abc_malaysia_map_search_area-kb_140319_16x9_992Okay, so get ready cuz no doubt I’m gonna piss off somebody.

I’m surely not the first to be critical of the coverage we are getting from the media on Malaysian flight 370 and what happened to it. As usual, for good reason I might add, CNN gets the bulk of the criticism for it’s as always, over the top, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling coverage.

My criticism is deeper and broader.

I’m sick of ALL of it.

Almost from the beginning it was too much.

This is where some will take issue with me:

None of this crap matters except to a tiny tiny few people.

It matters only that enough time has past for any decent scenario that involves the plane landing somewhere and the passengers being cast-a-ways on some LOST island. Please don’t forget to push that button!

So we can safely assume that all aboard are dead.

I agree that it is important to find the plane for a variety of reasons, least of which is that if there are recoverable bodies, people I guess would like to bury them in the family plot.

But let’s face facts. Dead is dead.

All these people screeching for answers don’t want answers. They are really just avoiding their real pain and agony by not having this idiotic thing called “closure”. What happened? How did it happen? Was it a catastrophic defect in the plane or was it a bomb? Was it shot down? Not one of these scenarios changes anything for the families of victims. Dead is still dead, and you are not going to feel one bit better whichever “how” turns out to be the the case here.

That’s hard to hear. It’s also true.

I’m not sure that it matters whether somebody dies after a lingering illness, of old age, or from random gunfire down the block. The pain is what it is, and no fine words of “he had a full life”,  or “at least her pain is over” changes much the misery of those who will be without someone they love. We are, whatever you may like to think, grieving for OUR loss, not their loss of life, say what we may.

But even if one posits that the “family needs to know”, you and I don’t. It’s unfortunate to be sure, as every death is, or nearly every one. But shit happens. Planes fly, planes crash. So do cars. Tractors turn over, trains run off tracks. The whys and wherefores matter little except to those who job it is to insure that this don’t happen often.

The people who built the plane are interested in this, as are search and rescue people (for what they can learn to do a better job). Pilots are interested to learn to do a better job to, if that is the case.

NOBODY else should be interested or care about this.

And media is wasting my time and their air time in seducing me to waste my time.

There are people who are dying from war.

Children are starving.

Medical breakthroughs are being made.

New books about important subjects are being published.

People are being denied their right to vote so one party can win what it cannot win otherwise–fairly.

Animals are being abused.

Our lakes, rivers and oceans continue to be polluted. Isn’t it a commentary on all this that there is so much likelihood that the mysterious “debris” is really just sea junk, something our oceans seem full of?

I’m sick of hearing about this.

I’m sick of hearing about Justin Bieber.

I’m sick of Housewives from Hell anywhere in the USA, of that Honey Boo Boo, who ever in hell she is,  of all those crazy women who make up their CHILDREN to look like sluts and parade them on stage to win pageants, of ice road truckers, and swamp hunters, and moonshiners in the hills of West Virginia. I hate all this crap.

It’s just cheap time-wasting, mind-numbing, intelligence-killing drivel, and so is non-stop coverage of somebody else’s personal tragedy.

I’m sick of religious nuts everywhere. By the way, did you hear that the family of the dead wacko job, Fred Phelps, has the amazing audacity to plead for no one to picket their dear loved one’s funeral–for the public to have some “decency”. After all he was a fine man who loved God and “stood against perverts and fags” Seriously, his son said that!

And other than that, I’m having a wonderful Monday.