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Well, it seems that the crazies in the GOP, and there are surely a bushel of them, are already writing up the scenario of how they lost. Or how they are losing. Or how they were duped, or cheated, or had the wool pulled over their lyin’ eyes.

It got a real boost the other day when the GOP en mass decided that it would claim that the polling (all of it, including darlin’ Fox’s) was skewed (deliberately I might add, but just out of pure stupidity presumably on the part of Foxy NOT) in favor of the Democrats. There are lots of silly theories as to why this is, but the most prominent seems to be that they poll “too many Democrats”.  *Yawn*

Of course that flies in the face of logic, much as the argument that there is a massive conspiracy to sell evolution–people’s entire careers are based on doing peer-reviewable work and who is going to waste a career to prove  a lie just for the joy of being a conspirator? With polling, the peer-review is rather obvious–the election results.

One of the reasons that Rasmussen is ignored by and large is that they are so wildly wrong in the outcomes, sometimes missing the winner by 40 or more percentage points. That’s not as good as my dog can do by random selection.

The reason for the GOP foul calling is because they are facing the danger that their base may conclude that the game is over and there is no reason to get out in the snow/rain/heat/traffic/couch-potato-mode to vote when it will make no difference. They need every precious vote they can get if only in the hopes of preserving the down ticket GOP slate.  Of course the same is true of the leader, who must keep his base fired up, because people conclude, “my vote is unnecessary, he’s winning by a mile.” But you don’t see the insanity of claiming the polls are a sham from the left.

Now we have Jack Walsh, former head of G.E. claiming that the jobs numbers and unemployment numbers just released a few minutes ago are, “cooked” in some desperate attempt by the “Chicago guys” to steal the election from the rightful heir and king Mr. MY, MY, I CAN LIE, ROMNEY.

I mean really. Jack Walsh is a douche.

But get this, another GOP douche, Conn Carroll who ostensibly writes for the Washington Examiner, says it wasn’t the Dems themselves (meaning Party) but actual Democratic voters who lied about being employed. Yeah. I hear that. Oh wait, I just saw a pig fly by my window, fancy that.

Others just find the “timing” too convenient, without offering any explanation because they are TOO FRACKING STUPID TO COME UP WITH ANYTHING THAT EVEN SOUNDS PLAUSIBLE TO A PERSON OF 70 IQ POINTS.

Speaking of douches, Mr. Romney comes back to the mind quickly. I loved his line that “you know I have five sons, so I’m used to the idea that if you keep saying a lie over and over, somehow it becomes true.” Well as I’ve said before Willard, that is what the psychiatric community called projection–for that is the ploy par excel-lance of the GOP and has been since the Rovian invasion.

And the perfect response would be: Hey Willard if your boys lied to you a lot, you might remember that children imitate their parents. Duh.

Oh I gotta go back to the jobs numbers, because the wall building GOP is simply apoplectic. They were waiting with glee for more bad economic news, because they really don’t care about people, just winning. Instead as we learned, the numbers are amazingly good. Unemployment is down to 7.8% from 8.1%.

Nat Silver points out why this all is quite reasonable given the manner in which these numbers are arrived at. Oh and don’t be taken in by the old GOP argument that the only reason it went down is because even more people have “given up” and left the job seeking force. Not true. Four hundred and thirteen thousand new workers ENTERED the work force last month, so the fall in the unemployment rates reflect actual jobs obtained, NOT people dropping out.

This all led the lying Right to simply do what they do best: LIE SOME MORE

I was stunned into silence by this morning’s ridiculous unemployment report, showing a magical drop in the unemployment rate from 8.1% to 7.8% despite not one single other economic or employment indicator suggesting that such a gain was possible.

So says American Spectator‘s, Ross Kaminisky.

And I cannot let this moment pass without a gush of sympathy for my good friend, David Barton, the man who knows zero about history, but is determined to bamboozle you into thinking that black is actually white. (his latest is that the bible talks about DNA! Remember Cain and Abel? Where God says to Cain, “your brother’s blood is calling out to me from the earth?” Well need I say more? Obviously God was referring to DNA)

Okay, so David, dear boy has raised himself to that rarefied plane where he now compares himself to Job. All those pesky real historians who are criticizing him, are nothing more than Satan’s pets, sent to test him. But I’m here to tell ya that good old boy David, why he is up to the task. I can’t wait for the boils to arrive. Oh, and by the by, David is real sure that his new “Founder’s Bible” available no doubt on Amazon, will soon replace the Geneva Bible as the go-to Good Book. OH, wait, I just saw another pig fly by!