will never be destroyed, and that’s enough for them. The Koch brothers and their ilk pat them on their stupid heads, and order more martinis.

And the GOP, though insane, are not stupid. They have devised a way to suppress the Democratic vote.

It’s the American way doncha know. I mean, better than 10,000 legitimate voters be turned away rather than one illegitimate one in the entire nation get through to cast a ballot.

No doubt that is what the Founding Fathers intended.

Gosh we got pretty darn far before a Romney insanity showed up. Seems Willard is spending all his time now, reminding us that “greed is good”.

Word is that what Willard is trying so hard to keep under wraps is that he basically paid no taxes before he dressed them all up for public display. He points out that Lindsay Graham says that not paying taxes IS the American way. But of course, Mitt expects me to pay mine. Lots more in fact, so that we can keep those taxes really low on the job creators. Does that include his horse who garnered a $77,000 deduction a few years ago? He was creating manure for sure. And I guess somebody got a job cleaning that up. Must be how it works.

Can’t we all just learn to get along?


Well, I Been Busy

Ya think you are done?

Yeah, I bet you did.

Done with me talking about moving in? Sure, I’m done.


It seemed that Thursday and Friday got filled up with doing stuff.  The Contrarian had his first VA appointment, mostly because he needed his meds renewed. That went peachy as they say.

So then we headed off to Home Depot to order window “treatments”. A mix-match of drapery (Martha Stewart panels for the patio door–the sliding bamboo panels we wanted were outrageously expensive at nearly $1000), wooden blinds and a hot little ditty called “faux stained-glass film.”

This last we decided to use in the two odd windows on either side of the front door, which are 14 inches wide and probably five feet or more in length. We liked the idea of letting the morning sun in but still providing privacy. I located a perfectly matching metal wall hanging at Pier 1 Imports yesterday, and so together the entrance looks quite nice.

All that stuff takes a lot of time to put up, so like I said, we have been busy. Pier 1 was my major stop yesterday to get pillows for the chairs and sofa. And like I said, I found the wall hanging. And where I could have spent another $3-400 bucks easily with all the neat stuff I saw. I’m dangerous in a place like that. The prices are enticing and well, I guess I just like their style.

So, here it is Saturday and I am just about done with my work day but for dinner which is made mostly but for the cooking. Marinated steaks for the grill, corn salsa, left-over Mexican rice with green chile salsa, and some left over baked beans. The Contrarian takes care of the grilling.

I have about six recipes to post on the other blog. I’m reading The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, and I have the Excel spreadsheet ready to go to start cataloging the books. I have a hair cut appointment on Monday, the Contrarian has to stop at the VA again to see a technician about his ear, and then we need to hit the bank, Verizon, and eventually Wal-Mart before the end of the week. Not so much, lol. Oh and I forgot, the Contrarian is spending his time searching Craig’s list for a truck.

Just your typically over-whelmed (almost) American retired couple. We are managing to find time to enjoy ourselves along the way.

Meanwhile, the beat goes on.

The GOP is really really sure it hates the AHCA, and it’s really sure that it will do all kinds of utterly dastardly things to all of us. Beyond that. . . .

It comes down to “reduce costs” (somehow).

That’s pretty much all they have to say.

Course, they say that while partaking in all the benefits of the new law themselves, or, indulging in the nice health care package that they enjoy as members of the government.

Willard promises us many things. None of them are actually details, just grandiose grand statements of how much better we will be off with him. He can’t go into the details of exactly how he will do that stuff–that would be giving the opposition a heads-up and we can’t have that. It all comes down to trust.

Don’t it always?

While that is going on, Willard is subjected to much inquiry about his money.

Really rich folks are notorious for not liking to get into the particulars of how they manage their money.

They know the tax code like nobody else on earth, and we would be shocked to discover how they can secrete away so much of their gains without paying taxes.

Willard says he pays every dime he’s required to and not a nickel more. Direct quote.

I guess that is an example of patriotism.

As Rinsed Penis said, “it’s the American way to avoid paying taxes.”

Is that something Willard will be teaching us if elected?

Plenty of the country has more things to worry about, as its been mighty hot.

Everyone here in Las Cruces keeps telling us “it’s not usually this hot here”. It’s been over 100 a whole lot, and I guess it’s not usually quite that hot.

I know it’s been really hot just about everywhere.

