The World Is Just Plain Weird

laf-stats-grafI had gotten, finally to that happy place. The place where I no longer obsessed about how many people were visiting my blog every day. I was content, having found my place.

Yeah, well that good time feeling didn’t last for long. There has been a significant drop in the last two or three months which is startling and inexplicable. It’s dropped by half at least, and that while subscriptions to this blog have steadily increased.

I have no idea what it means. Did I say something offensive? I surely meant to, but gosh, you don’t have to be so harsh. Wait, I’m talking to people who are still reading so that won’t do any good. How do I reach out to all the unknowns who have found a happier place to tuck into the news and explain that I’m only trying to offend nearly everyone and no one singularly?

To top this off, if you have Google reader you were met with the announcement out of the clear blue sky they are not shutting down their reader. Now I live by mine. I do. I mean dang, can’t you leave shit alone? I have enough on my plate most days without now having to do all that transfery stuff of which I am not all that good. Is there no God?

Speaking of which, God chose his earthly successor yesterday in the guise of one Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires. now known as Pope Francis I. Lots of nice things are being said about him, and I’m sure he is a fine fellow. He has lived out the preferential preference for the poor that the liberation theologists have called as the Church’s primary mission, while at the same time decrying the Marxist influence that permeates some of the that same rhetoric. He is a Jesuit, while at the same time decrying their more liberal and progressive leanings. He is a traditionalist when it comes to the Church’s teachings on social issues relating to sexual matters. He is a prayerful humble individual who decries the pomp and ceremony and trappings of office, preferring a small apartment and taking public transportation back and forth to work.

It is of course utterly unclear how all this will play out in the coming months and years. I remain realistic but hopeful that  something new is afoot, and trust that the Holy Spirit, may have rushed in once again to save this wonderful institution from itself. It usually does.

If there was any doubt that the bought-and-paid for jackasses called the GOP in Congress cares not one whit about the public sentiments no matter how overwhelming they are, one need only look at the bill that passed in Congress the other day relating to background checks for gun purchasers.

While a healthy 91% of all citizens across the land, and 76% of all NRA members favor such minimum legislation, the Senate GOP could not manage to screw up the most minimum of guts to vote yes. Not a SINGLE GOP member of the Senate voted yes. I mean even Susan Collins voted no. I mean have you people NO SHAME AT ALL? I really do think we would be better off; if at a minimum, Senate chairs in the chamber were required to carry the logos of those corporate interests who have bought these people and OWN them.

If you are worried that our political system is in danger of being subverted by corporate interests to the point of being the actual POLITICAL POWER in American, now would be the time to decide what you are going to do about it. Time is short I fear before “we the people” is nothing more than a quaint historical blip on the books. Since they already write all the “regulatory laws” that apply to them as it is, and own the SCOTUS by a vote of nearly 5 on most any issue, what the hell left is there for them to grab?

Stay tuned for the inevitable change in the national anthem.

Oh, say can you see, by the dawns early light,
what so proudly we hailed at the twilights last gleaming.
Whose bright office buildings, and nifty logos, through the perilous fight,
O’er the fences we watched were so neoned gleaming,
And the stock market’s big bull, profits shot through the roof,
gave proof through the night, that our CEO’s were still there.
Oh say does that mega corporation yet stand,
O’er the land of the poor and the home of the privileged.

Get your copy, no doubt you will soon be forced to sing it every morning before the work bell rings. That goes for retirees, because there will be no rest for the weary in the poor house, just a faint, “can I have more please, sir” in the soup line.

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14 comments on “The World Is Just Plain Weird

  1. okjimm says:

    ah, you have to forget about those page view things or whatever…I have something that supposed tracks that stuff…and it doesn’t move for months. I figure Blogging is good therapy. And cheap too. For awhile I thought I might buy a gun and go to a range and blow up pieces of paper.. But bulletts cost more than beer and a perfectly good tree had to die to make that target..

    • Sherry says:

      You are so right Jim. And I was doing really good at not paying attention until they went so far south I began to wonder why. But therapy it certainly is. !END

  2. lbwoodgate says:

    I’m with Jim. We’ll still be here for you Sherry.

  3. The Bug says:

    I usually read & don’t comment (because I can’t comment on wordpress blogs at work & that’s where I do most of my blog reading), but I had to say that I was pretty disturbed about google reader too – I had to immediately google (heh) the situation & found this article which I’ll explore later:

    Oh, & I’m intrigued by the new Pope too. I never had high hopes like many of my friends (did they REALLY think we’d get a pope who blessed gay marriage?), but he does seem a refreshing change…

  4. Gunta says:

    I don’t do Google Reader, but I hate the way any of these sites change things all the time (especially WordPress). I quit updating some of my software because they keep changing stuff on me.

    As for your stats… could it be that folks are a bit burned out with politics that just seems to be the same old tired tune and there doesn’t appear to be a damned thing we can do about it?

    • Sherry says:

      I am with you on the changing of stuff I rely on. I would be lost without my reader which brings me over 200 various blogs and sites that I follow for information. lol.. And you may well be right, that nobody is all that interested in politics right now. One can hardly blame them, it’s so gridlocked it gets tiresome. How may times can you call Ted Cruz a bonehead after all? lol !END

      • Gunta says:

        OMG… did you watch Cruz’s snide, patronizing expression when Feinstein responded to him at the hearing? He is such a self-absorbed jerk.
        Wish you’d change your settings to allow for a reply to your reply (dashboard/settings/discussion/other comment settings – you should be able to increase the number of threaded comments there.)

        • Sherry says:

          I sure will do that Gunta. I thought I had everything wide open. Ditto my thinking about Cruz. what a total putz. !END

  5. Shannon says:

    I come over to the blog to read the comments, but get your postings in my email. If things are a little hectic, I don’t make it over to read the comments. if that’s messing with your blog-visit stats, sorry! I do love reading what you have to say. It’s just that some days are like this one: it’s almost 1am and I really should be asleep by now.

    • Sherry says:

      Oh gosh no Shannon, it has nothing to do with those who subscribe. It’s just the regular traffic is down. I appreciate totally that everybody has a lot on their plate, me included. I was not blaming anyone, just wondering what was going on. It was a fast and fairly precipitous downturn. As some have said, so what? lol !END

  6. Hansi says:

    Stats Schmats…It’s all about having a good time expressing yourself, and for free even makes it better. I’ve noticed the same thing with my blog, but just figured that a lot of folks got sick n tired of my bullshit and quirky boob-laden drawings :)

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