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trailer-trash-hi-rise11Glad you all found out the new location. Thelma and BillyJohn are still recovering from their little adventure. When that Farah guy over at WorldNetDaily signaled that the war was about to commence, well Thelma and BillyJohn headed over to their bunker to make ready.

They was just headin’ back from the truck with a load of water jugs when Henry’s still blew sky high. Course they both thought it was a military strike and dropped everything, hit the bunker, and slammed the door. Was easy enough given all that for BillyJohn to forget that the keys were still in the truck.

So him and Thelma was locked in for two days before Henry came back in there to check the still, and found what had happened. Well, he say BillyJohn and Thelma’s truck, and after working on repairing the still for a good couple hours, finally heard them pounding on the door to the bunker. He got the keys and let ’em out. Boy was they a sorry mess.

But for all that, it did uncover a design flaw in the bunker. BillyJohn says Thelma sent him direct to the survival store and ordered them up two big ole port-a-potties. Henry said that the smell dang near knocked him down when he opened the door. Thelma is still taken to her bed and claiming she may never get that smell out of her again. BillyJohn is sleepin’ in the truck until she cools down.

Anyway, Ted Cruz fought the good fight didn’t he? So, let’s call this meeting to order of the Mason County Patriots Tea Party Division A.

So what y’all think of them goin’ ons in Washington?

Cosmos 102 says: Historically, third parties didn’t work. This next election is too important to risk it. Better to drain the swamp of Republican elitists and create a new party from within. Much the same way Obama has been remaking America from within. We can do this. If Libertarians and Conservatives team up, there will be more of us than there are of them. Ya might want to do that math again there Cosmos. I don’t think that adding the two together amounts to as much as you think. And exactly how has the President been “remaking America from within?” Any examples there guy? Or is that like mixing chocolate syrup in white milk that you are meaning?

Joshundead1 says: Health insurance already belongs to private companies in a competitive market. He is changing that and putting it in the hands of the government, which has failed at every thing it has touched. And the real freeloads those who stay on government assistance will be given insurance whether they can pay for it or not, because the rest of us will be forced to pay for it. Socialized medicine has never and will never be successful. Everything it’s touched? It seems it’s touched the military a lot Josh, and gosh, don’t you guys think the US military is the greatest on earth? Do you like the roads you drive on? Do you feel pretty safe eating food you buy? Is the Hoover Dam still operating okay? Did we land on Mars several times and on the Moon? So what is your solution to sick people who don’t have insurance? Do you prefer to pay for their “emergency treatment” or just kick them to the gutter to die? As to socialized medicine–Canadians and Brits seem fairly healthy? Ever checked out MOST OF FREAKIN’ EUROPE?  

TreeTeacher says: Why the Well Not,Most of the GOP are now gut less, for the ones with Hotspa to go to a New or just another Party is a good thing, Thins out the Hurd. The TEA Party was a Great start but was Highjacked by the GOP. This could work, Ah Constitution Party you say. I’ll look for them Well, I can see why they have you teaching trees my friend, cuz you are a whole bag of stupid aren’t you? Is Hotspa supposed to be chutzpah? You just continue “lookin’ for them” and we’ll see you in a few years.

Joshundead1 says: Im sorry but not everyone NEEDS health insurance and it is most defiantly not a right. Rights don’t infringe on others. Insurance is a company in which you pay money for them to cover you in case you get hurt. They will take you and if you get injured or something goes wrong they use their money to foot most of the bill letting you pay a minimum. They provide a service and as far as I can tell any company that provides a service should get paid. Do you not get paid for going to work? So lets look at car insurance. If you have tickets and wrecks on your background they can either not accept you or charge you lots of money. SO why should it be different for health insurance? If you have a preexisting condition costing them more than they will make why shouldn’t they have the right to turn you away? Do you specialize in teaching Tree Teacher how to teach trees? Nobody needs health insurance until, duh, they need it. And saying definitely doesn’t make it definitely Not a right.If you shoot me (2nd Amendment right) do I not bleed (infringe on me?) So you think that your choice to drive badly is equal to your not choice to get cancer? I am assuming that you missed all the classes on logic at your school? I’m guessin’ that you might not have even matriculated through the 12th grade huh Josh?

