I Miss the Old Girl

Seriously, I do.

I mean Michele is an idiot, and Perry is aw-gosh, one too. And Herm tops them both.

But Sarah, she started it all.

What you say?

Why, the notion that the seriously stupid,  incurious, and vainglorious boob could tramp around the country on other people’s money and talk about how they would run the country  in the, I’d sooner roast in hell, likelihood that that ever happened.

What I find so fascinating about the Moosilla Mama is that she made it quite clear that not only did she find herself fit to be the Co-mmander-in-chief, but that she pooh-poohed any notion that she ought to learn anything about that job.

Perhaps in her defense, it’s because she intended to shrink government to be no more noticeable than a pimple on an elephant’s ass and therefore, there really would be damn little to do.

But I don’t think so.

Sarah and her wannabe students start out with thoroughly outlandish ideas of how smart they are. And that leads to the conclusion that they just have  to take over just about everything in order to get it “done right.”

I mean take a look at the Cainster. Herm really thinks he is a self-made black man. There is nothing exceptional about Herm or other such persons, they are sickeningly insecure. Thus the need to convince themselves, and then others, that they did it by their own-self. No history for them.

So in Herm’s mind, he is simply using the GOP and their need for a “Negro Shill” to accomplish another of his personal goals. In his own mind, he is puttin’ one over on whitey. Except, the user is being used.

Same as Sarah. She thinks she’s the puppeteer, when in fact she is the puppet. And once the novelty and use has worn off, the puppet is put back in the box, until another play requires the same character.

Of course, you can never convince any of these simpletons of the truth. That would shatter the illusion they have created about who and what they are. There are and will always be plenty of enemies out there, cast in the needed role of sexist,  or racist, or commie. If the goal is not attained, conspiracy theories are injected into the narrative to explain away the loss.

I figure Silly Sarah is just kicking herself, or Todd, or whomever nodded in agreement when she concluded that she wouldn’t win if she tried. I mean, she would be the flavor of the month that would stick, if only in her own mind. She must be dang pissed.

She must be scrambling around, tossing papers hither and yon, screaming into the phone, gettin’ Greta and Sean and Daddy and anyone who might listen, on a conference call. “Can I still do this? Can I?”

I know, I’m wasting time. It ain’t gonna happen.

But it could.

How much more tomfoolery can we expect out of Perry and Cain and Michele before they collapse from sheer lack of any more hot air? I fear they will be gone all too soon and we’ll be left with the (boring  x 15) Mittens. And it will be a very very long year if that is the case. 

I mean, there are only so many issues of import for the Mittens to flip on.

If we get down to. . . .

 “I used to like grape jelly, and I know I said I would always support the grape industry, but what’s right for the Mittens isn’t necessarily right for America, so I no longer support the grape industry. I haven’t changed my position, just my perspective. I’m running for office, for God’s sake!”

 If we get down to that, I’m jumping off that cliff.

So Sarah, if this reaches your ears. Please my little goof, please throw your spangly flag in the ring!


I’ll See Your Berlusconi and Raise You a Cain, or Perry, or. . . .

I liked Silvio Berlusconi.

I really do.

He gives me hope.

Hope that we are not (as the “new world”) the repository of all that is stupid in the world.

The glee with which the Italian people reacted to his resignation indicates that he was truly thought the buffoon among his own. And Italians put up with a lot. I mean the Pope argues for celibacy and sexual restraint in a country that’s economy is based on the buying power of mistresses.

Okay, I probably over step there.

And then there is Asia. Asian parliaments are known to erupt in actual fist-fights among the elected. I mean that suggests a certain degree of crazy doesn’t it?

So we are not alone. I take heart.

It ain’t so bad.

I felt compelled to watch the last debate. After missing the “oops” Perry one, I just could not risk another missed opportunity. And it was a bore, mostly. Perry pulled out his “all foreign aid starts at zero” and when others on the panel of jackasses agreed with him, looked all the part of a puppy who had finally got the housebreaking thing.

