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Great-white-sharks-off-Se-007 We all know the term Jumping the Shark.

It is used to refer to a TV show that has stuck around for one season too many and has run out of original ideas. It becomes predictable and well, just silly.

The same can be said for the GOP.

Or perhaps black hole analogies are more to the point.

The current Grand Old Party (Grey Old Poops) seem trapped at the event horizon, being sucked inexorably downward into the abyss of extinction.  To the observer, the descent is slow and seemingly forever.

As they tried to find their footing after the debacle (for them) of the 2012 election, they find themselves on the wrong side of just about everything that the mainstream in this country find right and good. They cannot get it through their skulls, dulled by apparent years of playing football with each other without helmets, that MOST Americans think it right and proper that the rich pay more taxes since their percentage of the pie has reached obscene levels.

Don’t get us wrong. We believe in wealth. We believe in getting wealthy. We just don’t believe that money should be wasted on people who have so much of it that they can’t recall how many homes they have, install elevators for their cars, cover everything in 14 carat gold, and have his and her yachts. We reject people who regularly go to restaurants where the tab for two is in excess of a thousand bucks. We think it’s unnecessary for people to have four thousand dollar shoes when too much of the world is shoeless.

We are even more offended when some jerk with a MBA thinks that he is worth multiple millions just to do a fairly simple job (it ain’t brain surgery or nuclear physics), and  we are even more offended when other people agree to pay it. This will threatening to “close the plant” if workers don’t agree to pay cuts and benefit cuts to make that profit to pay that salary.

But the GOP in part can’t wrap its IQ-less brain around these facts. The faction known as the Tea Party, peopled largely with unwitting dupes of corporate America who are fine with wherever the anger of said TeaPeople is directed as long as not in their direction, the Tea Party is against raising taxes on their masters. I guess they fear them. They certainly aren’t going to be them, no matter what their delusions.

I have spent some considerable time listening to these inarticulate grunters and find for the most part that they can’t explain themselves. They seem to rely almost totally upon the likes Rush and Sean and Breitbart and Blaze and so forth for their “news” which is not news at all but merely the subject matter released for the day to direct their ire. The TeaPeople then spew these few “phrases of the day” in a litany of rant that seldom addresses the real issues nor makes any attempt to answer serious opinions to the contrary.

They end up just ejecting ad hominem garbage and give themselves high-fives for the effort.

Then of course we come to the tragedy at Newtown and once again, we find them on the wrong end of the spectrum.

What was eerie was their willingness to hem and haw as they awaited the puppet master’s press conference last Friday. They would not commit to any discussion that possibly GUNS might be the problem. Instead they nodded sympathetically and suggested more safe rationales such as the ever popular, “get crazy people off the street” scenarios. Except that if one assumes that America has no more “crazies” (and I’m willing to be educated that they do by the way) than the next country, then you can’t explain why violence in this country is a hundred million times more prevalent here than anywhere else.

After Wayne La  PeePee (as the Contrarian likes to refer to him), spoke, then the flood gates were opened and then parroted the phrases again and again, “I’m not sure banning guns is the answer.”

This in the face of an overwhelming response from the public that sees the sense in banning assault rifles and high-capacity clips from sale to the public. THEY recognize that the only people who really want this crap are those whose minds are a bit loose anyway and like the first victim of Newtown, was arming for  the coming collapse.

While all this has been going on, those sneaky little shits have been busy in the various states, (all blue ones by the by), in trying to push through various pieces of legislation directed as screwing unions some more and figuring out new ways to win elections by securing less than half the vote.

I ran across this little report from Think Progress which was funny as hell, unless you realize that you as the taxpayer are paying for this kind of Mr Rodgers meets Mr. Greenjeans in Ms. Piggy’s bedroom kinda silliness.

  1. Republicans in Washington state tried to ban the use of the dollar, placing the US on a pure gold and silver standard. Remember how old departed Beck loved to hawk gold on his Foxy Show? Yeah, well some of them bought it, boys and girls.
  2. Virginian GOP sillies voted to remove words like climate change and sea level from the dictionaries in their state, because words have power and if you eliminate the word, you eliminate the problem, of which there never was one to begin with since my crazy interpretation of the bible said so.
  3. Meanwhile in North Carolina, the GOP decided to just not ready any report that didn’t say what they wanted it to.
  4. In Kansas and Florida, the busy bees in the Tea-infused legislatures, passed anti-Sharia laws because you know, the Hispanics and the Africa-Americans are gonna get together to support the relatively tiny Muslim community and their even tinier right-wing element of same who wants religious based decisions from our almost lily-white jurists.
  5. In Arizona, it appears that the sun-soaked GOP wishes there to be no abortions for any woman who is 20 weeks pregnant, and they have decided that you decide that by counting from her last period. So I guess women will have to register their period dates with the state now, just in case, ya know.
  6. In Indiana, Republicans, in their gun-lovingness, make it legal for you to shoot a cop if you THINK he is trying to enter your property illegally. Given that it’s Republicans and all, I am sure they waived the “reasonable belief” standard that applies to normal people.

There is more, but hey, you have a life.