The Good News Is. . . .

After the bad. I believe in delayed gratification. I told you that a thousand times. Take your medicine and then you can have dessert. So this is your medicine:

This is how we are going to win the war against assault weapons. Bring on this fool along with Mr. La Pee Pee Lapierre and this goose is cooked. I mean, as Commonweal suggested, THIS is all you need to argue in favor of gun control. This fool should never be allowed near a safety-pin let alone a gun.

So you have had your medicine and now you get the dessert:

  1. I’m told that according to Rasmussen polling, only about 8% of people now identify with the agenda of the Tea People. That’s great news. The GOP appears screwed however since they have gerrymandered the map so badly that at least on the congressional level they will still be finding these bedbugs crawling out from under the mattress for some time to come. Which means the GOP will continue to act and sound like petulant and really stupid children who need a good paddling, if I were of the persuasion that children should be assaulted physically, which I am not. But it’s worth considering an exception here. No, just kidding. Just pat them on the head and send them to bed without supper.
  2. The Washington National Cathedral, home to the diocese of the Washington Episcopal church announced it will be performing same-sex marriage. This is in keeping with the national church’s decisions as I understand it. The national church was on the verge of this I believe when I was still involved with it, a couple of years ago. This is wonderful news to all of us who believe in equality.
  3. Lindsey Graham continues to dig out from under John McCain’s shadow and establish that he can be an even bigger douche on his own. Lindsey, terrified of being primaried for 2014, is just throwing tantrums left and right. His latest? He may place a hold on Brennan’s confirmation as the next director the CIA unless he gets answers on Benghazi. Do you hear? Lindsey wants answers. He’s determined to try to prove that the Obama administration changed the facts to help the election campaign, although it is still unclear how that was supposed to work. Lindsey sounds like Julia Child on drugs. And he is still determined to “shut ‘er down” if he doesn’t get some spending cuts and pronto too. This is all Lindsey is saying now, until he gets new directives from the Tea People who depend on 6th graders to transcribe their irrational thoughts onto paper.
  4. Nicki Minaj has just signed with KMart to do a line of clothes. I know, I can’t wait either.
  5. The military is thinking of offering yoga and meditation classes. This has Tony Perkins of Family Research Council all in a tizzy. It seems to this nut looking for shell, such things are “wacky substitutes” for that good time religion of the fundamentalist flavor.
  6. You have heard of the Breitbots haven’t you? Breitbart is deceased. But his followers go on in his name. One of them has written a book. It suggests that after all this time of being so nice to liberals, they just can’t do it any more. It’s time to be uncivil they proclaim. I don’t think if we hadn’t been told we would ever have known the difference. No more compromise with those bullies they shout!
  7. Winner of the “YOU DAMN FOOL” award this week goes to Congressman Steve Palazzo, who years after Katrina is still asking Congress for money for his state of Mississippi, didn’t vote for disaster relief for the victims of super storm Sandy. We understand the Congressman has suddenly realized that stupidity has consequences. He now pledges his support. Tea People–stupid is as stupid does.
  8. AIG, who in concert with a few others, nearly ruined this country. They were bailed out. They were SAVED from their own stupidity. They have paid the money back. Now they are thinking of suing the US government, kinda of like saying, thanks for saving my life, but dang you tore my expensive jacket in the process–please pay for it. What a bunch of douches. (I need new words to describe these dopes) Just go to jail, and do not pass GO.
  9. Move along, no gawking. Nothing going on here. Oh, yes, the US recorded the highest average temperature EVER in the history of counting. EVER. But that is got nothing to do with climate change. There is snow on the ground in the usual places. ‘Nuf said.

I know, you are plum tuckered out from all that dessert. So take a break and move into a mood swing or two.

Posing for Dollars or It’s a New Frackin Year so Deal With It

ConqueringFearSee, I agree with this. This is not the way to conquer the fear of falling off cliffs. The way to do that is to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM CLIFFS.

No, I’m actually not talking about the so-called fiscal cliff, which we averted and which was nothing but silliness from start to finish played by silly men and women who are being paid to govern and since nobody has a firm grasp as to what that means exactly, they can tiddlywink their way through the year as they spend the far greater part of their time counting the money in their re-election funds.

