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reid-if-i-only-had-a-brainYou know there are times when it’s a good thing that I am where I am and Congress is where it’s at. For if I were closer, I would be hard to dissuade from marching up the Capital steps and hunting for Reid and a few others to throttle.

Being not of the assaultive behavior type, that’s saying a lot for me.

If you haven’t heard, Reid has pulled Diane Feinstein’s assault weapons bill from the docket and will not bring it to the floor for debate.

His reasoning: he cannot produce 60 votes for it’s passage.

Since when is this the rule for whether a bill is deemed appropriate for debate. Has there never in the history of that august? body  been a time when a Senator has given so empassioned a plea that it has so shamed the other members that they have had a change of heart?

Okay, so I’m dreaming. Undoubtedly so. But is that an excuse?

Tell me that Turtle-man Mitch McConnell would announce the usual GOP filibuster. Go ahead tell me that it was useless to try.

It was not useless. I am aware enough, I think, of the stupid rules of the Senate to know that that was likely. Mitch is a stooge after all, of who ever is paying his ticket to ride the gravy train formerly known as the US Senate.

But there would be A RECORD.

Even if that record is nothing but the GOP ploy to protect their sick caucus from having to stand up in public and vote NO to rational gun laws. Let them admit in full view of the American people that they side with gun manufacturers and dealers and that they too are part of the insane bunch of fools who think Obama is just biding his time before he outlaws all guns in the US and we are in the throes of a civil war.

Let the so-called Democrats, who are no more than GOP’ers in disguise, who also are on their knees before the god NRA offering the sacrifice of more bodies and more babies to the insane machinations of sociopathic teenagers and young men who decide that suicide should be accompanied by a body count beyond one.  Let them be forced to admit the shame of who and WHAT they are, by voting NO so that I can see them.

Let them spout all their idiotic rhetoric that guns don’t kill people, and legitimate hunters score better bambi kill when their gun looks like GI Joe military weapon, all the while they spray a rain of bullets on a defenseless deer, making the meat unfit for finding let alone eating. Let them moan and groan that respectable people are being forced to give a name and address before purchasing a 30-bullet clip, while they routinely do that to board a damn airplane.

Let them say it all, and let us see them saying it, and see it for what it is.

More of the damn same crap we endure every damn day from those who are supposed to be representing us and the COMMON GOOD.

When was that point?

When was that point when we gave up all sense that our government’s elected officials were actually there to represent us, the average American. When did it turn to representing only the rich and the powerful and their ceaseless greed for money and power to shape the world in a way that serves them, while making the rest of live like animals, gnawing at each other, holding our pistols in terror, fearful to lose  that little that we have.

Was it always the point? Was this country started on that basis and have I been living out the lie that I MATTERED AT ALL?

I’m beginning to believe it’s all just a cosmic joke. I’m beginning to believe that government was never “of, by and for” me, but of, by and for THEM, with me as the worker ant, ever dutifully dying and grubbing on their behalf.

Am I mad as hell?


Mad enough to do what?

I don’t know. Except at this moment I just want to fire the lot of them. I’m not sure any of them are “smarter than a 5th grader,” and I’m pretty sure a band of 5th graders could do no worse.

The soap box now belongs to you!