Herm and Michele, those extremely religious ones, were all for waterboarding. How Christian of you both!

Some hated Pakistan, and some saw the danger in cutting them loose.

Mitt swore that Iran would have nuclear weapons if Obama continues as the commander, but they will not if he takes over.

Michele said that the CIA is run by the ACLU.

They were mostly boring.

Jon Huntsman was the only adult.

Nobody cared.

Juan Cole over at Informed Comment has a good analysis.

We understand from sources (i.e., the Contrarian) that certain of Turd Blossoms ads put forth by his Super Slush Fund, the American Crossroads, have been turned down by a few stations in three states. Turns out they watched them, looked up the facts, and found them so hellaciously lying that they refused to air them.  I  believe that two of them, one that attacks Tim Kaine and one that attacks Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, are among those refused.

*Note: the link doesn’t speak to the refusals, just the ads themselves.

Remember that Saturday when the OWS urged folks to withdraw their money from banks and put it in credit unions? I’d say it was a pretty big success. I saw numbers of 4 billion being transferred out of the hands of banks on just that day.

Those who think the OWS movement is fringe are making a big mistake. What part of 99% don’t they get?

According to Marcos Moulitsas, editor of Daily Kos, over 700,000 accounts have been closed in the last six weeks. Some very bizarre responses by the banks are illustrated in Moulitsas piece in AlterNet. Did you know you can’t be a protestor and withdraw your money at the same time?

I know I probably just dreamed it, but I think I actually heard it.


I pray to every God in the Roman and Greek array, every one in Hinduism, any one at all, anywhere,  for it to be true.

It would make my day.

It would may be wiggle and jiggle with more delight than I experienced with my first kiss, lay, banana split, car, pair of high heels, lipstick, degree, house, lobster tail, puppy, paycheck, or just anything I can think of.

Don’t breathe a word of it. It is so tenuous a thought that the very thinking of it, might cause it to disappear like a mist off the meadow.

Sarah, is rethinking her decision not to run.

Shhhh. Don’t say a word.

I used to think of the GOP as having a tiger by the tail, as in TeaNutz®. Such an analogy speaks for itself.

Now, I kinda think that they have many tigers by the tail, and instead of being turned on, they are just being pulled apart.

Latest, is the attempt by some Republicans to disavow the powerful Grover Norquist and his pledge to not raise taxes.

Grover, who publicly disdains any claim that he is powerful, is quite different behind the scenes of course.

You know, I keep hearing, as the campaign for chief farce in the GOP continues, that more and more of the candidates claim that God called them to this.

Which is fine, I suppose.

George the Doofus claimed as much.

But I don’t recall any of the others in that race making the same claim.

But now God has called Michele, and Herm, and Ricky (probably both of them). God could not make up his mind?

Just scratching my head is all.

What part of covert don’t you understand?

Most of the Keystone Kops who masquerade as candidates in the debates, were quick to attack Obama, claiming that they would start all kinds of “covert” operations throughout Iran to encourage the dissidents as well as hurt their economy and nuclear program.

Of course the stupid answer is simple. If the Administration is engaged in such operations, (and plenty of folks believe they are), they are COVERT, thus not up for public discussion.

Read the AP fact check of the candidates here, including the above remark. It all suggests that either the candidates are fairly stupid or simply disingenuous in their remarks. Excluding Huntsman.














We’re Gonna Make A Dinosaur, We’re Gonna Make a Dinosaur

You remember the theory behind Jurassic Park dontcha? Mosquito bites dinosaur, falls into tree-sap, and after a kazillion years becomes amber. Break open the amber, get the mosquito, extract the dinosaur DNA from the blood sucked in?

 Well, no, that actually probably won’t work.

Turns out DNA breaks down too fast, and we could probably not get enough “pure” DNA to clone the T-Rex of our dreams.

But Jack Horner, who has been more right about more things dinosaurish than just about anyone, thinks you might be able to de-evolve a chicken back to what it used to be. And some biologists think he could be right, and some are actually working on it with him.

