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Ummm, last time I checked, I think the Willard Circus was against FEMA as an immoral budget item, saddling our poor l’il childrens with generations of debt.

It seems when you least expect it, a big bad old storm jumps up and bites you in the behind.

And by the by, Old Willard’s chillen ain’t gonna be saddled with nothin’ but big ole trusts to tap into when that HarrVAArd tuition comes due.

FEMA is nothing but one of those welfarish type give-a-ways if you were confused.  Who’s your daddy?

Willard was quick to strategize with his peeps (read ask them what to say next) and come out and say, “well of course I support FEMA. What a silly thing to suggest otherwise.”

Once again, we see that Willard accounts us as idiots without memories or brains.

But he had bigger troubles as his main man Chris Christie doubled down on his 2016 run by adding a blade or two into the back. “Hey, isn’t this a bull fight? I am the matador!”

I bet Ann was seeing red and I don’t mean Chris’s cape. Me thinks Annie Romney carries some big grudges and I for one can’t wait until she starts the blame game.  Popcorn anyone?

Not to be outdone by the Federal Government, Willard spent a few bucks, pretty much the change he carries to tip, and bought some food, which he then handed out to loyal lap dog followers of his which he plied with music.

They then gave back the food, and Willard greeted each return with fond remembrance and then just so you all know he can do manual labor, he lifted  three boxes into the waiting truck.

Paulie ran out and bought up a few boxes of his favorite girl’s book, Atlas Shrugged, and offered them (at a price) to the loyalists who attended. “Let this never happen again–learn what you need to know to protect yourself from future disaster!” he whined.

Meanwhile, notice the silence?

Not a word was uttered by the media about what might have caused all this.

Not a word.

It’s as if there is a law.

But Michael Bloomberg endorsed the President for re-election because he KNOWS Willard don’t go for no climate change. Such talk is anathema to his corporate buddies who laugh, “hey I can move my beach house up a few feet, what’s to worry?”

 Now, I am partisan, I surely admit that. But I swear on everything that is holy that I have personally not a clue what if anything this man believes on most any issue. Nor what he would do if given the chance to effect policy.

I think I’m getting a handle on what drives this strange man. Unfortunately, (because I had no feelings about Mormonism before Mitt)I am coming to  the conclusion that much of what drives him arises from what may well be a strange sub-unit of Mormonism that believes that wealth and power is indicative of God’s favoritism, and that God calls Mormons to rule the world.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I get the sneaky feeling that Mitt thinks that his candidacy and hoped for Presidency is God designed, and that he would be the beginning of a Mormon ascendency in American political power. He may resemble the teabagger more than we think.

But some version of this is what you can expect.

Think about some of these.

Do you really want him to appoint the next judge to SCOTUS?

Do you really want John Bolton in charge of foreign policy?

Do you really want to shop around for health insurance with a small voucher promising to pay what is surely going to be a small portion of your total costs?

Do you really want your granddaughter to consider a backstreet abortionist because she can’t get a safe one, no matter how YOU feel about the issue?

This is what it comes down to.

Fun is fun, and we have had lots of it over the last few months.

But it is not a game, I assure you.

We can return to the gilded age in this country where wealth is securely in the hands of a few thousand and the rest of the population lives in poverty, working longer and longer for less and less, where there is no affordable health care to be had and one is dependent on free clinics who can do little but palliative care.

Where the rest of us learn little more than what is needed to do the work of the rich. Where we are forced to care for our parents and grandparents because once they are past working age, they are unable to take care of themselves. Where children work to help support the family unit.

This is the Randian world that some in the GOP see as the proper order of things–free markets–free of regulation. Where food is no longer safe, where products are shabby and break soon after buying.

It really is up to you, if you choose to participate.