George Will tells me to get over it, “it’s summer after all.”

But if 10 of the hottest years on record have occurred in the past 12 years, and 20 of the hottest have occurred in the past 30 years, I figure there is a problem.

Mr. Inhofe, idiot Senator from OK claims global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. He says, it’s outrageous to imagine that human beings can interfere with what God created. I’m pretty sure Satan has interfered with the connections in Mr. Inhofe’s brain. As I said, he’s an idiot. Don’t believe me? Go look up idiot in the dictionary.  You’ll find his face there. I’m sure.

Willard went a visiting to the NAACP.

He told them how much he liked their music.

He told them that he liked ’em all just fine, and he would like them to visit him in the WH now and then and give him their “sense of things”.

He said some unkind things about the President.

For that he was booed.

But he smiled, and said, “take a look, I’m your real friend.”

Which reminds me that somebody once said, “with friends like that. . . .”

The Tea Party folks over at Americans for Prosperity seem not to know that they are a part of a front organization funded and run by the Koch brothers.

Prosperity is right. But it ain’t you’re prosperity they are lookin’ out for.

Wanna guess whose?

Oh come on.

Give it a try.


While you’re at it, look up the word “duped” in the dictionary.

Don’t be surprised if you find your own picture there.

Just sayin’.

Are You Seriously Insane or Only Serious. . . .Seriously?

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

So, I was minding my own business, just reading up on my favorite bloggers, when Denise sent me over to this hatefest called TownHall, wherein all the greats (leading off with Annie *nobody will touch that* Coulter) of ultra wacked conservatism reside. And I read this bilge by somebody called John Hawkins about how evil and super crazy all liberals are.

And I read the comments, which consisted of a long list of “yes, yes,” and “got that right” and “oh, John, you are the best” and other such drivel.

Now John said all the usual things, like:

  • that liberals are hateful people (almost all of them) We get up hating, and we go to bed hating. We hate all the wrong people (them) which is proof, while they hate only the right people.
  • that liberals promote race hatred at every turn. The Nazis couldn’t have done as well in creating groups to gin up hate like liberals do, even though the crazy right never uses  analogies like Nazi.
  • that most liberals are immoral and therefore never have to apologize (as the right is constantly having to do) when their private immoralities become public. Conservatives are moral because they do apologize. And also liberals, having no morals, spend all their time lying about conservatives, which by definition, conservatives must refrain from (which explains why Willard is not required to tell the truth about nuthin’ since he ain’t no real conservative)
  • that liberals don’t care about whether their policies actually work, it just makes them feel good to force them on people, for some reason that Hawkins can’t explain. But it’s true nonetheless. “policies that kill millions but make them feel good about themselves are a win.”
  • that liberals are extremely intolerant. The entire MSM is liberal, yet they begrudge the Right a couple of puny radio shows and Fox. We don’t even know the meaning of tolerance–“Actual tolerance means that you realize people have different practices and views and even if you don’t agree, you understand that they should have the ability to live as they choose, just as you should have the leeway to live as you choose.” Liberalism is just the first step to fascism. (Except if you are gay, an immigrant, Muslim, a strong woman,  a Democrat, a liberal, progressive, 99 9/10’s of all black race card players, European, Middle Eastern -except Israeli, college student, college professor, welfare recipient, sexually active woman, Commie, socialist, evolutionist, secularist, tree-huggin’ greenies, a climate changer . . . awww heck, anything other than white!)


I mean.


Classroom please.


Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.  .  .  .In this way, the subject may obtain ‘acquittal by his conscience.  .  .  .Projection can also be established as a means of obtaining or justifying certain actions that would normally be found atrocious or heinous. This often means projecting false accusations, information, etc., onto an individual for the sole purpose of maintaining a self-created illusion.  .  .  .Compartmentalization, splitting, and projection are ways that the ego continues to pretend that it is completely in control at all times. . . . [from Wikipedia]

Got that? And guess what?

Wanna know who is the best at this crap? The fundamentalist-authoritiarian follower. Or TeaPerson, or Ultra Right-Wing Wanger.

So, you know, you cannot talk to these folks.

There is a book that just came out called The Republican Brain. It looks like a good one. The author speaks about Republican views on global warming. This has always been an odd duck for me. Why does the extreme Right hate environmentalism? Some, the fringe evangelical crazies think that Genesis settled the issue by saying that God said he would never suffer the destruction of the world again, ala The Flood. But surely that is a fringe.