Or posturing.

Politicians are good at posturing. The Contrarian would call them posers. People who are highly aware that you are looking/listening and therefore are performing in a manner that they think will get your approval. How’s that for my definition. Definitionally speaking it is to present a false front.

Now, actors do this for a living and we applaud them, the better they do it.

Politicians do it because they think we are too stupid to recognize it for what it is.

But since we are addicted to both movies and TV, that would be a very stupid  assumption wouldn’t it? We’re rather expert at it. You might say we are connoisseurs of posing.

Frankly, to the experienced eye, politicians are quite lousy at it. Eric Cantor is a case in point. Now Eric ain’t stupid in the true sense of the word. He knew that as to the taxing thingie, the GOP goose had been cooked. He knew that if they didn’t agree with the Senate bill, the GOP was gonna own the ensuing (fill in the blank as to your concept of the “disaster”) leap off the abyss cliff. He knew that. And of course that would have been bad. Now the likes of Steve (If I only had a brain or a heart) King, and Michelle (Marcus is NOT Gay) Bachmann, and lordy our very special boy Louis (I don’t play stupid, I am stupid) Gohmert, these folks are knock down drag it out IQ knuckle draggers of the first order, they really didn’t care, let alone know that. The math was way beyond them in the first place. And in the second place they are, did I just say that? STUPID.

But Eric knew. So he safely waited until the thing had enough votes and then he slips in there all high and mighty and with great glorious moral outrage and registers his NO. So as to impress the Tea People who as we all know are NOT noted for mental acuity of the even tenth order, and as is reported are all embedded with homing devices so they can be found when then wander out of the neighborhood and start undressing in the middle of the street. They EAT UP the Cantor posing.

And I suppose that now Mr. Boehner, who is still scraping the egg off his face, might stop pontificating “Mr. President, it’s time to get serious!” all the while he was sweating a bucket of orange goo because he can’t control the Lipton folks. He needs to also let go of the “everybody knows we have a spending problem.” Be sure that when you hear “everybody knows” what it really means is “everyone should know”, and that actually just a handful of people believe whatever is said after that.  This is all John of Orange posing as if his life depended upon it. And maybe it does.

Anyway, there is still Lindsey Graham, my favorite poser of the day. Lindsey poses as a straight man when it’s clear that he is just itching to cross dress in black nylons and corset. In fact, if you peek under his little Brooks Brothers shirt, I bet you can see a bit of lace. Which is way okay with me, being that I kinda always get along with cross dressers and have found all those that I knew over the years to be rather delightful BFF’s. But Lindsey lives in a very SOUTHERN RED STATE, and well, he tries to keep that stuff under wraps, figuratively and any other way.

All the while he’s huffing about how he’s gonna not vote for that debt limit increase without something “serious” being done about “entitlements” which is a stupid word since the stuff they are really talking about are EARNED BENEFITS for the most part. Right in front of him is John of McCain who is not all that “war hero” that he poses as, and actually is one mean old fart. Bet your belly button that Cindy spends her time anywhere he ain’t. John of McCain poses as a Senator, and directs his sidekick and brown-nosing sycophant Lindsey as they get their jollies by stamping their feet and sounding tough.

Then of course the best posers of all is the entire infestation over at Fox Noise. They are double posers which is hard to pull off and I give them credit for doing a pretty good job. They are posing as ideologues posing as journalists. They are neither of course. They don’t believe half the crap that drools from their mouths and the only journalism they know is the smell of a newspaper.

You can tell that because when confronted with their rhetoric having incited someone to actually carry out some awful thing like MURDER (see Dr. George Tiller), they feign utter shock and surprise, given that they can’t believe anyone buys their crock of crocodile poo in the first place.

So that’s all I know about posing–which had nothing to do with sitting on the edge of  precipice, which I find STUPID. I find all people who do stupid things like climb tall things without a rope or walking on tiny ropes without a net STUPID, and though I don’t wish anyone ill, if they fall, well, the gene pool is much the better for it I think.

