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We can’t.

And some days, I do get powerfully tired of discussing why you’re wrong and I’m right.

Because I am right. Truly. I mean it would shatter my entire persona should I discover that I’ve been wrong all these years.

Makes life an entire waste of time, being wrong. You clearly see that.

So do me the kindness to play into my delusion that I am right about EVERYTHING. For I get awfully nervous when I’m wrong about ANYTHING.

That pretty much sums up the state of affairs in America today. Can I get an Amen?  Yeah, okay, a tepid uhuh will do.

Some days I am purely not up to the task of yammering on and on about all the stupid people and stupid stuff they do. I mean, my sanity is at stake here too you know. I have a right to peace and quiet don’t I? I was reduced to calling a woman a bitch today at the pool. I mean is there no place where general common sense rules can’t abide without resort to that?

I mean we are paying a paltry buck to swim, you don’t own the damn lane woman! She said I was “unprofessional”. Since I’m not a professional lap swimmer nor do I portray one, I don’t know what that meant. If she doesn’t want to be called a bitch, she should stop being insufferably selfishly bitchy. Seems obvious to me.

I don’t think I’ve called a woman to her face that in 25-30 years. Truly I don’t. Maybe since I was a teenager. It’s not my normal sort of language.

I figure the GOP made me do it. They are always riling me up with stupid.

So in the name of sanity, I shall not go on and on about the state of the freakin’ly screwed up world. A word or two will suffice.

  • GOP: still in denial that they lost, and still lying about everything.
  • “New Ryan Budget”: same old same old Ayn Randian crap designed to weed out the weak in favor of the “fittest.”
  • Fundamentalists: still abusing the bible for their own self-comfort, making it hate who they hate, and love who they love.
  • Democrats: still living in denial that GOP cares about what the public thinks about anything.
  • Corporations: still raking in the profits and laughing as they sit sipping fine cognac after an afternoon of schussing at the chalet in Switzerland, or drinking Pernod at their villa along the Cote d’Azur.
  • Survivalists/conspiracists/Teabibbers: still actively drinking the kool-aid and waiting in the dark with their assault rifles for the coming of “that Negro’s” Blackhawk copters.
  • Republican state governments: still wasting taxpayer money on beating up on Planned Parenthood, and stupid laws to protect “our freedoms”.
  • Congress: still spending ninety percent of their time raising money from their masters, and using the other ten percent to spew platitudes that even bore them now.
  • Professional Athletes: still engaged in efforts to get away with doping, since sports are now the way to become a multimillionaire in one easy contract.
  • Professional actors: still plying their trade all the while believing that their opinions on anything other than their trade matter to anybody else.
  • School system in America: still lousy and getting worse.
  • Business in general: still laughing that anyone thinks their major goal in life is to “create” jobs.
  • Media: still trapped in the notion that presenting both sides is their job, when one side is one neuron short of a brain.
  • Health care: still great if you are rich, increasingly lousy if you are not.
  • Dental care: still great if you are rich, almost non-existent if you are not.
  • Public transportation: great if you like buses. Lousy if you dream of high-speed rail or non-polluting vehicles.
  • Religion in General: still missing the call to en mass call for justice and social reform in America. Jesus does not recognize most of them as following Him, surely.
  • Dogs and Cats: still offering the best and sanest alternative to human interaction around, and they are cheap too!
  • The rest of the Animal Kingdom: still holding on, hoping to survive the insane human invasion.
  • Planet Earth: still coughing and hoping that humans will come to their senses before it must eradicate them forever.
  • Reactionary Republicans: still happy because they have God on their side, and don’t care about anybody else anyway.
  • Progressive Democrats: still unhappy because they care that everybody isn’t  getting their fair share.
  • The Aliens among Us: still more interested in the poker game at the Galactic club house on Saturday night.

I rest my case. You have all the news you need. Perhaps I shall find something of actual interest tomorrow. Hope as they say, springs eternal.