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superbowlSomebody opines: What’s the big deal about one single game?

Why it’s an excuse to party!

It’s good clean fun.

It’s means lots of food, most of it not good for ya (the pizza dough is warming and rising as we speak!)

It means drumming fingers as the clock moves slowly to the six beautiful hours of pre-game stories in which we learn that Manning favors tightie-whities, and old neighbors pontificate about what a nice kid that Richard Sherman “used to be”. I mean seriously, this stuff feeds the water cooler conversations for weeks to come.

As of late, well-meaning (I’m being generous, since it’s Sunday) Christians have been referring me and others to some great sites to prove points that alas can’t be proven by definition at such places. Add to this that the Contrarian at least once per day comes into my craft haven to delight me with the latest funny comments by the crazy people who read and follow such stellar hate/agitprop online sites as WorldNewsDaily and Breitbart and of course the ever wonderful Blaze (none of whom deserve the italic appellation due real news sites).

Thought we could share a few as you pine away the hours until the leatherish-laced Adidas/Nike meets the old laced-pig skin (is pig skin really the best material for this ovalate item?)

Over at WorldNetDaily, the site that brings you side bars of “buy gold and silver” (always a staple at end-times sites), a book about the growing race riots in America that nobody in the MSM is reporting on, and a “scientist prepper” wearing goggles and laying face down in his back yard, we proceed to the “news”.

It seems the Seventh Day Adventists in Samoa are having a tough time. You see, they decided to cross the International Date line, in their minds, and go on Australian time given their proximity to that continent. So in order to do that, they skipped a Friday. So the Adventists began to argue. Is the day of worship Saturday now or Sunday, such things being of course essential to proper eternity preparedness.

Now one could argue that such a story is quite amusing, if not sad given that thousands die in war torn regions every day to say nothing of children starving to death, but WND, takes this stuff most seriously. In fact they bring to the table their own “investigation” of when the Sabbath is, Saturday or Sunday, by gathering the thoughts of the “best theological minds around”. I also learned that “some” believe that Jesus abolished that stuff (which is why so many of the MOST ultra ultra right wing religionists don’t attend any church at all, but receive their instructions straight from the Man (always a man I might add) himself in the form of perfect biblical interpretation.

What follows is a very very very long dissertation of the history of the sabbath and whether that is Saturday or Sunday and whether Jesus rose on Sunday, or whether he didn’t, and well, WND never one to miss an opportunity, smack dab in the middle inserts a reminder to buy it’s latest book(s) :

Whether it’s the Sabbath or what the Bible says is the true, glorious destiny for mankind, find out what some don’t want you to know in the No. 1 best-seller, “Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told” as well as “The Divine Secret:The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny”  — autographed only at WND! Get both classics bundled together!

I’m sure putting them on my wish list! And please hit the comment section. It’s always worth a few face palms.

Another story focuses on a guy named Zinke who is running for a seat in the US House from Montana. He has declared that Hillary Clinton is the anti-Christ, which may be a first for women, I am not sure. Zinke goes on to say that he asked “seven powerful Republicans if they thought the country could be restored” following the Obama horror, and only one (Newt the toot) said yes. The six remain anonymous. Zinke claims that Gingrich is now a senior advisor to his campaign.

Zinke handed out 50 caliber bullets to the “crowd” of “about” thirty who attended his event.

Again, don’t miss the comments–This article produces the Illuminati, astrology, and more fun facts as well as a rip-roaring discussion about the efficacy of a woman being the anti-Christ.

At Breitbart we learn about Food4Patriots, survival food, that will last you 25 years!

FEMA is hoarding food! And so you gotta get in on this offer immediately, and if you tell anybody about this, they this guy will give your meals to somebody else! See FEMA knows something and is trying to buying up all his supplies, so you better get your order in now. Are you getting the drift? So get your food kits before the government gets them and stores it secretly.

OBAMA DOUBLES DOWN ON DESTROYING ECONOMY! Breitbart headlines scream. It seems that mandating that federal contractors pay employees a minimum wage of $10.10 is what this writer speaks of. He “proves” his point by citing that Hoover tried to keep wages up, and well, look what happened. Except that Roosevelt did the same, and well, somehow we got out of the depression didn’t we? And now Obama is doing the same. It all makes sense as long as you don’t ask for any real facts. Just a lot of innuendo and some snarling that UNIONS got something to do with it.

Oh and don’t miss this at the Blaze. The ever-crazy Glenn Beck, the radio hate-monger Mark Levin and Fox’s own liar-in-residence, Sean (I’m gonna move from NYC) Hannity, are joining forces to save America. Dressed in their best red, white and blue, the trio will be coming to a supermarket near you. The boys now realize that their “feud” (who knew?) was the product of the ever lingering in the ionosphere, “conspiracy” to keep them at each other, and thus not at curing the various ills of the nation.

Gosh, I can sleep well again at last.

Now guys, are you ready for some football? I got a pizza to load up, and some poppers to heat up, and some brownies to devour. Have a great one!