PissMeOffListSee, I’m really serene these days. I can’t tell you exactly why, but I sure know that feeling of being really peaceful and happy.

I mean I grin a lot. I laugh a lot. And I’m ever so productive. It’s a bit after ten in the AM and I’ve walked the dog, done by spiritual exercises, run a load of wash and put it away, addressed the Christmas cards, and done a craft project. Pretty good huh? Well, that all leads me to think that its high time I just vented on all sorts of unconnected crap, simply because I can and it won’t irritate me too much today since I’m S E R E N E. 🙂

You can assume that I’m pissed off at most Republicans most of the time, but specifically:

First there is Billo the Clown, erstwhile school teacher and present day pain in the ass at Fox Noise. As is his usual forte, the holidays are his favorite time of year because it allows him to bring up his favorite subject “the War on Christmas”. There being no such thing of course, makes it all the richer for Billo.

When folks told Billo that they used the term Happy Holidays instead of Billo’s preferred rejoinder, “Merry Christmas”, to include the Jewish holidays as well as the Christian, why Billo allowed that. But the second the Jewish Hanukkah was over, Billo was up in arms: “Their still using HH, therefore, they are all atheistic enablers and ought to be shot at dawn!” (Okay the last part is not Billo)

Well, Billo, I’ve been using Happy Holidays since I was a kid, and it has nothing about dissing Christianity. It’s about that being the short hand for saying, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Years”. Get that Billo? It includes ALL the holidays that fall in December through January 1. See? Nothing to do with kicking the baby Jesus.

And frankly my dear Billo the Clown, the very fact that you and the outrageous RIGHT WING NUTS make this stupid argument every freakin’ year since the first tea bag was stapled to the first old white man with a tricorner hat. AND it gets worse.

Since the term “Merry Christmas” is NOW TOTALLY CONNECTED TO A BUNCH OF INSANE IGNORANT PEOPLE WHO WANT TO FORCE ME TO BELIEVE AS THEY DO, I can no longer use the term at all. For every time I do, I’m publicly announcing that I agree with BiLlO and his band of merry idiots.

Bah Humbug you egregious dolts. Or as Shakespeare would say, you lumpish, idle-headed, foot-licker!

φ φ

Second on my list of pissed offedness is a meme I ran across on Pinterest yesterday. This one leaves one with not enough places on one’s face to face palm oneself. Indeed, it leaves one speechless, given the intellectual vacancy that stares back at you from “out-to-lunch” eyes in the head of the speaker. It begs the question, how can one actually drool out such nonsense and not be certified as not-quite-human in brain texture?

It goes like this, with appropriate pictures of the patriotic princes:

“Democrats talk a lot about racism. But it takes a Republican to do something about it.” (replete with pictures of Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and Martin L. King, Jr.)

Seriously? These are the same people who no longer acknowledge the likes of Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower and even Ronald Reagan any more, because they are TOO liberal for them. We acknowledge that way back in Lincoln’s time, the GOP was the party of emancipation, not that the party itself espoused that philosophy but that one of it’s president’s did, after indeed much prodding and pushing from a warring South.

And given that Douglass escaped slavery and became a political force in the North, we also have no qualms with the fact that he too was a Republican.

And in the deep South of the 50’s and 60’s, the Democrats were the party of Jim Crow, and MLK was a nominal Republican as a result.

That would indeed be something to be proud about if in reality the tea-whackos of today were a welcoming inclusive group, but of course they are not. They are leading the struggle against immigration, and more importantly in favor of restrictive voting rights, all in the EXPLICIT hope of reducing the African-American/Hispanic vote in their states and districts.

They forget of course that the Democrats of the 20th century were Republicans of the previous century who had LEFT THE PARTY OF LINCOLN PRECISELY BECAUSE OF HIS POSITION ON SLAVERY. After the civil rights era of the 60’s, those SAME DEMOCRATS LEFT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND BECAME REPUBLICANS AND REMAINS SO TODAY!! you freakin’ morons.

You and Lincoln, Douglass and King have ZERO in common today, and you HATE what they stood for in most every respect. King was in favor of strong unions and the redistribution of income for God’s sake!

Drilling a hole in the top of your head and pouring in minute rice would produce a more coherent argument than you can make now.

φ φ

pissme off

I’ve ranted before about the sheer incompetence of Madison Avenue. They continue to produce commercial after commercial that have such obvious mistakes about how the world operates as to dissuade me from every chancing to buy and use the product they tell me I “can’t live without”.

But it goes deeper.

Lately, I’ve discovered that for some reason known only to the Great Boob Tube Controller, I should be subjected to the same freakin’ commercial up to four times in a given hour. If I am not certain you have the talent to make what you’re selling, I’m very sure indeed that the more you tap me on the shoulder every five minutes, the MORE FREAKIN’ LIKELY I AM NEVER TO BUY IT, EVEN IF THREATENED WITH MY EYES BEING PUT OUT BY ICE PICKS.

And who ever told Michael Bolton that he could sing?

And riddle me this Bat Buffoon: I’m watching that show with Robin Williams whom I admittedly adore. And he places an Ad guy who is a recovering alcoholic. And he becomes entangled in a game of beer pong and then tells his daughter to drink for him? And then he encourages the college co-ed to do her part and guzzle her beer too when she loses?

In what universe does a man who is a recovering alcoholic, and who is thus obviously aware of the genetic component to alcohol dependence, encourage his own daughter, let alone anyone else’s to get snockered? Would any rational adult encourage a younger person to drink themselves silly?

Who writes this crap?

And I’m still smiling away. 🙂 See?