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BrightHappyBirthdayBannerIt’s the Contrarian’s big day, and so far he has mopped the floors and is now unstucking my garbage disposal. He’s having a ball I tell ya!

I’ve made most of a delicious chicken pot pie which is what he requested. I have to make the biscuit dough yet, and take the chicken off the bone, but the rest is done. I have most of a Boston Creme Pie done, just have to make the ganache and put the parts together!

Diego is supervising everything, but he does run to me when he hears swearing coming from the kitchen. The tinker-toy aspect of drains and piping have their own “issues” apparently. All is made more complicated (adventurous?) by having to contort one’s body under the sink.

We ran into a white rabbit along our hike this morning. No idea whether it was a genetic throwback or a domesticated one that had escaped his hutch. Diego searched diligently for Alice but to no avail.

Our garden is all in. Not as in all tired out, but as all put in place. They seem content in their new home. The plants that is. The seeds are not talking as of yet. Diego finds the whole process silly. He’d rather lie on the dirt. He’s not sure why we don’t like that idea much.

I shall be forced, this evening to root for Louisville. I certainly can’t root for that other team. Funny how college hatred stay with you forever. In truth, I don’t hate U of M. No, I just merely loathe it. That’s ever so much more polite.

Did you watch Mad Men last night? I rather think they took too long a hiatus. It took a good hour just to get back into the rhythm of things. Don (spoiler alert if you have Tivo’d it and not yet watched) is back to his “womanizing” ways. I don’t think you can find the meaning of life in a woman’s vagina. But he seems to think you can. It wouldn’t be so bad if Don wouldn’t keep shtupping the wives of men he knows socially. It’s unbecoming doncha think?

All the characters on that show are in various states of serious maladjustment. Even Peggy is turning into the usual sort of “boss” you learn to hate. Roger doesn’t cry when his mother dies, but breaks down into sobs when his shoe-shine man does. Go figure.

We’ve been watching the Vikings. Male hairstyles are inordinately bizarre. Other than that, they are great killers.

Have you been watching Kevin Bacon’s The Following? Super gruesome, but oh what a plot line. Think Jack the Ripper with a cadre of eager serial killer wannabes who do his bidding. Delicious in a Breaking Bad sorta way.

Are you excited about ” Under The Dome” coming in June? It’s a Steven King production.

Are you watching the New Dallas?

Are you smarter than a 5th grader and thus not watching TV at all but reading a good book?

Which one?

I’m reading one. Stop This Depression Now! by Paul Krugman. He wrote it a while back. Quite obviously, nobody followed his directions.

Harry Reid, so I hear, is threatening to really do something about that filibuster thing in the Senate. After the “nice” agreement he and Mitch worked out. Republicans don’t play fair. I could have told Harry that. They just laugh and whisper “chump” as they walk away. I’d like to grab Harry by the ear (substitute his privatey parts but I’m not sure you could maintain a firm hold given their miniscule size), and drag him to the shed for a whippin’. Sit him right next to that baby Kim Jong Un. Grow up you two!

It’s breezy outside. We have to water our veggies and flowers twice a day here. The humidity is like 20% and that’s in the morning. It goes down to “suck the water right out of ya” by 3 pm. You can almost hear them whimper for a drink. If they could crawl, they would. It’s gonna get cold tomorrow and Wednesday. . . .highs only in the mid to high 60’s. Can probably make ice-cubes if you try.

How soon we forget the snows of Iowa.

Are you alive out there?

Oh. I forgot. The speakers are off, and I couldn’t hear you anyway.

Hey do you turn your cell phone to “mute” and forget to turn it back on? I do that every freakin’ Sunday. Do you remember when ever church service began: “If you have a cell phone please turn it to the silent mode”? I don’t recall when that transition happened.

Best answer for why climate change is a hoax?  “Because my grandparents remember that the weather patterns were the same in late 1800’s as they are today, so not to worry. It’s just fine.”

Best question about evolution and the bible? “Are you actually saying that you can believe in both?”


So, back to the kitchen I go.