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Boehner-SitWe bid a fond farewell to the old 112th, and welcome NOT the 113th. More of the same. Except the eye twirlers didn’t have the punch they need to kick out the Speaker of Orange, so he is stuck with them, and they with him, and ne’er the twain shall meet.

Tea People are promising to primary all these RINOs (anybody who doesn’t agree with them), and rule the country with an iron fist, except that they claim they want to reduce the government to almost nothing, which means what? Somebody’s not telling the truth I fear.

But we know the Tea People are rife with incongruities, inconsistencies, and plain old contradictions. It’s the main qualification for membership–know nothing, understand what you do know less, and god forbid don’t even listen to NEW information for it’s all a liberal plot to take over the world. (Everyone knows that liberals are totally enamored with James Cagney and his “I’m on top of the world MA” declaration and can’t wait to put a gay marriage in every home and an abortion clinic on every corner.

Happy-New-Year-From-NRAMeanwhile, the usual suspects have lined up in the usual configurations as regards guns in this country.

The Right screams that a constitutional right cannot be limited in any way, forgetting the gazillion cases that interpret and limit the 4th Amendment, to say nothing of the 1st.

As I’ve said before, this has nothing to do with patriotism as it does with the needs of powerlessly feeling people to feel powerful when they can grasp the gun stock of a hellish killing machine.

And their obdurate hatred of one Barack Hussein Obama, President of these ENTIRE United States of America.

And the voices of reason will soon be focused on something new, like the growing in popularity “paleo” diet, which sounds to me like so much grifting. Will there ever be an end to “the last diet you will ever need?”

Fiscal-Cliff-vs-Climate-ChaAnd of course, looming large on the horizon is the real death of the world as we know it, and not nearly enough people are even thinking about it.

We had a tiny bit of snow Thursday, which is not unknown at all in these parts. As predicted, although it snowed rather constantly from at least 6 am yesterday until at least 2 pm, nary a drop hit the ground, since it had warmed too much. By evening, there was no snow at all.

Yet, predictably, the voices of the rats peeped out of their respective holes and gleefully proclaimed, “so much for global warming! They had snow in El Paso!” Yes, yes they did, and it is not unusual for them to get a bit now and then too. And no doubt it gone.

As usual, their remarks are born of NO KNOWLEDGE. But it does bring to mind the claim that we should stop using the term global warming in favor of climate change which is not so easily dismissed with a snowflake or a thunderstorm.

regroup_p465So far, the GOP seems unable to figure out a way to make themselves palatable to the majority of citizens.

They had a golden opportunity to do so with gun control. But the NRA told them to shut the pie hole and stick to the script. And trying to claim that common sense regulations are unnecessary and it’s better to arm the teachers, well, it’s not playing well in Peoria.

They had a golden opportunity when Bungling Boehner offered them Plan B, which only asked millionaires to pay a bit more. But their Corporate handlers told them to shut the pie hole and stick to the script. And so they looked like the fools that they are.

They are all yelling at each other, which is the greatest mass example of the pot calling the kettle black that the world has ever seen. Imagine The Donald calling Rove an idiot, and Limbaugh calling Norquist an idiot, and Christie calling Boehner an idiot, and well, there is more than enough idiocy to go around, so this is not likely to stop for a decade or more.

gv010413dAPR20130104044518It’s funny how mad the Right is that Al Gore sold Current TV to Al Jazzera. I mean they are just livid.

If it was an American Corporation making money they would be happy, but I guess they figure that Americans will be snookered by those Arabs.

The fact that Al Jazzera continues to gain in mainstream acceptance as a good journalistic endeavor only makes it worse. Being Arab AND good? That is not good.

And it is Al Gore after all.

And the Right hates Al.

They have very long memories those Tea People. Their hatreds live on forever. Not sure why they hate him. I’m not sure they know why they hate him.

Anyway all that stuff bores me today. So when I’m bored, I turn to Calvin and Hobbes, hands down the best cartoon in the history of cartoons, with Bloom County being a strong second. So enjoy

ch130105CH940127_JPGblm121223And so, tata and hey, stop by, we are having broccoli-cheddar soup and cheddar cheese biscotti! Plenty for everyone!