Rosemary Woodhouse says: Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Allen West, Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, Jeff Sessions, Ben Carson, Sarah Palin and others were to do this en masse that would send a HUGE message and true conservatives would follow suit. The cannot hang onto a party that is going the way of the Whigs hoping things are going to change. The Republicans who represent us AND are conservative are the minority. THEY MUST LEAD THE WAY OUT! Yep it would send a message all right Rosemary, that the nuts are all together and the net can capture them all at once.Did you read what you wrote dear? The last sentence? Do you know the meaning of MINORITY? You got that party right. You are in the minority and while you may speak, you don’t necessarily get to rule. That’s sorta how majority rules work hon. Sorta.

Adronicus.Americanus says: If it were not for Senator Cruz, the Second Amendment would have been repealed and the DHS would still be gunning down Mr. and Mrs. America at this very minute.
Senator Cruz is a congressional hero because he keeps his word to his constituents.
His latest attempt to sustain our economy in the Defund Obamacare movement will be acknowledged in the 2014 election by more than conservatives but also democrats and independents. Boy when you like a guy you kinda rewrite history don’t you? Cruz prevented the repeal of the Second Amendment huh? AA do you have ANY idea how you repeal a constitutional amendment? I mean just any? And just a hint there AA. . . .Cruz kept his word to himself: increase my name recognition, increase my campaign coffers, and establish a bigger and longer campaign donor list. I’m sure you’ll be hearin’ from him soon AA–can ya spare a dime?

Mrsstirfry99 says:

it makes me happy knowing that Harry will be judged by a Righteous Judge.

I’m tending to agree with Glenn more and more, Harry is senile. Wow lady, to know God’s mind AND to agree with Glenn Beck? Now that may be a symbiosis that has never been contemplated before. I take it you got the name stirfry from recognizing what is going on in your head?

media-bias-steals-elections says: the conspiracy of silence, surrounding the activities of King Clinton, are on the tips of our tongues?

United we stand, against Lady GaGa haters, and all haters in general?

King Clinton can not use Rush Limbaugh as the tip of the spear, or the human shield of his media empire that Glenn Beck is teaching you how to fight?

Mr. Reid, we might suggest that football players that participate in the conspiracy of silence, who refuse to tackle the issues your political party present, is not a joking matter?

The billions you have cost the economy, and the hardship, is not something we can hope goes away for more than an hour if we watch an entertainment event? It requires we take your jokes, and make better ones? You have a fascination with question marks doncha? Methinks you spend too much time with that bottle of Jack Daniels under the bed. I bet you like conspiracy theories, mostly because they make about as much sense as you do, which is mostly none. Still back in the Clinton years aren’t ya?

socratessocrates says:

If anyone tries mob/thug tactics at Senator Cruz, his family or his home, I will be there fighting with Senator Cruz against [all enemies].

Liberal pieces of crap wanna play? Let the games begin. Seriously, you have no idea who Socrates was do you? Not a dang clue.

Patty Henry says: EVERYTHING YOU SEE AND HEAR IS COMING FROM a totally PANICKED Administration!!
Cruz landed body blows not only to this Corrupt, horrid Administration who has NO EXCUSE but their insatiable greed and ambition but also to the corrupt and horrid GOP creeps like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Kelly Ayotte …. I mean really think about this folks: IF CRUZ was so ineffective; was such a loser; and did not COUNT in the world of POLITICS…we would not have heard his name after his 21 hours. CRUZ slaughtered them in the name of PATRIOTISM and FREEDOM, AMERICA and the CONSTITUTION…
It’s been a long, long time since ONE individual was able to knock them all down at once…a Bowling Strike that struck fear in all the little CRONIES in DC Politics and beyond.
In ONE 21 Hour period, this man became the most powerful, influential single voice in America. Karl Rove knew it…you all saw Rove the day after.. filled with admiration over Cruz’s STRAIGHT TALK.
NOW these dolts are all scrambling like the little whiners they are trying swat Cruz down…from all sides.
ONE man/One Night called out: THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES…. and ALL the people heard him….and ‘all the kings horses and all the king’s men will not be able to put Obama back together again’ no threat, no bribe, no power can stop THE TRUTH. TED CRUZ spoke the TRUTH and what should really scare them even more : THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE BEHIND HIM. HALLELUJAH !! Ephesians 6: 10-18 TED!! I bet you think you are the female version of Patrick Henry doncha? Oh, if only typing it made it so. Do you use medications to continue living in that bubble where up is down, right is left, and you are inside not outside?

Alas, my friends, enough of the fun. The time locks on all these cells is set to lock ’em up until next time. Thanks for visiting the zoo known as Glenn Beck’s nincompoops brought to you straight from the pages of The Blaze, the little online hell hole where you too can pretend that your opinion matters. To the barricades my tea party patriots, to the barricades. They are coming to take you awayyyyyy!