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Hurrah you might say, let them have at it. Let them go. Breaking up is hard to do as the song says, but there is always, the sun’ll come up tomorrow, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar. . . .

Let them start negotiating trade treaties with the US and figuring out how to pay for all that border security they want and highway maintenance and mail delivery.

But it would be pitiful indeed to watch little children flounder in the “I never thought of that” land of getting what you wish for.

Texas of course leads the way in the madness that continues to consume a small segment of Merika. Never tiring it seems of “the sky is falling” rhetoric, they grab the bait again and again,  in a seeming endless stream of doomsday scenarios created by their grifting plutocrats and media charlatans.

Too crazy to even argue with, one wants at a certain point to just put the poor things out of their misery by locking them up in padded rooms with tons of thorazine piped in through the water spigots.

Meanwhile. . . .

Karl, ya got some ‘splainin’ to do.”

You can believe in your conspiracy theory or you can believe in your just plain too stupid to live theory, either way Rovian reality turned out to be about as reliable as a Dodge Dart after 125,000 miles on the original quart of oil.

Some say Karl was seen inspecting the lint in his navel and pondering whether a few votes might be lost in there.

Others admired the aplomb with which he assured rich fat cats that a 1% return was really not that bad, given that they were in the 1% themselves after all. It was in a word Kismet.

Or the damn firewall kept us from counting those votes in Ohio in our new Mathian way. (throw the ballots in the air and those that land are Republican–while those that fly away are Democratic and can’t be counted anyway).

Mad? I’m not mad. You have just lost the ability to discern any standard of mad because you’ve been in the company of mad people for so long you no longer can tell the difference. Mad indeed. I protest.

Yes, he’s still rich.

But he left his parting shot.

We are the “gifted” ones. Which of course along with Rush’s Santa Claus remark has become the new battle cry of the insane ones who claim the world is about to end.

Ironic that those who blame us gifted ones on voting in the Kenyan, Barry, live in the states who receive more in federal monies than they pay in taxes. In fact the people who get the least for their taxes are people who live in California and New York, you know the LiBTarD territory.


I suspect the Teabuggers have never looked that word up in the dictionary.

Speaking of which.

Irony that is.

I’m not the first to point out that we give thanks for all we have on Thursday and then go out like hedonist nuts the next and spend, spend, spend for nearly the sheer love of acquisition.

I am at a loss as to why people enjoy doing this.

I mean who likes driving around the mall searching for a parking place that is not 1.2 miles from the mall entrance?

Who enjoys hiking 2.4 miles just to circumnavigate the stores, only to realize that you need to go back to the other end because you forgot the sterling necklace on sale at JCP when the same one at Sears is only $7 more?

Who likes to limp through the mall, with bags banging against your thigh, while running into other similarly impaired walkers, while being sprayed in the face with fragrance misters out to entice you into buy whatever Halle Barry is spraying on her body, and why would I care?

I could go on, but I gather you probably get my opinion by now. Bring me that one stop shopping at the end of my finger! Delivery at my front door! That’s my kinda shopping.

I’ve eaten a Twinkie or two.

Maybe three.

They are tasty to a three-year-old.

Blame it on unions. Yeah, that makes sense, when the CEO raised his salary from a could hundred thousand to a few million a year and when the board leveraged the company into huge debt. Yeah blame the workers and the union.

Wanna make a bet that the company is bought by somebody, and that somebody just happens to relocate the new Twinkies plant to a right to work state?

Go ahead. Bet me.

We wonder.

How long will they whine?

Will they ever get over it?

Not any time soon I fear.

These remarks from Townhall, a conservative site on this cartoon:

Soon…very soon, the people who voted for Obama will have a “Breaking Dawn” of their own. When everyone in the country is suffering from protracted recession brought on by Hussein’s tax and spend, Health care power grab, freebies that he promised to the simple-minded do-nothings who fell for his BS pie-in-the-sky gifts of easy to get Welfare, dream act amnesty, free college for all, food stamps growing on lollipop trees, the reality will set in and as more and more the money runs out or is so devalued by the “printing press economics”, we will have to go back to common sense government and, hopefully, leave the socialism to Europe, China and the other failed and failing states.

See? There is no hope for these folks.