Returning From the Land of OZ

bangheadOh it feels so good when you stop.

If you ever travel to Michigan, take a wide berth around Flint. I grew up there. I have recently come to discover that it’s the birth zone of some of the most ignorant people I have ever met. Not all mind you. A few of us escaped. In case you wonder, I escaped. You were unclear about that?

Now Facebook is a wonderful device to get back in touch with people you haven’t spoken to, or in most cases thought about in years. But  beware, you too may find that you were born in a zone of ignorance. And you may well find that most of those people you thought it would be fun to reconnect with and see what they are up to? It’s better you don’t.

We developed a “hot topics” page just to discuss politics and such. Oh my good lord, you would be shocked. Nay I say, you would be bowled over. Who knew you went to school with idiots?

I’m not talking about drooling misbegots who are still practicing shoe tying an hour a day, and have “almost got it.” No these people are of reasonably average intelligence. They are mostly willfully ignorant, choosing to create safe worlds which they can inhabit without all that messy guilt.

Let me give you some examples:

1. In a discussion on climate change: One fine fellow is very sure there is no such thing and regales us with YouTube video cartoons, and plenty of bloggers who are darn sure it’s all a hoax. Trouble is, most of his links have no names attached, or if they do, it’s pretty clear the writers have no educational background justifying my belief in their opinion. (I am pretty sure the earth has a molten core too, but as a lawyer, I don’t expect you to take my word for it.)

Said denier, has no background that enables him to choose between the experts. But he really likes that there isn’t any climate change, certainly that humans are responsible for, cuz dang, he hates taxes and doesn’t want to pay for all that green technology start-up. He can’t be bothered with the 97% of climate scientists who tell him he is wrong–they are just part of the hoax.

As everyone is clearly aware, scientists upon graduation, sign a pledge to maintain the conspiracy of climate change, in order to get their diploma. Then, logically, (around the world this is done mind you) they apply for government grants to waste time doing experiments they know are not true, and then publish this untruth, all to justify getting more grants to do it all again. Until they retire. They are leaving letters with their attorneys admitting the hoax upon the 50th anniversary of their deaths,  while they are relegated to the trash heap of scientific discovery– which is the ultimate aim of any scientist worth his/her salt.

Best question put by another “Hamady Hawk” as if this proves something–“Didn’t ice once cover all of Michigan?” Yes my dear, it did, your point?

2. On economics we are peppered with the wonders of Hayak and Friedman, both economists proven wrong in their models by, well, you, know, the freakin’ disaster of 2008. By the way, did you know that it’s “Obama’s recession” and Bush really had nothing to do with it?

3. Evolution: we get the standard, “I don’t believe in that, because the bible explains that for me.” I supplied this link: Is the Young-Earth Creationist Idea of God Compatible with Christianity? 

This was written by our good friend, James McGrath, professor of religious studies at Butler University. I also submitted this really excellent piece by another good friend of this blog, Dr. Peter Hess’s, God and Evolution.


The point is, you can’t have an intelligent conversation with a creationist because they are willfully ignorant and damnably determined to remain that way.

The seminal question I got from them on this was:

  • Are you actually saying that you can believe in evolution AND the bible at the same time?  (YES MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DO!)
  • If we are related to chimps, then why are chimps still giving birth to baby chimps and humans to humans? (OH JESUS, I SWEAR I AM GOING TO STEP IN FRONT OF A TRUCK NOW!)
  • If evolution is true, why aren’t we still “evolving” ya know?  (WELL, YA, KNOW, WE ARE!!!)

4. On poverty and our need to care for those who can’t for any reason care for themselves? The usual first hand accounts of “homeless” men who don’t want food but want money instead. Apparently homeless people have no other needs, just food. Apparently 25% of all homeless who are veterans are unable to work rather than emotionally unable to hold down a job. GET A JOB! Food stamps in the country is a CRIME! While one in five children go hungry. Yeah some crime. And then it’s all wrapped up neat and tidy by a litany  and I do mean extensive and detailed of “all they do” for the poor so you can’t call me callous! And everybody knows Republicans give more than Democrats.