What are you thinking about?

All the Wacky News You Might Have Missed

quicksand Well intrepid readers, I’m going into the void once again. That’s me sinking into the black hole via some nice quicksand.

I go where no woman has gone before.

I blaze the trail into the unknown, risking all to discover the truth!

I am the Restaurant at the end of the Universe.


Oh, I got a little wound up there.

The Contrarian has become a fan of all the extreme right sites. It’s his form of comedy. It tends to make me swear like a sailor. But that’s me. I take fools seriously sometimes.

But I figured since none of you has the time to waste nor the emotional fortitude to not throw your laptop across the room, I figured I would give you a run down on what the crazies are saying. I know it’s a bit like writing a newspaper when all your journalists live in the asylum, but hey, we are in that let down, pending excitement of Christmas thru New Years, so it seemed damned appropriate.

Hey did you know Chuck Colson died this year? I must have missed that. Do you always say, “dang, I didn’t know he/she died?” when they run down those lists at the end of the year?

Oh, I digressed once again.


In an exclusive, WorldNetDaily informs us that that dastardly Muslim/Kenyan President of ours is the one behind Sen. Daniel Inouye not getting his dying wish. You know the one. Senator Inouye asked that Rep. Colleen Hanabusa to be his replacement in the Senate after his death. He asked this of Hawaiian governor, Neil Abercrombie. Instead the governor appointed Lieutenant Governor, Brian Schatz.

According to the WND, all was going according to plan to appoint Hanabusa when Obama “decided” to take the family to Hawaii for vacation. Unlike all the other years when the Obama’s woke up in Hawaii by mistake having planned to go skiing in Vail.

The proof that Obama is responsible for the change is that Schatz “flew back” with Obama, thereby proofing quite obviously that Obama told the governor to appoint Schatz. Schatz himself confirmed Obama’s hand in the pudding, admitting that they had a “brief chat” while flying back. I mean have they no shame at all?

Now the reason you ask?  Well, Schatz was head of the DNC in Hawaii in 2008, and he declined to request proof from the Department of Health in Hawaii that indeed Barack Obama was “eligible” to run for president. Hawaii requires a certification that a candidate is eligible, and then Speaker Nancy Pelosi had submitted that. The fact that she didn’t do so for any of the other 49 states is telling. Telling what we are not sure, but it’s telling us that maybe the other 49 don’t require that. But then maybe it was the proof that WND always claimed it was. Pigs fly and wombats were found in Antarctica yesterday.

Now stop drooling and read on.

Also from WND, we learn the real truth about the war on women. It’s never been waged by the Republicans! No, it was always a Democratic plot.

The proof?

The SON of a re-elected representative beat up his girl friend.

And several Democrats have had affairs.  (Newt is not a Democrat of course, and somehow his serial adultery is not important to this proof, since we are proving that Democrats have a war against women.)

And everyone knows that Democrats are in favor of abortion for ANY reason, even when it’s for gender selection, and that means baby girls are being aborted, and if that ain’t a war against females, I don’t know what is.

Republicans are not against renewing the Violence against Women act, they just were opposed to an amendment that made it easier for women to make charges of abuse by someone trying to get a visa. The Republicans were against this, for obvious reasons, and if you can figure out the word soup on that one, more power to ya.

Oh and the kid who beat up his girlfriend? Well his dad, the Rep. Moran? He’s in favor of Sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood, and everyone KNOWS what they think of women. The proof of Rep. Moran’s favoring these things? Oh well, he is, take my word for it.

According to the Blaze, the President was hung in effigy by a Kentucky man, who gave his mannikin, a Obama mask, and had a section of watermelon in his hands. The man claimed he was only exercising his constitutional rights of free speech. His neighbors agreed, seeing nothing untoward about the whole event.

One of the blaze commentors, explains for all of us why there is no racism here.