It’s a fun read, and it’s Friday, so go on and read the fun story about how having a dinosaur pet can still be your dream.

I thought this was sweet. It’s from LOLGod.

Question of the day:

What do you have when you put Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Louis Gohmert,  and Steve King in a locked room?

An all-out knock-down dragged-out fight for the only brain cell in the room.

Who will referee? Ann Coulter, Glenn (what happened to you?) Beck, and Rushed Limpy, all looking under a toilet seat for where the brain cell is hiding.

What the pseudo-journalists at Blaze are trying to brainwash the trailer-trash with today:

Increasingly they call it ABR: anybody but Romney. I always feel bad when I’ve learned that “somebody doesn’t like me.” Wonder what it must be like to know that millions don’t like you?

I don’t have any personal reason to dislike Romney. What I dislike is that he has proven himself over the years to be obsessed about becoming president. That’s troubling enough, for you wonder just what kind of demons are thrashing it out in his head.

But what is disturbing, and an obvious deal-breaker for me, and I’m certainly not a Republican, is that I have no idea what if any principles he actually has. He has changed them so often and so violently, that I frankly think they are non-existent.

Romney seems to order his handlers to poll on every issue, and then he adopts that position. At least to the degree that he needs that segment of voters to add to his election winning strategy. That’s why Republicans are nervous. What he says ain’t necessarily what he will do. He seems frankly up for sale to the highest bidder.

And if you don’t agree, well even the National Review seems to agree with me. So far the GOP in various configurations,  has begged Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Eric Cantor, Sarah Palin, and Paul Ryan to save them from eating their vegetables. It is a bit pathetic isn’t it?

Speaking of which, people dislike Romney so much that some of them have gone to the extraordinary length of actually forgetting they ever knew him. A new poll suggests that only 27% of the electorate knows who he is. This is down from 30% in 2007. Or it could just be that knowing who he was, was so traumatic that 3% of those who knew just died from the agony.

Jon Stewart pointed out something last night that, well it’s actually what we would expect from the Great Grifter, aka Sarah Palin.  Stewart suggested that Sarah had kept on shilling for money for her own SuperPac right up to the moment she announced that she wouldn’t run.

Stewart remarked that while not illegal, it might be termed unethical (since Palin can and does use the money for her own personal self-promoting purposes) if indeed Ms. Moosesilla knew she was not opting in for some time.

Stewart went on to smile, and say, “well, we can’t conclude that can we?” But then there was this pesky little piece of tape with Daughter #1 BristleBrush, saying like in JUNE, “oh she knows what she’s gonna do, but it stays with the family for now.”

Best Grifter of the Year: Sarah, although Newt is a close second.

Wait for it, Wait for it. See I Told Ya They Would

Yesterday you were invited to watch the debates under a new game rule: look for the inappropriate audience response.

And as expected, those of you who watched saw just that.

That the GOP and the TeaNutz® are morbidly repulsed by gayness, is of course well-known. It’s against their self-serving interpretation of the bible.

Last night, a gay soldier asked the candidates what they would do given that DODT had been ended.

The response of the audience was a very loud bunch of booing, and then the usual Ricky (why won’t you give me a chance) Santorum response which is that “we shouldn’t be doing social experiments with those we need to protect our country.” See a complete transcript of the exchange at Pass the Doucheys on the Right, as well as appropriate biting comment.

Might I also note, that not a single one of the “candidates” bothered to thank Mr. Hill, who is serving in Iraq, for his service to the country, something all the GOP pushes and shoves to be first to say to prove their patriotism.

God, the GOP sucks.

Note also that Chauncey de Vega has a great piece on this event as well.

You know, I’ve often alluded to the fact that our world, especially here in America is deeply out of whack. What I refer to is how we reward people in oddly weird ways over others. Huh? Okay let me clear it up.

