Yeah So What Have You Done For Me Lately?

I’m too pooped for words. Three hours in the kitchen making food items for today and tomorrow. I still have stuff to make tomorrow but now I don’t have to spend the WHOLE day. Not that I give a hoot who wins this game, other than the coach of the 49’ers was from U of M and I HATE U of M with all the passion that a true Spartan can muster. That is a lot in case you didn’t know.

So I made some refried beans and some Mexican rice and some green chile salsa. We’re having chimichangas today but I have those made up from a while back and just have to take them from the freezer and put them in the oven. I still have to make guacamole which has a maddeningly bad habit of turning unappetizingly brown when left too long. It’s the oxygen that does it. Just a tip. Store left over with a piece of plastic spread tight on the surface, touching it to push out the air.

I made some pesto for a dish tomorrow, and a jalapeno popper dip too. Then I made some lemon/pumpkin seed sweet muffins, and then a vanilla wafer/banana pudding dish with a meringue on top. I’m pooped. I had a whole list, and everything is crossed off real nice and neat. I just have to make marinade for the Jamaican jerk chicken wings and then make the dough for the pizza wheels. Those are easy.

Has politics been pissing you off? Has me. Nothing changes. When 93% of the population is in favor of background checks for prospective gun buyers, why do all the Republicans think that they have the RIGHT to signal they are not wanting it? What makes them so special? Oh, yeah, I forgot, the checks they get from the NRA.

Paranoid-RightI been talking a lot on Facebook with old high school folks. Amazing that there is a couple of them who are the TeaBaggin’ whirly heads. One says nothing but stupid lines like “Obumma is destroying America” and “all democruds are stupid.” He obviously was matriculated through without passing a test of any kind.

The other wants me to explain why the Obama’s don’t have their law licenses any more. I explained it, of course rather easily. She pounced. “You are wrong! Michelle was forced to give her’s up or face prosecution for fraud!”

“No,” I sighed, “that is another of those crazy urban myths.”

She prefers to live in her delusions because it fits her mind-set. Oh and she said Sarah was just “brilliant”. Sarah may be a lot of things, brilliant is not one of them. I have rocks in my back yard that I could have a more interesting discussion with.

The loon-land crazies have gotten no less crazy and a goodly number of them are still being courted by the GOP. Which is fine. It just insures an easier road in 2016.

Dont-Laugh-at-MeI mean, I try to be patient with the really bashingly crazy ones. I do. But it does get so boring wasting any time on such blithering bonkers beliefs. How’s that for alliteration?

I love alliteration. Don’t ask me why, but I do. I just love to string ’em all out there until I exhaust myself.

That poor don’t tread on me snake, I feel sorry for him. To be co-opted by such a bunch of dopes. It gives a bad name to snakes. I mean laughing at a snake? Seriously, that must be embarrassing.



Is anybody beginning to just laugh whenever they see Lindsey or Johnny pull a microphone towards them?

Bellicose! Outrage! End of world as we know it!

Lindsey is the funniest of all because with his twang he sounds like he’d be better at calling for the next act in the cross-dressing contest at Mardi Gras. His fake shock and awe is truly hysterical.

Somebody ought to tell Johnny that if he dies with that big old permanent scowl on his face, it will stay that way for all eternity. Not the way you want to meet Jesus, John. Your life is way too short to waste any more of it tilting at windmills, or tilting period. Scrape Lindsey off your behind and find a good book to read on a good beach. It’s time.

Women-in-CombatWomen are fit for combat now.

Why anyone would want that I have not a clue.

I’m not the military type.

I’m a lover, not a fighter.

But he, if it floats your boat, go for it.

The usual people displayed the usual mock horror. I’m talking to you no longer relevant Alan West. I’m talking to you.

Republican-OutreachMeanwhile, what’s left of the sane Republican part, and I use the term loosely, cuz if we were really talking, sane, I’m not sure there could be more than three, is trying to entice all the groups they turned off to come see.