There is no such thing as racism anymore. White people have collectively decided to give all people of color equal rights, it’s over and it’s been over for a long time. Just like woman’s rights men have decided to more or less relent on all of it. Just like with woman’s rights we (white men) could decide to take any of those rights away. We have that power but we don’t do it because we (white men) have for the most part left sexism and racism behind. The vast majority of white men are neither racist or sexist if we were then women would be barefoot at home in the kitchen and blacks would be slaves or at least second class citizens. There would be no border problem and the welfare state would be way smaller. If white men were what liberals say we are things would be way different. This guy has no power he can’t hurt anyone. By liberals own definition if he has no power he can’t be a racist. (From GuitarCarl who may have gotten his head caught in his guitar strings)

Well, I just want to shout a big old THANK YOU WHITE DUDES.

Speaking as a woman and all.

Gosh folks, I only had time for three. Just think of all the insanity out there that is still untapped.

Da Boobies Be Banned From the Boobie Hatch

Karl Rove at the Fox TV network summer press tour in Beverly Hills

The President’s winning of the election was just the cherry on the top. Plenty of us political animals were really more interested in watching the circus that was bound to be the crazy right after the drubbing.

There was of course, every indication that they would eat their own in the end. We knew that first on the list would be Willard himself. Willard obliged by making it so easy for them with his gifting comments and his flight from all that is Washingtonian in nature. “We’re going to Disney World!” he exclaimed as he drove from sight.

This of course was only low-hanging fruit however. Next on the list was an order from on high to fire the mathematicians or whomever had done such an utterly childish job of polling and counting the potential vote for the boy genius Mr. Fixit. Campaign aids, attending a “let’s unpack what happened” seminar involving both campaigns were seen leaving meetings, shaking their Wall Street heads moaning, “We were not even playing in the same game as they were.”

So, now that the politicians and the strategists have been pointed to as “at faulters” , it was time for the background to assess its contribution. Now of course, nowhere will you find Rush LimpyDickPaw accusing himself of mal-thinking. No that is not gonna happen. And types like Glenn just never seem to skip a beat before they are on to another “end of the world if you don’t buy gold” scheme. The Relgiousity Right mewls that God’s plans are mysterious, and even though we thought we had the inside track, we obviously didn’t and so we’ll just wipe the slate clean and start over as if none of you heard any of that. After all, they know the people they speak to are insufferably able to walk around their neighborhood block without getting lost.

But when we get to the media, oh well, money counts. MONEY COUNTS! It’s the only thing that does. Murdoch and Ailes have gotten their miniscule evil skulls together and decided that ridicule is NOT acceptable. And ridicule they got from the temper tantrum of Karl Rovian Doughboy and his sidekick the prostitute lovin’ Dick the Predictor is always wrong, Morris. And they had to, well take one for the team.

Both are off the yackety-yack at Fox Faux, and apparently cannot be asked to weigh in on even what day of the week it is, without first getting permission from Ailes himself.

I have no doubt that Ailes and his band of merry idiots could care less what the mainstream media, the blogosphere, or anybody else much of intellectual mediocrity feels about how Fox conducts its business. But when the rank and file stupids abandon ship because even they cannot understand how Fox was so incredibly wrong. These, the people who need both hands to count to five, SAW that Fox was WRONG. Something has gotta give.

And suddenly MSNBC was starting to beat the old team of hate-mongering liars, and THAT Ailes cannot HAVE. Something has gotta give.

And give they did. They give’d them the boot. The Conjoined Twins who share one brain cell between them, is OUT.

Course, Karl is moaning that working for Crossroads was a thankless job, which by the by, Dick Armey also decided to the tune of 8 million to buy out his contract with Freedom Works. Dick Morris had no such contract, he just predicted that a black-ops invasion of Washington was imminent. He now spends his nights siting by the Reflecting Pool (his day job is to clean off the algae), with night-vision binoculars in hand looking for apache helicopters.

So if you see old Karl along a New York City street, or in the subways, cup in hand, do spit in it, rub his forehead, and pinch his nose. And hand him a lump of coal. The King-Maker, it seems, also had no clothes.



Now I Know What’s Wrong With Me

Thank the Lord and pass the peas for Fox News.

Yes you heard me righty-tighty there listening audience.

