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bangingheadOr: I am a masochist and I love it!

I was thinking about doing a post about Planet Earth traveling through the Backwards Belt. Trust me, it exists, astronomers just haven’t discovered it yet.

Since we passed through that belt of backwardness, everything pretty much means the opposite of what it portrays itself as meaning.


Stated Truth: Rick Perry signs into law a bill that is designed to help ensure women’s health safety. It inadvertently might make it more difficult for clinics who do abortions as a minor part of their total service.

Actual Truth: Rick Perry and those like him hate abortions because they have found it useful to portray themselves as “good Christians” for political purposes and making regulations (which are absolutely a job killer in any other arena according to the GOP mantra), so onerous that it essentially puts most women’s health care clinics in Texas out of business and thus makes abortions unavailable to millions of Texas women is the real goal.

Another example:

Stated Truth: Republican controlled states throughout the nation pass laws making it much harder to vote for their citizenry under the stated purpose to reduce the fraudulent use of the ballot to dilute the value of real voters vote, and thus to alter the real will of the people.

Actual Truth: Republicans can’t will elections because they have so alienated the vast majority of middle America, so the only effective way to get a win is do make it as hard as possible for voters who are likely Democratic voters to cast their vote.

Another example?

Stated Truth: The only defense against a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The government is determined to take away your guns because it knows that it can do anything once you have no recourse through armed rebellion.

Actual Truth: We hope you will buy more guns in an effort to feel safer from the government and if you aren’t afraid of the government, we will do everything we can to make you afraid, in the hopes that you will buy more guns. We get rich and powerful that way, and we really like that.

Okay, so you know all this stuff already. Of course you do. You wouldn’t be reading this blog unless more or less you agreed with me. We all have learned that. We all started out on this Internet adventure thinking that we would have a forum finally to talk about issues and hash out differences, and come to agreement, more or less.

We knew there were crazy people, but we didn’t think they were us. But they are.

Because if you care about what is happening to this country, then it makes you crazy.

If you don’t believe me, read this: The Most Depressing Discovery about the Brain Ever.

Except, that it’s not. There are TONS of similar studies. Heck Jonathan Haidt’s book, The Righteous Mind, is ALL about the same subject.

The truth is, the more you care, the less you are persuaded that you are wrong by facts. You look the facts straight in the face, and your lyin’ eyes, well lie. The remark attributed to  Richard Pryor comes to mind: “Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?”

We are about to go round and round in this circus of guns. After yesterday, and another mentally disturbed man, with a history of inappropriate use of weapons, manages to buy more, and walk into a facility and start killing folks. And WE WEEP that we are such a place where people who are ill are ignored as long as they stay out of our way and don’t gum up our life.

And the head of the trauma center Dr. Orlowski said this:

And we will all say similar things, and we will all mean it, and the crazies on the other side will mean what they say, because they really believe that we’re coming to take their guns and then force them onto communes where they will eat three squares a day and pray to Allah upon pain of death, and that there are death panels, and that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim, and that quiet is kept, black and brown people just not aren’t quite like “us” and never will be, *wink* *wink*.

And I think they are loon crazy bastards and I wish they would just tend to their Ice Road Truckers and Boo Boo whoever that is, and stop meddling with adult issues. Because I can’t convince them that they are wrong on just about everything, and I am told that I am not better, just the other side.

And I HATE believing that, which is quite a corker when you think about it, because if I say, they are wrong, and I’m right, and I’m not like them, then according to the professorial class, I am but proving their point. So.

But I AM NOT LIKE THEM.  I do listen to other views, and I do change my mind, so how can I be like them?

But I sure can’t change them.

So let’s just face it.

All of us bloggers who are pounding away at the keys because we want to make a difference?

Well, we aren’t.


Or to be “today” let’s call it journaling.

Or, to be cool, let’s call it a rant.

Crap, I sometimes wish I was just part of the great grey cloud that only cares about whether my pinochle game will be disrupted, and of course what they are serving for lunch today at the senior’s center.

Chicken ala King anyone?