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Congress-PopularityYeah, it’s true, people like lice and cockroaches better than Congress.

And you know what?

The GOP actually is INTENTIONALLY responsible for your low opinion of them.

Ya see, way back in the day, when the Newtie Patootie Ging(notsorichthen)rich first came to Congress, he bemoaned the fact that the Democrats had controlled Congress for some 24 years. How to gain power?

Well, obstruct, and call Democrats everything from low down skunk fookers for starts. So they did, upon the theory that the worst Congress became in the people’s estimation, the more they might be willing to finally vote the bastards out, and Newt and his crew would have a ready slate of Restuplican turds ready to step in and run against the incumbent business-as-usual Democrats. And it pretty much worked. And that’s pretty much what they have been up to since 2008. It got them the House in 2o1o. That seems to be McConnell’s plan now, in the hopes of making some gains in 2014. Course, if your GOP candidate is a drooler, and can’t open his mouth without shoving 36 feet in it at once, then all bets are off, i.e. Christine O’Donnell, Todd Akin, and so forth.

Yeah, they really like it when you are disgusted with them. They just are trying to make sure you blame the Democrats. Course, common sense might dictate that we don’t.

Apology-EnhancersSee the thing about Lance, is not that he used the drugs to win. As we understand it, most of the cyclists do. It’s rife from top to bottom and in between with sleazy people, including the people who run the cycling organizations.

What makes people shiver in disgust when they see Lance, is that this apology is all for show. He can’t even manage to look or sound sincere in his apology, because it’s clear that inside, Lance don’t feel a good goddamn thing. It bothers him not one iota that he destroyed others lives. That’s just, well, life.

He is pissed he got caught. Pissed he can’t cover it up. Pissed he’s going to lose a ton of money, and is going through the lawyer-directed apology tour in our to stave off the worst of the financial penalties to say nothing of possible jail time for fraud.

He’s a sociopath. So listen up. HE SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO PURCHASE A GUN.

Wayne-LapierreYeah, old Wayne is being kept under wraps, but the message of the NRA remains unapologetically hard-nosed and well, sociopathic. loves

What is pathetic, sad, and all too understandable is that the brain-defective supporters of the NRA are so deep in the depths of their fantasy of armed insurrection to get rid of the Kenyan Marxist, Fascist President, that they agree with this stance of NO controls of any kind on the right to acquire any weapon of choice.

The position is indefensible from any perspective. There is no historical precedent for it, there is no logical precedent for it.

The NRA loves guns-involved tragedies because it gives them the opportunity to gin up the base that their “freedoms” are about to be taken from them. They did it all through the election cycle. They will bully their congresspeople to vote NO for anything, no matter how benign it is to the average gun owner.

I thought I had this cold thing beat. But it’s jumped down my throat with a vengeance today. My head feels ready to explode and I can’t breathe! I’m sucking down some cold medicine even as we speak, and have a big old pot of chili simmering on the stove. I’m going burn that cold out of me come dinner time!

So be careful out there and excuse me if I sneeze.