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tea-party-tea-party-political-poster-1283712026Well, they are at it again. At least weekly, often more, some addle-brained Tea Party lovin’ crazy GOPer opens his pie hole and spews forth something that other members of the GOP must hasten to “straighten out”.

Today’s numbskull is none other than Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), who explained to members of a local Chamber of Commerce, that those poor kids who are receiving free lunches ought to be made to sweep floors in the school, just to remind them that work is good, and nothing should be free.

“Moderate” Republicans were quick to explain that what Kingston was referring to was in fact laudable, being that the GOP has always touted the value of work, but that his delivery was a bit, shall we say, “insensitive.”


Didn’t Newt the Toot say something similar when he was trying to convince the GOP electorate to make his the candidate to go against Obama? As I recall, he talked about making little kids “junior” janitors. All in the hopes of teaching the lil chillin’ the importance of work.

And you see, that IS the point for these tone-deaf, living on another planet Republicans: they really do think that poor people don’t have a clue about the amazing joy of work. I mean, all of us who worked for 25-35 years do don’t we? Wasn’t that the most joyous time of your life? Didn’t you feel special and accomplished as you pushed widget A down the throat of widget B, or for the thousandth time, regurgitated the litany of “rights” one was giving up in coping the proverbial plea to a lessor offense? I know I went home every evening proclaiming that I only wished I could do that stuff for another hundred years, God willing.

But I do not mean to denigrate the world of work, for work is important, and we do feel like real normal people when we engage in it and not people so ignorant and incapable that we can’t do the simplest of “flipping” motions to turn a burger.

What I demean is the assumption that the poor do not understand this and don’t yearn for it as naturally as the smart-alecky rich kid whose idea of a job is really to “intern” at some fancy corporate headquarters arranged by daddy, wherein said “worker” will go out and get the lattes and mocha-lites with appropriate croissants, stopping to pick up the bosses phone-purchased little trinket for the wife’s birthday on the way. Said rich-shit will call this work, dutifully add it to his resume as “experience in the hedge-fund industry” and snicker over such nonsense with roommates over Sam Adams at the local pub in Boston near Harvard.

Meanwhile in the real world, the poor kid will flip the burgers and be too poor to move out of his mother’s flat until somebody entices him to do a “little something” for a lot bigger profit. And he will be a minority, since most of those poor kids will just do the best they can trying to making it on $7.54 a hour with a baby on the way.

But said Kingston’s of the world don’t get this, because see, really really really what they think? Is that these poor kids will never get work as long as the government gives them just enough to survive on.

Which begs the question raised by someone I read last week: Why do they argue that the rich need tax cuts so they will have more money, because as we all know, more money means more investment and more jobs, and the poor need more taxes and less government money because they just waste it on frivolities. The rich need more money to use it “right” and the poor need less, cause they use it “wrong”.

For that IS the assumption isn’t it? For the poor are just DIFFERENT.

That’s what the GOP really really really means, and it’s what they believe. Seriously.

How they got to believe that is anybody’s guess, but I’m pretty sure that the rich who seem to own the GOP had something to do with it. And that’s why we better remember this stuff when it comes to voting, because they REALLY do want to kill health insurance for the poor and average person. And they REALLY do want to kill off Medicare and Medicaid, and Social Security–because THEY REALLY BELIEVE IT BREEDS LAZINESS.

See Mitt the Twit meant it when he talked about the 47% who are expecting the government to take care of them. Paul Ryan paraded across the country during the campaign referring to all of us as “takers”, not “makers”. Ayn Rand is their Goddess.

And the Waltons who own as much as the bottom 42% of ALL THE ENTIRE AMERICAN POPULATION, control 1/4 of all the food moved and eaten in this country. And if left to their own devices they surely wish to control ALL of the food moving across America. And when they do, if it just happens to coincide with one of them deciding that they know better than you WHAT YOU SHOULD EAT, well then hold on to your boots kiddies, because change will be coming to America then won’t it?

When so-called Moderates within the party suggest that King or Bachmann or Stockman, or Gohmert and any of a hundred other nitwits “spoke poorly” well what they mean is that they spoke too DIRECTLY and STRAIGHTFORWARDLY is all. The masters of the obfuscation don’t like that.

For God’s sake Kingston don’t tell them what we really plan on doing!

But hey, Wal-Mart will sell you your broom at a good price, made by those fine little kids in Bangladesh. Now that’s what a labor force ought to be like, I tell ya.

Oh yeah…here’s how the poor actually spend their money.