5. On the Tea Party. “I carry the constitution with my bible everywhere. I am a patriot. I am against unions, I am against takers. Democrats are the party of dividing people. Michelle and Barack Obama both lost their law licenses (an urban myth, but of course you can’t explain it to them). I am for guns. My my isn’t Ben Carson just the most brilliant man? (the new house Negro in the Right wing). Send them back to Mexico! Jesus said you will always have the poor! And he was against the government doing anything about the poor! Jesus supports self-defense!

6. On education: You guys think you are so educated, and know it all. Well I’m not stupid. Just because I don’t think what you think, I’m not stupid. (EDUCATION IS NO MORE THAN CURIOSITY ABOUT THE WORLD AND THE DECISION TO PICK UP A BOOK AND READ IT. ANYONE CAN DO IT. THEY HAVE THESE THINGS CALLED LIBRARIES AND THEY ARE F**KING FREE!)

But I escaped. . . . I am back here in the land of reality.





Well, I think I lanced that boil rather well, doncha think? Do you think they will invite me to tea if I’m in town?

And those of you who I’ve talked to by message who are smart, AND well-informed? You know who you are, and I love ya!



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9 comments on “Returning From the Land of OZ

  1. Gunta says:

    Well, I grew up in Boston, then lived in California during the 70s (sadly my first taste of the Reagan insanity)… and then I moved to Utah. Talk about culture shock!!! It don’t get much better than that. Oregon is pretty sane except for out here in the boonies.

    • Sherry says:

      I mean it shocked me. I think too many of them didn’t go on to college and meet a wider array of people and cultures, nor have some of them moved to more cosmopolitan areas. I guess I don’t know what causes it, but it’s ugly for sure. I know our old science teacher is a member, and if he reads that so many of his students don’t believe in science (except the convenient kind–lights, engines, etc), wow, he must really be sad

      • Gunta says:

        I’ve always suspected that even just a wee bit of travel adds to one’s experience and view of the world. Too many folks never seem to see past their nearest WalMart.

        • Sherry says:

          you know I think that is so true. I think it’s really evidence of a lack of curiosity about the world, and a certain feeling of safety in staying with what you know. I guess that’s the basis of fundamentalism in general. It’s definitely a desire to feel safe, and it takes many expressions although typically it pops out in religion, but I meet plenty of political fundamentalists too. !END

  2. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    If people like them could just go about being sweetly ignorant, not voting, not breeding, not voicing their opinions, the world would be a much better place. But they vote. They have children. The U.S. gives home to millions of people who seem to flaunt their stupidity. It’s like a badge of honor. Some idiot on Fox news says that climate change is a hoax and, because the audience is a selfish, greedy bunch who can’t give up their big trucks, he swallows it whole and then repeats the nonsense. They litter social media with their “enlightened” opinions. Sadly, a lot of them hold public office. It’s scary. It really is. Used to be that Darwin’s theory would take care of them. But in modern society, they thrive.

  3. Hansi says:

    People will believe what they want, and find resources to back-up their opinions. Ignorance sometimes really is bliss.

  4. I live in an entire state like that. It is very frustrating as you can’t have an intelligent conversation with people who cling to willful ignorance and glory in it even.

    p.s. sometimes I rant about religion Sherry but I never aim those comments at you. You are one of the few religious people I know who is reasonable so I hope you don’t take too much of offense by my once in a blue moon rantings…

    • Sherry says:

      Absolutely don’t ever feel you are unfair. There is much wrong in many religions, and even more wrong with a lot of “religious” people. There is plenty to find fault about and we ignore the wrong at our peril. I find it so hard to understand why so many people are uninterested in the world they are passing through. It’s a conundrum. !END

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