Pinterest Madness

pinterestI am not insane.

I repeat, I am not insane.

When I first got wind of Pinterest, I thought it odd, stupid, and incoherent.

I thought that for a very long time.

Then, I got the notion that I might find some beading ideas there.

And so I went.

And then I went again.

And I swear, I never knew that I was being invaded by nano bytes. Insideous robots whose only aim in robotic life is to whisper, “go to Pinterest. There might be something new.” And one board leads to another, and another and like a black widow your synapses are painstakingly webbed with connections that all lead to another board of PINS!

Seriously I’m not that addicted. I have found some good ideas, and am presently making a this and a that.

I figure the problem with most crafters is that they think that anybody can do this. And thus you end up with some really stupid things. I figure coffee filter wreathes is a pretty stupid idea.

pinterest2I’m rather suspicious I gotta say of the man I ran across who pins roaring twenties girls. That seems fairly weird.

But then I just learned something today. When the going gets weird the weird turn pro. Hunter Thompson said that, probably while higher than a kite, which is not all that high actually–a weather balloon would be a better analogy, but I guess such things were unknown when that phrase was invented.

Oops, my bad, the Thompson quote comes from A Pondering Mind. You should sign up if you haven’t, since there is much wisdom, much humor, and well, both are useful in any given day.

Along similar lines, do stop by Mostly Bright Ideas, a fella who has a good sense of humor and is kinda shotgun in his approach, and well, makes you smile, another useful thing to do in any given day. People who think like me realize that really really disparate ideas often have a common thread if you search hard enough, and are creative enough, and are well, strange enough to see the invisible connection. Mysterious no?

Any the way: here is another of those, “I’d rethink that idea before setting up a store to sell it in” items that somebody thought was a good idea on Pinterest:

pinterest-bagel-toteSome people go a bit over the top with recycling.

I figure somebody will start up a tutorial on how to render dead bodies to make soap.

But I’m really glad to know how to make a dress from a man’s large t-shirt.

You don’t think that’s possible?

I beg to differ.

Without scissors or tape or even a pin.

pinterestteashirtYou see?

And who can say they have not stayed awake at night dreaming (awake of course) of this:

pinterestducktapeCan you have TOO much duct tape?


I think I would go crazy with duct tape.

But not for the reasons they might think.

I go crazy about a lot of things.

Most of them are of interest only to me.

I realize that.

Do you know how many mirror frames I’ve seen made out of plastic spoons?

tree cozyThe woman who lives in the house belonging to this tree, needs help.bucketfilling

And who would want to miss this great tip:

I mean this is like a certified listing of people who need meds quickly.

And wow, I can’t wait to get in the kitchen with this idea:

Home cooking is so much better than any old junk you find in the supermarket.

mtndewcupcakes.jpg w=600But enough.

I recognize these  as crazy, therefore I am most sane.

While I’m at it, take a look at a couple of good blogs I’ve run into lately:

Evolving Thoughts has been doing some good writing on the human mind and how it can get so screwed up and how it can decide it likes it that way. This is a first article and there is another one, so go back to the home page and you’ll find it. How we learn, or how others don’t, is fascinating.

I was looking some stuff up for Facebook on Ted Cruz, dominionist and all-around nut, and found a great article by Jonathan Turley, super smart professor of law and all-around commentator on lots of things. His resume is impressive and so you might be interested in his thoughts. Mostly he talks about legal cases, but occasionally slips off into other areas, hence the post on Teddy the Tunnel Vision Turd.

You might want to take a look at OPED News as well, which is I find to give pretty good news well backed up with facts.

This is all connected by the way, but I’m sure not gonna tell you how.

And I have no idea why so many people are now following this blog. Over two thousand. Musta been something I said. But I have no idea which oddity it was. Pin on world!

No U-Turns, Follow the Map

Oh, excuse me. Don’t mind me. I’m just dribbling. A little idea here, a little factoid there. Nothing much to alert the press about. Surely no need to take to the bomb shelter. Just the sleepy weekend fare.

The Contrarian is cooking today. “Stay out of the kitchen, woman–I’m in charge!” Okay, as I creep away, hiding behind a computer. Forewarned is forearmed. Naw. Actually he produces a great meal sometimes, and an edible one at all times. It’s safe to continue.

We got a couple of inches of snow last night. I did not explode in expletives however. I took it in “stride” as my new found peace dictates. I’m embracing the beauty, smiling at the bright blue sky, and recalling the three fat robins perched outside the bedroom window on the lilac bushes. “Agnes, I said we should wait a week. Now we have to get all wet in this mess!”

We are up to our eyeballs in March Madness. It’s the year of the upset. They predicted there wouldn’t be any or darn few. They were wrong. So were  those folks who created the brackets this year. So wrong. Being right, means four one’s end up in the final four. Not this year. Prince charming is gonna have his choice of Cinderellas this year.

The Roman Catholic church continues to grapple for a hold on sanity as it spirals into hell for it’s treatment of pedophile priests. The cover up seems to still be uncovering and it’s dirtying more and more of the higher ups. It’s sad, pathetic, horrific. The harm that they have done is so far reaching as to be nearly incalculable. All Christendom is tainted. I cannot not imagine how this was reconciled as somehow being Christ-like by offending clergy and superiors.

The health care reform bill seems poised to pass amidst all the hoopla. Everyone is counting heads, trying to maintain the suspense. There is no end to the lies and silly walks the opposition seems ready to pull. Now it’s some vast mean offense against God to vote on Sunday. I think Jesus actually spoke to that–the sabbath being created for man and not man for the sabbath? Something like that. But Monday should be interesting. If it passes (as I suspect it will), we shall wait and see if the earth still spins on Monday, or if it is burnt to a cinder by Satan’s minions. Cast your bets.

