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MHuckMike Huckabee makes me scratch my head. Which is saying something good frankly, since many Republicans make me want to scratch their heads for them.

I remember back when Mikey was trying to be a serious candidate. He was the quintessential compassionate conservative. He was fun, told self-deprecating stories and seemed for all the world like a compromise-willing  gentleman. Heck even Jon Stewart liked him.

Somewhere along the line Mikey traded whatever passes for integrity in his world for filthy lucre. Or perhaps I’m being generous. Plenty would argue that he never had any integrity to begin with and was only playing along in order to get along. The GOP is really good at saying one thing and planning to do something quite different if given the chance.

However you wish to cast it, Huckster decided that running for office wasn’t his cup of milk, so he went the way of most of his kind, and drifted into a job at Foxy Noise where he could be the “expert” opinion” on whatever moved his rather pedestrian mind.

I’m not sure Mikey is all that enamored in his heart of hearts with the right-wing teabagging evangelicals that he now “speaks” for. But he has chosen to harness his cart to them. He apparently has no desire to be part of the “Old Guard” which is the tattered and rundown house that encompasses the John McCains, John Boehners, Lindsey Grahams, and the ever poppin’ Karl Rove, along with turtlish McConnell. They are otherwise known now as RINOS.

The tea-sippin’ group is getting mightily teed off these days. While the Old Guard is trying desperately to make itself relevant, the Waterlogged bibbers are screeching that anybody who deviates from the wagon train of bizarre, will be drawn and quartered and left for dead in the desert of political outliers.

They are having no part of this new “immigration” talk. Ship those brownies back to MEXICO or wherever they come from. (Tea Baggers mostly are unaware of any other country than Mexico, all else being “down there”). They are having no part of this new “compassion for gays”, such being an abomination in the eyes of the self-serving God they have created out of a collection of writings by people who died two millennia ago, and were last seen trying to make sense of stumbling around in a desert for forty years when the walk to “Israel” was at most a six weeks jaunt.

They are having no part of any of that fuzzy liberal crap in other words, and any Republican who does? They are dead to them. Dead, dead, dead and anathema to boot. May there be a pox on all their house and, and may fire and brimstone fall upon their backyard pools.

Chuckerbee has shown his true colors. I guess we should have realized it full-blown when he shlepped the anti-Obamacare as legislation cooked up in “back rooms and shoved down the throats of the American people.” Actually it was passed as are all normal pieces of legislation–by garnering the required number of yeas by senators and representatives and then being signed by a President into law.

Today he warns that should the GOP take that awful walk to the dark side and endorse marriage equality, the evangelicals in this country are going to desert them. Woohoo, now that’s a threat. The Old Guard pretty much wants that to happen. Barry Goldwater warned that trouble would ensue if the GOP made a pact with the right-wing religious, and boy was he right. They have pushed the party to the brink of annihilation. I read a little ditty the other day that is actually quite true:

The tea party came along to destroy a president. They ended up destroying a party–the GOP.

Nothing could be truer, and Huckster is free to lead that band of misbegots all he wants. Speaking with self-avowed tea Party “patriots” (for they all claim that moniker), is like entering the hall of mirrors at the circus. Random bits of flotsam, float as sound bites from their latest “deep” think watching Fox. Nay, this is no longer enough and they are boycotting that station for not being flamingly whacked enough. Tea suckers have no coherent ideology, often hold views on separate subjects that are in conflict philosophically and logically, and spout a different “issue” as you progress from one to the other. And the joy for them is that they are so ignorant as to not realize how truly stupid they sound.

Huck of course is no stranger to idiocy himself, having claimed that the tragedy at Newtown was the result of “taking God from the classroom”. First that belies the fact that God is everywhere, and does not take direction from silly humans. Secondly, it trivializes the real tragedy there, and of course makes the Huckster another in a long line of Christianists who create some gun-happy imprimatur in the good book itself.

So I take Mikey’s warning for all the value it deserves. Exactly none. I fervently hope that the GOP disinfects itself from the scourge it has encountered. When you teach people that it’s all about number one, don’t be surprised if they come up with some fine examples of their own of looking out for themselves. Since there is nothing Christian nor human about that kind of standard, don’t be surprised if a majority of citizens cast a dark eye on your selfish betrayal of both God and the rest of America.