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Planned_Parenthood_Fan_Page_Profile_PhotoRepublican continue to demean the value of women. The latest? Oh that would be Oklahoma that bastion of women’s rights.

There, the Tulsa Planned Parenthood facility is being forced to close because the Oklahoma Department of Health has decided to cut off its funding. It did this by cancelling its contract with WIC, a federal program. The Oklahoma government claims it is purely a “business decision, but of course it follows similar moves in Texas and Arizona, also known for their vehement attacks on the organization that devotes 3% of its services to abortion.

This follows a number of strategies to starve the group out of existence in the past few years. In some states laws are passed that concern building maintenance that are so onerous and unrealistic that PPH cannot afford the renovations (extra mop closets for instance).

What makes this all so obvious, is that the Tulsa office does not perform abortions at all. One hundred percent of its, and ALL the affiliates in Oklahoma are devoted to preventive care and family planning.

We are talking about cervical cancer screenings, mammograms, contraceptive care here people.

The outrage continues as white men continue to exert their control over the bodies of women, white and of color.

Better news? Oh the GOP continues to feast upon its own flesh. Yeah, grotesque analogy to be sure, but they are into cannibalism.

Latest victim?

Why good old Turtle man Mitch McConnell. Seems he’s aroused the ire of your average Tea People group in Kentucky. They found his fiscal cliff negotiations and agreement, well, just totally totally unacceptable. All those rich Kentucky hill folks (rich in the fables they tell themselves about how riches will be theirs if we only listen to rich folks) are not up with the tax on the rich that old Mitch agreed to. So Mitch wants to withdraw into his shell and avoid the folks who want to make him into some savory turtle soup.

The group “For America” plans on running their ads against Mitch in the usual places. (For America–those people are sure talented when it comes to catchy names ain’t they?)

Just saw the Oscar nominations. As is so predictable, Lincoln leads the field. This is going to be a sad one. Hugh Jackman is nominated for best actor and should surely win for an outstanding performance, but of course he cannot win against the equally grand performance by Daniel Day-Lewis. They should give out two this year I say. Let my make a guess that in consolation, Anne Hathaway will win best supporting over our always beloved Sally Fields. Just guesses, I’ve seen nothing but trailers so far. I like to give opinions about things I know nothing about. You already know that.

Sorry, out of time today. The Contrarian has an eye appointment at the VA in El Paso this afternoon and we are heading down a bit early to eat before we hit the base. It’s a beautiful day here, hope it is where you are.