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ConqueringFearSee, I agree with this. This is not the way to conquer the fear of falling off cliffs. The way to do that is to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM CLIFFS.

No, I’m actually not talking about the so-called fiscal cliff, which we averted and which was nothing but silliness from start to finish played by silly men and women who are being paid to govern and since nobody has a firm grasp as to what that means exactly, they can tiddlywink their way through the year as they spend the far greater part of their time counting the money in their re-election funds.

Or posturing.

Politicians are good at posturing. The Contrarian would call them posers. People who are highly aware that you are looking/listening and therefore are performing in a manner that they think will get your approval. How’s that for my definition. Definitionally speaking it is to present a false front.

Now, actors do this for a living and we applaud them, the better they do it.

Politicians do it because they think we are too stupid to recognize it for what it is.

But since we are addicted to both movies and TV, that would be a very stupid  assumption wouldn’t it? We’re rather expert at it. You might say we are connoisseurs of posing.

Frankly, to the experienced eye, politicians are quite lousy at it. Eric Cantor is a case in point. Now Eric ain’t stupid in the true sense of the word. He knew that as to the taxing thingie, the GOP goose had been cooked. He knew that if they didn’t agree with the Senate bill, the GOP was gonna own the ensuing (fill in the blank as to your concept of the “disaster”) leap off the abyss cliff. He knew that. And of course that would have been bad. Now the likes of Steve (If I only had a brain or a heart) King, and Michelle (Marcus is NOT Gay) Bachmann, and lordy our very special boy Louis (I don’t play stupid, I am stupid) Gohmert, these folks are knock down drag it out IQ knuckle draggers of the first order, they really didn’t care, let alone know that. The math was way beyond them in the first place. And in the second place they are, did I just say that? STUPID.

But Eric knew. So he safely waited until the thing had enough votes and then he slips in there all high and mighty and with great glorious moral outrage and registers his NO. So as to impress the Tea People who as we all know are NOT noted for mental acuity of the even tenth order, and as is reported are all embedded with homing devices so they can be found when then wander out of the neighborhood and start undressing in the middle of the street. They EAT UP the Cantor posing.

And I suppose that now Mr. Boehner, who is still scraping the egg off his face, might stop pontificating “Mr. President, it’s time to get serious!” all the while he was sweating a bucket of orange goo because he can’t control the Lipton folks. He needs to also let go of the “everybody knows we have a spending problem.” Be sure that when you hear “everybody knows” what it really means is “everyone should know”, and that actually just a handful of people believe whatever is said after that.  This is all John of Orange posing as if his life depended upon it. And maybe it does.

Anyway, there is still Lindsey Graham, my favorite poser of the day. Lindsey poses as a straight man when it’s clear that he is just itching to cross dress in black nylons and corset. In fact, if you peek under his little Brooks Brothers shirt, I bet you can see a bit of lace. Which is way okay with me, being that I kinda always get along with cross dressers and have found all those that I knew over the years to be rather delightful BFF’s. But Lindsey lives in a very SOUTHERN RED STATE, and well, he tries to keep that stuff under wraps, figuratively and any other way.

All the while he’s huffing about how he’s gonna not vote for that debt limit increase without something “serious” being done about “entitlements” which is a stupid word since the stuff they are really talking about are EARNED BENEFITS for the most part. Right in front of him is John of McCain who is not all that “war hero” that he poses as, and actually is one mean old fart. Bet your belly button that Cindy spends her time anywhere he ain’t. John of McCain poses as a Senator, and directs his sidekick and brown-nosing sycophant Lindsey as they get their jollies by stamping their feet and sounding tough.

Then of course the best posers of all is the entire infestation over at Fox Noise. They are double posers which is hard to pull off and I give them credit for doing a pretty good job. They are posing as ideologues posing as journalists. They are neither of course. They don’t believe half the crap that drools from their mouths and the only journalism they know is the smell of a newspaper.

You can tell that because when confronted with their rhetoric having incited someone to actually carry out some awful thing like MURDER (see Dr. George Tiller), they feign utter shock and surprise, given that they can’t believe anyone buys their crock of crocodile poo in the first place.

So that’s all I know about posing–which had nothing to do with sitting on the edge of  precipice, which I find STUPID. I find all people who do stupid things like climb tall things without a rope or walking on tiny ropes without a net STUPID, and though I don’t wish anyone ill, if they fall, well, the gene pool is much the better for it I think.

What are you thinking about?