sarah-palin-quotes-5.jpgGot this idea sorta from Joey over at Joey’s house and because I’m generally lazy and this seems like a lazy way to blog, and because, I’m feelin’ pretty good cuz it’s Thursday and no longer that hellishly busy Wednesday, we are startin’ this “wish I’d said that Thursdays”.

Basically, when you run across something deliciously good and wish you had said it, remember it (or copy it down somewhere on your intertubes and come leave it as a comment here.

So here is kinda just like the wastepaper basket for collecting all the trash that swims around your head. So get rid of it HERE. <—–.

Got that?

So, to start you off, here’s one or two:

Yesterday, tea party darlin’ Chris McDann’l got his nuclear-bright future as the Very Most Reagany-Pure Senator from Jesusland slapped out of his Neoconfederate paws. ( Driftglass )

95% of all new created wealth now goes to the top 1% but Rand Paul, Ted Cruz & Jeb Bush all have plans to get it up to 96.

“If Republicans are going to act like Democrats, what’s the use in getting all gung-ho about getting other Republicans in there?”
— Sarah Palin, in an interview on Fox News.

How long before this court decides the Twitter block button is unconstitutional because it prevents conservatives from yelling at women? (From LOLGOP on Twitter)

SCOTUS rules that anti-choice picketers must be allowed within spitting distance of people trying to enter a family planning clinic. Buffer zone cannot exceed average distance a non-professional watermelon spitter can spew.  (me)

Mensa just started a dating site because asking for IQ Scores on first dates wasn’t really working (Slate, Twitter)

The Real Paleo Diet: 50,000-Year-Old Feces Show What Neanderthals Ate (Slate, Twitter)

. do you think you’ll ever break out the old leathers & nipple chains and do a reunion concert with the other Village People? (Joseph Farah is chief hater at World Net Daily Christianist hate rag) (Twitter)

K, that should be enough to get you started….

Come on now gang, I want some good ones or “no soup for you!”