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imagesCall me crazy, sentimental, or just a plain lover of the down and out, but dang, I miss our Sarah. I do. I love the fractured pronunciations and the gobbled sentences, and that perky smile as she pouted about being picked on by the “lame stream media.”

I kid you not, one person from my old high school, called her brilliant, as if the word had suddenly taken on an oxymoronic meaning of “a person who can actually walk without falling absent ninety percent of the grey matter thought to be required to navigate on two feet.” If that is the definition of brilliant, well Sarah wins hands down.

Her loyal duped minions continue to adore her, and that says of course way more about their lack of political acumen, well more about their lack of human acumen even, than it says of the Wasilla Wonder. She says:

“I know the country needs more truth-telling in the media, and I’m willing to do that. So, we shall see…

Yes, Sarah, with your “death panels” and “pallin’ around with terrorists” we sure are in need of that true-telling you offer us.

Still, you can’t fault a woman who has made a career out of grifting her way to millionaire status, all without working hardly at all. Just a wink and nod, and she had 45% of the followers she needed in middle-aged men with greasy chins, who belched, wiped the excess food from their beards, and grinned, “well she sure is a hotty, that Sarah,” as they reached for the Bud in the cup holder. The women who find her so “brilliant?” It’s hard to say, too hard for me to say, since I find her ways demeaning of everything that I think women should stand for. She’s another Phyllis Schlafly parading around in a vagina. You know that underneath all that lipstick is a man trying to get out. Of course Phyllis is was never perky and is now too old to bat eyelashes in return for attention. Sarah still can, and still does, adopting all the latest in fashion:

SarahfashionI mean, I know what those guys mean now. Sure they want to see more of Sarah in the news!

While running up these pics, I happened upon a humor site and found two entries really really funny. Hope you agree! (unfortunately it’s no longer in business)











And then there is this one:

failed-test-6See? I do have a sense of humor.

Speaking of humor, there is a new Tea Bibber vying for the title of craziest sipper of all time. I know, I know, there are so many, and so little time to get them all in. I’ve often toyed with the idea of doing the “loon of the week” but figured I’d had to pile through some 200 applicants per week, and it just sounded too hard.

Leading anybody’s list is the (wait for it) Representative from TEXAS, Steve Stockman. I don’t of course have to bother with the “R) surely, which stands for rube, which rhymes with boob, and is not close to River City.

So, any hows, Stevie (Steve seems prominent in crazy circles doncha think?), has lots of good ideas that service his constituency well, such as:

  1. Suggesting that then President Clinton staged the  Branch Dividian raid in 1983 as a way to get Congress to pass gun control legislation.
  2. After getting a note thought to be associated with the Oklahoma bombing, Stevie thought it best to turn it over to the NRA first, and then maybe the FBI.
  3. He boldly voted “present” to the election of Boehner for Speaker, after the planned coup came up a vote short.
  4. His first reaction to Sandyhook was to introduce a bill ending “gun free zones”.
  5. He compared the President to Saddam Hussein on Fox, and was cut off.
  6. He argues that the President should be impeached for appointed a permanent head of the ATF by executive order.
  7. He’s bringing as his date to the State of the Union, Ted Nugent who has threatened the President, Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer, calling two of them bitches and whores.

Yeah, I think Stevie qualifies as NUT of the week, don’t you?

Meanwhile (such a great segue word doncha think?), The NRA is busy explaining to folks that listen to them (which means people who are already pretty darn crazy in the first place), how they can go about seceding from the United States, and then going to war with it. Such patriotism! The NRA did not write the following, but allowed it’s distribution at their latest NRA love fest in Wisconsin.

If you understand the Constitution you throw-up every single time you turn on the TV and hear about another thing or program the U.S. Government is ‘going to do for (TO) the American People’. This is a most heinous disease that can only be cured by the constitutional De-Centralized power of our home country of Wisconsin restoring our “supreme Laws” on our Federal public servants within our borders; OR otherwise by a combo Civil/Re-Revolutionary War with the very same goal to restore the Rule of OUR Laws on our elected, non-elected and wannabe elected Republican and Democrat Federal servants through the refreshment of the Tree of Liberty by its natural manure.

The trouble I have is that don’t these folks know that their target audience is fairly illiterate? I’m not sure they can read, let alone understand the message. They respond better to the Nugent method:  “Get your guns! Kill them whores!”  That they understand.