So what gives?

Is it just the herd mentality of the authoritarian follower to follow the dictates of the GOP elites who receive their campaign funds from oil and gas interests and thus echo the “green technology is bad” song?

Are Republicans just idiots?

Sort of. Smart idiots would be more like it.

It turns out that the more educated you are as a Republican, the more you deny global warming. How can that be?

Research also shows that it’s a white male, Tea Party position as well.

The reasoning goes this way:

  1. The conservative mind is authoritarian. It likes clean black/white dichotomies, and it likes certainty. Fear and threat are bad. Once they have an opinion, it is held against all new information.
  2. The conservative mind prizes individuality, dislikes government and accepts that society is hierarchical. If humans are responsible for global warming, then their free market philosophy has failed and government will have to step in.Since this is unacceptable,  there must be a conspiracy to create a crisis in order to justify take over of economies. Scientists must be part of this, so scientists can’t be trusted.
  3. The worst aspects of the conservative mind are met with a news outlet that is prepared to coddle their mis-beliefs, i.e., Fox News. Studies clearly show that Fox News watchers are the most uninformed on all issues, but clearly global warming.

So, again, we can talk with these folks.

Now you go out, and forget all the doom and gloom, and have a good day.

Blago Bites the Bullet Big Time

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to the slammer we go.

Blago blah blahed about how he wasn’t guilty/would be back/thanked all the little people/was facing a challenge/none of the above, or something else entirely. Nobody cared.

It’s just nice noting the turning of a page of crap.

I have a reader stuffed with blogs and other newsworthy picks. I can’t begin to read them all every day. I do the best I can, and from time to time, I purge the list of those places that I don’t find I’m using much.

And, as you can expect, I am constantly finding new places that are providing much food for thought. So I thought I’d at least mention some of them, so you can decide whether you might add them to your list of “must reads.”

I do my best to include lots of voices, especially voices I respect, but some I don’t. I have stricken The Blaze, finding the reporting the near non-existent scribblings of high school students at best. Frankly the only thing interesting were the comments and when you understand that these lost souls are unredeemable from a psychological point of view, there seems little point in reading their sad recitation of wacko talking points.

That said, I have added The American Spectator which is deeply conservative. I suspect they are not true believers so much as they are manipulators. I’ve come to realize you don’t read the kool-aid drinkers but the mixers. Along with the National Review, is about all I can stomach of the “intellectual right.”

On a much brighter note, I’ve added the following:  Feministing which lends a more snarky women’s point of view to things. Field Negro, adds another African-American voice, as does SkepticalBrotha and Uppity Negro Network.  Lesbians speak up in Tenured Radical and Social (In)Queery. We try to better understand our Latino citizens with The Wise Latina Club.

If any of you have blogs that you think I should follow please do advise. The broader the network of voices, the more informed we all are. At least so I believe.

As most of you are aware, we are embroiled in this country with a number of GOP faux issues: women’s right to contraceptive care, among them. Juanita Jean directs us to this great site for some good old fun with the perpetrators of Texas’ sonogram law. Women there, are, how shall we put it, not so pleased with their men.  God bless Facebook for providing the space to gather.

We have an appointment at 3:00 p.m at our local market to pick up their daily supply of boxes for my packing adventures. The Contrarian invited me to sup before hand. He recommends “La Mick-Don-aulds” for an offering of surf and turf, otherwise known as a Big Mac and Fish sandwich. I’m so excited, I’m wearing my best hoodie.

The GOP claims that the stimulus has been an unmitigated disaster. Now, I’d be the first to admit that one thing doesn’t necessarily correlate with another, just cause they happen at near the same time. But just sayin’ I think that the GOP doesn’t much like this graph.

But then they probably explain it some other way. Like Alan West, who says that the rise of the stock market over 13,000 is in “anticipation of the GOP victory in November.” (the vertical is the # of job-less unemployment claims)

This is one of the reasons I so dislike flag-waving right wingers who constantly tout the US as some special mecca of perfection unknown throughout the rest of the civilized or not world. These are some damning and sobering numbers. It gives new meaning to the term: “We’re #1″. Please read America the Possible: A Manifesto Pt 1. It’s long, but it’s today’s must read.