I mean I coulda spent seconds if not eons trying to figure out what in the hell was wrong with little ol’ me, when all I had to do was ask one of the “expert” ladies on that fair and balanced bastion of true journalism.

Of what was I wronged up about? Why my whole persona as a female person. You see, I am irritating and unappealing to men. Now if your first thought is, whoa, even unpretty ladies snag a man pretty easily since there are plenty (look around) of butt-ugly males traipsing around the parking lots of most any shopping area, some of them nearly dragging their knuckles if you look closely enough.

You see, as I, representing the female persuasion have had the gall to get an education and seek employment at *gasp* equal wages, I have become threatening to poor males who define themselves by the cut of their professional skills vis-a-vis all the other peacocks in the building. Job titles and how many zeros are on the check count as male self-esteem you see, and when WOMEN compete against them, the poor dears just fall apart and have no basis to judge their value as human beings.

So they use us wimmen for sex and say NO WAY when it comes to marriage. Cuz who needs to buy the cow when you get the moo juice for free as they say. Yep, you see it makes men all gooey and caring inside when they have a sweet lil’ thing to take care of (read boss around and dominate), bless their testosterone laden hearts.

In a nutshell, we ain’t women any more, just penis-less men, eunuchs if you will. Ah, now I can finally sleep at night knowing it’s all my fault when men act badly. It’s because I drive them too it. Heck, ask any woman beater, and he will surely agree–she drove him to it. If she would just be quiet, keep the house clean, his shirts ironed in that special way he likes, await him with red lingerie every evening, keep her figure after three kids, agree with everything he wants to buy, everywhere he wants to go, and well just everything, he wouldn’t get so mad he had to hit something. It was just her jaw got in the way of his fist when he was “needing to unwind” from all that ass kissing at work he has to do in order to get points with the boss and therefore get that promotion, which of course he does for the “little woman” in the first place, and there she goes having an actual opinion about something that is different from his, and, well you can see why it’s ALL HER FAULT.

Some smart lady by the name of Suzanne Venker explained it all here. I mean she’s written three books on subjects sorta like this after all, and everyone knows if you write books you must be smart, like David Barton is a freakin’ genius about American history since he has written a whole LOT of books on the subject, and all those televangelicals are always writing books about what God wants me to do about everything, and they are hardly ever wrong, except when your hearing is impaired like Pat Robertson who said God told him that Romney would win, but he was wrong, because he’s getting old and his misunderstood what God said cause his hearing aid wasn’t turned up high enough, and well you can’t fault him for THAT.

See Suzanna said I’m angry and defensive and I think men are the enemy cause that bitch Gloria Steinem taught me that crap, and I have kicked men off their pedestals which everyone knows is a very bad thing to do, since it’s really helpful to a healthy relationship to adore and objectify humans as super human and not  human at all, but more like gods. And worst of all, men are to blame no matter what the issue and so men just feel sad and aren’t going to marry women any more.

I mean what man cares about making something of himself for HIMSELF for goodness sake. They only do it for women, and when women piss them off instead of appreciating how hard they work to be cocksure about everything, well, they say, enough is enough. Ya see, this is all genetic. It’s in the genes baby. A man’s DNA demands that he be the breadwinner and the woman be the “little woman” in her June Cleaver dress and pearls with those two-inch pumps clicking along that vinyl kitchen floor as she smiles her way through the oven cleaning and scrubbing those toilets.

Civilization is at stake here people–I mean women. Listen up girls, life as we know it demands we give up our brains and pick up those dusters! Evolution is at stake which is funny as hell when you think about it because the women that listen most carefully to Suzanne’s blatherings are those who are very damn sure that there is no such thing as evolutionary theory worth a good god damn anyway. Genesis says it all.

So, well, I’m re-evaluating my life I can sure tell ya.

Thanks Suzanne, you are my new BFF and I am going out to get all your books, that is if my hubby approves.

Puttin’ on the Sad

sOnce again, your intrepid leader (that would be me) offers herself up to the anger, the violence, and the sheer mendacity (god I love that word) to enter into the plane of ReNUTZlican, where as we have learned, ice cream tastes like pickled pigs feet and Limburger cheese is worth its weight in gold.