We pay actors, who individually may be pretty much stupid as rocks, millions to make us laugh or cry, or applaud a fantasy life or event. We pay CEO’s millions for making a company wealthy, and at least a few stockholders a few bucks. We pay schoolteachers paltry amounts to teach our children whom we claim we worship and want the best for. We pay scientists next to nothing even though they discover the things that make our lives easier, healthier, and safer.

It’s called moral philosophy, and the king of the hill is one Harvard professor named Michael J. Sandel. His lectures were turned into a PBS series, and in Asia have prompted classes to mimic his ideas. His book, Justice: What’s the right thing to do?, has been a great hit.  A NYTimes article about his success is linked here. Might be worth buying his book.

When does the difference between 299,792,458 and 299,792,454 matter? Why that’s easy. Come on you know the answer. The first is the speed of light. And the second it the time it took some neutrinos to make the circuit. And that means that maybe the SOL is not what we thought it was.

And that means that Einstein was wrong, and somethings (neutrinos) can travel faster than the SOL, and that means something really really big and important, and it probably means that we can go to Arcturus by the end of next week.

It’s the old chutzpah again. The GOP holds the disaster relief funding hostage unless the Democrats agree to funding cuts to the most job-producing programs going, and then accuses the Dems of holding up FEMA relief!

I continue to hold out hope that our dear girl Sarah will jump into the fray. Her slavish knuckledraggers are sure hopin’ the same too, and took time after last night’s debate to hit her main target with all they had. From Conservatives4Palin:

Everyone here in Palinville who looks forward to good hard competition will be relieved to know that Gov. Rick Perry was NOT drunk at last night’s debate, all appearances to the contrary. It’s just that before taking the stage he inexplicably chose to receive a Gardasil shot, one of whose known side effects is mental slowness.

Given that our Sarah subbie, Michele (I am frakin’ dumber that her actually) Bachmann is unable to know fact from fiction and has slipped down the hill toward the black hole of oblivion, we have no choice but to wave a flag pin at the Palinator and hope hope hope she joins the increasing circus that is known as the “TeaNutz® on Parade” or “The Last Dance of the Dinosaurs” which ever you prefer.

From Think Progress

On the Stove? Oh a new Chicken Enchilada recipe. I’ll post it if we decide we like it. So far, it seems to meet my objections to most Enchilada recipes: the turning to mush of the corn tortillas. I’m hopeful if this technique works, that it will be my new go-to method for both green and red enchiladas.


There Are No Rules of the Road

If I had found myself abandoned in the wilds of the US, oh say, four hundred years ago, I would surely have perished. I was not “the fittest”. Nor even close.

To what do I refer? Well, please keep the secret, but I am one of those people genetically challenged when it comes to sight. I couldn’t hit the side of the proverbial barn as they say. Without technological assistance that is.

So with bow and arrow, I would have missed the target, and no doubt starved to death.

I started wearing glasses in the fourth grade. Year by year my eyes deteriorated until I was close to the “coke bottle” syndrome. I switched to contacts, but a badly shaped eyeball made them difficult at best.

Finally, I trucked off to Canada and got the Lasix treatment where they rearrange your focal point by some voodoo magic light, and voilá, I could see, sans glasses.

That has pretty much been it for nearly seventeen years. But alas age catches up with all of us.

Which is nothing more to say than that the Contrarian and I (as part of our departure stuff) went off to get our eyes tested and glasses ordered. We have gotten to the point that watching anything written on the TV screen, requires both of us to read it. We figured we might miss New Mexico all together and end up in the Grand Canyon by mistake. I do mean IN it.

So that was yesterday.

And I’m telling you all this, simple because there are no rules of the road here, and I can tell you whatever I choose, and you can read or not as the mood or time strikes you.

As we were driving and I was trying hard to ignore the fact that one is never quite sure where one will end up when driving with the Contrarian at the wheel, we got to talking about Brandy. The sorrow is still there, but we can talk with laughter now.

Anyway, we were talking about how she went so easy and we were not forced to make that decision to “put her down”, a thoroughly strange way of avoiding “ordering her killed.”

