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cool-hand-lukeI have to laugh. Truly I do. Not out of some sense of arrogant snotty, look down your nose kinda attitude. Out of real sympathy. Sincerely.

Oh, you know me too well.

I am lovin’ it. I am lovin’ the super-duper mess that the GOP has gotten itself into. I am chortling that after having a massive study of “HOW THE HELL DID WE LOSE?” they are pretty much going to ignore the results.

They are really debating whether its NECESSARY to appeal to women, gays, immigrants, or all those host of other folks they have managed to offend in the last ten plus years, oh hell, make that ever since every stinkin’ Dixiecrat joined the Republican party as the last vestige of what’s white and right in America.

Now, let us remember that less than a year ago the GOP was wringing its collective hands and weeping that civilization as we know it would end should we not elect one Willard Romney, wizard businessman to cure our collective ills. He would get our economy zipping along, return unemployment to historical lows, and all the while, manage not to offend anyone as he guffawed that the White House was a tad small by his standards but he was ready to rough it for the good of the country.

It was all jobs and deficits and the sky is falling in GOP land.


Not so much.

So far the GOP has gone-a-lynching in Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, and come up dry. Nary a suitable lynchee to be found. This after failing to turn “fast and furious” into the downfall of the Administration it was always touted to be. And before that, it was birth certificates and pallin’ around with terrorists and downright squishy softness when it came to A-rabs. If there was a teflon-Don well, then there most assuredly is a teflon-President.

Or could it simply be that there was nothing to find.

All the while that the Congress was busy picking lint from its navel, the Republican held legislative bodies across the land have been busy too. Busy about the people’s business. If you set out with the intention of electing majorities across the land with an R emblazoned on their forehead, well you might have saved a lot of time and money by just going down to the local cattle lot and choosing any cow that could stand without help and installing them as State Senators and Representatives. They would surely know as much.

These folks are priceless, and in some cases led by ELECTED governors of the R persuasion to boot. And as I said, they have been busy doing the people’s business.

If  you believe that the people’s business is enacting more and more restrictive laws regarding abortion access, deliberately tailoring laws to put a legitimate business out of business (Planned Parenthood), and systematically making voting about as easy as working your way through a corn maze at midnight on a moonless night.

mazeThis is your democracy at work folks.

In Missouri, the livestock elected to its legislature passed a bill that made it illegal to enforce federal gun laws. It made it a crime for a journalist to publish the names of  gun owners. It nullified other federal laws, lowered the age to get a concealed weapons permit, authorized guns in schools, and on and on.

The Missouri governor vetoed the bill as unconstitutional on its face. Money well spent doncha think? The uber righties are calling for Governor Nixon’s impeachment so more money can be wasted. (where are the jobs Republicans?)

In South Carolina, the screams election night were loud. VOTER FRAUD! The State Attorney General was up in arms. Investigate! Prepare to arrest those cheaters. After all the time and money spent on this investigation what do we have? Not a single case found. NOT ONE. (where are the jobs Republicans?)

In Wisconsin, in the dead of night, on his way out the door governor Scott Walker, signed into law legislation requiring women to undergo and VIEW ultrasounds before getting an abortion, and then required that all clinics doctors have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles. This from the people who demand “small government” and government that isn’t regulatory in business matters. Walker mansplains that it’s all to help women make informed decisions. Lawdy doc, that’s a BABY in there?  (where are the jobs Republicans?)

This crap goes on everywhere the GOP has a majority.

In Congress, the House is poised to hold the debt ceiling hostage once again in order to force the President to enact Paul Ryan’s budget. Now they tell me that Paulie was ultra sure that he and Willard were going to win last November, so perhaps he didn’t get the memo. . . .YOU FREAKIN’ LOST YOU DIMWIT. Nobody cares about your budget and more cuts to SNAP and MEDICARE and MEDICAID.

And immigration? Oh, no, that ain’t going to happen either. They now call it the “Steve King” problem. Ya see, King and the belly crawlers of his ilk don’t want ANY pathway to citizenship. They want a permanent underclass of non-citizens (think South Africa before Mandela) to pick the lettuce and live in camps. Or better yet, haul your ass back to Mexico (all South Americans call Mexico their “home” didn’t you know?) until the next picking season.

Boehner ain’t apparently going to fight the TeaNutz by bringing the Senate bill to the floor for a vote up or down, since he found out that the Speaker ship granted him five extra days in the tanning machine and two extra weeks of golf. I mean what’s important here? A man doesn’t work that hard to get to the free ride good life for nothin’ you know.

I could make a list of this crap that would cover the entire Washington monument, and still have enough to drape the Lincoln Memorial.

This is your tax money at work.

Why are you sitting there?

Have you seen what’s going on in Cairo? It’s called feet. You walk on them, stand on them. Arms, they hold things. Like signs. Ones with the words spelled correctly.

Petition your damn government to either start addressing the people’s real business or start packin’.