Unfortunately when it comes to women, they are still screwing up. I think they are unaware of HOW to change. They see themselves and their patronizing ways as normal.

As to the “immigration problem” they are trying to work that through. They are trying to be “for” a decent reform. Course, they are also trying to lie through their teeth to convince their peeps that it ain’t what it seems.

NO AMNESTY HERE! they cry. No of course not. HAVE TO GET TO THE BACK OF THE LINE! they chant. What LINE? There is no line. Think about it.

By the by, I had a laugh yesterday. One of my high school (what to call him?) persons I barely knew¬† at all, said that first we have to secure the borders because only one bomb, and the grid would be gone. He also asks if I’ve crawled back under my rock, so you can tell we have nice chats. Actually I don’t speak to him at all in the hopes that he will get bored and go away. (They never do. They are too stupid to know they are unwanted.)

I struggled with that. He thinks the “grid” is a place you can go and “bomb”. He thinks there is “a” grid. He thinks it has something to do with the border. How can a person be wrong on everything? You see what I’m up against?

beyonceThis is what you are up against.

The media is so sad.

This is what I need to know?


Don’t I need to know about Syria? And climate change? And health care issues? And veterans suicide rates? And efforts to screw women’s rights? And the plight of the Palestinians?

Don’t you think I need to know those things?

But you wanna tell me that Beyoncé has lip-synced when I think that that is not really all that uncommon at major events? You want to tell me that? Go soak your head.



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6 comments on “Yeah So What Have You Done For Me Lately?

  1. Joyce says:

    Your game day spread sounds fabulous.

    I am Facebook friends with a guy from high school. He’s beyond right wing and really into conspiracies. I looked at his page yesterday and he “liked” Alex Jones.

    I’ll tell you something about those urban myths. I’m sure you know that they are proliferated through email but you might not realize how very many emails are going around. My mother-in-law – dear lady, but she’s one of those – she used to send me a lot of those until one day I posted the Snopes link refuting what her message said (on Obamacare) and sent it to not only her but the dozens of other people she had sent it to. She doesn’t send them to me anymore I help her do some things to customize her email sometimes and I can see her inbox and I’m telling you, more than half of the 30-40 emails she gets every day are those forwards. I wonder if any of them really believe these things, or know they’re probably not true and send them on anyway.

    • Sherry says:

      Yeah, I read where there were 87 or so of these email bogus “letters” all but 4 of them aimed at Democrats. Some people are mighty embarrassed when you show them the links to things like politifacts. Others are so lost in the kool-aid haze that they assume that it’s all too true and just an attempt by the Dems to hide it. One woman when I told her that fox’s numbers were down assured me I was wrong, since she wasn’t persuaded by Democratic lies about Fox. Of course Neilson is kinda just an industry thing and has nothing to do with ideology, but she is still sure it’s all made up. Just to make her “truth tellers” look bad. You cannot change those who NEED for all their beliefs to be true. !END

  2. Hansi says:

    I can’t believe the GOP is still playing the same ol game after being trounced in the elections. Oh well, bad habits are hart to break
    Have a Super Sunday.

    • Sherry says:

      You bet they are Hansi. I don’t think they will ever stop complaining and well, I suspect they will still be doing it come 2016. I wonder where the Teabuggers will be then? Makes you wonder. !END

  3. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    I can’t have “friends” like the ones you speak of anymore. I no longer want to just let people have their say and spread their nonsense in my backyard. I’m fully in support of censorship. Life is too short to allow people to clutter my world with idiocy. Gawd knows I have to hear it on the radio and endure it here in Idaho.

    Not celebrating Super Bowl here, but have a wonderful day, Sherry!

    • Sherry says:

      Yeah Jean, I realize what you say. I’m an arguer for sure, even when I know it is useless. And not caring about the Super Bowl (I sure don’t) is no excuse not to have a bunch of fun treats to knosh on! lol. !END

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