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wateryrubioWell, I guess you could say that the Republican response to the President’s State of the Union speech, did win the day in terms of YouTube hits.

Everywhere across America, people are at the Water cooler, talking about “the” moment. Truthfully, there were six mini-moments before THE moment, but whose counting.

It appears that Marco is not ready for prime-time. Sweat trickled down his brow and he took quick swipes on four occasions. Then he moved to the corner of his upper lip, and then a full sweep across his mouth. The water, however never got to where it was needed, his parched mouth. Finally in desperation and with the look of a deer caught in the headlights, he lunged to the side, glancing at the camera, grabbed  a water bottle, and quickly gulped.

It was awkward to say the least, and make it clear that the Wednesday morning talk would be about his uncomfortable water issues than the points he tried to make in his speech.

His speech was littered with the usual untruths (Obama doesn’t like capitalism, and wants bigger government), while assuring us that he was not in it for the rich (although his re-election campaign fund is sure to dispute that assertion). Mostly it was belligerant with the usual talking points that all Republicans make (taxes are too high, regulations are too onerous, and spending is out of control), and bereft of any solutions. There were NO ideas presented, only critiques of Democratic proposals.

And then there was Rand Paul. And then he was done.

Meanwhile we learn that Ted Cruz continues to be a horrific douche. Well, being a Tea Bibber, I guess nothing else could be expected. Some are starting to tout Cruz as the new Joseph McCarthy, after his fairly outrageous comments regarding Chuck Hegel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense. His requests for volumes of material is being termed “unprecedented” and that is just the beginning. He has twisted and pieced together bits here and there, all to the tune of trying to claim that somehow Hegel is another sympathizer of right-wing Islam. He questioned whether (with no evidence of course) that Hegel may have received money from radical and extreme groups and “may be friends” with Iran.

Senator Inhofe, climate denier (the bible tells him so), jumped to Cruz’s defense, claiming that extremists groups had endorsed Hegel, and that must mean his is in a “cozy” position with them.

Senator Nelson of Florida, in a fairly unprecedented move himself, rebuked Cruz for impugning the patriotism of Hegel, and trying to infer that he was somehow a
fellow traveler with enemies of the US. Claire McCaskill warned Inhofe that anybody can endorse someone. Would he appreciate being called “cosy” with someone who chose to do that? Even John McCain joined in, saying that nobody should question Hegel’s patriotism.

Such behavior by Cruz, and the response are not the norm in Senate committees according to insiders.

While Cruz no doubt will be beloved by the sick reactionary right, he will be sidelined I predict in the GOP, and will have no importance in the upper echelons of the leadership.

Oh, 77% of those who watched the President’s speech either liked it okay, or really really liked it. The usual suspects didn’t of course.

And, well, that’s all I got time for. I’m all ashed up and got me some new archy things for my shoes, and my broken toe is mending, and I got me a new tablet to play with, and life is good. Have a good day!