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boehner cryingJohn put in his thumb and pulled out a lump of coal. That’s what they call mixin’ a metaphor if you hadn’t guessed that already.

In any case, Mrs. John the Orange must be havin’ to pull his weeping ass out of the bed this morning kicking and screaming all the way.

So ya wanna be Speaker do you John?

Well, welcome to the world of TeaPeople. The GOP House caucus must be the singular black hole of intellect on the entire globe.

John must wish he were a Democrat about now. Go talk to Nancy John, she will explain how to do the job.

If ya hadn’t heard, John of Orange withdrew his Plan B vote last night when it became uncomfortably clear  that his own party would not pass it. And this was a draconian measure if there ever was one, gutting Obamacare, severely gutting the food stamp program, killing unemployment insurance and well, you get the idea. And all they had to agree with is to raise some taxes on those making more than a million buckeroos.

And they said NO. Not gonna raise no taxes on the rich people who we wanna be someday and they promise us we will be if only we don’t ask them to pay out of their fun money cache, cuz that is reserved for ya know, fun.

And now all the country is starkly aware that the GOP is the party that will let as they said, 99.8% of the country suffer in order to protect the rich. Now that is a brand that might be a bit hard to erase. Coupled with their complete and utter inability to even utter the words “assault rifles and high-clip ammo is unnecessary in a civilized society” and you have a party made in Hell.

Let’s face it folks, John of Orange needs to jump back into the Cheetos bag and forget this speaker stuff. He don’t know how it works it seems. It is a cardinal rule these days, that “thou shall not bring onto the floor a bill thou does not have the votes to pass”, and caveat to that is “thou shalt not talk of any such bill before thou has the votes to pass it.”

Me thinks John’s tenure may be short. Me thinks it should be. I

The foxes are in charge of the hen-house.

And yeah, it’s fun to watch, except that geez you fools, there is a country to run. When are ya gonna grow up?


I been reading Noam Chomsky. Just wanted you to know that.


If you want to read a great analysis of the fiscal cliff talks and negotiations, well you can’t do better than Paul Krugman in todays NYTimes. Twice now the GOP has given up great opportunities to “win” in favor of ideological purity. This latest is a Christmas gift to the Democrats.


In case you missed it, you are alive.

We survived the doomsday scenario of the Mayan calendar.

Course most of us knew that yesterday when New Zealand reported “all is well” in the early afternoon.

For those of you who are teabagger/evangelical/nut cases. . . .it aint’ the same time at the same time around the globe. Were you figuring it was Greenwich mean time?


Hurry up and get your faux news! There is only four days left in which you can participate in the Billo O’Reilly rant on the “war on Christmas”. But never fear, Billo packs it away and drags it out every year, so if you miss it this year, start looking as soon as Thanksgiving is over.

And do wait for the end. It’s so classically FOX.


Just back from the pool and the Contrarian says, “Don’t turn it on. You can’t believe the fiasco that was the NRA press conference. But I did it anyway. I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway, because there is the fascination of the train wreck.

There is a reason they call fanatics, fanatics. It’s because, well, THEY ARE.

After having played the game of “mourning before shooting off their mouth” the NRA had the opportunity to see the tenor of the public’s response, the opinion of a MAJORITY of their own members, and just the time to use just plain old common sense and moral rectitude, they of course come up with this:

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a GOOD guy with a gun.”

Who’s to blame? The Government for creating those “gun-free zones”.

Once again the NRA proves that it now is only the grotesque mouth piece of the gun manufacturers and sellers.

Shame on them.

Santa ain’t coming to  Wayne LaPierre’s house. Oh no he is not.

Oh hint: the most amusing thing (if amusing is a word to be used where the NRA is concerned) about Wayne’s World speech, was his willingness to limit the first amendment (video games) but not the second. That means I guess that 2 is more important than 1 in Wayne’s World. By the by, I think reasonable limits on video games might be an issue I could get behind because I find them personally appalling. I do not know, however how best to do that which would actually keep the damn things out of the hands of, well everybody, without banning them outright which I think just might not pass constitutional muster, unless of course you treat it like porn, and ban that which has no “redeeming social value”, which in the end comes down to Potter Stewart’s, famous line in Jacobellis v. Ohio in 1964, when he said, “hard-corn pornography was hard to define, but I know it when I see it.”

I know it when I see it too, and Wayne LaPierre is an idiot of the first order.

Hey go out there and finish that Christmas shopping and don’t run down anyone in the mall parking lot. It will put a real dent in your holiday merry-making.