It came to me, that we as humans are adjudged “humane” for putting down an animal that is in pain and with no real way to correct the condition. If we were to do the same thing for a human being, we would be adjudged more often than not, a murderer. A human is required to die in misery if that be the medical situation, no matter how long it takes. ‘Course, they often don’t. I understand doctors often “over dose” with pain killers, knowing that death will ensue.

Still, we wouldn’t judge it humane to put a human being out of their misery. Except if you were Doctor Kevorkian. He judged it merciful.

I wonder how it will play?

Democrats: lets build roads, repair schools, fix bridges. (translate: hire construction companies which then hire more workers, and all the supply companies (concrete and so forth). Job creation: immediate. Results: workers make some money, start buying crap at Wal-Mart, and Wal-Mart starts hiring more workers. Two tiered job creation.)

Republicans: cut taxes, eliminate regulations. (translate: corporations have more cash. HOPEFULLY they will expand worker pools. Hard to see why they would when nobody has any money to buy their shit.)

Does the American public at large have the brains to see this? I wonder.

Did ya hear? Sarah Palin is heading off to Korea in a month or so to speak at a “World Knowledge conference.” I mean, oxymoron or what? What on earth could she possibly be speaking about? Is she gonna ask for help? A book list maybe? Or just pooh-pooh the notion that In_tEYE-lec-tuls are necessary in a world where everything can be decided using just good old common sense.

Did anybody catch that Rudy Giuliani did it again? He said he will make a decision about running for the GOP nomination but not until after the 9/11 events. He does always get that 9/11 reference into everything he says doesn’t he?

I’m just about done with Atlas Shrugged. She really is a pretty awful writer. She actually had some interesting characters but she’s buried them in so much political rhetoric that you have to wade through pages and pages of it, to get back to the story line.

I just finished “John Galt’s” radio broadcast. It went on for about forty pages of non-stop explanation of why enterpreneurs were good and everybody else was bad. This quote sums up her thinking about all of “us”.

“The man at the top of the intellectual pyramid contributes the most to all those below him, but gets nothing except his material payment, receiving no intellectual bonus from others to add to the value of his time. The man at the bottom, who, left to himself, would starve in his hopeless ineptitude, contributes nothing to those above him, but receives the bonus of all of their brains.”

The rich man is the victim you see, and the worker is the exploiter of the rich man’s intellect. Why, Rand claims, all the things the worms at the bottom have, are the product of the genius of the top. The worms could never create a car if their life depended upon it.

This is ADMITTED mindset of the Cantors and Ryans, the DeMints and the Pauls. This is their concept of “survival of the fittest.”

Have a nice day!

Watching a Train Wreck

Okay, so first of all I don’t want to be accused of making fun of intellectually challenged people. But how else to describe the “debate” last night between a few of the Republican presidential wannabes?

I mean think eight people with IQ’s in the 80’s range playing Jeopardy. That about sums it up. Very little in the way of factually accurate or even logical discourse occurred.

We had the Santorum position on abortion–none, ever. But then Santorum wanted doctors prosecuted as criminals, but not the ones who sought abortions. Pawlenty wanted to limit abortions except for the “life of the mother”.

The most exciting moment was when Michele Bachmann was asked about her going to get her masters in tax law. She was reminded that she said something like this:

“I absolutely hated the idea. But then God came to me and reminded me that in the bible it said that women should be submissive to their husbands.”

Michele (the eyes, the eyes) Bachmann, stared at the questioner for a full minute. She looked for all the world like the proverbial doe caught in the headlights. Then she mumbled about how Marcus and her had been married for some 35 years and had raised 400 thousand foster children blah blah blah, and that submissive really meant respect. So she ignored it.

T-Paw was a feisty dude, knowing that he was facing the abyss. He accused Michele of basically having accomplished nothing in her public life so far. Michele responded that she had “introduced a bill to allow people to choose the lightbulbs they used,” for God’s sake and wasn’t that a huge accomplishment. It’s called the Lightbulb Freedom of Choice Act for you out of the loop of what’s important.  What should have been met with guffaws of laughter was met with nods by the chimpanzees in the stands paid with fried butter on a stick to attend the circus.

