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chris-christiePerhaps it’s the new year, and my intent to be a kinder gentler pundit. (Did you see how I slid in that word pundit, raising myself to the realm of Rachel and Ed and Lawrence? Well, you can’t blame an old girl for trying.


Gee that begs the question why my favorite form of prose is the stream of consciousness, just writing down whatever flops out of my over-active mind. Does it read as easily as it trips through my neurons?


It may be the nicer me that I’ve conjured from the depths of my often described cold-dead heart (by those who despise the things I say), but I’m not sure.

Not sure about what you ask?’

Why, that Chris Christie is seeming to start to thaw my rather unfavorable image that I have henceforth had of him.

I know, I know. You will say, “why sure, Sherry, he’s raggin’ on the GOP. What’s not to like?”

And I will say, “Yeah, I do enjoy that to be sure.”

But it seems more than that.

I get these flashes when I am watching him, that in some ways, he is EXACTLY what we need. He is just bombastic enough to get people’s attention. And he at least gets it that some things are NOT political, or shouldn’t be. And he’s not afraid to rant at his own party when they are politicizing that which shouldn’t be.

As opposed to John of Orange who is so afraid of his crazy caucus that he cancelled a vote on disaster relief that is already LONG OVERDUE, because he was scared that his idiot faction would vote against it, because they are inclined to only do with comes naturally, which is ACT STUPID.

Which is not to say that Chris Christie still espouses all the dumb Republican philosophies that I find both repugnant to economic stability and to common decency as regards the average Jane. But he at least realizes that the federal government has SOME purpose and disaster relief is sure one of them, as opposed to the Norquistian element which wants to just turn over the keys to the Capital to Stanley Morgan and Mobil Oil.

Which is to say, that you can’t get everything in one package, and Christie being a mighty big package, you are gonna get a lotta bad with some good. But when the good that he might bring is exactly the sort of thing that might move this desperately ineffective and “taking up oxygen for no good reason” Congress, well, it might be the bad tasting medicine we need.

I mean the man is not stark raving mad, and quite frankly, any Republican who can be so defined, is now someone to be embraced as at least a fellow human being. The rest of the GOP is so in the cesspool of crazy as to not be salvageable. I mean they ARE crazy. They are not posers nor grifters, they are simply top-spinning MAD. They cannot be allowed to continue to gin up the gaggle of gun-totin’ jackasses out there who have been bunkered and arsenalled up ready to re-enact Bunker Hill with live ammo.

So maybe I’m being seduced by his rhetoric. Maybe he is just saying the right things that will make his approval ratings soar and will position him for a run in 2016, even though the Right Wing glue sniffers hate his guts for being their latest version of RINO. I dunno. Maybe I’m coming down with the flu. Or maybe rabies. Or maybe I’m being practical.

Now I’m an ideologue of the first order. I don’t like practical politics, I simply endure it. I do. I make the best of what is at hand. I have enough time in the business of political watching that I know that you never get what you want, you get hopefully a tad more than 50% of it. And you live to fight another day.

But I’m still an ideologue who is quickly giving up on the idea of capitalism as a viable future way to conduct economic matters. I’m in short, becoming an anarchist, as best as I now understand the term. I don’t believe there is a way to regulate business to a degree that it doesn’t game the system eventually and control the government. As it does now. And thus we find ourselves in a mess where the people’s voices are being ignored in favor of whatever suits business.

But that’s another story.

One best left to another day, when I might know a bit more about what I’m talking about.

But this Christie thing. Well, I’m in pondering mode.

Tell me, have I lost my mind, or is there something to my madness?