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desert SnowYes, Margaret, we too get snow here in the desert. We are “high” desert and yesterday was a day filled with salt pellet snow, followed by the real stuff! All in all we got about half an inch. It’s still spitting some this morning as we traversed the landscape.

Diego had a ball, racing here and there and going much deeper than usual into the brush as the goat heads which plague his toes were buried under the white shroud of powder. Actually, it’s fairly squeaky snow which all true snow knowers will recognize. That’s snow that has a high water content which means it’s very near the temperature to melt.

It now claims to be about 30° and a high is expected in the low forties, so we may get some melt. If not, tomorrow for sure when the temperatures are due to be even higher. Then it’s back to our norm of mid-50’s. So we won’t have this white stuff  to kick around long.

I can testify that our Chihuahuan desert is overloaded with bunnies and jackrabbits. The tracks were astronomical and we saw one hopping around. As usual they make for safety long before Diego can get a tooth to them. I can’t seem to convince him that digging like mad will not result in a succulent rabbit stew, but he keeps trying. Either that or he is hungry for Chinese and is using the old tried and never trued method of digging his way to Shanghai.

that's crazy 174Sooo, Boehner got re-elected as Speaker, not without a minor rebellion by the eye-spinners.

At right is my painting of the Tea People. Naw, not really, I swiped it from the Google Images.  But it does resemble Louis Gohmert a bit though don’t you think? Louis, unaware of what century he is in, voted to elect Allen West Speaker. I hear that Quasimodo got a vote too.

Boehner has been spanked as they say, and we shall now see how he wants to be remembered in history. Does he wish to go down as the puppet of the Tea People or as the man who realized his fate and decided to leave a legacy of actually accomplishing something. The jury, is as they say, still out on that one.

The Contrarian pointed out a rather salient fact the other day. Or I should probably say theory. Now, when the gun toters of America claim that we have to protect the 2nd Amendment against encroachment because it is the hallmark of our democracy that we have arms in case the government goes wacko (make an argument that it isn’t already, I dare ya) they do have a point. We must, they argue be able to rise up and take “our country back.”

Well that sounds all nice and all. And look around the middle east and see that armed insurrection is occurring in lots of places. But of course, all these countries did not have long established traditions of democracy. Some have pointed out that many repressive regimes started out by instituting gun control. But again, almost none of them were democracies to start with. Most were either dictatorships already or aristocracies.

I do not, therefore see that these events around the world have much to teach us about our own circumstances.

My question is what good is an AK-47 or any of its myriad offspring against the likes of predator drones, missiles, fighter jets, and all the cornucopia of fire power that the government can bring to bear upon people with hand guns and rifles? No “revolution” has a chance to succeed without the military going over, and frankly how likely is that? Whose gonna be in charge?

I frankly don’t recall reading any time that the Revolutionary forces in the US had issues with weapons. But even with apparent access to the normal weaponry of the day, they required the assistance of France with its naval fire power in order to win that war. Are we going to get help from Canada? Or Mexico? Or Brazil?

The idea that revolution is around the corner in America is the fantasy death wish of a small and crazy segment of the country who are deluded into ecstasies of orgasmic shuddering at the thought of sighting in their scopes on the likes of Barney Franks, Nancy Pelosi, and all those other lefty bleeding hearts that they so detest. Do you really think that there are countries out there other than the now dead Qaddafis and Husseins, who are crazy enough to help the “insurgents”?

That is why the argument fails in my opinion. There has never been an even close call when it comes to a real legitimate fear that this country was falling into the hands of some dictatorial menace. The menace we face today is corptocracy, if that is a word. We are nearly owned lock, stock and barrel by corporate interests and that plague is spreading around the globe and will soon ingest EVERY government.

So am I right? Or wildly wrong?

Oh and a short perusal of the blogs that kicked up from “snow in the desert” proves again the old adage–stupid stays stupid. You would not believe the number of posts that suggest that snowfall in southern parts of Texas and New Mexico, PROVE that there is no global warming. Yes and proof that you can talk is proof you ain’t stupid too. Right?