Newt, becoming the butt of every joke, decided it was time to attack the questioners, and went off on Chris Wallace for asking “gotcha” questions. Note that we learned about this form of question from the perennial victim, Mizzz Palin, who was NOT there to “debate” but promised to bring her fun bussy tour in on Saturday to disrupt the counting of the straws on Saturday.

Ya see, a gotcha question is one of two things: it is either a question you don’t have an answer for, or one that shows your predilection to say in opposite things that are embarrassing to have shoved in your face for explanation. In this case Newt was asked what his position was on Libya, since he had both declared that we should go in and take out Qaddafi and then said the President’s intervention was utterly wrong, on another. Newt, as you might expect, claimed that all such comments were taken out of context, and therefore he didn’t have to ‘splain further. Gotcha!

Ricky (don’t Google me) Santorum, erupted several times in utter petulance, reminding everyone that he was actually there, and nobody was paying any attention to him.

Step-‘n-fetchit Cain tried to tiptoe around his Muslim hating statements and his apology which he pointed out, wasn’t really one at all. He further assured everyone that he had learned a lot more “stuff” about Israel and the wars ongoing than he had at the last “debate” and that after all, he was the only one who understood how to solve our economic woes.

All eight of the dwarfs agreed that even if they got a 10-to-1 gimme on spending cuts versus taxes from the Democrats, meaning that the Democrats had reduced their collective IQ to three, they would NOT agree to a penny in taxes. The follow-up question was NOT, and when are you guys gonna stop buying unicorns and painting them orange, and putting grapes in your piggy banks? 

Mitt? Oh Mitt was Mitt. He was still wincing from the drubbing he got at the State Fair where he was roundly laughed at when he said asked the assembled crowd:

“And where do you think those tax savings to the wealthy and corporations go?”

He seemed astounded when several people yelled: “Into their pockets”.

“But,” he stammered, “they go to the people! Corporations are people too!”

Mitt ignored the “candidates” around him and tried to keep his focus on the President–the man who is simply in over his head when it comes to economics. Read–cut corporate taxes, balance the budget and give more help to the “job creators”.

All the candidates seemed to have differing ideas on the 10th Amendment and the power of states versus the federal government. Most of them had no clear understanding of it, and hadn’t thought about it much until that moment. Some said that nobody should be forced to buy any product or service, by the federal government, which pretty much eliminates medicare and social security and taxes in general. Taken to its logical extension, local governments can’t raise property taxes to pay for schools, but it was increasingly clear that such mental gymnastics were way way over the head of most of the contestants.

  All were pretty much at odds about Iran, although Santorum (well-known defender of gay rights) pointed out that Iran must be stopped in order in part to protect gays, whom the Mullahs in Iran don’t cotton to too much.

Huntsman? Oh he was there. He made sense. He is the strongest candidate by far. He is irrelevant. The GOP is still ruled at this point by the TeaNutz®.

Paul? He’s like everybody’s slightly senile, slightly drunk uncle. Everybody smiles, and nods. Nobody pays any attention. He’s a bit like a blind squirrel–he occasionally by luck finds an acorn.

Meanwhile, Ricky Perry is sending a thunderstorm over Iowa tomorrow by starting up his official campaign tomorrow in South Carolina. He will take over from Michele, and we were just getting to have fun with her! And of course Sarah is pouting and demanding to be relevant once again. She is but a shower I suspect at this point.

The only thing that could make this better is if Joe Walsh and Allen West should declare. Now then we could really have a carnival.

**Once again, let me thank all of your for your kind words at the loss of our dog Brandy. It has been much harder than I expected, but we are working through it.

A Lot is Up for Grabs Today

Today is the big day.

