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Wednesday, God willing, we will have the answer. Oh please let that be the case, for I do not think that I can live through court fights and recounts.

If, as a good many of those in the know, claim, we shall know by midnight eastern time.

And that means that Wednesday morning the blame game will begin. Republicans have already started the list. Top of that card is Sandy. Sandy just plowed into the east coast and stopped the momentum of the Romney machine.

Not true at all of course, if you look at the averages of the polling. Romney started to stall and then drop about the time of the VEEP debate, and started a decline sometime right after the second debate. He’s been in that decline ever since. Sandy played little if any part.

But of course, the Romneyites have every reason to desire this meme, since it absolves their robot from responsibility. They have no desire to admit that their candidates lousy performance overall had  thing to do with it.

Others will point to the fact that the economy stubbornly keep improving slower than desired, but improve it did. Gas prices went down. House prices went up. The stock market is healthy. Up is always better than down.

Ezra Klein says that Romney is a manager. He truly doesn’t believe in much of anything, and finds it odd that anyone cares. He is good at getting things done. This is not reassuring to most of us however since, as Klein points out, it seems to agree with the Norquist claim that they only need a guy to sign the papers,THEY know what to do. Who the they are is the scary part. A president who really could care less about policy is a guy who leaves it in the hands of jerks like Bolton and Ryan to decide WHAT to do, Romney will just figure out HOW.

Apparently Bloomberg News has ferreted out the real story about Romney’s taxes. Apparently Romney set up a tax haven in the Mormon church in 1996. Such a thing was made illegal in 1997, but those who had already set up such trusts were allowed to continue them. The trust is tax-free because it’s under the church. The way it operates I guess, is he dumps the money in, doesn’t have to pay capital gains, draws down on it at will, and what if anything is left at his death goes to the church.

You are basically renting a tax exemption owned by the church. Nice huh? Any lawyer would tell you that the aim is to end up with zero in the fund at the time of death.

It’s quite apparent why Willard doesn’t want anyone to see his returns. His campaign merely mumbles, “it was all legal”.

I read in passing yesterday that they caught a guy trying to vote twice. It was in Nevada. He was a Republican. I’m not surprised.

Let me ask you this. It’s been proven by every study that there is no voter fraud occurring in the US worth talking about. Since True the Vote claims it has a million poll watchers ready to “prevent fraud”, tell me how you get people to do this when there is no fraud? Might it be something else? Might you raise that kind of army if you are teabagger who thinks the president is a Kenyan  socialist? That sounds more like it to me. Might you concentrate your efforts in minority and ethnic neighborhoods if you are really about suppressing some folks vote?

My most favorite teabagger sign of recent date: “I’m no racist, he’s just that stupid.” If you have to start out saying you aren’t a racist–you probably are.

According to Nate Silver in his last prediction: Obama has a 88% probability of winning, Romney 12%. The numbers are reason to breathe. It’s hard to hold your breath for a whole day ya know.

Tomorrow we are off to El Paso for a meeting with the Contrarian’s audiologist. No biggie. Back to Las Cruces and vote. Will be home by 9:30 am hopefully. And then the long wait until we start getting results. Hope it’s not a long night.