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time-2.pngYou may or may not know, so let me echo the announcement this morning.

Time has designated Barack H. Obama as their “Person of the Year”. . . . again.

He is one of the few who have been named twice.

I can only imagine the gnashing of teeth, the beating of dogs, the broken furniture, and the howling at the moon that is going across America among the insane Right. The great enemy of mankind, the anti-Christ, the destroyer of America has yet again duped the world. Not only did he manage to pull off an extraordinary re-election coup by fraud and deceit, but the editors of Time bought it!

With the tragedy at Newtown, no doubt he will soon remove the 2nd Amendment  from the Constitution, erasing it from the very parchment. He has done this with his dictatorial secret powers, and all will soon be lost, as America becomes the cornerstone alone with the EU of the new WORLD ORDER.

If you hadn’t noticed, guns sales are skyrocketing as smart survivalists grab up the last of the high-power weaponry before it is banned. Ammo sales are following in lockstep, as the preppers spend their last thousands tricking out that arsenal that will be their salvation when  Armageddon descends upon the quaint towns and countryside of the beloved Republic. Camouflage is the new color of the season.

If it weren’t close to being absolutely accurate, I would laugh. But frankly it’s beginning to send a shiver down my spine. As the world continues to fail to see the obvious danger and insanity of the Black Guy in the White House, the fringe element becomes more frantic in its claims and assurance that the vast majority of citizens are unable to comprehend what to them is blatantly obvious. And they are going to have to save us from ourselves.

That is the part that scares me. If they would all just go hunker down in the wilds of Wyoming or North Dakota, I guess I would be fine. But they lurk in the most normal places. I don’t mind at all those folks who go “off the grid” and live primitively in the outback of Alaska. That is fine with me. They do no harm there except to the critters they kill to eat. It is sad that they inculcate this madness into their kids, some of which will carry on the tradition. But it is no worse than those crazies from the Westboro Baptist Church and what they are teaching their kids.

Funny isn’t it, or sad, really. We would be aghast at the suggestion that there should be any rules of the road when it comes to birthing children and raising them any old way, save outright physical torture. We would not even let the idea cross our minds let alone be the topic of conversation. We freely allow people to raise their children with boatloads of hatred and revulsion at all sorts of people, places and things. In doing so, we perpetuate for another generation a fringe element of insanely crazy ideologically driven nuts.

And so the world turns.

If our children are so damn precious, and I believe they are, don’t they deserve to be raised by competent people? I don’t mean the average dsyfunctionality that perhaps most of us live with. I’m talking about parents who are so twisted that they preach hate, teach fear, and prepare their children for a future that has statistically zero chance of happening.

But of course, the devil is in the details. I recognize without even spending three seconds, that HOW you would devise such a standard and enforce it would be impossible. If we can’t figure out the budget or gun laws, what chance would we have here?


And frankly, I’m pretty sure we should not.

The chances of it being administered by the “wrong” people are gigantic. It would always be the wrong people by someone’s estimation. It’s a bit like the filibuster rule. Change it and we can get some things done finally, but whoa, what happens when THEY have the majority? Yeah, therein lies the rub as the Bard would say.

But when I read that the Loonie Right is blaming gun-control advocates for the Newtown slaughter, because we have made schools “gun-free zones” and bright lights like Gohmert and McDonald and Perry ponder whether we should “arm our teachers”, well, I have pause to consider why we don’t have SOME standards of fitness to be a parent.

I mean, I can’t even adopt a dog without filling out an application, asking me a few psychologically directed questions.

Ya know what I mean?