It seems like only a few weeks ago that the streets of Madison were filled with angry citizens, come to tell their gestapo-type governor that they would not stand for his draconian laws that stripped good working people of their money, they benefits and offered them up to business interests in the guise of “balancing the budget.”

Wisconsin’s shanghaing was the talk of the country as Governor Walker held the hard-line oblivious to the desires of his constituents.

Well it all comes down to today when up to six Republicans are up for recall. And nobody is quite sure how it will come out. According to some sources, a couple of the GOPers trying to save their jobs are now pointing fingers at the Governor, claiming that he threatened them, forcing them to go along with his union-busting plans. And it appears that none of the GOP stooges chose to use Walker in their “don’t throw me out” campaigns.

Everything is at stake here. Much more than people realize. Are Democrats and union people just flash in the pan blowhards or do they have what it takes to stay the course and follow through? If the Republicans maintain control of the Wisconsin legislature, you can be sure that Walker and his Koch-henchfolk will be further emboldened to take even worse actions against the people. And this all bodes ill for Democrats in the nation.

Pray if you do, and cross your fingers if you don’t.

Word is that Ricky Perry is about to announce a run for the GOP nomination. Mr. “we might have to secede” Perry will be a welcome addition to the group of goofs already in the action. I for one find Mitt “I am trying to look like the common man” Romney just a greasy snake oil salesman. Perry has plenty of skeletons in his closet we may be assured.

Name a scientist (other than Stephen Hawking!). Dare ya. Michio Kaku? Brian Cox? All three are media favorites. We watch tons of cosmology shows on Discovery and so forth, yet, I am afraid I can’t remember the names of hardly any of those theoretical physicists. If we are a singularly un-intellectual nation, part of the reason may be the natural reluctance of scientists to engage in the body politic. Ain’t it about time they did? The NYTimes addresses the issue.

Did I tell ya about the fabulous Pass the Doucheys on the Right Hand Side? Well if I didn’t, I am now. You really need to read this lady. She is snarky as all get out, right on politically, and funny as hell. Need I say more? This piece is about raising kids and the serious question of a very very stupid woman who worries about satan, dinosaurs, and rocks can’t be bones. Confused? Well get on over there and read it!

We are so used to it that it becomes funny. Rethugs consistently turn on a slug. They must never have heard of flip-flopping before they attached it to John Kerry, but they all seemed to have learned the art. I guess they saw the sense of it since their followers are dumber than a nose hair that lands in your soup. See you can say really really inconsistent things when your following is too dull to recognize it.

Michele of course was utterly against raising the debt limit, suggesting that any downgrade would have no real effect. Now of course she is shrieking that the President is to blame, and “left Washington” instead of running to the nearest microphone and urging calm.

Foxy Noise is no exception. A few days ago, Neal Cavuto (a dull bulb if there ever was one) and John Stossel (who never met a fact he couldn’t twist out of reality) were musing that a downgrade might be a very good thing for America. It was the right thing for Restuplicans to hold the country hostage and cause this result. Now that it has happened, it’s a “tragedy” and all Obama’s fault.

Okay Mr. TeaNutz®, now scratch your expanding belly, belch, and go get another beer.

Come on, tell me you didn’t start counting the minute you heard that the Palinator’s son just had a baby. Yeah, his bride was pretty darn pregnant when they tied the knot. And a little extra goodie on the link. Instead of the latest Bristol Creme claim that “she basically was too drunk to realize that she had been taken advantage of”, maybe she might have been a bit more knowledgeable. Go read the link and enjoy. Just call me trashy rumor!

See this is how Foxy Noise works. First they find a “concerned parent” to talk about how inappropriate she feels it is for Wisconsin teachers to be teaching her children about the history of the union movement. This of course is played up with excerpts being used often. What Fox doesn’t tell you is that the “concerned parent” is also a GOP operative, actually the chair of her county GOP party. What Fox also doesn’t tell you is that the woman subsequently resigned after crashing her car while drunk driving with her three children in the car. Now that’s some kind of “concerned parent” ain’t it?

That’ll do it.