After the stomping of the ReAwfulican brand into the deep recesses of Carl Rove’s Butt, the infestation known as teabuggery raises a head and bleats in utter pain.

Below are some samples, with of course my perfected commentary. Ain’t you lucky I am doing this? *smirk*

First on our list of chasers of the low-end of IQ is one Ann Coulter who as I recall was so against this Willard dude in the beginning that I remembered what she said which was: If we nominate Mitt Romney, we will lose.”

If Mitt Romney cannot win in this economy, then the tipping point has been reached. We have more takers than makers and it’s over. There is no hope.  Mitt Romney was the president we needed right now, and I think it is so sad that we are going to be deprived of his brain power, of his skills in turning companies around, turning the Olympics around, his kindness for being able to push conservative ideas on a country that no longer is interested in conservative ideas. It is interested in handouts.” – Ann Coulter, speaking on Laura Ingraham’s radio show. [from Joe.My.God]

With that meme Annie old girl, the GOP is on its way to a stellar crash. I sure hope they follow your lead and keep the mantra of 47% alive and kickin’. Mitt must be so proud. Ann Coulter–ready for next year’s Halloween today.

George Weigel over at National Review sure seems to agree. He penned this brilliance right after having an enormous bowel movement:

The American culture war has been markedly intensified, as those who booed God, celebrated an unfettered abortion license, canonized Sandra Fluke, and sacramentalized sodomy at the Democratic National Convention will have been emboldened to advance the cause of lifestyle libertinism through coercive state power, thus deepening the danger of what a noted Bavarian theologian calls the “dictatorship of relativism.”

We did all that? Boy I must have missed something. Hey, anybody seen the caviar? And the grapes, where are the grapes. Bring on the dancing girls and boys! You stepped on my toga. Where is my toe ring? Where is everybody? Off to the vomitorium again? Eat, drink, and well, SCREW the rug! George is having a hissy. Dictatorship? Ain’t that all relative?

Glenn recommends you buy farmland, and guns. Look over the election map, find counties where people are “like you” and move there. Set up your defenses, and wait for the End.

Glenn, the men in white coats are knocking. In two years you will be saying the same fool crap and listened to by the same fools who are now. Since they have the attention spans of cockroaches, they won’t remember that you have been whistling the same tune for nigh onto four years now. Like my favorite evangelical doomsdayers, Jack and Roxella Van Impe, it’s always tomorrow. Are we still supposed to be buying gold by the way? It gets confusing.

Joe Kovacs from WorldNetDaily, that abomination called a journalistic endeavor, out with this brilliant analysis. It seems that Jesus himself named the antichrist, and yes, you guessed it: Barack H. Obama is the one. This nifty piece of logic is based on Kovacs assertions that: it is based on Luke 10:18, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”  You see, lightning is Baraq in Hebrew. And heaven can be “other high places or heights” (psst the presidency?) And wait for it…wait for it…..heights is Bamah in Hebrew.

I just wanna know the drugs that Kovacs takes. I mean that high must be out of this world. Of course Kovacs just relates this piece of wonderment. HE gets it from an unknown YouTube source that is “well-educated in biblical studies.” Yeah, and Stephen Hawking calls me nearly every day to discuss cosmology. WND is one big sucking black hole of bigotry and misinformation. You guys are grifters.

DrPhil69 informs us:

After the dollar collapses, food and fuel will be in short supply. Cities will be war zones. Mostly liberals live in the cities, so they will be killing each other over scraps of food, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. The FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION will be complete.

The dollar is collapsing account of what? What is the fundamental transformation? The killing of liberals? Glad to know all liberals live in the city, I hadn’t known that. Are liberals smokers? Are you THE Dr. Phil? Psychologically speaking that is.

NaughtyCal sees it a bit differently:

I see seccesion of the country in our near future.
I think Texas is about to lead the way. And Arizona won’t be far behind.
At the very least a nation wide tax revolt is in order would be a nice first step.