Sandra Bullock, after making all kinds of speeches about her wonderful husband, Jesse James (the name should have alerted the girl no?), has left him for his years long infidelity. Some people care, and I wonder why. I mean as a human, I am sad she is sad, but beyond that? Doesn’t cross my radar. Yet, we, the great egalitarian society (so we protest against clear evidence to the contrary) continue to place people on pedestals and expect them not to be like “us.” Go figure that one out.

I’ve bogged down in my knitting, which always happens. Remember, I am not addicted to any craft–no passion. So, after a few weeks, I get tired of purling and knitting and yarn overing and all that. I’m poised to return to crochet, some lacy edgings that I can sew together for a spring shawl? I’ll get a quarter or so done, before that wanes too. It’s me, and I’ve come to accept it. Somehow, they all get done, over time.

I’m about to finish a book on Christian women in the fourth century. It’s not as good as I expected. Next on the agenda is a tome on the Reformation. It’s a subject I’m woefully not well versed in. I’m interested in reading some Camus and some Philo as well. I’m itching for a trip to the bookstore next week, if the weather allows it.

I’ve spent some hours this morning reading blogs. It’s so refreshing to do. I learn a lot, am uplifted. I laugh, I nod in agreement, and once or twice, I yelped in horror. Thanks Randal, I really really needed that pic seared into my skull! I try always to spend some time with cheeseburger and hotdog pics. They always make me happy. Jan always has words of wisdom. Madpriest takes us to task on things we should be taken to task for. Dave reminds us of things that fully sensory folks take for granted. Blisterina takes awesome photos that just make the spirit soar. I could go on, but you probably read them all too, and more than me.

So, have yourselves a pleasant Saturday. Remember to take some time to have fun, relax and stop to smell a rose or two along the way.

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Short Takes on the Day, 07/19/09

oddsandendsI’m layin’ back and enjoying the day, as best as I can, given it’s barely breaking 70 today. Not skipping church, if you were thinking that. I went yesterday, a first time for me. I was obligated to set up for our library book sale, so it obviously made no sense not to go to Saturday evening services. It was different. Not my cup o’ tea as they say. But as our priest said, “now you’ve been to one!”

So, I’m foot loose and fancy free as they say, or don’t as you prefer your metaphor.  I’m not sure what foot loose means, nor fancy free for that matter. Another of those things we take for granted and have no clue where they came from. Probably had something to do with the plague or something. You know that “ring around the rosy” got it’s start there don’t cha?  Yep.


Moving right along, I just wanted to announce that I’m a bona fide professional book reviewer. I’m sure you can tell the difference, when I passed through that portal into the rarefied confines of New York publishing heaven. Yes indeed, and the view is quite fine looking down upon the rest of you wannabes.

The proof of my new found status is that I received in the mail, U N S O L I C I T E D, my first book from a publisher. Now I was curious, and somewhat confused to be sure at first. I dutifully looked through my LibraryThing (located to the left down the sidebar), assuming it was one that I had checked off as wanting to review. No such find. I noted that it came from the Hachette  Book Group, which distributes for Little Brown & Co. I noted that the review I just did for “The Evolution of God” came from LB&C. So my interest was piqued.

I finally wrote an email to the distributor, and received a reply rather quickly. Indeed, they had thought I might enjoy the book sent, and would be most pleased should I review it. A cheesy smile encompasses my face, as I am back in the throes of “professional” something or other, albeit, no word of $$$ seemed to cross a lip either way. I’m not sure if money is required to seal the deal, but I’m choosing to revel in my new found glory. I assume of course that you are all suitably impressed and will announce this fact around your neighborhood, family, and professional associations as well.


Moving on to the short takes as it were. I was alerted via email by Shannon of a blog I should look at, a post in particular and found myself at “Caught a glimpse of Jesus down by the railroad tracks…”  This in reference to my mini rant of two days about  “What is the Message?”  Said blogger is in discernment for the diaconate in TEC, and runs a homeless shelter. Interesting and compelling reading, so take a look.


I ran across this piece and found it highly amusing and well, heck far be it from me to stop beating a dead horse. I say turn it into horseburger! Sarah, well known, for being the most incurious politician in America, unless the curiosity has to do with herself, is almost unintelligible as you well know. Her inability to capture a single thought and expound on it in any rational way are legend. This post from John Lundberg at HuffPo, shows just how easy it is to find the poet in Sarah’s words, if not any sense. Since poetry need not contain sense, well it all makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Enjoy. Few laughs are as cheap as this one.


A couple of atheists took me to task for my post last week about atheists and that I found them intellectually wanting. Seems at least one person agrees with me, lumping their “certainty” of no God as about as obnoxious as the “certainty” of fundamentalists. Now I hadn’t thought of that. Just a short piece by worth a gander. As I continued compiling this post, more was generated in comments to the above and so another post ensued. It makes for good reading if you are so inclined in the atheist-vs-agnostic-vs-believer saga.


nachosAnd just cuz it’s been forever since I posted a recipe, I thought I’d do one that makes my mouth water, nachos! Good homemade nachos are priceless in the Tex-Mex inventory, and this one just says, yowie, that’s a spicy nacho! As with all nachos you can add or subtract ingredients here and there as your taste dictates. Let’s hear it for Spicy Chicken Nachos!

I think that next week, we shall be trying some of these! No need to thank me for helping you with menu planning! lol.


Okay, go out and enjoy what’s left of Sunday. And bring back the sun and some heat. I’m sick of fall weather in July.

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