I’ve recently in the last week started a new blog. It is nothing like this one, which has historically functioned as political satire for the most part.

Years ago, when I first started blogging, I was determined to be eclectic, including recipes, crafts, as well as political news. This I did against the sage advice to new bloggers to “keep to a topic”.

This made sense of course, since almost no one on earth shares my particularized grouping of likes and dislikes, interests, hatreds, peckish pet peeves, desires, and passions. You all have limited time, and you can go elsewhere where you get what you expect pretty much day in and day out.

Over the years, I separated out the recipes and religious, and the emotional growth stuff but never entirely. I also found as an election was won or lost that in the interim I had less interest in the day-to-day beltway chatter that motivates some. I don’t eat, sleep and play in the political arena.

I realized that this blog was getting a bit far afield for days on end, and sometimes for even weeks.

I hope to remedy that.

This blog remains what it is supposed to be. Here we discuss politics with all it’s wide-ranging and never ending topics.

The new blog Existential Eccentricities  is something quite different. A number of people on Facebook have said over the last few months, that they enjoy something I did there most mornings. A rather bizarre, (hopefully funny) stream of consciousness about whatever popped into my head at any given second.

It is in a word, uncategorizable. It often pertains to events of the day, as well as personal asides on just about anything. I keep it fairly short, 500 words give or take. There may be as many as five or six topics, each given a sentence or three before something else pops in.

It may provide a bit of levity to your morning coffee. Perhaps you will account it as more a running commentary on a crazy woman.

I enjoy writing it immensely.

I hope you might enjoy reading it. If not, well, there is nothing like talking to yourself.

It is the razor strap to my razor, the place where I hone my craft.

Come by and let your hair down if you dare.