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not-every-baby-gets-to-play-peek-a-boo-with-the-presidentIt’s President’s Day!

I would have forgotten, being a retired person, and not being beholden to no calendar (we sometimes celebrate Christmas a few days late, because we are not aware of even what day of the week it is most of the time). Until I called the bank about a zillion times and couldn’t get a human being on the other end.

Since this task was assigned to me by the Contrarian, it’s safe to safe we both forgot.

There is a scam born nearly every minute I think. I get a e-mail every week telling me that the e-mail is in danger of being disconnected if I don’t return the e-mail with my username and password. It’s suitable addressed to “maintenance”.

I might bite, but for the bold statement across the top of my email that says: we will never ask you for your password.

Yesterday the Contrarian received an automated phone call, telling us that our debit card had been placed on a hold and that we should push “1” to go to the security division of the bank. No doubt they would want our account number and pin number to proceed. We didn’t fall for that one either. No doubt plenty do, which is why folks keep trying to figure ways around the law.

I’ve been receiving a zillion and one-third pop ups lately. No doubt from something I downloaded. I am a downloading freak. Anyway, it was getting so dang annoying so I went to Firefox help and said: “HELP“. They took me to options were I found that I already had the “block pop ups” checked. That made me exceedingly pissy since the pop ups are all Firefox windows.

I told the Contrarian. He found a site called www. computerhope.com You might want to write that down. I put in my question and was sent to a page that asked my type of browser, and then told me exactly what to do. It involved going to a scary place called “about.config”. I knew it was scary since the minute I got there, it said, “are you SURE you want to be here?” I checked the “I’ll be very very careful, I promise,” and proceeded to open and change something about privacy. So far so good.

Is anybody got an ad at the top of their “new post” page? (WordPressers only). I’m thinking of starting a national boycott of any ad that comes up on places where there shouldn’t be ads. I will decide of course where they shouldn’t be.

Rutherford B. Hayes is the least googled President of the United States. I have no idea why nobody googles him. But it’s a great conversation starter wouldn’t you say?

Did I tell you about the site, The Top 10 of Everything and Anything? If I did, well EXCUSE me, and if I didn’t, well, go over there. It is a total surprise every day. Today is The 10 most unique egg cooking fryers. That’s another good conversation starter don’t you think?

Since the Pope is stepping down, I wonder if anyhow has asked him where’s the first place he’s going now that he’s a free man. I wonder if he’s say, “I’m going to Disneyworld!” He might you know. Well, he might.

What’s the best book you ever read? The one that had the greatest impact on you? The one you thought about for days, weeks afterward? The one you maybe read again? Mine? Oh, I don’t know as I can answer. Tomorrow my answer would probably be different from it is today. My rudder is loose I guess. Sometimes it’s definitely The Naked and the Dead. Sometimes it’s Grapes of Wrath. Some times it’s Mila 18. And then on Saturday’s it’s usually Calvin and Hobbes Collected Works. No that’s usually Sunday. Saturday is usually Bloom County.

I really breathed a sigh of relief when I discovered that I only gave up the SECOND most obvious thing for Lent. What was that you ask? Oh. Chocolate. And I’ve never given it up before for Lent. I would have hated to have picked the most popular thing–Twitter. I’ve given up soda before. That is number four. Number three is swearing–that would be a waste of time. I’m addicted to certain words and phrases that just seem to say it right. Did you give up anything? Do tell.

If Monopoly is a game form of capitalism, then I guess what is happening today is pretty much to be expected. I mean isn’t the object of Monopoly to win all the money and own everything? Are you telling me that people like Murdock and Trump don’t aim for that? Capitalism, but it’s very nature has the seeds of its own destruction within it.

MSNBC is airing “Hubris: Selling the Iraq War” tonight. Based on the book by David Corn and Michael Isikoff. Should be worth seeing.

Why is it that Mountain time is never mentioned when they say, 8 Eastern, 7 Central, and 5 Pacific? I mean it’s like we live in this great void of no importance. I feel slighted and slightly like the stupid child in the family.

You know I been wondering. Sarah Palin built a studio set at her home in Wasilla to broadcast to Fox, when they were good buds. I wonder if she goes and sits in it sometimes and daydreams about the good ole days when she was somebody?

PUBLISHED by catsmob.comHey, well somebody has gotta do it don’t they?

New York demands a certain number of weirdos.

But I ask ya, if you saw this dude walking up the stoop of the brownstone next to you, after a hard day wiggling his ass, in them whitie-tighties, would you feel like maybe looking for a new place to live?

Live and let live as they say, but do it where I don’t have to see it.

He’s got some legs though. In a weird sort of way.

Do you wonder at the mind that one day said, “yeah, I’m going out to sing and play my guitar and I’m going to wear nothing but some white briefs. That is the ticket to success!”

I’d be checking to see if his Prozac needed a refill.

So…..I think I been daydreaming.

See ya!