The dangers of carbon dioxide. Tell that to a plant, how dangerous carbon dioxide is. — Rick Santorum, accepting the Michele Bachmann chair in biochemistry … (This from the Constant Weader) *Chuckle*

Christopher Orlet over at American Spectator has some interesting things to say about the idea that what might help America is if we weren’t so segregated in housing between the rich, middle class and poor. Let’s just say he’s not likin’ the idea much as you can see from the following:

 In general the middle class craves order, stability, security and tranquility. The poor, meanwhile, lead lives that are slovenly chaotic. (this of the “poor” in his own neighborhood and why his middle class neighbors want to escape)

You quickly grow weary of cleaning up your neighbors’ mounds of discarded beer cans, fast food bags, and wrappers. Marijuana is smoked openly on the sidewalks and stoops.

the few responsible middle class parents on our street do not allow their children to associate with their poorer neighbors. I can’t say I blame them. The foul language, the filth, the drug use, the frequent spousal and child abuse, and the unsecured firearms are all excellent reasons why, even on our block, the children are segregated into classes.

Gosh, I don’t know this Orlet dude, but I sure feel sorry for him. Don’t you?

And just cuz you guys are super great!

Whoooooo Are You?


Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut, Sometimes You Don’t

New Hampshirites go to the polls today to determine which flav of the week they are hungry for. Ask them next week, and they might well change their mind. For folks who are in love with “things as they are/were/always have been” GOP voters these days sure seem uncertain of little else but what state they reside in.

We are tempted to spend some time in the kitchen making snacks so we can sit noshing as the returns come forth. Will it be another nail-biter like Iowa? Will Santorum’s Google problem catch up with the staid Catholic prude? Will Newt sit in the middle of the street in diapers and bawl his head off? Or will Mittens try rap as a means to communicate with the masses?

I guess my biggest question is whether or not Newt gets it. Has it dawned on Pillsbury DB that he is dead in the water? Is he simply engaged in a Shermanesque slash and burn campaign to destroy the man he thinks took him down? He is doing the Democrats work for them, and of course that is great. Can the Establishment GOP rein him in other than by assassination at this point? lets

My second question is whether Jon Huntsman is just getting his name out there in anticipation of 2016, or is he angling for the Establishment to turn his way now that Romney is starting to flounder a bit?

What is clear is that there is now an answer to why Romney avoided interviews and other unscripted situations up until he was forced to it by Newt’s surge. He is a bit undisciplined. Not a bit. A lot. He comes off in debates as childish and as some teacher’s pet sorta brat when he doesn’t get his way. He also let’s go with stupid crap like: “I’m running for President, for God’s sake!”, “I like to fire people,” “I’m proud I forced him to take a mortgage out on his house to beat me,” and other assorted gems that prove that rich people like me live by way different rules than you.

Me thinks that Santorum’s moment in the sun was just that, a moment. Odds are that second place is gonna be a fight between Dr. Paul and Huntsman. His homophobic theocratic crap will play much better in South Carolina. Too bad DeMint don’t like him. He could do well there, but probably won’t. Newt is pinning his hopes there as is Ricky P. You remember Ricky P don’t ha?

I must say, I do try to understand those folks who hold opinions that I find utterly mad. I do. I try to figure out what set of basics one starts with, from which one can build a house of cards that lead to whatever cockamamie conclusion that I am scratching my head about. There is an interesting article over at Religious Dispatches about how and why the likes of Santorum and others come to their weird explanations as to why marriage equality is so dangerous to life on Mars.   Well thought out and well written.

Just a question. How are the climate nay-sayers explaining this winter? I haven’t heard a peep out of them. Usually about this time of year one hears the stupid “yeah, it’s 15 below and we have three feet of snow in Virginia–so much for global warming!” Strangely they aren’t explaining this nation wide warmth and lack of snow. Hmmmm.

The Right, including the GOP panderers are always hot to trot when it comes to sabre rattling against “Islamic Jihadists”. And of course it sets a tone that is anything but helpful. There is a really nice article by Anouar Majid at Informed Comment  about the Arab Spring, and the opportunities to forge a better relationship between Americans and Muslims. Do read.

You may have missed this. Here in Iowa, they broke into regular programming to give the news. Todd Palin has endorsed Newt Gingrich. Along with Christine O’Donnell opting for Mittens, I can’t wait for who Ronald McDonald is gonna choose. I mean, millions four people want to know.