But Texas and Arizona are both turning demographically into blue states. Do you really think all those brown folks are gonna want to vote to give up their guv’mint checks? Huh. Tax revolt? You don’t want to pay for anything now except for guns and planes and ships. I think you have been naughty about learning facts dear.

Aragona explains that we just have to think about ourselves from now on:

I agree with Ghost. I purposefully decided not to give to Sandy relief. I don’t care that they are out of food and water. I don’t care that they are cold. I don’t care that they are dumpster diving for food. I don’t care that they are out of fuel for their cars and generators. You reap what you sow. Instead of preparing themselves, they relied on FEMA. Oh well.

I shall do my best to remember that should any type of disaster strike you. Tough luck. Yeah, that’s the American way–yeah, I think that is the way we do things here. I guess you are referring to climate change deniers and now they are reaping their lack of action to undo the climate mess we have created? NO? Well what exactly did these folks sow?
Well, you see the crazies haven’t gotten any less crazy in the last 24 hours have they? I suspect the war within the GOP will be a hoot, and perhaps we will see the Teabuggers form their own special party. Any idea what the outcome of that might be?



Things That Piss Me Off











The next time some nitwit masquerading as a person tries to tell you that they watch Faux News to get the “fair and balanced” take on the news, remind them that of course Faux Crap is anything but fair. Of course, we knew that, but this chart lays it out clearly. I’m guessing they have a favorite here, and are doing their best to help.

Here in New Mexico, we are good and blue. Nobody came to campaign here because Obama has this state in one of his “safe” columns. Yet, all week long, we have been subjected to obnoxious and untrue Crossroads and Americans for Prosperity negative Obama ads. Since it will change absolutely nothing, you have to ask yourself why.

My only answer is that they are so flush with cash they can afford to throw it away. It’s a bit like the Koch brothers standing out in front of my house and burning a barrel of thousand dollar bills, just cuz, you know, they can. It’s that meaningless to them. It’s insulting. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t vote for their candidate if you offered me the money instead.

Our polling place was busy this morning when we arrived. A steady stream  of people were coming and going and the line was only about four minutes. Clear and concise instructions were posted in English and Spanish. When we deposited our ballots in the counter, we were told to wait and make sure that the counter ticked up one. Everything was well run. A police cruiser was parked outside, a few people were carrying “vote for” signs at the entrance. No harassment. I wish every were as lucky.

I spent a few minutes yesterday afternoon at Blaze. They have a fine crop of nuts there. They are of course sure this will be a Romney landslide because they drank the kool-aid and believe all the polls are underrepresenting Republicans. They are very worried that Obama will just undue the entire republic in the time from election to the swearing-in. They want to know what the legal provisions are to tie the black man up until he can be ushered out of the WHITE house, and hopefully into jail stripes. I got a good chuckle. If you want to know what Alzheimer’s looks like, do tune in and read a few comments.

The pundits for the most part are “journalists” in search of a story. They can’t bear to tell the truth, that the polls are pretty clear how this should go. They keep up the mantra of “razor-thin” margin because gosh darn it, that’s what they want. If you were to ask them their favorite election, they would surely say 2000 when it went on for days and weeks, and they were able to be on air endlessly speculating on what would sooner or later be obvious.

Glenn Beck is still ranting on radio. His latest barrage of garbage comes on election eve:

If you look at history through a biblical world view, the last step before a nation is completely destroyed is they drive the righteous from among them. If this isn’t a sign of a group of people that will drive the righteous from among them, and that’s the last step before God’s wrath comes, I fear for our country and it is – it cannot be overstated, it cannot be called paranoid … If you are a God‑fearing person, hear me. Last call, America. Last call. Because the righteous will be driven from among them.

Sorry Glenn, that is paranoid. So you think that Barack Obama is the last straw in our downward spiral to evil? Nothing like the decimation of an entire people almost to extinction qualifies? Or the ownership of another group of people who required a war to end? Not that either huh? No, it took Obamacare to really piss off God. Sure Glenn, I do see now.

So we wait. Let’s hope we aren’t still up at midnight Mountain time.