Where’s My Fire Extinguisher?

war-on-women-in-one-graphic-fullIt really strikes one as insane, except to the insane I guess. And the GOP is home to a whole lota insane. After taking a drubbing in 2012, you’d think they would be about figuring out how to appeal to the groups they lost badly to, LIKE WOMEN!

No, instead, they are still doing the big daddy shuffle–no no missy, you just don’t trouble you pretty little head darlin’, I’ll do what’s best for you.

And they are, to the tune of moving all in in their war against Planned Parenthood. In good old Wisconsin, home of the Koch-addicted Governor Walker, has just managed to cut funding for PPH by a whopping one million, forcing them to close four clinics in rural areas.

Upwards of 2,000 women will lose the only health care they have.

All in the name of preventing PPH from its abortion agenda–which accounts for a mere 3% of its business.

But big daddy knows best.

I would like to kick big daddy in the balls. Actually, that’s a great idea, and a great contraceptive method. More women need to do it to Republican legislators around the country who think they know best when it comes to women’s health. . .or lack of it.


I spent considerable time and precious time (for my time is quite valuable) yesterday trying to rid Firefox of its pop-up problem. And it is their problem, most of the windows are Mozilla creations. They can’t fix their own stuff, so I downloaded some malware fixes and that didn’t work either. So I have transferred most operations to Explorer (finding Chrome very ugly to work with) and figure to dump Firefox. I assume the dang program is corrupted. If anybody knows an easy way to transfer “favorites” I’d be appreciative. I have so far not figured that baby out.


I was mildly intrigued some time ago when I heard of the paleo diet. The Contrarian often regales me the fact that he “drinks” anthropologically–with great draughts of liquid much as our ancestors did at the old drinkin’ hole. One needed to get in and out quick before some saber tooth came along and made you his midnight snack. But I’ve never had a satisfactory explanation of why grains were not allowed since grains were certainly available to paleolithic people in the form of wild rice and wheat.

There is a movement about that suggests that we are evolutionarily speaking still more cave-lady than 5th Avenue in terms of our genetics, and this mismatch of cave and five-inch heels is the source of much of our unhealth today. It sounds right, but is it? Some call it the paleofantasy. If you’re intrigued too, then read more about it here. Common sense conclusions are very often wrong. Were we every “perfectly” adapted to our environment?

If you don’t believe in evolution, then ignore the above, and just ask “what would Noah do?” AND BITE ME!


Do you have a list of books you are “going to read?”  I don’t mean the stack next to your chair which you can’t wait to get to. I’m talking about the books that make you feel guilty because you know you should have read them, yet you just can’t get past the first ten pages without wanting to tear out your hair. Do you keep saying one day you WILL read James Joyce? How about Proust?

Anyway, I was just wondering if there are others out there like me. Do you die in guilt? Or are you doing anything about it?

I’m nosy like that. Probing through the folds of other people’s grey matter.


Speaking of probing brain matter. Let me ask you this? No not, you dear reader, you are sane. I’m talking to stupid in the back. Come on UP stupid.

I have a question for you. Do stupid people actively sit around thinking up stupid things, or do stupid thoughts just fall into your head and stick there until you are forced to expel them verbally?

Missouri seems to have a virus floating around of stupid.

A GOP’er (aren’t they always) has introduced a bill in the state legislature (perhaps it’s really the state day-care center for the mentally infirm), that would make it a FELONY to propose any law that would in any way restrict the rights of gun owners under the 2nd Amendment.

Yes, it’s now illegal to make constitutional laws.

Or it would be.

If there are enough stupid to match the gargantuan stupid of Mikey Leara.

Can anybody top that?


Not to be outdone, just out stupided, is Kansas, dear old Kansas or KANS ASS as you might wish to think of it.

It seems there, that the GOPer’s are busy introducing bills that would require that teachers teach falsehood–namely that there is some scientific controversy about the existence of man-made climate change.

Yessiree Bob, we got us some climate deniers here, and they have adopted the ALEC-supplied legislation and introduced it.

So, who will win? Missouri or Kansas?

Don’t you Texans feel just a might better now?


Saw the last show of the season for Downton Abbey last night. All I can say is bummer, dude. And I’m pretty darn good at spotting things ahead of time. That carefree driving down a country road happy as a lark? It’s the harbinger of death. Always is. Now the long wait until the next season.

Oh I forgot. Liberals are supposed to hate Downton. For it’s classism no doubt. What a crock of poo.

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10 comments on “Where’s My Fire Extinguisher?

  1. lbwoodgate says:

    “I’ve never had a satisfactory explanation of why grains were not allowed since grains were certainly available to paleolithic people in the form of wild rice and wheat.”

    It’s my understanding that the paleo diet was one where you ate as you went along, trying to survive day to day. Wild rice and wheat were probably in some areas where the hunter-gathers lived and roamed but as a stand alone food source they didn’t offer much that stimulated the pleasure senses. You have to grind and cook most grains before it is tasty enough to eat again and again and it is likely that paleo man had not reached that level of culinary expertise yet.

    The problem with the paleo diet is that we no longer live that lifestyle. We don’t have the natural food sources they did, not completely anyway since soils and water are contaminated to various degrees with man-made pollutants and fertilizers. Nor do we move about like early man did and feed ourselves sparingly, often way past the time our bodies told us it was hungary. We spent a lot of time back then struggling to find our next meat or vegetable source. Kind of like many poor country people do today, i.e. Africa.

    • Sherry says:

      well Larry you have given me even more reasons why I think its a silly diet. No doubt it is fairly healthy, I’m not claiming otherwise, just silly. The article made it rather clear that claims that we are not genetically adapted to the world we live in today are rather lame in my opinion.

  2. Gunta says:

    I gave up guilting over “should reads” a long time ago. I figure reading should be about what interests or educates or amuses you. There are books I go back to read several times and others where I can’t make it past the first chapter. Having a fantastic library system helps, since there’s no guilt about paying for some book and deciding to move on.

  3. Joyce says:

    My mother had me at 16. She got all of her prenatal care through Planned Parenthood. After she had me, they gave her free birth control so she wouldn’t have even more children she wasn’t prepared for. Lord knows I was a handful.

    Sure, I can top your story of stupidity. Here in Florida, our own Greg Evers in the state senate presented a bill that nullified a local noise ordinance. The local noise ordinance had been passed specifically due to a private firing range located in a neighborhood. Evers’ bill imposed financial penalties on any county entity that dared to interfere with the Second Amendment. He THEN went and voted for a statewide measure to silence the gun range. Sort of like going around your arse to get to your elbow.

  4. Hansi says:

    I actually do sit around and think up stupid things all the time; even publish them…It’s called blogging.
    The GOP is beyond change, one can only hope for extinction.

  5. List of X says:

    I am very suspicious of this paleo diet. After all, our ancestors who followed this diet had life expectancy of about 30 years.

  6. Nick says:

    I’m sorry about your browser troubles. I would consider reinstalling Firefox. Of course, Internet Explorer is very much capable, as long as it’s IE9 or IE10. Every version before those is pretty terrible.

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