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Well, did you survive?

Just barely?

I still feel mildly bloated even after traipsing through the desert with Diego this morning.

But oh the joy of knowing I can laze around all day and just warm up dinner later. Sweet bliss.


Not on your life. Hate crowds, hate traffic. Don’t care. We though about going to Home Depot for about a minute when we saw that they were offering a $179 Christmas tree for $50, “as long as supplies last.” But we read the reviews of the tree online and apparently it’s a fairly crappy looking thing. So saved from that misery.

Yes we are taking the tip over into artificiality. Frankly I’m utterly unsure whether that is good environmentally or not. I guess there are arguments on both sides. But I’m tired of fighting to get a decent straight one, a full one, a tall enough one, a short enough one, one that doesn’t lean, one that doesn’t drop needles starting the next day, blah, blah, blah. I have no clue whether you can get fresh-cut ones around here anyway.

So, I make you excuses other than we are getting a non-living specimen. And that’s that.

I hope your Thanksgiving was grand. Ours was. Grand that is. So much food, so little time.

I thought a lot about the difference between this year and last year. Last year we were awaiting a court decision, packing had been suspended, we had no clue when we would move. It still was a nice day, but not nearly as nice as yesterday. It was so warm here we literally could have eaten out on the patio. Diego enjoyed himself immensely though he certainly got tired of “NO” to his every attempt to enter the kitchen to get closer to the smells slipping from the stove and oven.

I am grateful to be here, grateful for the Contrarian, grateful for Diego, our home, our views of the mountains, grateful we chose this house and not the other one we were torn between. We now have our bearings and know exactly where that house is in relation to this one and this was by far the best choice.

I’m grateful for all you, my friends of interspace. I know many of us, most of us really will never meet, but that hardly matters does it? We have shared a lot over the last year(s) and I think we do what all good friends do–listen, advise, and enjoy each others successes and commiserate with each other at our failures large and small. I know I have been amazingly enriched by knowing each and every one of you.

I am grateful the Israelis and Palestinians have found a way to stop killing each other, at least for a while. I pray for the people of Syria who continue to endure such awful war. The same is true of the Congo which I realize is in the midst of trading warring factions which imperil all the people there.  I am sad for all those affected by the hurricane and hope that they found some joy and peace in yesterday.

I wish that the crazies of this country would let it go. When people suggest that life under Obama is nearly intolerable, I wonder what drugs they are taking. They suggest that any day now, they will be rounded up and placed in camps, and that marshal law will be declared. They are sure there will never be another election since the President is sure to become dictator before long. How do people who have such a tenuous hold onto reality manage to function day-to-day? I wonder. And what’s worse, they project all their insanity upon liberals and progressives and claim that they and they only are in position of the true facts–aided of course by similar minded right-wing grifters who make their living out of this sort of manipulation.

Did you hear tell that the fool who started the “unskewered” poll site, who admitted that he was DEAD wrong about the polling, has flipped his site to be a “how Obama won by voter fraud”? Yeah, a real genius there in the making. When that one has gone its way, he will start a new one about Aliens poisoning us through Proctor and Gamble products.

I guess the question becomes–evolutionarily speaking–were there always this same percentage of total nuts in the gene pool?

Ponder that one.

I hope you are getting a respite from the overload of yesterday.

To Detroit Lion fans: what did you expect? They always break your heart.