This just in. The Blaze has gained access to the pictures, and they are up in arms. I mean, the inhumanity of it all. Exclusive here, you can see the photos of the extravaganza  that taxpayers were forced to pay. The Obama’s had a Halloween party in 2009, replete with costumes and the usual riffraff from Hollywood, including JOHNNY DEPP dressed as the Mad Hatter. Register your anger now.

What’s on the Stove? Well, we got the taste for a Reuben sandwich so I got some corned beef, some sauerkraut, some high-grade Emanthaler swiss cheese, so rye bread,  and of course some homemade thousand island dressing (which will be posted today). Weep on my dears.

Bring In the Clowns

I used to like clowns. Until they became evil. Now I don’t like them.

Anyway, have a happy Halloween. We don’t get trick or treaters back here in the hollow. So I don’t carve pumpkins. I eat pumpkin instead.

The candidates all were invited to go to a Halloween party I’m told. They all chose to go as clowns.

Campaign managers across the board suggested that might be dressing too close to the mark.

So they are going as statesmen and women, something none of them need worry that they will ever be confused as.

The poor Northeast is getting smacked with a very early year snow storm. I feel for them. Not enough however to wish it were here instead. Here it’s sunny. And seasonable. And the leaves are falling still. I don’t think they can keep that up much longer without become bereft of foliage.  Oh as to that October Nor’easter, that’s not climate change. In case you were wondering.

 Just ask the Koch brothers. They funded a climate change skeptic to prove that the data was all wrong. Except he didn’t. He said it was true. Funny how the MSM, you know, the media that is supposed to be squarely in the lap of progressives, hasn’t much mentioned that. But the Koch brothers and their minions will continue to deny climate change because it suits their interests.  

There is a long but very interesting article at The Atlantic about the changing ideas about romantic relationships. Kate Bolick’s experiences as a child were not at all like mine. Her mother urged her to find herself as a woman and not “settle” for domesticity until she found an emotionally satisfying relationship. My mother, never understood my independence nor could she get why I wasn’t married. I married on the verge of middle age, 49. (Yes, as you age, you push middle age further and further down the road kiddies.)

Where are all the good men? They were there in her 20’s and 30’s. Now they seem to have disappeared from the landscape, leaving only the failures and the predators. But are women looking for the wrong things? The 50’s model of marriage might well be nothing more than a blip on the screen, and not at all what has been normal throughout history.

It’s a long read, but a really interesting and informative one. It’s Saturday. Relax. Or mark it for tomorrow and some lazy day reading.

If you want to engage in some more serious reading, I recommend this one from The Nation. Entitled, How the Austerity Class Rules Washington, it documents the long history of how a minority economic theory has gained control of not only the Republican party, but has controlled the dialogue in Washington. Deficit hawks have gained ascendency and “cut taxes, cut programs”,  plays well to the great uneducated masses who think it makes sense. After all, who doesn’t get–“You are in debt? Stop spending so much.” 

The fact that this is not the way to end a recession has been lost in a howling of cut, cut, cut. Very worth the read.

And since it’s Saturday.

And since I like ya.

Romney puts the “R” in relative. As in “my opinion is relative.”

As in “My opinion is relative as to whether it helps or hurts me with the voters.’

As in “My opinion is relative as to whether it helps or hurts me with the voters. . ., today.”

As in “Tell me what my opinion should be, today.”

As in “I barely have an opinion that I am alive.”

Gingrich puts the G in “go look up the word Grifter.

Or in the word “getting”.

As in “I’m getting your money and giving nothing back in return except more bills.”

As in, “I’m getting to enjoy making a living by funneling off ‘expenses’ from all of my bogus organizations that I set up for the collection of donations to my lifestyle.

As in, “I’m glad you people are this stupid. I might have to actual find a job otherwise.”

As in, ” I never met a scam I didn’t like.”

Cain puts the C in “Can I interest you in this fine used car.”

As in, “Can I count on your being slightly stupider than me?”

As in, “Can you buy my book.?”

As in, “Can you tell me tell me anything about any foreign country?”

As in, “Can I dance a little soft-shoe for ya?”

As in, “Can you believe that all my supporters are white people?”

And just cuz:

What’s on the Stove? Stuffed portabella mushrooms and homemade onion rings. Recipes to follow on the food site.