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Baby-face-shockedSeriously, these people are just crazy.

Let me put it this way. If the rapture comes, Washington D.C. will never know. They won’t realize anything is wrong until they leave the halls of Congress and find the streets empty.

They ain’t gettin’ raptured. No way God would bring them up to the heavenly garden. Not with their penchant for stupid is as stupid does. And they be doin’ stupid most all the time now.

I can’t keep crying wolf, heck, it’s beyond that.

You just sit in fascination reading one account after another of people gone wild. The lunatics from gerrymandered red state districts tell us that their constituencies tell them to HOLD THE LINE. Even if that means that the country is destroyed? Wellllllllll, nobody ever thought past HOLD THE LINE!

It gets back to that old debate–as an elected representative, do you take a poll and vote the majority, or do you use you “independent” judgment under the theory that you know more than they do? It seems that they do pretty much both, whichever is convenient at the moment. Vote against a Syrian military action because the “folks back home are unilaterally against it.” Vote against background checks for weapon buyers because “hey, that’s my source of campaign funds” and the folks really don’t get all the fine points that I’m privy to.

To hear them tell it, Republicans in Congress hate Ted Cruz. Hate him. Think he’s a total jerk. Yet he seems to be running the show, as the country slides into the turlit. Unless it doesn’t. Like I said, crying wolf is getting old, and people are starting to yawn and ignore the entire bunch of clowns.


Until the shit hits the fan. I’m not sure what shit will hit what fans, but I bet it will.

I started reading a book about a guy who teaches math at the college level. He started reading about creationists and got intrigued and went to a homeschooling convention. It became a hobby of sorts and has written a book of his experiences with these strange folk. An example will suffice:

A speaker was giving all the rip-roaring good reasons why it was important to home school and keep the kiddies from learning about all the evil out in the real world in the form of evolution, that atheistical concocted nonsense, and homosexuality which is the devil’s joy. During the question and answer, our writer asks,

“Given that eventually your children will be going out into that world, do you ever think that it might be better to let them experience it now when they are young, and you still have some control over them, and can guide them along, rather than them getting all the worldly stuff when they leave home and you have no such control?”

The answer?

“NO! Next question.”

I mean these folks are dogmatic, and unable and unwilling to even consider alternatives to their own very weirdly structured world view.

That seems about where we are when it comes to the Tea Birchers. They have mind blocks that prevent them from even hearing the question let alone considering any alternative. If the Black guy is for it, I’m against it! Heck, I’m against it if he is neutral, that’s just a trick! The black ops are coming any day, Lord let me just get to the gun store in time to buy another Beretta, or Tank, whichever I can get.

I can sit with a bowl of popcorn, but I end up dribbling the popcorn into my lap, I’m so mesmerized by the perfect craziness of these people. This is way beyond opposition, this is infants in control of the nursery, holding the wet-nurse by the tit and demanding chocolate or they will rip it off.

I live with dry mouth as a constant condition since I can’t keep it closed long before it pops open again in disbelief and I stand there mouth agape at ANOTHER statement by another joker. Sarah is back in the mix, and somebody yesterday said it best when they realized that the reason she always has that big gulp with her everywhere is that is the only thing big enough to carry all the vodka she guzzles on a daily basis to keep beating the drums of stupid. She is stupid, she defines it, she smothers it with Wasilla grins and Moosilini winks. She’s beyond stupid, she a blinking caution light stuck on yellow.

She would pick her nose in public if she could find it. She reserves most of her “speechifying” for Facebook where she culls the followers to only those who approve, and has ghost writers correct her world salad leaps of logic and syntax before hitting the “post”.

Harvard is busy trying to figure out who let TED into their hallowed halls and made them the laughing-stock of the Ivy League.

Texas is tipping into the gulf with so many weird ass representatives that it’s only fair to send life rafts to its citizens before they fall in the drink.  They make Arizona’s governor SEEM sane by comparison.

And it is all about comparison. If you line up Cruz, Gohmert, Perry, Bachmann, Lee, Stockman, King, and half a dozen others up in a line, they are proof positive that everybody in a mental institution should be released immediately. Again by comparison. Doesn’t that make you shiver when the crazy fool who hears voices and sees green people eaters and is thinking of getting a gun, figures he MIGHT be crazy, but then sees that bunch and says, “nah, I’m fine and heads off for the gun store?

I mean I wanna dig a hole and crawl in, and let me know Jesus when you are returning so I don’t miss your arrival to straighten all this mess out.

So how is your day going?

baby incoming