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GI swear before all that is holy, that it’s soon gonna be necessary to find a way through this madness that has become the American Psyche.

I told ya a long time ago about my unfriend Beth? The one who is a fundie church organizer? The one who reads the bible literally and unless someone agrees with her literalist interpretation, they are wrong? That one? The one who unfriended me on Facebook because I “hated Jesus”? Yes, that’s the one.

Well, she’s weighed in on a mutual classmate’s remarks about the insanity of Wayne LaPierre’s insane proposals. She had the audacity to cite chapter and verse (they always do that) implying that Jesus called for violence as a method of self-defense. Luke 22: 32-29 or around about there.

I won’t bore you with the analysis except to say that most scholars believe Jesus was using the call to arm as metaphor. When of course one of his disciples just moments later swung at a member of the arresting party and cut his ear, Jesus demanded the violence to stop and healed the man’s ear. But in the hands of the ill-educated when it comes to scripture, of course, it fits right in with the right-wing Christianist belief that wars are good as long as they are righteous, and of course all wars are righteous if they accomplish the ends you think are good. The standard is simple.

So, I’m glad I got lots of hair on my head cuz I’m tempted to tear it out if somebody doesn’t slap some sense into these buffoons. NO, we don’t need to arm schools. Columbine had an armed guard. He stopped nothing. The shooter in Connecticut’s mother had weapons. They didn’t save her life. I’m told (haven’t verified it folks) that Virginia Tech had its own swat team that of course never got to intervene before it was all over there. More guns is not the answer. Keeping them out of the hands of irresponsible people is, as best we can.

Doomsday-Planning I’m pretty sure that Boehner thought it was the end of the world on Thursday night when he had to withdraw his Plan “B” because he’s own bunch of yahoos from Planet X wouldn’t approve of his tax on those making $1 MILLION or more a year.

See I figure that the corporate masters don’t really like this sort of thing. These Teabuggers have gotten way out of hand now, and think they are actually “controlling” something. The puppet masters I figure will start putting some money into the accounts of some “new” teabuggers who are willing to do as told.

Do you think the really really really rich give a big raspberry whether they have to pay (avoid) a few more taxes? They want to get on with the real issues of regulations. Enough already idiot children of the Norquist Godling.

John is under his bed and is gonna stay there until one of the Koch brothers orders him to face the music.

NRA-Tipping-Point America seems to be suggesting that it’s about had it with the mind-numbing craziness of the NRA.

It makes you wonder though.

What makes a tipping point?

Why isn’t your tragedy enough?

Why is his tragedy enough?

Humans are strange beings when you get right down to it.

Second-Amendment-Scoreboard Which brings us to the point.

Never have so many died, so that nobody who had to be deposed, actually was.

I mean is that over kill?

In some countries, everybody has to be in the military service. They all have to have a gun and learn to use it.

But the kicker is–

They don’t take it home.

It stays in an armory.

I am just a simple person, with a half-way decent education. And I don’t understand why we love guns so much, and killing, and mayhem?

washington-nativity Of course I’m not alone in that I guess.

I asked the question on Twitter yesterday: Name me 10 rational Republicans.

I can’t get past 3.

Can you?

How have we come to a place where the ONLY thing that decides a vote is whether it will lead to being primaried?

Is it such a great job pretending to have power when you vote is bought and paid for and you dare not do anything you are not ordered to do?

What kind of pride do you take in that Mr./Ms Congress Person?

Is it the money? Can’t you do better in private spheres of greed? Can’t you just leave governing to a few decent folks who actually care?

You all make me nauseous.

fiscal cliff So I guess we are going over.

I think that if we randomly picked 535 people out of a hat and asked them to figure out this budget mess, we would fix things up pretty darn well in less than a week.

I really do.

Or randomly toss darts at a wall covered with post-it notes. Each with a cut or tax hike on the back. The first ten are IT.

Or ask a class of 2nd graders.

Or have gerbil races with various cuts and taxes on little tags on their collars.

Or sending proposals by pigeon to Tahiti. First to arrive is IT.


They say you get what you pay for.

They say you never get nothin’ for free.

The politicals always speak on behalf of me.

I’m the “American People” they talk about.

They say I’m smart.

If I’m so smart how the hell did they get elected?

I guess I’m not so smart.

Did you ever meet a little kid who said they wanted to grow up and be a Senator?

Me neither.

Wonder when that notion pops up.

I bet when the job gets boring and the idea of making widgets for the next thirty years makes you wanna blow your brains out. That’s when it hits. “I think I’ll run for Congress!”

We need a pill for that.

Better yet, a lobotomy.


Here’s one for ya.

At exactly what age did you conclude that you were smarter than the people you elected to make decisions FOR you?

I mean seriously.

Some are easy of course. My dog is smarter than Louis Gohmert. I figure a horse is way smarter than Michele Bachmann.  Eric Cantor? Oh, a rhesus monkey for sure.

Get in the groove.

Give me some of your favorite “smarter thans”.

Or continue preparing for Christmas. Whatever.